Three New LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog 2024 Minifigures Revealed!

In a new exciting development for fans, the LEGO Group has officially unveiled three new iconic LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog 2024 minifigures. The reveal was made via LEGO’s social media, sending ripples of excitement throughout the LEGO Sonic community.

More LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog 2024 Sets on the Horizon

Pricevortex has once updated its listing to include two highly anticipated LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog 2024 sets namely: Shadows Lab Escape (76995) and Knuckles Mech Battle (76996). This not only hints at the thrilling adventures these sets promise but also opens the door to the possibility of more Sonic-inspired minifigures being introduced.

This year, LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog fans were ecstatic to witness the return of the legendary Blue Blur himself after debuting in the now-discontinued LEGO Dimensions theme and making a brief comeback in the LEGO Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone (21331)Alongside Sonic, fans were treated to the delightful minifigure renditions of Dr. Eggman, Amy, and Tails.

Three New Additions to the Sonic Minifigure Family

Adding to the excitement, the LEGO Group has unveiled the arrival of three brand-new LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog 2024 minifigures. These additions have been met with immense enthusiasm from the Sonic fanbase. The arrival of these three new Sonic minifigure characters was accompanied by a teaser that humorously blames Dr. Eggman for their delayed introduction. The trio includes Knuckles, Shadow, and Rouge the Bat.

Take a look at the teaser below:

Thankfully, this teaser allows us to have a sneak peek at what to expect from these latest LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog 2024 minifigures and their distinctive designs.

Knuckles: The Strong Echidna

lego sonic 2024 minifigures knuckles

Knuckles, a red echidna, is not only one of Sonic’s closest allies but also a former rival. His strength, marked by the spikes on his fists, sets him apart from Sonic and Tails, who rely on agility and speed. This unique character has earned the nickname “Knuckles” for his formidable power, and his minifigure version perfectly captures all of these traits as well.

Shadow: The Enigmatic Hedgehog

lego sonic 2024 minifigures shadow

Shadow, a black hedgehog, lives up to his name by often serving as a dark foil to Sonic. He frequently assumes the role of an antagonist, though he occasionally allies with our beloved hero. Shadow also boasts unique leg printing, right down to his gold-toed trainers.

Rouge the Bat: A Vivid Character

lego sonic 2024 minifigures rogue

Rouge the Bat, as her name suggests, is a bat with striking purple wings. Her design is the most captivating of the trio, featuring vibrant colors that replicate her distinctive blue makeup and various heart motifs on both her torso and feet.

LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog 2024 Sets: Future Expectations

For those eagerly awaiting these minifigures’ release, the LEGO Group has provided a sneak peek of what’s to come. Although the teaser does not specify the exact release date, it aligns with expectations that the sets associated with these minifigures will hit the shelves in January 2024. LEGO enthusiasts can anticipate an official announcement of these sets shortly.

Set Highlights

To further stoke excitement, here are some key details about the upcoming LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog 2024 sets:

Shadow’s Lab Escape 76995

196 pieces | $20.99

Knuckles Mech Battle 76996

276 pieces | $34.99

LEGO Sonic fans have much to look forward to in 2024, with the introduction of these remarkable minifigures and captivating LEGO sets. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on this exciting release!

LEGO Houses of the World 4 (40599) Revealed!

In an exciting revelation courtesy of the’s official building instructions page, we’re granted our first glimpse into the much-anticipated LEGO Houses of the World 4 (40599) gift-with-purchase (GWP) set.

Exploring This Mini Architectural Wonder – LEGO Houses of the World 4 (40599)

lego houses of the world 4

The latest addition to the celebrated Houses of the World series has been unveiled. This remarkable promotional set pays homage to diverse global architectural marvels, taking LEGO enthusiasts on a worldwide journey.

With previous stops in South America, North Africa, and Europe, the series now embarks on an Asian adventure, beautifully encapsulated in the form of this upcoming promotional set.

Chinese Inspirations Unveiled in the LEGO Houses of the World 4 

lego houses of the world 4

The latest LEGO Houses of the World GWP draws inspiration from the rich architectural heritage of China. This mini-build masterpiece showcases intricate climbing blossoms, captivating curved roof details, and a striking palette of red and gold accents. Comprising a total of 318 pieces, it proudly rests on an elegant black base, in keeping with the design philosophy of its three esteemed predecessors.

Release Details and Availability for this Next LEGO Houses of the World GWP

While the official release date and minimum spend requirement have yet to be officially confirmed, it is reasonable to assume that the LEGO Houses of the World 4 will follow the same qualifying criteria as its predecessors: £220 / $250 / €250.

To secure this exclusive gift-with-purchase set, one is likely to need LEGO Insider status. If you haven’t already joined, now is the perfect opportunity. This exciting announcement follows closely on the heels of another LEGO GWP revelation, hinting at a meticulously planned schedule for future complimentary offerings from the LEGO Group.

The LEGO Houses of the World GWP series continues to captivate LEGO fans worldwide, and the upcoming release of this next brick-built display promises to be yet another cultural and architectural masterpiece in brick form.

Be sure to stay tuned for updates, and don’t miss your chance to add this splendid freebie to your LEGO collection.

LEGO Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles Will No Longer be a Thing

In a surprising turn of events, the LEGO Group has announced that it has recently abandoned its initial commitment of providing LEGO made from recycled plastic bottles.

This decision has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about the true environmental impact of such a shift. Let’s look into why LEGO had a change of heart and explore its quest for sustainability.

Sustainability Is Not Possible With LEGO Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

lego made from recycled plastic

LEGO initially made headlines in 2021 by announcing its intention to transition to recycled plastic bottles as source material for its bricks. However, the company is now retracting that promise, citing concerns over the sustainability of plastic bottles. According to a report by CBS News, LEGO expressed its decision not to proceed with this plan, emphasizing that it did not contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

Backtracking on Plastic Bottles

The backtrack on plastic bottles is a notable shift for LEGO. The company disclosed its groundbreaking endeavor when it unveiled its first brick crafted from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) obtained from recycled bottles.

Unfortunately, it seems that the recycling of bottles into LEGO bricks did not meet the company’s expectations in terms of environmental benefits. Despite this setback, LEGO is not giving up on its sustainability goals.

Before this, LEGO had already delved into using plant-based components made from sustainably sourced sugarcane. This means that the impact on the environment caused by producing plastic bricks was significantly lower as compared to their usual methods of creating ABS plastic.

lego made from recycled plastic

But this seems not to be the case with LEGO made from recycled plastic bottles or those made from polyethylene terephthalate or PET. After more than two years of testing, LEGO eventually realized through numerous tests that moving forward with LEGO made from recycled plastic bottles didn’t reduce carbon emissions.

Seeking Sustainable Alternatives

LEGO is actively exploring alternative sustainable materials for its iconic bricks and aims to achieve this transition by 2032. Even though pushing through with LEGO made from recycled plastic bottles proved to be an eventual setback, LEGO, as a socially responsible company, is still committed to testing and developing other sustainable sources.

A History of Sustainability

LEGO’s journey toward sustainable manufacturing didn’t begin in 2021. Back in 2018, the company made significant strides by announcing its utilization of sugarcane-based bioplastics. While sugarcane represents a more sustainable option compared to traditional plastic derived from fossil fuels, it possesses different characteristics, being softer and more flexible. As a result, LEGO has primarily employed sugarcane plastic in its lineup of plant-shaped bricks, particularly with the introduction of its Plants from Plants (40320) promotional set back in 2018.

40320 alt1
The 2018 promotional item LEGO Plants From Plants 40320 was the first-ever set made from plant-based materials for its plastics.

40320 1

The decision to step back from LEGO made from recycled plastic bottles underscores the LEGO Group’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. While this specific avenue may not have yielded the desired results, LEGO’s exploration of alternative sustainable materials signifies a dedication to finding more eco-friendly solutions for its iconic products.

So what do you think of this move? Do you agree with LEGO in ditching its plans of creating bricks and pieces from recycled PET bottles? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

LEGO Unveils the LEGO Ideas 21342 Insects Collection – Coming in September

In case you’ve missed it, the LEGO Group has announced the upcoming release of its 50th product from its fan-sourced platform, LEGO Ideas.  Originally conceived by LEGO fan José María Pérez Suero from Spain, the LEGO Ideas 21342 Insects Collection is a 1,111-piece set consisting of three brick-built, true-to-life insects – with each having a separate display based on aspects from their natural habitat.

lego ideas 21342 insects

Discovering Nature’s Wonders in the LEGO Ideas 21342 Insects Collection: The Blue Morpho Butterfly

lego ideas 21342 insects

The first masterpiece in the LEGO Ideas 21342 Insects Collection is the beautiful Blue Morpho butterfly. Perched gracefully on a slender branch within a vignette of the South American Amazon Rainforest, this brick rendition captures the butterfly’s vibrant hues and delicate features. A buildable flower beside it beckons a hovering honeybee, creating a harmonious scene straight from nature’s canvas.

Journeying to Central America with the LEGO Ideas 21342 Insects Collection to Discover the Mighty Hercules Beetle

lego ideas 21342 insects

With the LEGO Ideas 21342 Insects Collection, you can embark on a virtual journey to Central America to recreate the magnificent male Hercules beetle. Resting atop a brick-built log, this awe-inspiring insect’s lifelike form features a true-to-life LEGO model of the majestic beetle. Its removable wings offer a unique display choice, showcasing its strength and adaptability, all while paying homage to the diversity of nature’s designs.

The Elegant Chinese Mantis is Also Included in the LEGO Ideas 21342 Insects Collection  

lego ideas 21342 insects

Concluding your exploration is the exquisite Chinese Mantis, poised delicately on a slender branch within an Asian forest setting. This symbol of grace and precision gazes upon a hidden, seven-spotted ladybug nestled amidst brick-crafted flora. The intricate scene captures the essence of predator and prey, a timeless dance of survival.

The LEGO Ideas 21342 Insects Collection – Design, Availability, and Product Description

Behind the Artistry: José María Pérez Suero’s Inspiration

LEGO fan creator José María Pérez Suero brings together his love for science, fine art, and personal passion in the LEGO Ideas 21342 Insects Collection.  Drawing from his extensive expertise and admiration for the natural world, his creations stand as an artistic testament to the beauty that emerges when inspiration and craftsmanship intertwine.

Availability and Pricing

Adult fans of LEGO will just have to wait a couple of weeks or so as the global release of the LEGO Ideas 21342 Insects Collection is slated for September 4, 2023 (for LEGO VIPs). Check out the official product description below for this highly-anticipated set, which is will retail for $79.99 / €79.99 / £69.99 across all LEGO stores and online. You may also add this to your LEGO wishlist so you can be notified of its launch on September 4 for LEGO VIP members, and September 7, 2023 for the general public.

LEGO Ideas Insects Collection 21342

1,111 pieces | $79.99 | Coming Soon on September 7, 2023

lego ideas 21342 insects lego ideas 21342 insects lego ideas 21342 insects 21342 alt5 lego ideas 21342 insectsDisplay spectacular insects from around the world in your home with the LEGO® Ideas The Insect Collection (21342). A charming gift idea for insect lovers, this set features detailed, life-size, buildable models of a blue morpho butterfly, a Hercules beetle, and a Chinese mantis in their natural habitats.

Posable display models
The blue morpho butterfly has adjustable wings featuring LEGO elements in different shades of blue and is displayed with a buildable flower and a honeybee. The Hercules beetle has attachable wings and the characteristic horns of the male of the species, while the fully posable female Chinese mantis (a species of praying mantis) comes with a 7-spotted ladybug. Separate building instructions are included for each model, so you can build solo or with others.

Adults welcome
Welcome to your zone. LEGO Sets for Adults is a carefully curated collection of premium-quality models. Whatever your passion, there is a hands-on building project waiting for you.

  • LEGO® Ideas The Insect Collection (21342) – Take time out to indulge your passion for nature with these 3 life-size, posable, display models of insects in their natural habitats
  • Blue morpho butterfly (Morpho peleides) – Capture the shades of blue in this butterfly’s wings and its white dots. The model also includes a buildable honeybee and flower
  • Hercules beetle (Dynastes hercules) – Build the longest beetle in the world, featuring attachable wings and the characteristic horns of the male of this species
  • Chinese mantis (Tenodera sinensis) – This is a detailed, posable model of a female Chinese mantis (a species of praying mantis). Its buildable habitat also features a 7-spotted ladybug
  • Gift idea for insect enthusiasts – Treat yourself or give this collectible 1,111-piece LEGO® Ideas set to another lover of insects and nature
  • Designed for display – The buildable Chinese mantis model measures over 7 in. (18 cm) high, 6.5 in. (17 cm) wide and 6 in. (16 cm) deep


Is LEGO Vidiyo Going on a Very Long Break?

There have been some rumors going around that The LEGO Group (TLG) may have finally considered pulling the plug on its recently introduced LEGO Vidiyo theme. Quite frankly, I find it rather difficult to believe considering that we only have two waves of sets released in the first half of this year. And to finally address these concerns, LEGO went out of its way to shed light on these rumors.

LEGO Vidiyo
The LEGO Vidiyo theme is basically new, and it’s quite hard to think that LEGO is contemplating canceling it at this early stage.

Below is the company’s official statement on the matter. Which is, to be honest, speaking more like corporate speaking to its investors rather than to the faithful fans that supported the theme since day 1. Whatever is the case, TLG seems to say that LEGO Vidiyo sets will still be around and that we can still expect its existing line of products to be available in LEGO Stores and online. However, it is possible that we might not receive any new LEGO Vidiyo sets in 2022 since they will be doing a lot of pilot testing on new play features that include not just the sets but their integration with the Vidiyo app itself. If there is anything to expect, we can look forward to 2023 instead, where we hope to see a roll-out of its next wave of offerings. Whatever is the reason behind this corporate decision about LEGO Vidiyo, I just hope that LEGO will stay true to its promise of making the theme better and more appealing to younger LEGO fans. I guess only time can tell.

LEGO Vidiyo
It looks like LEGO Vidiyo will be on a very long break…

Here’s the official word from LEGO if in case you want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. And for the latest and currently available LEGO Vidiyo sets, be sure to visit LEGO Shop@Home. What do you think of this announcement from TLG? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

We wanted to provide you with an update regarding LEGO VIDIYO.

As you know, we launched LEGO VIDIYO in January to connect with children in a completely new way, blending music, digital play and LEGO building in a fun and unique way. The product tested extremely well during development and has received really positive feedback from those children and families who have played with it.

We’ve seen a positive response to the launch, but we’ve also received feedback from people that we could make the play experience across the app, BeatBits, music and minifigures even simpler. So, we’re taking that onboard and together with Universal Music Group are going to pilot some new ideas in 2022, then release new play experiences in 2023 and beyond.

LEGO VIDIYO is very much still available, the current products will continue to be sold in stores and marketed globally, and we’re continuing to support this fantastic play experience, including new updates and fun challenges to the app to inspire children’s creative music video making.

Thank you for your continued support of the LEGO brand, we hope for your understanding behind this decision.

The LEGO Ambassador Network Releases the AFOL Passion Survey

The LEGO Ambassador Network or commonly known as LAN within the LEGO fan community has just released the AFOL Passion Survey. The purpose of the survey is to let the LEGO Group know what most likely fuels our interests, passions, and hobbies to better align their 18+ offerings to what really matters among adult fans of LEGO.

Since last year, The LEGO Group had made decisive changes to its product line-up to specifically cater to the adult LEGO fan community. The LEGO 18+ subtheme has grown exponentially since then, with LEGO recognizing the fact that the iconic brick is no longer just a children’s toy. From LEGO Art, Ideas, Creator, Disney, Nintendo, and more, almost every non-licensed and licensed theme as of today have an 18+ set to boast.   It’s great to know that LEGO has acknowledged this fact, and looks forward to offering more sets with the older LEGO fan in mind. Hopefully, through this survey, we can somewhat get our message and passions across in a more meaningful way.

The survey is relatively short and will take 15 minutes of your time to complete. Read the complete announcement below in case you’re interested, and click on the link below to access the survey form.

As an AFOL, we know you are passionate about building – but what else are you passionate about? Do current sets support your interest? How do you connect with the community? How engaged are you with the LEGO Group?

Our department is conducting a new survey on AFOL Passion. We want to answer these questions so we can better understand our AFOL audience and what they love the most. We have done similar surveys in the past but it’s time to update our information to stay up-to-date

The survey is anonymous and open to everyone, everywhere. We estimate it’ll take about 15 minutes to answer, and the feedback you give us will help us better understand how to engage with the AFOL community.

Please take the share and share it here. Right now we have no end date and will close the survey when our response rate reaches a set threshold.

LEGO Unveils a New Prototype Brick Made From Recyclable Plastic

The LEGO Group has made it one of its key missions to continually bring innovation in creating its products from sustainable materials. And after the successful launch of its first plant-based set, LEGO is now looking at other alternatives and has revealed its prototype brick made entirely from recyclable plastic.

This new prototype brick uses PET plastic from recycled water bottles and is durable enough to withstand LEGO’s rigorous quality and safety requirements. It’s a big step towards LEGO’s sustainability efforts, especially when you consider the fact that a 1-liter plastic bottle has enough materials to create ten 2×4 LEGO bricks.

prototype brick

Check out this neat infographic below to know more about this new LEGO prototype brick – from a humble plastic bottle to becoming one of the world’s iconic toy building blocks.

Bottle to Brick Infographic

LEGO estimates it will take a year before they can perfect the use of this new recyclable material. However, the announcement of this prototype brick is already a huge step towards making LEGO more environmentally friendly, creating a lasting impact on the toy industry in general.

Prototype Brick

For more information, read the LEGO Group’s official press release below.

The LEGO Group reveals the first prototype brick made from recycled plastic

Wednesday 23rd June 2021: The LEGO Group today unveiled a prototype brick made from recycled plastic, the latest step in its journey to make LEGO products from sustainable materials.

The new prototype brick, which uses PET plastic from discarded bottles, is the first brick made from recycled material to meet the company’s strict quality and safety requirements.

A team of more than 150 people is working to find sustainable solutions for LEGO products. Over the past three years, materials scientists and engineers tested over 250 variations of PET materials and hundreds of other plastic formulations. The result is a prototype brick that meets several of their quality, safety, and play requirements – including clutch power.

Vice President of Environmental Responsibility at the LEGO Group, Tim Brooks said: “We are super excited about this breakthrough. The biggest challenge on our sustainability journey is rethinking and innovating new materials that are as durable, strong, and high quality as our existing bricks – and fit with LEGO elements made over the past 60 years. With this prototype brick, we’re able to showcase the progress we’re making.”

Uncompromised quality and safety

It will be some time before bricks made from recycled material appear in LEGO product boxes. The team will continue testing and developing the PET formulation and then assess whether to move to the pilot production phase. This next phase of testing is expected to take at least a year.

Brooks said: “We know kids care about the environment and want us to make our products more sustainable. Even though it will be a while before they will be able to play with bricks made from recycled plastic, we want to let kids know we’re working on it and bring them along on the journey with us. Experimentation and failure are important parts of learning and innovation. Just as kids build, unbuild, and rebuild with LEGO bricks at home, we’re doing the same in our lab.”

The prototype is made from recycled PET sourced from suppliers in the United States that use US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved processes to ensure quality. On average, a one-liter plastic PET bottle provides enough raw material for ten 2 x 4 LEGO bricks.

The journey towards more sustainable products

The patent-pending material formulation increases the durability of PET to make it strong enough for LEGO bricks. The innovative process uses a bespoke compounding technology to combine the recycled PET with strengthening additives.

The recycled prototype brick is the latest development in making the LEGO Group’s products more sustainable. In 2020, the company announced it will begin removing single-use plastic from its boxes. In 2018, it began producing elements from bio-polyethylene (bio-PE), made from sustainably sourced sugarcane. Many LEGO sets contain elements made from bio-PE which is perfect for making smaller, softer pieces such as trees, branches, leaves, and accessories for minifigures. Bio-PE is not currently suitable for making harder, stronger elements such as the iconic LEGO bricks.

Brooks said: “We’re committed to playing our part in building a sustainable future for generations of children. We want our products to positively impact the planet, not just with the play they inspire, but also with the materials we use. We still have a long way to go on our journey but are pleased with the progress we’re making.”

The LEGO Group’s focus on sustainable material innovation is just one of several different initiatives the company has in place to make a positive impact. The LEGO Group will invest up to US $400 million over three years to 2022 to accelerate its sustainability ambitions. For more information on how the LEGO Group wants to rebuild the world for the better, visit:


The LEGO Group Named as One of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies

Here’s another win and recognition for LEGO. After last February’s achievements at the Toy of the Year Awards, The LEGO Group (TLG) has been selected to be part of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies.  The prestigious listicle highlights some of the companies that redefined and shaped their respective industries and has proven to be of significant, positive impact on the lives of consumers.

lego time100 companies

Roughly presented in five categories (Pioneers, Leaders, Innovators, Titans, and Disruptors), TLG managed to be recognized as one of the companies that broke new grounds even in these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what Time Magazine has to say:

The LEGO Group: Fostering Creativity

During worldwide COVID-19 lockdowns, LEGO creations have stacked up in homes with children. The company reported a 21% jump in sales, resulting from the immediate demand for in-home entertainment and the company’s pre-pandemic push to boost online sales globally. While its flagship product remains the classic brick, the 88-year-old family-owned company is evolving to recognize the diverse needs of young consumers with new offerings like Lego Braille Bricks and pandemic-inspired online content and hybrid learning resources. As families continue to hunker down, Lego love appears to be growing. “I have never gotten so many letters … [about] how important LEGO play has been,” CEO Niels B. Christiansen tells TIME.

Though LEGO has been in the business of making plastic bricks for more than 80 years, its innovation and forward-thinking strategies have proven to be invaluable in times of crisis such as this. And now that the world is under the grips of a disruptive pandemic, it’s great to know that the LEGO brick is still around to give some sort of respite from the daily stresses that we encounter. Kudos to The LEGO Group and to the millions of LEGO fans who made this possible.

The LEGO Group Finished Strong in 2020

The LEGO Group has recently published its annual financial report, and despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company finished 2020 on a high note. Boosting consumer sales by up to 21% for 2020, LEGO is perhaps one of the most resilient companies in the world that managed not only to survive but also thrive in the midst of the global health crisis.

Since 2017, LEGO managed to bounce back from less than desirable sales towards an upward trend of increasing growth, reaching its highest peak so far in 2020. Here are some of the main highlights of the LEGO Group’s 2020 annual financial report.

  • Performance-wise, the company had a 13% increase in revenue.
  • Sales were up to 20%.
  • LEGO Super Mario was 2020’s most successful launch, with up to 6 million (that is an insanely large number) digital instructions downloaded.
  • There are now 678 LEGO Stores worldwide, with 134 new stores added in 2020 alone.
  • The top 5 LEGO themes (in no particular order) that were sold in 2020 were: LEGO Technic, LEGO Star Wars (yep, the Force is still definitely strong with LEGO), LEGO City, LEGO Classic, and LEGO Friends.
  • LEGO will completely roll-out its paper bags to replace its single-use of plastic packaging.

But perhaps what impresses me more is the fact that LEGO managed to rise above the challenge of this pandemic, and was able to turn a seemingly problematic situation into an opportunity that benefits not just the company but also its faithful fans. As LEGO CEO Niels B. Christiansen puts it, “We are very pleased with these results. They show the timeless relevance of the LEGO brick and learning through play. This performance is also a testament to the passion, creativity, and resilience of our people. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, they worked tirelessly to keep the world playing.”

For more details of their 2020 financial performance, you can check out LEGO’s full press release and other details at Congratulations to the LEGO Group and cheers to more great builds in 2021!

The LEGO Group

#LetsBuildTogether is LEGO’s Way of Helping Out During the COVID-19 Crisis

Allow me to say this outright: these are very anxious times. Even as I type this from my home due to an enforced community quarantine imposed by the government to curb the spread of COVID-19, my mind is still racing with thoughts about the future. My kids are also starting to feel the agitation of being forced to stay at home now that we are entering the fourth week of this quarantine period. As a LEGO fan, one of the lifesavers that we have at home is our collection of LEGO sets that somehow offers a creative break to the mundane cycle of everyday waiting. I’m glad that there are guys like Tyler (from LEGO Masters US and one of the master builders behind Build Better Bricks) who took time to come up with a series of videos such as Quarantine Creations. These fun, how-to videos help children and adults alike to cope through this crisis using LEGO bricks. I guess everyone affected by this pandemic has an understanding of how important it is to develop ways of coping through these troubled times. The LEGO Group also understands this and has launched its #LetsBuildTogether campaign to help us all go through these hard times.

In response, the LEGO Group and the LEGO Foundation have launched two specific initiatives to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 among families across the globe. The first is a donation of 50 million USD to support the continuous learning of children even during this time of emergency, and second is its #LetsBuildTogether initiative. The latter aims to somehow alleviate some of the strain and stress brought about of being confined at home while keeping children actively engaged and creative. It’s also a way of staying connected with each other through social media by encouraging builders to share their creation online and adding #LetsBuildTogether. LEGO even came up with a webpage that offers some brick-building activities that families can do at confines of their homes.

Here are #LetsBuildTogether activities that families can try at home, courtesy of LEGO.

Some of the LEGO inspired building activities that you can try at home are these Daily Building Challenges which include building a trophy, a magical unicorn, a penguin, something spooky, a sheep, and a pirate ship. You can even come up with your own tablet and phone stand, a maze, or even a nightstand lamp. You can’t simply run out of ideas playing with LEGO bricks.

#LetsBuildTogether is LEGO’s way of giving back to the LEGO community during these difficult times, and I’m personally glad that LEGO is helping out. For more info about this program, you may read The LEGO Group’s official press release right here.

We just have to keep on building and hope that everything will always turn out to be awesome. Stay safe everyone!