Go Mini in The High Seas With These Custom LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Queen Anne’s Revenge Microbuild!

It’s a nice Sunday afternoon to conquer that sea of bricks that you have lying around, and what better way to do that than to try this next wave of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean MOCs from our Master Builder Tyler! We saw the swashbuckling, chibi sized Black Pearl and Flying Dutchman MOCs conquer the high seas, and this time around another of Tyler’s creations enter the fray.

First off, we have another ship straight from 2011’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and at the helm of it is the fearsome pirate, the infamous Blackbeard (well, at least in the film and not in this pretty neat MOC). The original Queen Anne’s Revenge may look frighteningly scary, but this next microbuild from Tyler playfully takes away all of that – I say that even the minifigure version of Blackbeard will have a blast riding on this one.

LEGO actually turned this intimidating ship into an official set when it introduced the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Queen Anne’s Revenge (4195) back in 2011. Coming in at 1,094 this now retired D2C (direct-to-consumer) set is sort of the capstone of the subtheme. Following the tradition of LEGO’s microbuilds, Tyler now presents us a more fun and playable alternative to this larger version.

scaled Queen Anne Square Image 1024x1024 e1509915015405

This next mini-pirate ship is probably the coolest ship of all in the film’s series, especially with all of its red, intimidating sails proudly sailing. That sort of grandness of the Queen Anne’s Revenge was captured by Tyler in cute, LEGO form. He even managed to use several gold LEGO pieces to imitate the colors that adorn the sides and front of the ship.

Image 2

Similar to his previous POTC microbuild techniques, Tyler recreated the sails using several mudguard pieces to give it that curved natural look. These curved slopes are perfect for these creations and seem to be designed specifically for this purpose.

Image 3

And of course, Blackbeard’s minifigure fits nicely into this mini Queen Anne’s Revenge as it sails towards its next conquest.

Image 4

Here’s Tyler with more on this fun build.

If you like to add this custom LEGO Queen Anne’s Revenge micobuild alongside the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman, then be sure to check out how to build and create one of your own by visiting BuildBetterBricks.com. Happy building!


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