New Promotional LEGO Banana Guy House Set Spotted In LEGOLAND Billund

The original LEGOLAND in Billund, Denmark is also on a more festive mood this year, now that it is celebrating its 50th anniversary since it opened its gate to park goers on June 7, 1968. To highlight its golden year, LEGOLAND, Billund now offers a handful of novelties that seems to be exclusive to the theme park. One of them came in as a surprise, and may well be a sought after collectible. Spotted by Promobricks, we now have a first look at what looks like to be a variant of one of LEGO CMF Series 16’s sought after minifigure – the LEGO Banana Guy House Set.

lego banana guy legoland2
Image courtesy of Promobricks.

Following the likes of the LEGO Seasonal Iconic Easter Minifigure (5005249) and the Chicken Suit Guy (5004468), it seems that LEGO is offering another boxed minifigure with a variant of Series 16’s Banana Suit Guy (71013). What I find interesting about this new collectible minifigure is that it offers a slightly different version of original Banana Guy, less the sunglasses and with a printed moustache. I really couldn’t figure it out from the image, but from the looks of it, it seems that it has a reversed colored scheme as compared to Series 16’s Banana Guy: the newer version’s torso looks like blue while its legs are green. The banana costume that it has is also missing the word ‘Banana’ as printed from the original version. The overall vibe of this new minifigure seems to suggest that our new Banana Guy is somewhat based on a tropical vacation island, complete with his beach sandals, boom box (similar to Cole’s minifigure accessory in the LEGO Ninjago Movie CMF line), and what looks like a tropical hut of sorts.

01 lego banana guy legoland2
Image courtesy of Promobricks.

As the image have suggested, this new Banana Guy House set comes as a promotional exclusive for every purchase of 200 grams worth of LEGO pieces via the Pick a Brick wall. Though the promotional poster clearly states that it is an exclusive, I really hope that this new minifigure set will also reach international shores any time soon. I love the first iteration of the Series 16 Banana Guy, but I find this little dude cooler than the first one. Thanks again to Promobricks for sharing this piece of news.


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