LEGO Friends Heart Box Sub-Theme Rumored to be Released Next Year

LEGO Friends Heart Box

One might think it really difficult for LEGO, a brand that is all about building things, to conceptualize sets geared towards girls, particularly of the doll-playing age. But they have done just that with their current LEGO Friends product line, so popular that it gets its own LEGOLAND themed area. When a brand’s particular subtheme is big with customers and name recognition, it makes sense to develop it further. And that’s apparently what LEGO’s planning to do, according to rumor, with Friends. They’re taking a one-off set of sorts like the LEGO Valentine’s Day Heart Box (40051) set from 2013, and making a LEGO Friends Heart Box versions of it.

This rumor, first caught by fellow LEGO news source Brick Fanatics, posits that the LEGO Friends Heart Box sub-theme will have five sets of buildable trinket boxes, including mini-dolls to keep in them. These LEGO Friends Heart Boxes will be styled after the five prominent characters from the product line, the coolest group of girl-friends living in Heartlake City: Mia, Andrea, Stephanie, Olivia and Emma.

That’s not all; there’s said to be an additional Heart Box set in this initial release, serving as the debut of a new Friends character. These Heart Boxes will be mixed in with other conventional LEGO Friends sets that will be arriving in January 2019.

As always, any bit of news we introduce as a rumor will remain so until confirmed or debunked by LEGO itself. We’re still waiting on further news about another girl-centric new LEGO theme, the iCreate jewelry/accessory line rumored since August.

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