This Custom LEGO Serenity Set Is a Space Renegade’s Dream

While director/producer Joss Whedon takes a momentary back seat from Zack Snyder’s Justice League streaming in just a couple of days via HBO Max, Build Better Bricks now relives one of Whedon’s most iconic pop-culture creations in this massive LEGO Serenity MOC.

Yep, as bold as maverick as the crew of the Serenity back then, this next B3 creation is its grandest offer to date. Based on the 2002 hit Fox TV series Firefly by writer and director Joss Whedon, and its 2005 theatrical counterpart, this custom LEGO Serenity build features tons of details that are very much familiar to fans of the TV series and film. Like its original counterpart, this build features the ship’s prominent large rear engine module, a pair of wing-mounted, rotating vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) engines, and a pair of two-man shuttles known in the series as “Beetles”.

LEGO Serenity

On the inside of this brick-built creation, the details are likewise spectacular. We have a fully accessible cockpit, a spacious hallway connecting to the dining area and infirmary. The dining area and most of the ship’s sections may also be accessed by removing its middle top exterior or any of the opening hatches below it. Its rear engine room is also accessible to reveal its full interior.

And with over 2,000 pieces LEGO pieces used to build this custom LEGO Serendipity, it is B3’s largest building instruction ever created following its custom LEGO Milano back in 2017. So if you’re interested to revisit some of those wild space adventures aboard your very own Firefly-class spaceship, be sure to head over to Build Better Bricks to purchase the premium building instructions for this custom LEGO Serendipity MOC. For $25, you’ll get a hefty 285-page building instruction in full PDF format, a parts list, and a file that you can easily import to Bricklink to buy the needed LEGO parts that you’ll need. Remember that you’ll need to purchase or provide the required LEGO parts separately, as B3 only offers the building instructions for this massive custom set.

While you’re at it, be sure to check out B3’s buy 2 get 1 promo on all of the building instructions that you will purchase from their store. Happy building!

Its Time to Cast Your Vote for the LEGO Ideas Out of This World Space Build Contest

The LEGO Ideas Out of This World Space Build contest has now entered its crowd vote stage. And with 15 finalists vying to be the Grand Prize winner and the bragging rights to be the next LEGO gift-with-purchase (GWP) set, it’s now up to the LEGO fan community to determine which is the best among the rest.

Launched last month, this next LEGO Ideas contest seeks to find the most playful and creative space-inspired, fan-made LEGO set out there under 250 bricks. This means that once turned into an official LEGO set, the winning entry will most likely be of the same size as that of its predecessor, the LEGO Vintage Car (40448). During the Review Stage, the LEGO Ideas Review Team selected the 15 finalists based on the following:

  • Overall coolness and originality 
  • Most inspired details
  • Relevance to the contest theme
  • Best of use of LEGO elements 

Now that the contest’s review stage has concluded with 15 finalists to choose from, fans can now cast their one (1) precious vote to help support the next LEGO GWP set. In no particular order, here are the top entries that made it past the review stage. You may click on their respective links if you wish to support your favorite entry. Remember you can only cast your vote once so be sure to consider every entry first before giving your vote. Crowd voting will end on March 19 so be sure to vote now.

ASTRONOMY LAB by jamquolantern

LEGO Ideas Out of This World Space Build



LEGO Ideas Out of This World Space Build

URSA MAJOR by  john_carter

LEGO DELIVERY ROVER by Commander Brick

LEGO Ideas Out of This World Space Build



LEGO Ideas Out of This World Space Build

OBSERVATORY by Dallen_Powell


LEGO Ideas Out of This World Space Build



LEGO Ideas Out of This World Space Build

D.U.C.K. TANK by JuliusBadhead


LEGO Ideas Out of This World Space Build



LEGO Ideas Out of This World Space Build


Which of these LEGO Ideas Out of This World Space Build finalists do you think will make it become the next LEGO Ideas gift-with-purchase set? Share with us what you think in the comments section below. And for the latest LEGO Ideas sets out there such as the LEGO Ideas Winnie the Pooh (21326), be sure to head over at LEGO Shop@Home.

LEGO Ideas We Love Sports! Contest Crowd Vote Winners Announced

Last month, LEGO Ideas rolled out its list of finalists for its LEGO Ideas We Love Sports! building contest. And following the contest’s fan voting phase, we now have our grand prize winner based on what LEGO fans voted for.

If you recall, the LEGO Ideas We Love Sports! contest has a crowd vote phase where special prizes await the sports-themed LEGO MOC that received the most number of votes from February 15 to 25. And based on this pool of 10 finalists, the LEGO Idea Review Team will select one entry that will go on to become an official LEGO Ideas set, similar to what we have with the Music to Our Ears contest and with its soon-to-arrive LEGO Ideas Legendary Stratocaster. Needless to say, bagging the grand prize for the crowd vote does not guarantee that it will be eventually chosen as the next LEGO Ideas set. But looking at this winners list, I’m really hoping that it will be any of them.

Let’s take a look at this roster of winners starting with the overall grand prize winner.

1st Place & Grand Prize Winner (1,244 votes)

Foosball Table by Constructions by Donat

LEGO Ideas We Love Sports!

2nd Place & Runner Up Winner #1 (599 votes)

The Soul of the Rings by theAmazingLegoBananalas

3rd Place & Runner Up Winner #2 (562 votes)

Tribute to Youth-Skateboarding by Hsinwei Chi

LEGO Ideas We Love Sports!

4th Place & Runner Up Winner #3 (553 votes)

Tour de France Lead Cyclist Mechanical Model by ConductionProductions

LEGO Ideas We Love Sports!

Here’s the rest of the contest entries ranked in order of their acquired votes.

5th Place – Ballerina (with Power Up Function) by Sebastian97

6th Place – FIFA World Cup (Full Size) by Estebrick

7th Place – Michael Jordan: Basketball Legend by Brixter

8th Place – Posable Olympic Statue by MRB

9th Place – Sumo by Cugram

10th Place – The Butterfly and the Bee by johannd

Aside from the bragging rights and a cool custom-built LEGO trophy, the Grand Prize Winner will receive the following LEGO goodies:

Likewise, the three runner-ups from this building contest will each receive their custom-made LEGO trophies and one of the following LEGO Ideas sets of their choice mentioned above. Congratulation to all of our winners!

So what do you think? Which of these finalists will go on to become the next LEGO Ideas set? Share your predictions in the comments below.

LEGO Ideas My LEGO Totoro Product Idea Achieves 10K Support

After seeing the Jazz Quartet reached its 10K milestone, another product idea reaches the inner circle of the LEGO Ideas Review Stage. Coming from a LEGO fan builder that has one of his LEGO Ideas entries already approved for production, we now have another potential LEGO set in the form of the LEGO Ideas My Totoro product idea.

LEGO Ideas My LEGO Totoro

Designed by legotruman, the LEGO Ideas My LEGO Totoro is his next creation to get the thumbs-up approval of fans following his approved LEGO Ideas Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night. This next entry features Studio Ghibli’s iconic character based on the anime movie My Neighbor Totoro. The set features a brick-built version of Totoro, a smaller blue version of him, and minifigure versions of sisters Satsuki and Mei. But makes this set stand out other than Totoro is the inclusion of the famous Cat Bus.

The front side of the bus features a well-sculpted cat face and comes with a removable rooftop that reveals spacious bus seats. The bus also comes with six pairs of legs and a sizeable beaver-like tail.

LEGO Ideas My LEGO Totoro

Here’s how legotruman describes his LEGO Ideas My LEGO Totoro.

This is my dream Lego set!
Ever since I was a kid and watched “My Neighbor Totoro”  for the first time, I wanted Lego to make a set with Totoro and Cat Bus.
I believe a lot of Lego fans share the same dream 🙂
With this project, I want to make our dream come true!
If you like my design and want to make LEGO Totoro real,
Please support the project by pressing the blue “Support” button above,
Voting is 100% free.
Sharing the project with your friends and on social media would be a great help too!
Features :
LEGO Totoro
  • To match the original animation, Lego Totoro is scaled to about twice the height of the Satsuki minifigure.
  • The whiskers are made of lego wolverine’s claws 🙂
  • The chest pattern is formed with lego parts instead of printed pieces.
  • I also used a smooth finishing surface to make it look cuter and more like the animation.
– Part count: 116
Cat Bus
  • Each leg is posable, so your Lego Cat Bus can run and jump as you like!
  • The left side of the main body has a loose part. You can easily switch the parts to give Cat Bus an open ‘door’, just like in the anime.
  • The roof is removable so you can easily access the interior, and put minifigures inside for a ride!
  • The top red panel displaying the destination is a 1×4 brick, multiple Kanji options can be included for changing the target station.
– Part Count: 718
The set also includes
  • Satsuki and Mei Lego minifigures, with an umbrella to recreate the iconic “raining bus station” scene (See the image above XD)
  • Blue Totoro
  • The Bus station, with accurate Kanji print to match the original animation. 
– Total parts: 869
Lego Totoro is a dream,
If you also want to see Lego Totoro become a real set,
Press the ‘Support’ button above!
Sharing this page with your friends and on Social media (Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram) would be a great help too!
Let’s make Lego Totoro Official together!
Thank you
Cheers from a fellow Lego fan!
LEGO Ideas My LEGO Totoro
LEGO Ideas My LEGO Totoro joins 28 other projects to qualify for the First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage which is expected to begin late this March or early April.

MOC Mondays: This Custom LEGO Attack on Titan Might Be a Minifigure’s Worst Nightmare

If minifigures can feel dread or fear, what do you think our little LEGO plastic pals are most afraid of? Is it being stepped upon by their human counterparts? Or be left unintentionally into the perpetual darkness underneath an uncaring washer? Or like any sane minifigure, to be eaten alive by this imposing LEGO Attack on Titan MOC by fan builder funnystuffs. I have not written about LEGO MOCs for quite some time since my last commentary on that excellent piece of work which is the custom LEGO Sauron from Lord of the Rings. But looking at this custom LEGO Attack on Titan, I know I needed to say something about this extraordinary brick rendition.

Shingeki no Kyojin (or popularly known as Attack on Titan) has been one of the most popular mangas out there with quite a following. It has also been adapted to an anime series bearing the same title as well. The series’ storyline is a typical coming of age story given a dark, apocalyptic twist:  pit a bunch of young, zealous soldiers against a horde of man-eating creatures in all shapes and sizes, and watch how the fate of the world hangs in the balance. If you haven’t read the most recent chapters of the manga series, then I guess I will stop here to avoid potential spoilers.

Lego Attack Titan (from Attack on Titan, Shingeki no Kyojin)

This LEGO Attack on Titan MOC depicts the Attack Titan used by one of the manga’s lead characters, Eren Yeager. LEGO fan builder funnystuffs managed to convey a terrifying brick version of this towering monster with all the necessary points of articulation complemented by its accurate size and scale. The choice of color is also spot-on, giving it a natural skin color similar to how this infamous Titan is depicted in the anime series. The way the head was sculpted, and how the Attack Titan’s hair was depicted, is also impressively accurate. The rough, wooly look on this brick Titan’s head was achieved using a combination of black, oversized claw, and tooth pieces. I also love how the green translucent pieces accentuate its eyes as well.

Lego Attack Titan (from Attack on Titan, Shingeki no Kyojin)

And like the mysterious inner workings of Titan anatomy, this custom LEGO Attack on Titan also features a hidden cockpit on its back. It even has space for a minifigure version of Eren to fit in. To be more precise, such an internal, fleshy compartment is to be found underneath the nape of a Titan based on the manga. But given the size of this minifigure-scaled creation, then I guess placing it at the back is the most reasonable option.

Lego Attack Titan: Cockpit

Finally, the complete array of the Scout Regiment’s fiercest warriors are also complete and in full battle gear in their latest omni-directional mobility gear.  Seeing the minifigure versions of Levi and Mikasa Ackermann makes me wish to see LEGO’s official versions of them.

Lego Attack Titan (from Attack on Titan, Shingeki no Kyojin)

Whatever is the case,  I’m pretty sure that minifigures will tremble in fear in seeing this brick of a monster. They just have to run fast enough to avoid being eaten. Be sure to check out funnystuff’s incredible brick creations that you can find over his Flickr page.

Lego Attack Titan: Eating Willy Tybur in Season 4

LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet Product Idea Hits 10K Fan Support

And the list just keeps on growing. It was only yesterday when I shared how the LEGO Ideas Review Team might be seeing their largest number of qualifying sets to enter a particular LEGO Ideas Review Stage as of date. We’re not even past the halfway mark of the First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage, and yet, we are already seeing a total of 27 product ideas that managed to gather 10,000 fan support starting January of this year. And this time around, another set is added to the roster of 10K achievers in the form of the LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet product idea.

From the creative mind of LEGO fan builder  Hsinwei Chi, this prolific builder managed to wow fans once more with his latest qualifying entry. This is not the first time that Hsinwei Chi’s creations were noticed by the LEGO Ideas Review Team. If you recall, one of his builds won as 2nd Runner Up for the LEGO Ideas Greatest Star Wars Battles Built By You. In addition to this achievement, the LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet was also named as 2nd Runner Up for the more recent LEGO Ideas Music To Our Ears fan vote contest. And as if winning on these contests is not enough for this ultra-talented LEGO builder from Taiwan, his other creation (the Tribute to Youth – Skateboarding) has been chosen as one of the ten finalists in the LEGO Ideas We Love Sports! fan vote contest.

What makes Hsinwei Chi’s (also known as lego7 over at Instagram) creations stand out is their natural, almost organic feel that these builds have. It almost feels like we’re seeing a LEGO Miniland set, but upgraded up to a notch. The way they are posed and articulated, while still maintaining a distinct LEGO brick look and feel, stands out among the rest of the entries. Just take a look at his Instagram account where he usually posts his brick creations and you’ll get a better picture of what I mean.

And speaking about his latest achievement here’s what he has to say about his LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet

Speaking of music therapy, free-spirited jazz can be medicine for your mind, with benefits from memory improvement to stress relief.
Jazz Quartet consists of a grand piano, trumpet, double bass, and jazz drum. I would like to use LEGO bricks to express the musical vitality of the jazz band. When you look at this creation, the most familiar jazz improvisation will ring in your head.
The whole set consists of four musicians and a stage. Put it on the bookshelf and let us feel the warmth of jazz music.


The LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet product idea joins the rest of 27 10K qualifiers to make it to the First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage which will commence sometime in April.

LEGO Ideas Update: Check Out the Current 10K Qualifiers for the First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage

While the LEGO Ideas Team has their hands busy working on the seemingly gargantuan task of evaluating 25 project candidates for the Third 2020 LEGO Ideas Review Stage, it looks like their work keeps on getting more challenging. We’re still barely halfway through the First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage, but we are already seeing twenty-seven (27) 10K qualifiers (and still counting) that managed to gather the needed support to make it move on to the next phase of the selection cycle.

Such an increase in the LEGO fan base has led to numerous approved projects that are now being developed in the LEGO Ideas pipelines and are still waiting to be officially revealed. And on top of this, the LEGO Ideas Team is still hard at work on choosing the next official LEGO fan-made set out of the 25 projects from its latest batch of qualifiers. So, if you’re not overwhelmed yet, let’s have a quick look at the most recent product ideas that managed to get achieve support from 10,000 LEGO fans within the LEGO Ideas platform. Do take note that we still have until April to conclude the First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage, so expect this list to be longer in the months to follow. Here are they are in no particular order. For the LEGO Ideas sets that are now officially available in the market, be sure to visit LEGO Shop@Home.

The Polar Express by Minibrick Productions

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage


The King’s Castle by BrickHammer


The Trulli of Alberobello by Renato Lovicario

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage


The Castle of Brickwood Forest by poVoq


The Karate Kid “Wax On, Wax Off” by Delusion Brick

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage


Hyrule Castle (The Legend of Zelda) by Artem Biziaev


LEGO Bookends by farmfarm

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage


The Nightmare Before Christmas – Halloween Town by Tvrulesmylife


Claus Toys by Bricky_Brick

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage


Asterix and Obelix by ZetoVince GP


Baba Yaga by Artem Biziaev

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage


The House of Chocolate by Lepralego


Among Us: The Skeld Detailed Map by VaderFan2187

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage


The Office by Lego the Office


Train Bookends by Jimmi-DK

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage


Castle of Lord AFOL and the Black Knights by SleeplessNight


The Shire, the Hobbithole of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins by TB Brickcreator

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage


The Simpsons – The Krusty Burger by FastBrickStudios


Metroid: Samus Aran’s Gunship by L-DI-EGO

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage


Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Paradise by TiagoCatarino


A Nice Day at the Farm by Adri Clo

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage


NASA’s SLA and Artemis by Matthew Nolan


Scania Next Generation S730 by mpj83

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage


The Sewing Workshop by Bricky_Brick


The Forth Bridge by michaeldineen7

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage


The X-Files: I Want to Believe by BrentWaller


4 1/2-Litre 1927-31 Bentley ‘Blower’ by bencroot19

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage

LEGO Ideas Out of this World Space Build Contest Launches

LEGO Ideas has launched a new contest over at its blog site. The LEGO Ideas Out of this World Space Build contest challenges LEGO fan builders to come up with their next fan entry that may eventually turn out to be the next LEGO gift-with-purchase (GWP) set.

Similar to the LEGO Vintage Car (40448), this contest seeks to tap into the creative side of LEGO fans by allowing talented builders to come up with their best entries yet. The LEGO Ideas Out of this World Space Build contest also pushes the bar higher by providing a set of limits for the number of LEGO pieces that can be used: ranging from 150 to 250 bricks, no more no less. This piece count somewhat approximates that of a small to medium-sized set, similar to previous GWP sets.

LEGO Ideas Out of this World

Aside from the Grand Prize winner, there will be five runner-ups that will be recognized, and the prizes that await them does not disappoint as well. And like previous LEGO Ideas building contests, tons of great LEGO sets are up for grabs for the winning entries.

Other than the perpetual bragging right of having your creation rendered to an official LEGO set, the Grand Prize winner will receive the following space-inspired LEGO sets:

The sweet prizes that await the five runner-ups are also equally appealing. Each of them will receive:

The deadline for entry for this contest is on or before March 8, 2021, at 6 AM EST. For the rest of the contest guidelines and on how to submit your entry, be sure to go through the building contest rules right here.

So do you have a Space-inspired LEGO entry in mind? Let us know in the comments below.

LEGO Ideas Kicks Off 2021 With These 25 Candidates for the Third 2020 LEGO Ideas Review Stage

As we begin 2021 with a lot of high-hopes, these next 25 product ideas sure have something to look forward to as they qualify for the LEGO Ideas Third 2020 LEGO Ideas Review Stage.

The LEGO Ideas blog site has now released the qualifying entries for its next review cycle – original product ideas that earned the approval of more than 10,000 LEGO fans around the world. Continuing the trend of more than 20 submissions that managed to hit that 10K fan support milestone, these are fan-made entries that were submitted via the LEGO Ideas platform from September 2020 to January 4, 2021. On a side note, there are still 35 product submissions that are being evaluated by the LEGO design team, with one from the First 2020 Review cycle still being scrutinized.

Here’s a round-up of these Third 2020 LEGO Ideas Review Stage qualifiers, with links to their respective product idea pages. Though there are some that I fell may not make it to the cut considering that similar LEGO sets were already released such as the LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum (10276) and LEGO Creator Expert Police Station (10278), there are still some product ideas from this roster that are promising such as the Classic Castle, Viking Village, and James Cameron’s Avatar to name a few.

Which of these do you think will emerge as the next official LEGO Ideas set? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below.

1. Boeing 737 Passenger Plane

Third 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

2. Colosseum (Architecture Style)

3. Gravity Falls: The Mystery Shack

Third 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

4. Brick Town Police Station

5. Bag End

Third 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

6. Red Dwarf Starbug LEGO Idea

7. Avatar: The Last Airbender – YIP YIP!

Third 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

8. Classic Castle

9. Open MRI

Third 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

10. Motorized Lighthouse

11. Avatar: The Illuminated World of Pandora

Third 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

12. Spirited Away

13. Jumanji of 1995

Third 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

14 The Little Venice

15. Auto Union Type C Racecar

16. Automated Garbage Truck

17. TX Master Games

18. Milwaukee Art Museum

19. The Car Wash

20. Wallace & Gromit

21. Among Us: The Skeld

22. Roman Warship

23. The Addams Family Mystery Mansion

24. GMC – Blue Chip 100 [1957]

25. Viking Village

The Second 2020 LEGO Ideas Review Stage Features a Record-Breaking 35 Product Ideas

I have to admit that I haven’t covered much of what’s going on over at LEGO Ideas during these past weeks – I only managed to keep track of the first eight qualifiers for the current review stage early in June. But to my surprise this morning, I was greeted by my inbox with this fascinating update from the LEGO Ideas Team. In a record-breaking feat, the LEGO Ideas platform has listed 35 qualifiers for its Second 2020 LEGO Ideas Review Stage. What is even more fascinating is that it even bested its previous record of 26 qualified submissions during the First 2020 LEGO Ideas Review which concluded last May.

These current 35 product idea qualifiers managed to garner the needed support from 10,000 LEGO fans from the period of early May until September 7. And for someone who has been following the LEGO Ideas scene during the past years, all I can say is that this is insanely cool! This only shows that no pandemic can ever stop the creativity of our brick-loving, LEGO community.

I can just also imagine the sheer amount of work awaiting the LEGO Ideas Review Team considering that as Hasan Jensen, LEGO Ideas Engagement Manager puts it, they are still hard at work in reviewing the qualifiers from the previous review stage. And with the next cycle of product submissions now officially commencing today and until January 4, 2021, the Review Team must clearly work, double or even triple time.

In case you missed it, here are the 35 qualifiers for the Second 2020 LEGO Ideas Review Stage. Feel free to list your favorites at the comments below, and congratulations once again to all the qualifiers!

1. The Mountain Windmill by Hanwasyellowfirst

Second 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

2. Community – Greendale Community College by bulldoozer

3. Lego HeroQuest by KingGloriousSquirrel

Second 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

4. Brickwest Studios by Bricky_Brick

5. House from Up by bramant1

Second 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

6. Animal Crossing New Horizons: Nook’s Cranny by Micro_Model_Maker

7. Trabant 601 by pedankopet

Second 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

8. Night At The Museum by CARLIERTI

9. Fast Food Corner by RobinHoodBricks

Second 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

10. Avatar: The Last Airbender by Minibrick Productions

11. Portal 2 – GLaDOS vs Chell and Wheatley by hachiroku24

Second 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

12. BMW M1 (E26) by TOMOELL

13. Caribbean Clipper by Babyteeth

Second 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

14. Sheriff’s Safe with Combination Lock by Il Buono

15. 31 Minutos T.V. Studio by YnsomniacTypho

Second 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

16. Southwest 737-800 by BigPlanes-Customs

17. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld by BrickHammer

Second 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

18. Seasons In Time: Calendar by BrentWaller

19. Exploratorium by EndlessAges

Second 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

20. Hocus Pocus – Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage by TheAmbrinator

21. Schitt’s Creek: The Rosebud Motel by seemarkgeek

Second 2020 LEGO Ideas Review

22. Gold Rush Mine Train Roller Coaster by Footonabrick

23. Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night by legotruman

24. The Fortress – Imperial Army by Piraten

25. Seagull Bay Lighthouse Imperial Fortress by Delusion Brick

26. The Bakery by Bricky_Brick

27. Bangladesh National Parliament (Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban) by JandJLEGO

28. LEGO Doggo by legotruman

29. Zen Bonsai by BrentWaller

30. Naruto: Ichiraku Ramen Shop by DadiTwins

31. Temple of Hermit by Brickfornia

32. The Ocean House by Hanwasyellowfirst

33. Medieval Market by CARLIERTI

34. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Course by The Real Ashnflash

35. Ratatouille: ReOpen The Doors! by BRICK PROJECT