Check Out These Exciting LEGO November 2023 Releases and Promos!

lego november 2023 releases

As we step into November, the enchanting season of Christmas and holiday shopping begins, making it one of the most awaited times of the year for LEGO enthusiasts. As such, be sure to check out these LEGO November 2023 releases and promo before you dive in at or your nearest LEGO store.

Official LEGO November 2023 Releases

The sole set confirmed as part of the LEGO November 2023 releases is the LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant from the LEGO Super Mario theme. However, LEGO often saves something exceptional for Black Friday (November 24), so stay tuned for more updates on our blog.

LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant 71426

71426 1


Launching on November 6, 2023, the LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant 71426 offers a pint-sized, brick-built version of one of the iconic biome in the Super Mario universe, complete with its own Warp Pipe Pot. You may also want this 18+ set displayed with any set from the LEGO Botanical Collection, making it a great companion to the upcoming Tiny Plants 10329 set. This video game-inspired set will be available for public release this November 6.

Exciting LEGO November 2023 Releases – Sales Events

In the lead-up to Christmas, brace yourself for a flurry of LEGO sales, enticing offers, and attractive GWPs (Gifts with Purchase). Notable dates to remember are LEGO Insiders Weekend and Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2023.

What Awaits You in December 2023

December will bring exciting sets like the LEGO Icons Tiny Plants 10329 and the modular wonder LEGO Icons Natural History Museum 10326. Consider pre-ordering to capitalize on various offers. It’s wise to plan your shopping strategically.

LEGO Icons Tiny Plants 10329

10329 1

This latest addition from the LEGO Botanical Collection features a collection of nine captivating plant ensembles consisting of 758 pieces. What makes it the LEGO Icons Tiny Plants unique is that it features nine distinct models of potted plants, each displaying a delightful variety of sizes and intricate designs.

LEGO Icons Natural History Museum 10326

10326 1

The Natural History Museum 10326 from LEGO Icons is a remarkable addition to the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection. It boasts fresh architectural designs, innovative building techniques, and a plethora of captivating stories waiting to be discovered. This two-story masterpiece comprises dual atriums, a removable roof, and an intermediate floor, all adorned with intricate brick-built exhibits and charming details.

LEGO November 2023 Releases – Gift-With-Purchase Sets

Promotions may vary by region, but the following are generally available globally.

Tribute to Galileo Galilei 40595: Receive this set when you spend US$130 / AU$215 / €130 / £130 on from November 1-16, 2023.

40595 1

Christmas Fun VIP Add-On Pack 40609: Exclusive for LEGO Insiders members when you spend US$50.

lego christmas fun vip

Notable LEGO Events in November 2023

Aside from these exciting LEGO November 2023 releases, this month also brings with it two significant shopping weekends you don’t want to miss.

LEGO Insiders Weekend (November 18-19, 2023)

  • Expect exciting GWPs, including this year’s Seasonal Christmas GWP and the rumored Majisto’s Workshop set.
  • It’s very likely that you’ll earn 2x Insider Points as well.

LEGO Black Friday and Cyber Monday (November 24-27, 2023)

Anticipate the launch of a major set (and a really huge one) on Black Friday. Previous years saw the release of the LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower 10307 from last year, and the LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT 75313 from 2021, so prepare for something big and impressive as part of LEGO November 2023 releases.

While LEGO hasn’t officially confirmed all the offers and GWPs yet, previous years suggest 2x Insider Points on Insiders Weekend and a generous array of LEGO Gifts with Purchase.

If you aim to maximize your purchases, consider taking advantage of various sets that are made available for pre-order on top of the LEGO November 2023 releases. There are plenty of great ones as well, including, as mentioned, the LEGO Icons Natural History Museum 10326, LEGO Icons Tiny Plants 10329, or even the Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter 10327 (releasing in February 2024) during Insiders Weekend for the best results.

As a closing note, be sure to stay tuned for more updates on future sets and deals by subscribing here at our blog site.  Please support our work by visiting and making your LEGO purchases via the abovementioned affiliate links. Happy building this November!

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