CONFIRMED: LEGO Star Wars Mini BB-8 (40288) Is This Year’s Exclusive LEGO May The 4th Promotional

Last week, we reported that the upcoming LEGO Star Wars May the 4th promotional will be very much similar to last year’s buildable R2-D2 (30611) polybag, and it looks like that our next similar promotional will be getting its inspiration from another one of Star Wars most famous droids. The confirmation comes from the LEGO Store Spring Catalog which is reported to be shipped together with sets that were ordered via LEGO Shop@Home, according to Promobricks. Based on one of its pages, this year’s May the 4th Promotional will be the LEGO Star Wars Mini BB-8 (40288) polybag as you can see below.

lego maythe4th2018 2

Similar to last year, this Mini-BB8 polybag will only be available on May 4, during which, it comes free for every $75 single receipt purchase of any LEGO Star Wars sets. This brick built figure is a whole lot different from TRU’s microbuild polybag Bricktober promo – first, it’s significantly large as compared from the previous TRU microbuild promo, giving the Mini BB-8 (40288) polybag an expected larger piece count. And secondly, like last year’s builable R2-D2 polybag, it comes with a uniquely printed dome piece, and 6×6 satellite dishes surrounding its body to give this mini BB-8 a spherical look.

40288 1

Considering that this is only made available for a day, we can expect that this promotional will become one of the hottest, sought after items come May 4. So if you’re planning to purchase online, be sure to be quick on those mouse clicks once the clock strikes 12 midnight of May 4. If you prefer to drop by at your local LEGO store, then don’t forget to ask for this little buildable guy.

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