The LEGO Star Wars DJ Minifigure (40298) Now Comes As A Freebie At LEGOLAND Billund Store

It looks like LEGOLAND Billund is in a role with its series of gifts with purchase (GWP) freebies. After the discovery of the LEGO Banana Guy House minifigure set, it looks like the LEGO Store in LEGOLAND Billund is sweetening its promos with the return of another collectible minifigure, this time from the Star Wars The Last Jedi theme. Previously thought to be a LEGO Store exclusive when first images of the LEGO Star Wars DJ minifigure (40298) found its way online, it was later on announced that it was a Toys R Us exclusive freebie, released between January 9 to 13, for every minimum purchase of any LEGO Star Wars set worth $30 and above.

40298 Prod

If you missed on DJ’s minifigure version as offered by TRU last January, and if you happen to be in Billund right now, then you may want to add some LEGO Star Wars sets on your purchase to get a hand on a free of LEGO Star Wars DJ minifig. Thanks once again to our friends over at Promobricks, we now know how to get a free version of this master codebreaker.

lego starswars dj legoland
Image courtesy of Promobricks.

As the promotional ad suggests, this DJ minifigure comes free for a minimum single receipt purchase of any LEGO Star Wars sets worth 300 Danish Krone or above. Again, please take note that this free minifig promotional is only found at the LEGO Store in LEGOLAND Billund, so better grab this chance if you happen to be there as you read this.

Now, if you really want to add DJ to your collection of LEGO Star Wars minifigures, the good news is you really don’t need to travel to Denmark. Amazon currently lists this collectible for around $13 in case you really want to catch this obscure code breaker.

Thanks again to Promobricks for the heads up.


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