LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower Set Rumor: Will it be a Spectacular Black Friday 2022 Surprise?

lego icons eiffel tower

Word on brick street that LEGO has something huge (as in very huge!) in store for this year’s grandest sales event. If the rumor turns out to be true, we may see the humongous LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower set revealed on this year’s Black Friday 2022 event. 

Rendering Iconic Landmarks in LEGO

In the realm of creative construction, LEGO continually captivates builders, enabling them to manifest their grand ideas into tangible wonders. Builders have the choice to craft towering structures from their own imaginations, using the extensive array of LEGO bricks and components at their disposal.

Alternatively, they can opt for specialized LEGO sets, faithfully replicating iconic structures from the real and fictional worlds. Renowned landmarks worldwide have been beautifully recreated in LEGO form, transcending various themes such as those seen in LEGO Architecture, for example.

Among these stands the iconic Eiffel Tower, a symbol of Paris, France, which has been previously available in sets such as the 1:300 scale, LEGO Eiffel Tower 10181 released way back in 2007. However, rumors have been swirling since February about an enhanced version of this classic LEGO set.

10181 1
This version of a LEGO Eiffel Tower back in 2007 will be dwarfed by its much larger cousin this year just in time for Black Friday 2022.

New Revelations About the LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower Set

According to Brick Fanatics, exciting updates have surfaced regarding the anticipated LEGO Eiffel Tower set. Earlier this year, speculations pointed to its release under the prestigious LEGO Creator Expert line, bearing the set number 10307, with a launch date scheduled for November. Recent insights shared on Instagram Stories by the LEGO news source, brick_clicker, shed new light on this development.

The LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower (10307) is now poised to become part of the LEGO Icons series, set to make its debut on this year’s Black Friday. Additionally, there’s been a slight price adjustment, with the set now retailing at $679.99, a $50 increase from the initial estimate. Given the recent price fluctuations in LEGO’s product range, this change is not entirely unexpected.

The LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower is set to Break LEGO Records

The rumored LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower set holds the promise of setting new LEGO records. Boasting a staggering 10,001 pieces, builders can anticipate constructing an awe-inspiring structure that reaches an impressive height of 150 centimeters, earning its title as the “tallest LEGO set yet.” Moreover, there are hints that some components will share the same brick DNA as those from the LEGO Technic theme, enhancing the stability and structural integrity of the final model.

With Black Friday 2022 swiftly approaching on November 25th, we have approximately two months to validate the authenticity of this thrilling rumor. While there may be little reason to doubt its credibility, it’s always prudent to exercise caution and stay tuned for further updates.

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