This Custom LEGO Stitch MOC Needs Your Support on LEGO Ideas!

It is a no-brainer to figure out why LEGO Disney’s Stitch is the gravatar of my choice here in the Brick Show and anywhere else in the web. The little guy is simply adorable, and ever since the film was released way back 15 years ago, his childlike, mischievous appeal still attracts generations of Disney fans all over the world even until today. Needless to say, Stitch is a Disney icon himself so much so that LEGO didn’t have second thoughts on including him as one of LEGO Disney’s collectible minifigures.

LEGO’s partnership with Disney saw the release of many impressive sets and collectibles such as the LEGO Disney Castle (71040), LEGO Disney CMF (71012), and one of my favorite LEGO Ideas sets, Wall-E (21303). This time, Tyler has given us another impressive MOC that, with your support, has the potential of being an official LEGO set. Tyler’s rendition of Experiment #626 has never looked so good in brick-built form, and it needs your support over at LEGO Ideas.





From Disney’s Lilo and Stitch, its everyone’s favorite genetic experiment, Stitch!

Stitch highly poseable. With 13 points of articulation he can truly capture the character and personality of Lilo’s lovable blue ‘dog’. He would make a great addition to anyone’s ohana with all the cuteness and charm and absolutely no destruction and mayhem. The overall design is quite simple making it perfect for kids and adult to build. At 7 inches tall he’d be right at home on a desk at the office or in a kid’s room. The ball joints and hinged elements make him easy to change from one pose to another. The design is also ready for adaptations like adding Stitch’s extra set of arms and antennas.

Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten. So don’t forget to vote and make Stitch a part of the LEGO ohana.

Tyler’s rendition of Stitch is very posabale, featuring several points of articulations that capture the little blue guy’s expressive body language and facial gestures. Its head uses a lot of joints to allow it to move at varying angles. Both the top and bottom part of its mouth are hinged so it can be posed in many ways, given that Stitch is a very expressive character.

One of the things that I like about Disney’s characterization of Stitch is his very expressive ears, and Tyler did a very good job capturing them using several pink LEGO pieces. The big, floppy brick-built ears are mounted on the head using ball joints to give the set a more realistic, organic feel.

His arms and legs are jointed as well except for its hands and fingers. However, there is still a lot of range of motion that you can experiment on with this project, especially that it’s pretty stable given its wide base.

What could be the best part of Tyler’s custom LEGO Ideas Stitch is the fact that it comes in two variants. As we all know from the film, he is not all blue and fluffy at the beginning but more like a menacing four-armed alien creature armed with laser blasters as he runs away from his genetic designers. Tyler designed his LEGO Ideas project in such a way that you can add a pair of antenna, spines, and an extra pair of limbs.

Stitch is not just an expressive character, but also has a knack for disguises as well. Tyler added some variety in this project by dressing up Stitch in his little red, space uniform as seen where he crash landed on earth. He also comes in an Elvis outfit, sporting a guitar and a surfer version complete with a surfboard, lei, and a traditional grass skirt.


Here’s Tyler with more on his LEGO Ideas Project Stitch. As of this posting, the project still needs 1,500 votes of approval from the LEGO community to qualify for the review period. So if you like to see Stitch as our second Disney-inspired LEGO Ideas set following the likes of Wall-E, please do support this project over at LEGO Ideas, and make this LEGO fan boy’s dream come true.


Chinese Toy Manufacturer Xingbao Launches LEGO Ideas-like Website.

We’ve recently talked about how The LEGO Company has managed to gain a significant security measure for their intellectual property in China, with the awarding of the “well-known trademark” distinction. This meant that they have gained greater leeway in pursuing instances of copyright infringement regarding knockoff products in that country.

They might just be getting their first significant challenge to their well-known trademark status. Earlier this year,  Chinese toy company Xingbao, created a lot of buzz within the LEGO community when it announced its own line of LEGO-imitation sets based on the designs of some prominent international LEGO AFOLs, who willingly sold several their MOCs to be converted into packaged Xingbao model building kits.

It’s bad enough that Xingbao is under the umbrella of Meizi Model, the same Chinese business conglomerate that owns Lepin, another LEGO  copycat manufacturer that LEGO has taken to court over their blatant replicas of their official products.

However, Xingbao has taken the blatant imitation on a whole new level when it created a web page that allows their customers to submit customized MOCs in hope of seeing them become official sets. It’s called Xingbao Ideas and yes, it sounds like LEGO Ideas.

As can be seen from the screenshot above, the Xingbao Ideas website lets the public upload their own Xingbao brick builds in the hope that they garner enough interest and approval from members to convince the company that an official set from the idea is viable for sales.

Some of the submissions come from actual LEGO AFOLs, although the website’s layout and Chinese language make it difficult to determine how well a submitted design is doing towards becoming an official set. The similarities to LEGO Ideas is quite plain to see, however, and time will tell on when the company will take action on this.

Save Mushroom Kingdom from the Clutches of the Custom LEGO Bowser MOC!

What’s better than a custom Super Mario and Yoshi MOC? Well, but of course – a custom Super Mario, Yoshi, AND a Bowser MOC! Yup, you heard it right, because just after Tyler’s latest super cool Mario MOC from Super Mario Odyssey, now comes the most iconic turtle baddie of all time – Bowser!

To begin with, this custom LEGO Bowser is absolutely spot-on! I couldn’t overemphasize how this next brick-built creation from Tyler is so close to how we imagine Bowser to be. The scale and color combination is superb. Admittedly, it was quite a fun challenge for Tyler and in fact, it took him some time before he got Bowser just right. For example, if you look closely at Bowser’s head, you’ll see a lot of different angles and weird shapes. Coming up with Bowser’s shell is also kind of tough considering the relative difficulty of coming up with domed shapes using a combination of LEGO plates and pieces. Nevertheless, the result was all worth it.

The level of detail that Tyler added to Bowser’s head is very impressive. He even added several hinge pieces for the mouth and jaw to make him look more menacing, plus on the lower jaw, you’ll see that Tyler added a sort of a movable lip to add more expression to Bowser’s already intimidating stare. The mouth completely opens and closes with his teeth and jaw on perfect alignment.

As it turns out, Bowser’s shell is also removable and you can easily replace it with any color that you want. It is made of many LEGO panel pieces that are hinged on a central piece.

Due to the sheer size and weight of this LEGO Bowser MOC, it is understandable that movement along its points of articulation may somehow be limited. Nevertheless, Tyler managed to add some play features that allow some minimal movement on its arms, hip and feet. Bowser’s fingers can also move and his hands can hold a weapon or two if you wish. I love how the hands turned out, with its menacing claws and joints.

In case you’re wondering how this custom LEGO Bowser will fare with Tyler’s earlier rendition of Mario, well, here they are with both MOCs scaled just right.

I would certainly want to see this iconic pair standing side by side on my LEGO workstation. Here’s Tyler with more about this LEGO Bowser custom build.

If you wish to add Bowser to your roster of brick-built Super Mario characters, then be sure to check out Build Better Bricks on how to come up with your own. While you’re at it, be sure to see Tyler’s building instructions on how to make your very own Mario from Super Mario Odyssey, and everyone’s favorite Nintendo dinosaur, Yoshi. Happy building!


Hello, it’s me… LEGO Mario!

If there is any Nintendo game that gets better and better with each release, I have to give credit to Super Mario. I remember the time that I played this 8-bit game on a Nintendo Family Computer or FamiCom. This was my very first dive into the gaming scene, and I was hooked since then. Since its inception in 1985, Nintendo just kept on pushing the boundary of gameplay with Super Mario. With the advent of the Switch, Mario is now taken at a whole new level with a lot of new characters, and an awesome sandbox type of environment to explore. Super Mario Odyssey, which was officially released a few weeks ago, is now considered as the fastest selling Mario game in the US,  selling  2 million copies in just 3 days after its release last October 27. It is proof of how the humble plumber from Mushroom Kingdom is still very close to everyone’s heart.

To celebrate the release Mario’s next adventure in Super Mario Odyssey, Tyler got busy again in his studio and the result is short of breathtaking – it is a custom, LEGO Mario from Super Mario Odyssey, together with his new pal, Cappy!

Tyler created Mario in a similar scale to that of his custom LEGO Yoshi MOC which he did before. Though it may look great to have this brick-built Mario mount on the back of Yoshi as an added play feature seen from the video game, Tyler opted not to so we can better appreciate the articulation on these MOCs.

Similar to the Yoshi figure, there are a lot of ball joints in this custom built Mario that added plenty of movement and articulation to this set. From its ankles, hips, arms and neck, you can add plenty of motion on this MOC without compromising its stability. The joints add more life and fluidity to the build, which is only fitting considering how dynamic Mario’s character is in Odyssey. Tyler even added that extra play feature of adding movement to Mario’s mouth using some hinge pieces. It adds a little more expression to his face, together with the head’s movement.

I think one of the best features of this custom LEGO Mario is Tyler’s rendition of Mario’s newest companion, Cappy. Tyler nailed it perfectly when he recreated those pair of wide-opened googly eyes on Mario’s cap, and the cool thing is, you can easily switch back into Mario’s classic cap with its iconic logo. The classic M logo was custom printed on a round tile.

Tyler also added the classic gold coin to give that Super Mario vibe. You can also easily make one using a gold plate and a gold tile, mounted on a clear bar piece to give that floating effect. Here’s Tyler with more on his custom LEGO Mario. Watch this.

If you enjoyed watching this video, then you’ll be glad to know that you can also build one of your own. You can visit BuildBetterBricks to see how you can come up with your own custom LEGO Mario, and with a minimal fee, you can download the building instructions together with a parts list that allows you to easily export to BrickLink and order the LEGO pieces that you need. In fact, you can even get a 20% discount on all the building instructions across the store during this entire month of November when you enter the coupon code BRICKSET at checkout. These, and the rest of Tyler and Sean’s creations, were so cool that even Brickset took notice.

So what do you think about this latest creation from Tyler? Are you a Super Mario fan just as we are? Show the Super Mario in you by adding your comment down below!

These are the Custom Adventure Time Collectible Minifigures That LEGO Must Make!

It is no secret that LEGO has been representing some of the best titles and licenses from every corner of the entertainment world. Ever since The LEGO Group struck gold with its partnership with Disney and Warner Bros., it has never run out of new material – and characters – to immortalize in that iconic LEGO plastic mould. From Star Wars to Marvel, to the Simpsons and Batman, there seems to be no limit to the potential of what LEGO can do with its minifigure renditions. In fact, there is still a lot of room for other official LEGO minifigs that already carry the LEGO brand. One particular subtheme (if one can call it that) is Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. However, like what most Jake and Finn fans know, LEGO didn’t seem to do justice about the highly popular CN series. Sure, we have the LEGO Ideas Adventure Time (21308) that was released earlier this year; and also don’t forget about the uber cool (and now discontinued) LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Level Pack (71245), Team Pack (71246), and Marceline the Vampire Queen Fun Pack (71285). But with only four official LEGO minifigures representing the cartoon series, there is still a lot that we’re missing.

Long before LEGO closed the deal with CN to render the world of Adventure Time into brick-built form, Chris Malec from Buckinghamshire, England already came up with the idea of rendering Jake, Finn, and the rest of the good ‘ol folks from the Land of Ooo, in custom LEGO minifigure form using a medium that has recently caught the fancy of many budding artist – 3D printing. He managed to design an initial 16 Adventure Time minifigures, close to creating a custom LEGO Adventure Time Collectible Minifigures. Take a look at these sweet, gorgeous renderings. Click on the images to have a better look.

Jake the Dog.
Finn the Human.
Princess Bubblegum
Marceline the Vampire Queen
Banana Guard
Magic Man
Lich King
King of Ooo
Party Pat
Gob, Glob, Grod, Grob
Susan Strong
Flame Princess
Ice King

Though they may not feel the same way as compared to a standard LEGO minifigure since they are 3D printed, the level of detail and accuracy, if I may say, exceeds that of LEGO prints. The clean look and finish on these custom CMF is beyond expectations.

The Custom LEGO Adventure Time Collectible Minifigures.

Chris is still working on another series of Adventure Time custom LEGO minifigures and other titles, including another personal favorite, his rendition of a custom LEGO Super Mario Odyssey minifigure. I reckon that if LEGO will ever come with a Super Mario set, THIS is how Mario should like.

Speaking of Mario, be sure to check out Tyler’s latest super cool Custom LEGO Mario from Super Mario Odyssey. It is so great and spot-on that even Brickset took notice. I’ll talk more about that in my next post.

So if you are impressed as much as I am about these custom LEGO Adventure Time Collectible Minifigures from Chris Malec, be sure to check out the rest of his 3D masterpieces right here. Image credit goes to Chris for sharing his creation to the rest of the brick-loving world.


Source: Wired.