This Custom LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Spaceport Diorama is the Perfect Place for a Traveling Mandalorian

We’re just counting the hours away before Season 3 of the Mandalorian streams at Disney+. And though we’re not sure if Pedro Pascual’s Din Djarin will visit this legendary location once again just like he did in the 5th episode of Season 1 (“The Gunslinger”), it’s good to know that fellow LEGO Star Wars fan Joshua Morris made an accurate custom LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Spaceport diorama for a Mandalorian to rest his head.

mos eisley cantina lego moc 4

This massive Star Wars diorama from Joshua Morris (aka I Scream Clone over at Flickr) will definitely stick in our heads. Working in collaboration with two more members from SydLUG or the Sydney LEGO Users Group in Australia, namely Matthew Lawrence (shnake1973) and legolocodavid, this diorama is an impeccably detailed version of the Mos Eisley Spaceport using 24 base plates. It is one playful rendition of the most dangerous place in the Star Wars galaxy. As Morris says, “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.” I sincerely doubt if I will skirt around this one.

Though LEGO managed to pull out an impressive, large-scale official LEGO Star Wars Master Builder Series Mos Eisley Cantina 75290 back in 2020, this brick rendition is the closest thing that you can get to the desert environment of the planet Tattooine. This custom LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Spaceport is jam-packed with all the details that show the wonderfully chaotic world of the meanest scums, villains, and bounty hunters across the galaxy. The buildings and structures are all spot-on, as it perfectly captures the architecture unique to the desert planet. Furthermore, Boba Fett couldn’t be happier with the free parking space. What is mind-blowing is the fact that this 6 X 4 ft. diorama is just a third of the entire project that Morris and the rest of his SydLUG partners are working on. Here’s a closer look at some of the diorama’s sections, including the details inside the Cantina. A round of applause for the Cantina Band minifigs.

mos eisley cantina lego moc 5 mos eisley cantina lego moc 6 mos eisley cantina lego moc 3 mos eisley cantina lego moc 8 mos eisley cantina lego moc 13 mos eisley cantina lego moc 14 mos eisley cantina lego moc 12

We hope to see Morris and the team from SydLUG complete this ambitious project. You may drop him a note through his Flickr account if you wish to inspire him further.


Get Ready to Hit the Waves With Our Latest Custom LEGO Surfboards!

The Brick Show Shop has added new custom LEGO parts that you may want to take a look at. If you’re looking forward to level-up your LEGO Creator Beach Camper Van (31138) or Surfer Beach House (31118), then these latest custom LEGO surfboards from Build Better Bricks, and custom printed in our store, are just what you need before your minifigures hit the waves.

This latest addition to our custom LEGO parts collection comes in three variants, all of which are printed using our very own high-quality, precision printers. I am personally amazed at the accuracy and smooth printing on these custom LEGO surfboards. And if in case you’re working on a beachside LEGO MOC, then having these custom LEGO pieces is certainly worth your time.

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B3 Customs® Printed Ying Tang / Checkerboard Surfboard made from LEGO® bricks



B3 Customs® Printed Hibiscus Surfboard made from LEGO® bricks

 Custom LEGO Surfboards


B3 Customs® Printed Sunset Wave Surfboard made from LEGO® bricks



Additional 17 LEGO Product Ideas Enters the First LEGO Ideas 2023 Review Stage

Here’s another LEGO Ideas update. Following the initial 13 LEGO product ideas that managed to qualify for the First LEGO Ideas 2023 Review Stage, we now have 17 more that LEGO fans have supported. As of this posting, there are now a total of 30 LEGO Ideas hopefuls that will fall under the scrutiny of the LEGO Ideas Review Team once the next review stage commences.

Ranging from everyday items to massive and imposing bipeds, this range of LEGO product ideas has something to offer to every ardent LEGO fan. From the get-go, I have to say that I am a fan of mammoth ultra-build mechs, and the custom LEGO Godzilla from MattE720 quickly caught my attention.

The River Side Lodge is also a winner for me, with its clever use of gray pieces to recreate that mountain-side feel and nature that serenely surrounds the Lodge itself. It also offers a lot of potential for customizations if you wish to do your own personal interior decorating. I can already see the many design opportunities especially if you’re looking forward to using one of our custom-printed kitchen flooring available at our official storefront at The Brick Show Shop. You may also throw in several custom 2×2 bingo cards to keep your minifigure vacationers busy as well.

Here’s a quick rundown of the next batch of LEGO product ideas that made it to the First LEGO Ideas 2023 Review Stage. Take a look and let me know in the comments below which of these you supported.

SHREK’S SWAMP by danielbradleyy

shreks swamp



monsters inc






hollow knight





DAFT PUNK – THE ROBOTS by eliot.obrien

daft punk


V.&T.R.R. #12, GENOA by SgJess






CLAUS TOYS by Bricky_Brick

claus toys


OGEL CREEK SAW MILL by Krackenator4

ogel creeksaw mill



bricks coffee


LED LAMP by Castor-Troy

led lamp



wally waldo


HUMPBACK WHALE by Les Briques de Loïc



TWILIGHT: CULLEN HOUSE by LobsterThermidor








Can You Guess This Cool, Custom LEGO Transformers?

We’re a few months away before Transformers: Rise of the Beasts hit theaters. And just in case you had a sudden longing to see your iconic G1 characters as custom LEGO Transformers builds, then you may want to see what this MOC has to offer

Those who grew up with trading cards and collecting posters from the 80s knew very well this unassuming transforming mech. If you said ‘Soundwave’, then your knowledge of G1 Transformers is impeccable. This very excellent rendition from master mech builder Joe Perez (aka MortalSwordsman) gives Megatron’s right-hand man a custom LEGO Transformers build worthy of this iconic Decepticon.

Custom LEGO Transformers

This is what Soundwave looks like in his classic 80s Transformers look. The mech at the right is Autobot Blaster – a boombox-changing cassette deck similar to Soundwave. As the Decepticon’s Communications Officer, Soundwave is capable of detecting and jamming radio transmissions which makes him very useful for Decepticon leader Megatron.

custom lego soundwave 6

Since Moko’s transforming LEGO brick, this is perhaps the most excellent, and realistic classic custom LEGO Transformer that I have ever seen.

custom lego soundwave 8

Joe even went as far as building three of Soundwave’s most favored minions: Laserbeak, Ravage, and Frenzy.

Custom LEGO Transformers

These micro fighters can also easily transform to their cassette tape versions as seen in the classic Transformers TV series. They are usually used for intelligence gathering and reconnaissance missions and are very good at it. Fully transformable without the need to remove any pieces, Laserbeak, Ravage, and Frenzy all fit nicely into Soundwave’s chest and are ready to spring into action at the behest of their master.

custom lego soundwave 3

With such abilities and firepower at his disposal, no wonder Megatron gives much premium to his trusted Communications Officer. Be sure to check the rest of Joe Perez’s rendition of Soundwave over at his Flickr address. Can you think of any other great custom LEGO Transformers that you want us to feature? Share them in the comment section below.

LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review Results Pays Tribute to Jack Skellington

In case you missed it, the LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review Results were finally revealed last week, with the announcement of another Disney title getting the LEGO treatment.

With a total of 51 submissions, it was another herculean task for the LEGO Ideas design team to select who would make it the cut to become an official LEGO Ideas set. And after several months, the team finally gave their verdict. LEGO Ideas Engagement Manager Hasan Jensen and LEGO Model Designer Ollie Gregory made the announcement. You can watch their video via the link above.

First, we have the iconic Red London Telephone Box by LEGO fan designer John Cramp (aka Bricked1980).

John, a native of Great Britain, profoundly appreciates the iconic Red London Telephone Box that has become a symbol of British culture and design.  Paying close attention to every little detail in his design, John beautifully replicates this original telephone box in LEGO form. From the ornate crown decorations to the phone books tucked away inside, his design pays tribute to all the features that have made the Red London Telephone Box so famous.

red london telephone box

Another upcoming LEGO Ideas set is a re-creation from the brilliant mind of Simon Scott (aka Tvrulesmylife). This Tim Burton-inspired set highlights the home of Jack Skellington in his titular role in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

nightmare before christmas

It’s not the first time Simon has impressed the LEGO Ideas fan community with his amazing representation of the beloved stop-motion animated musical. His latest creation has again reached 10,000 supporters, and it’s easy to see why. The LEGO Ideas review team was amazed by the level of detail that Simon put into this scene, which is instantly recognizable to fans of the movie. Jack Skellington and Sally, the main characters, are beautifully depicted, capturing the essence of their personalities and relationship.

There’s no word yet on when these sets will be finally available to the market, but given the myriad of approved LEGO Ideas projects set still in development, we’ll most likely see them in 2024.

We’ll also keep our radars open for the results of the Third 2022 LEGO Ideas Review Stage with its 35 product ideas that gathered support between September 2022 and early January 2023. So be sure to stay tuned.

Share Some Love With The Brick Show Shop’s Custom LEGO Valentine’s Day Sale!

If you’re still in the mood for some LEGO love today, then the Brick Show Shop and Build Better Bricks have several sweet surprises for you. You can still catch their custom LEGO Valentine’s Day sale that lets you have a 20% discount on ALL (yes, you read it right) of their custom LEGO pieces, minifigures, and more.

Custom LEGO Valentine's Day Sale

The 20% sitewide custom LEGO Valentine’s Day sale is only for today, but you can still catch these cool custom LEGO pieces to add some zing to your LEGO MOCs and masterpieces. Whether you’re looking to build a Valentine’s Day-themed display or add some unique pieces to your collection, you’ll find something special here on our official storefront.

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B3 Customs® Candy Heart Parts Pack

Custom LEGO Valentine's Day Sale


B3 Customs® Printed Big Heart Minifig Torso (Valentine’s Day)

Custom LEGO Valentine's Day Sale


B3 Customs® Printed “I Love You A Latte” Minifig Torso

Brick Show Valentines Sale 2


B3 Customs® Printed “Kiss Me” Heart Minifig Torso

Brick Show Valentines Sale 6


Milky White (King Size) – B3 Customs Printed 1×3 Tile

Custom LEGO Valentine's Day Sale


Brunch Candy Bar (King Size) – B3 Customs Printed 1×3 Tile

Brick Show Valentines Sale 4


While you’re at it, why not throw in some good, brickin’ music to go along with these? Don’t miss out on our pretty neat custom LEGO music album covers as well. These high-quality printed pieces are the perfect way to showcase your favorite artists and albums. They make a great addition to any music-themed MOC or display as well.

So if you’re looking to add some love and creativity to your LEGO collection, be sure to catch this custom LEGO Valentine’s Day sale promo. Remember, this sale is only available today, so don’t miss out on the chance to save 20% on all of our custom LEGO pieces and minifigures.

Happy Hearts’ Day everyone from your Brick Show Team!

Official Images for the LEGO Bricklink Designer Program Sets Surfaced

If you’re using the LEGO Builder app on you’re iPhone or iPad, you may have noticed an update that added the official images of the crowdfunded LEGO Bricklink Designer Program sets. If you recall, the Bricklink Designer Program began first as the AFOL Designer Program in 2018 to bring together the best original creations from the LEGO builders community. The goal is to gather as much support as possible through a crowdfunding platform that will enable these LEGO MOCs to be mass-produced and recognized.

And thanks to a recent LEGO Builder update, we can now glimpse what we can expect from these sets’ official packaging. There are five sets under the LEGO Bricklink Designer Program; each set is intended for advanced LEGO builders due to their size and complexity.

Pre-orders have unfortunately ended, but if you happen to be the first 10,000 supporters who pre-ordered these sets, you can expect them to be shipped any time soon. The good thing is that building instructions in PDF format will also be available, so you can try and see if you can build these sets using your existing LEGO pieces, or you can order them through Bricklink.

Click on the following links if you want to know more about these LEGO Bricklink Designer Program sets.

Studgate Train Station (910002)

4,076 pieces | 339.99 Euros | Designed by Pablo Sanchez Jimenez (BrickyBricks82)

910002 lego bricklink designer program studgate train station 1


Winter Chalet (910004)

2,705 pieces | 169.99 Euros | Designed by Sandro Damiano (sdrnet)

910004 lego bricklink designer program winter chalet e1675298622203


Modular Construction Site (910008)

3,374 pieces | 269.99 Euros | Designed by Ryan Taggart (ryantaggart)

910008 lego bricklink designer program modular construction site


1950s Diner (910011)

1,379 pieces | 109.99 Euros | Designed by James Allan Cox (pix027)

910011 lego bricklink designer program 1950s diner e1675298597777


Mountain View Observatory (910027)

3,876 pieces | 209.99 Euros | Designed by Thomas Wosch (ThomasW_BL)

910027 lego bricklink designer program mountain view observatory

LEGO Ideas Update: First Thirteen Qualifiers for the First LEGO Ideas 2023 Review Stage

Now that the LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review Stage has been wrapped up, we are now seeing the initial batch of product ideas that managed to gather that needed 10K support to be included in the First 2023 LEGO Ideas Review Stage. Here’s a look at some of the product ideas that may turn out to be the next official LEGO Ideas set.

Right off the bat, I have to say that I am personally cheering for Ashnflash’s Shrek’s Swamp – 20th Anniversary set and the Retro Comic Store by LEGOverwatch. Ashnflash LEGO Ideas concept was an overnight success considering that an official LEGO set inspired by Dreamwork’s iconic green ogre can potentially become a tie-in set to celebrate this 2oth anniversary milestone. The recent box office success of the Shrek spin-off Puss in Boots: The Last Wish also catapulted this proposed set to 10K stardom.

Another product idea that I hope to see become a reality is the Retro Comic Store. It will be a great addition to any LEGO City MOC and other LEGO modular sets. It is also cool to see some vintage comic book titles rendered into printed LEGO titles, similar to our custom LEGO 2×2 printed tiles that we offer at our official storefront.

In any case, I hope for the success of all these product ideas as they enter this year’s LEGO Ideas First 2023 Review Stage. In no particular order, here are the initial batch of this year’s LEGO Ideas qualifiers. Click on their respective links below to learn more about these potential LEGO Ideas sets.


LEGO Ideas 2023 Review Stage



brick boulevard



LEGO Ideas 2023 Review Stage



tha stargate



LEGO Ideas 2023 Review Stage



baby green sea turtle



LEGO Ideas 2023 Review Stage



stargate sg1



LEGO Ideas 2023 Review Stage



retro comic store



LEGO Ideas 2023 Review Stage



the crown



LEGO Ideas 2023 Review Stage

Get Into the Groove With These Custom LEGO Music Album Covers from Build Better Bricks

In case you missed it, 2023’s first LEGO modular set adds a bit of musical flair to any LEGO fan’s collection. The LEGO Icons Jazz Club (10312) is out now for a night of jazz music and the most incredible show in your LEGO town. And to spice things up, custom LEGO provider Build Better Bricks brings your minifigures’ entertainment to the next level with its new collection of custom LEGO music album covers that you may want to play on the brick stage.

Build Better Bricks, and The Brick Show Shop (our official storefront) now offer custom LEGO music album covers to add some rock to your Jazz Club or any custom LEGO music hall. These covers render some of the most iconic studio albums from music history’s greatest artists, giving them that humorous LEGO twist. If you want to add some custom minifigure fun to your LEGic room MOC or concert hall, then you may want to check out these latest labwish toas well.

Selling for just $1.50 per piece, these LEGO 2×2 tiles come with high-quality printed designs of four  famous album covers. The attention to detail and superb artwork that these 2×2 tiles have is simply amazing. See if you can recognize these custom LEGO music album covers from their real-world counterparts. Just click on their respective links if you wish to purchase them now. And for more fun and custom LEGO pieces and sets, head over to B3’s website and visit our official store.

Dark Side of the Brick – B3 Customs Music Album Cover

DarkSide 1066x


Buildr Road – B3 Customs Music Album Cover

abs2 1066x


MJ, Thriller – B3 Customs Music Album Cover

MJThriller 62583f5c c071 40de 8c0e c36f24c932bc


Harry Tiles, File Line – B3 Customs Music Album Cover


What LEGO MOC Will You Build This Week? Try These Custom LEGO Star Wars Minifigures!

LEGO Star Wars is still going strong in 2023. In fact, 3 out of 10 LEGO sets that were ranked by LEGO fans over at Brickset as their top 10 faves for this year come from the galaxy far away. And for this week’s LEGO MOC build, we’ll focus on these custom LEGO Star Wars minifigures by LEGO fan Nick Chen.

I agree that LEGO has come up with many impressive LEGO Star Wars sets. Due to their design playability or the sheer number of pieces that comprise them, such sets are things of beauty to hold and play with. Now, if you’re like me, you’ll probably want a little bit of this or of that, especially regarding a set with a galaxy filled with so many characters and elements. Probably that’s the reason why I am fond of small collectibles from this part of the LEGO Star Wars galaxy, and I have particularly in mind the LEGO Star Wars Microfighters. With more than 35 sets under this subtheme since 2014, it’s an excellent alternative for their more extensive (and more expensive) siblings of starfighters and vehicles.

One particular LEGO fan probably has the same inclination as much as I do about keeping things small and yet, fun and playable. Nick Chen has a knack for creating tiny LEGO Star Wars ships that are smaller than their Microfighter counterparts – in fact, even smaller than the ones LEGO had before with their LEGO Star Wars Planets back in 2012. Nick came up with a fun idea of having his LEGO Star Wars minifigs donned with their particular ship as costumes and was kind enough to share his work for the LEGO community to enjoy. The photos below came from Nick’s Flickr page. Check some of his customized LEGO Star Wars minifigs below.

Luke Landspeeder costume

Rey Speeder

Millennium Falcon

AT-AT minifig costume

These small minifig creations are cute and fun enough to make up your dioramas. You may also create unique scenes, pairing them with any LEGO Star Wars sets that you have.

What do you think? What is your favorite among Nick’s LEGO Star Wars minifig costumes? What micro fighter would you like to pair it up with? Share with us what you think in the comments section below.