Ed Sheeran Donates Two LEGO MOCs to Charity Shop to Raise Funding for Hometown Hospice

What would be a quick description of Ed Sheeran? He’s an English singer-songwriter. His “Shape of You” is so darn great listening that it’s the most-streamed song on Spotify. He was a singing Lannister soldier cameo in the penultimate season of Game of Thrones. He’s also a celebrity LEGO builder. read more

LEGO Test-Runs Its First Customized Minifigure Printing Service

After the success of its first LEGO Mosaic Maker, especially after arriving in the US, it seem that LEGO is once again pushing the boundaries of creative customization. The LEGO Store in Copenhagen, Denmark has just unveiled the company’s very first LEGO Minifigure Factory that allows users to have custom printed minifigs right out of the store. This months-long project was the brainchild of inventor and designer Jens Hjorth who finally shared this exciting milestone on his Facebook account. read more

Go Retro With This Fully-Functional, Custom LEGO Nintendo Arcade Cabinet

We can never be certain when we say that a LEGO MOC we see online is the greatest custom build ever done, because sooner or later it will be overturned by another work. And this new MOC is impressive in execution, not to mention fully functional, seeing guaranteed frequent use. read more

LEGO Artist Makes Sweet LEGO Architecture Mockup of Seattle Skyline, with Some Social Commentary

Between the reissue of their exclusive Billund Airport set (40199) and the impending release of the delayed Vegas skyline set (21047), LEGO’s Architecture line is bursting with new things. But there are ideas out there that, while not official, feel like they should be. One example is this convincing LEGO Architecture set mockup by Seattle-based British LEGO artist Iain Heath. read more

Showcasing The Ultimate LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster (10261) Ride

One particular spot for my checklist of LEGO must-haves for this year definitely goes to the LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster (10261). Since the introduction of LEGO’s new track elements included from last year’s LEGO Batman Movie Joker Manor (70922), clamor for a true LEGO roller coaster set has been stronger than ever. With the arrival of the Roller Coaster (10261), and with LEGO even throwing in a newer, optional power function to go along with it, everything seems to be all too perfect. read more