Want to be a LEGO Product Designer for Real?

LEGO being the building-themed toy brand that it is, anybody could become a fabled Master Builder with practice and experience. Perhaps they might suggest new set products via submissions to LEGO Ideas. Some old and practiced hands in LEGO-brick-building have instead gone into business themselves, providing custom sets outside LEGO’s library. Now, while the former might see some lucky product ideas become official, the latter, if rarely has greater advancement potential. Perhaps LEGO might extend an invite to some lucky creators to become part of the team. We’ve seen this happen years ago with Chris “PowerPig” McVeigh. Now, the opportunity’s opening up one more time.

As Brickset would have it, LEGO’s made quite the announcement of looking for new aspiring product designers. The official website LEGO.com has posted this prime job opening on their Careers page. And like Chris McVeigh way back in 2019, the lucky designer-builder will be going to work in Billund, Denmark. The company asks would-be applicants to consider the core responsibilities of a LEGO product designer. Conceptualizing ideas, stories and themes then “translating” them into physical play experiences sounds rather simple in print. But make no mistake: this job will push an aspirant’s imagination and building skills to the very utmost.

The LEGO Product Designer Career page features a link to an application form. Interested parties need fill up their personal information and attach a comprehensive rsumwith cover letter via the Application Wizard. This will open up an applicant profile that LEGO can refer to. Applicants must be active on their LEGO Career profile while the company deliberates. For American designer hopefuls, this might take up to 24 months. But hey, joining LEGO as a creative force is worth it. Who might answer the challenge?

LEGO Marvel Black Panther (76215) “Wakanda Forever” Tie-In Now Listed

If you’ve been following our LEGO Marvel-related news, you’re aware that “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” is coming this November. You’d also know that this MCU film has some tie-in sets due to launch next month in October. It’s really the least that can be done to hype this movie. After all, it doubles as a tribute to the late Chadwick “T’Challa” Boseman. Now granted, the upcoming LEGO Black Panther tie-ins are a bit on the early-ages side. The same goes for the minifigure keychain. Fortunately, LEGO does have sets for Marvel-collecting AFOLs, as revealed just this week on LEGO Shop.

The Brick Fan true to form has the lowdown on this new “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” tie-in set. What can be a more epic tribute than a bust of T’Challa in costume, as depicted in Black Panther (76215)? The build even features his forearms in the now-iconic “Wakanda Forever” salute. Or alternatively, the arms are detachable so you can display only T’Challa’s head as a traditional (brick-built) bust. This is a magnificent 18+ addition to LEGO’s “BP:WF” merch, so mark your calendars for October 1. That should give collectors a month of building while waiting for the movie itself. And now, the LEGO.com product listing:

Black Panther (76215)

Age 18+ | 2,961 pieces | $349.99 | Coming October 1

Adult fans of the Marvel Avengers can immerse themselves in a creative model-making project with LEGO® Marvel Black Panther (76215). This collectible celebration of Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga will be a guaranteed conversation starter, wherever it is placed.

  • Black Panther display piece – Celebrate Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga with this almost life-size LEGO® Marvel Black Panther (76215) build-and-display model for adults
  • Realistic details – The model rests securely on a stand with an information plate attached. The hands include articulated fingers and detach from the main model to increase display possibilities
  • Escape the everyday – As this construction project comes together piece by piece, it brings the style and spirit of the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the real world

Subtle Design Change in LEGO Marvel Black Panther Key Chain (854189)

MCU fans were saddened when actor Chadwick Boseman, start of “Black Panther”, died from cancer complications in 2020. It was a shock given that he kept his condition secret while starring in the film. And that doesn’t even include “Captain America: Civil War” plus “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Endgame”. The planned sequel, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”, needed significant retooling in the wake of Boseman’s passing. It’s due to premiere next month, and with it are the expected merchandise tie-ins including from LEGO. One notable piece of merch is a minifigure keychain portraying the Black Panther. Close observation reveals some changes in this minifig’s design compared to previous LEGO Marvel versions.

As Brick Fanatics tells it, the upcoming LEGO Marvel Black Panther Key Chain (854189) has a seeming design alteration. All minifigs of King T’Challa of Wakanda have a masked head topped off with cat-like ears, In the previous versions the ears were swept back. One might see this in Black Panther Mech Armor (76204) and Shuri’s Lab (76212). The keychain minifigure however has the cat ears pointing forward. In fact, the ears might be mistaken for horns, particularly those worn by LEGO Daredevil. He’s one of the minifigures in the Daily Bugle (76178) last 2021.

Black Panther Key Chain (8514189)

Age 6+ | $5.99 | Coming October 1

Was this an assembly mistake or a deliberate choice? The former feels like a possibility. After all, both Black Panther Key Chain (854189) and Shuri’s Lab (76212) are coming October 1. They’re tying into the November release of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” after all. The discrepancy of the BP costume makes for a curious puzzle. It’s like the question regarding the identity of the new wearer of the suit in the film. Hopefully we’ll get some explanation for this mystery.

“LEGO Brawls” Now Available for PC, Xbox One/Series and PS4/5

Back in 2019, RED Games launched a LEGO mobile game app on the Apple Arcade service. “LEGO Brawls” could be best described as a LEGO-fied take on Nintendo’s long-running “Super Smash Bros” series. Select from minifigure characters hailing across LEGO’s various themed lines like “Ninjago” and “Monkie Kid”. Even licensed IPs like “Jurassic World” join in. Or you can create your own minifig avatar to brawl against all comers in sweet CG brick-built battlefields. The title’s been successful enough that PC and console ports got announced at the start of this year. And this September marks its official multiplatform launch.

The Brick Fan reports that “LEGO Brawls” from RED Games is now on wide release for major consoles. It’s certainly come a long way from being an Apple Arcade mobile exclusive. Console gamers got an early taste of the port when the Nintendo Switch version arrived this past June. Now, regulars on PC, Xbox One or Series S/X, and the Sony PS4 or 5, can join in the fun. And the fun can be had on a wide scale thanks to “LEGO Brawls” having online PVP. That mobile game app holdover, including seasonal/community event content, gives this title a cut above other Smash-like “party fighters”.

“LEGO Brawls” are now available on Amazon (for consoles) and Steam (for PCs). As a reminder, Nintendo Switch Online already has it, as does its original home on Apple Arcade.

September 2022 LEGO Set Launch Recap

With September 2022 rolling in this past Thursday, another wave of new sets from LEGO have been launched. Fitting for ushering in the last few months before the Holiday season, several advent calendars became available September 1. According to further details from Brickset, LEGO Marvel also debuted multiple entries this time with more buildable figure sets. The big guns among the new releases would be the newest LEGO Ideas set and Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Express (76405). On the tinier end, LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 23 became available as well. We can be sure the Holiday-themed products will only increase as 2022 winds down. But for now, let’s summarize the launches:

Advent Calendars 2022
Harry Potter

Speculation on Possible 2023 LEGO Technic Sets

The year 2022 is soon to go into its final stretch of four months. While there are still more LEGO sets due to come out at this time, LEGO’s started hinting about the future. At least, set numbers and even set names for 2023 releases have started circulating online. Case in point, Promobricks.de has some news on possible LEGO Technic sets for next year. Interestingly, this includes on Technic set that was supposed to launch this 2022. The new word is that the Liebherr LR 1300 (42146) epic is now a 2023 release. Anyway, here’s what to expect for the Technic line come next year.

  • Liebherr LR 1300 (42146)
  • Dump Truck (42147)
  • Snowcat (42148)
  • Monster Jam Dragon (42149)
  • Monster Jam Monster Mutt Dalmatian (42150)
  • Bugatti Bolide (42151)
  • Firefighter Plane (42152)
  • NASCAR Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (42153)
  • 2022 Ford GT (42154)
  • The Batman Batcycle (42155)
  • Peugeot 9X8 Hypercar (42156)

One notable entry for LEGO Technic 2023 is the Batcycle (42155). Apparently, it’ll be the same vehicle from DC-Warner Bros.’ “The Batman” which premiered this past March. And we’ll be getting another blue Bugatti beauty for Technic, a worthy successor to the Chiron (42083). Maybe we’ll get a life-sized version of it too? Who knows. As for the above listed Technic sets, we’ll have to wait until later this year at the earliest for more details.

Massive LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express (76405) Officially Launched

Without a doubt, the best and maybe largest LEGO sets may be found in the mid-triple-digits price range. These massive masterpieces can range from a doomed ocean liner to a “Star Wars” Imperial war machine. And though their prices limit purchases mostly to AFOLs, these premium sets tend to be enjoyable for whole LEGO families. Look no further than the latest big LEGO Harry Potter set: Hogwarts Express (76405). At near $500 a pop, it’s a major investment for one’s LEGO collection. But with the fairly-recent LEGO Harry Potter 20th anniversary, buyers will certainly lap it up. Even more so now that it’s officially launched.

As told by The Brick Fan, LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express (76405) is now available on LEGO Shop. The $499.99 set price is well worth it considering what one gets. Not only is the Hogwarts Express train depicted, but also Platform 9¾ and plenty of rail. The set also boasts an impressive 20 minifigures as passengers or well-wishers. And it all comes with a King’s Cross Station Platform 9¾ train ticket collectible. Hogwarts Express (76405) proves that more epic LEGO Harry Potter sets are still coming beyond its 20-year milestone.

Hogwarts Express – Collectors’ Edition (76405)

Age 18+ | 5,129 pieces | 20 minifigures | $499.99 | Available now

  • Evoke the magic – LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Express™ – Collectors’ Edition (76405) is a 1:32 scale (approx.) buildable replica of the iconic steam train
  • Authentic details – The engine, coal tender and 3-room passenger car are packed with movie-accurate references, from the cabin interiors to the toad on the loose
  • A cast of 20 characters – Within the model are 4 classic scenes from the Harry Potter™ movies, depicting the drama, the characters and even a piece of memorable dialogue
  • Realistic movement – A lever on the top of the engine can be turned to make the train rock with the mesmerizing motion of a steam train


LEGO Ideas 10K Support: “Thomas the Tank Engine” by KaijuBuildz

LEGO and trains are as unbeatable as combinations come. For years and even decades LEGO has given model railroad enthusiasts plenty of brick-built locomotive goodness. Add Power Function options and the experience can get just as good as “traditional” model railroads. Themes like LEGO City have given collectors some pretty awesome train sets already. But there are more locomotive types and models out there. Some fans have gone on LEGO Ideas to propose these new builds. Already the current Second 2022 Review Stage has several product ideas in that vein. This new certified 10K-supported submission’s a bit different from them.

How so? It’s because this one’s alive, sort of. Ideas member KaijuBuildz gives us his super-accurate depiction of the world’s most famous tank engine with a face. Yep, Thomas from “Thomas and Friends” didn’t seem to have much problem earning its 10,000 supporters for review.

The dimensions of the plucky blue tank engine in LEGO-brick form are uncannily spot on. You’d think it was taken from the set of the original “model live-action” “Thomas and Friends” series.

He’s also minifigure-scale to fit a minifig of the Fat Controller, Sir Topham Hatt, in his cabin. Thomas comes with four facial-expression tiles and an alternative, realistic smokebox.

Whether one’s a fan of the original “Railway Series” books by Rev. Awdry, or the various TV series adaptations since, they’ll surely love this submission. KaijuBuildz’ Thomas the Tank Engine comes with a display stand, though he can also go on standard LEGO rails. He’s just too small for Power Functions, but a mechanism will allow the wheels to turn freely. This is a standout product idea for LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review. As one who’s watched “Thomas”, this writer hopes the reviewers like it.

LEGO Astronaut Minifigures Secure Aboard NASA Artemis 1, Awaiting Launch

Over the decades, LEGO has gained such major prominence as to partner with businesses and organizations outside the toy industry. In many of these team-ups, LEGO served as an accessible all-ages face and font of information. Case in point, LEGO is but one of many parties partnered with NASA for the historic Artemis 1 mission. This launch will send an unmanned spacecraft to orbit the moon, in anticipation for a future new manned lunar mission. A planned launch for Artemis 1 this August 29 was scrubbed due to technical issues, rescheduled for September 2. But already, LEGO stands among the many “passengers” in this trip.

Late last year, LEGO premiered the “Build to Launch” educational series in partnership with NASA and Artemis 1. As part of the promotion for this mission, LEGO included four astronaut minifigures. They’ll serve as the “crew” for the unmanned Orion test capsule. As Brick Fanatics tells it, Artemis 1 was supposed to launch Monday, August 29. However, launch preparation issues got things pushed back to this coming Friday instead. In the meantime, the LEGO Astronauts are staying put in Orion, which is mounted on NASA’s huge SLS rocket. They’re accompanied by a payload of multiple cube-satellites, life-sized astronaut dummies and a Snoopy doll, among others.

Of the minifigures, two (Julia and Sebastian) come from the most recent LEGO City space-themed set line. The other two (Kate and Kyle) are characters from the “Build to Launch” STEAM Exploration series. Meet Kate and Kyle before their jaunt aboard Artemis 1 by checking out the series here. As for the actual rocket launch, NASA will be live-streaming it on YouTube on September 2.

September LEGO VIP Reward: Retro-Ad Tin Lunchbox

LEGO collectors who haven’t signed up for their VIP program might ask: why join? Those in the know might answer: why not join? Being able to accumulate VIP points to invest in a future LEGO set makes for one advantageous perk. And there’s also the matter of rewards the program gives out. Products exclusively available on LEGO VIP are major points of pride for serious collectors. After all, some of them aren’t even brick sets but cool LEGO-themed merchandise to broadcast your FOL-ness. It just so happens that LEGO VIP has got a new reward coming for its loyal membership.

According to Brickset, next on the LEGO VIP Rewards block is a cool retro-style tin lunchbox. Now that’s one item to fancy yet another sector of the collectors’ community. The lunchbox art evokes 1965, since it’s an advertisement for Basic Building Set in Cardboard (050), released that year. That “Today in 2065” blurb must’ve seemed like the distant future so long ago. The actual box art for Basic Building Set is even replicated on the tin. LEGO and lunchbox collectors with VIP membership can get this reward for 2500 VIP points starting on September 1.