The Force Is Strong With Wildcard Toys’ May the 4th Promos!

May the 4th may almost seems over, but our friends over at Wildcard Toys has just begun  with their awesome Friday night deals for select LEGO Star Wars minifigures at super low prices. These minifigs will go on sale for as much as 50% off from their original price (limited to 2 per transaction) and while supplies last.

Click on the images for more details.

0009974 lego star wars bb 8 minifigure 550
0000405 lego star wars sabine wren 75150 minifigure 550
Sabine Wren (75150)
0008298 lego star wars r2 d2 light bluish gray headdome minifigure 550
R2-D2, Light Bluish Gray Head/Dome
0000426 lego star wars unkar plutt minifigure 550
Unkar Plutt





0004952 lego star wars unkars thug minifigure 550
Unkar’s Thug





Only for this Friday night, the following LEGO Star Wars minifigures will also be on sale. Just remember that this select and premium minifigs will only be around this evening so you better be quick on that mouse button.

0005687 lego star wars yoda olive green minifigure 550
Yoda (Olive Green)
0000251 lego star wars admiral raddus 75172 minifigure 550
Admiral Raddus
0008291 lego star wars imperial officer hoth battle pack minifigure 550
Imperial Officer – Hoth Battle Pack
0010068 lego star wars chirrut imwe no skirt minifigure 550
Chirrut Imwe (No Skirt)





0000453 lego star wars 4 lom minifigure





Watch out also for these set of minifigs which will also go live on Saturday evening.

0000318 lego star wars gungan soldier new minifigure 550
Gungan Soldier (New)
0000472 lego star wars quarrie 75186 minifigure 550
0010069 lego star wars first order crew member gunner light flesh head minifigure 550
First Order Crew Member (Light Flesh Head)
0000380 lego star wars quinlan vos 75151 minifigure 550
Quinlan Vos (75151)
0008398 lego star wars first order stormtrooper rounded mouth pattern minifigure 550
First Order Stormtrooper (Rounded Mouth Pattern)











Wildcard Toys are also running some great sales of as much 40% off from these LEGO Star Wars sets and polybags while supplies last. Limit 2 per customer/transaction.

5004408 1

A-wing pilot poly bag (5004408) at $2.99 each

LEGO Y-Wing (75172) at 49.99

Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack (75167) 9.99 Limit 2

*10% Off Brixalotl Poly Bags


Kylo Ren (41603) and Rey (41602) LEGO Star Wars Brickheadz

Buildable Chewbacca (75530)

LEGO Star Wars Microfighters TIE Striker (75161)

LEGO Star Wars First Order TIE Fighter Microfighter (75194)

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Microfighter (75193)

LEGO Star Wars Microfighters U-wing (75160)

LEGO Star Wars K-2SO (75120)

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Death Trooper (75121)


May the 4th with you! Happy hunting!

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