LEGO Movie 2 Summer 2019 Official Set Images Released

Following the reveal of probably the last LEGO Movie 2 summer 2019 sets through the online LEGO Catalog for the 2nd half of this year, we now have official images of these tie-in sets, courtesy of LEGO fan site StoneWars. Let’s take a closer look at these official set images. Please take note that these are the official names of these sets, while those that we initially posted are based on a rough Google translation.


The LEGO Movie 2 Good Morning, Sparkle Babies! (70847)

As I mentioned in a related post, we can fairly expect that the main selling point of this set are the two adorable Sparkle Babies. In contrast to their alter ego (aka Sewer Babies) as found in The LEGO Movie 2 Accessory Pack (853865), these Sparkle Babies are definitely a win for LEGO Movie 2 minifigure completionists. This set comes in at 50 pieces and is expected to retail for $10 USD.

LEGO Movie 2 Summer 2019 LEGO Movie 2 Summer 2019LEGO Movie 2 Summer 2019


The LEGO Movie 2  Systar Party Crew (70848)

Another expected must have is this party version of Benny which was initially spotted inside the LEGO House as a prototype in the development phase of The LEGO Movie 2. LEGO fans instantly fell in love with this party version of Benny, and the good thing is LEGO actually came up with this official set including this hip version of the beloved LEGO character. Coming in at 196 pieces, expect this to retail for 19.99 Euros or probably $20 USD locally.

LEGO Movie 2 Summer 2019 LEGO Movie 2 Summer 2019LEGO Movie 2 Summer 2019


The LEGO Movie 2 Wyld-Mayhem Star Fighter (70849)

Other than having a recolored version of Lucy’s minifig hair, this particular set also features Emmet with a new torso print is similar to that of Rex. If for some reason you haven’t seen the film yet, you are aware that Rex didn’t turn out to be the nice hero after all. The Wyld-Mayhem Star Fighter set sees the team-up between Lucy and Mayhem to thwart the selfish plans of Rex. This set comes in at 405 pieces and will retail for $50 USD.

LEGO Movie 2 Summer 2019 LEGO Movie 2 Summer 2019 LEGO Movie 2 Summer 2019


Though these LEGO Movie 2 summer 2019 official set images are now circulating online, we still yet to see them at However, these sets are expected to be out in August so we can be sure that LEGO’s online shopping portal will be listing them soon.


LEGO Harry Potter Summer 2019 Sets To Be Released by Barnes & Noble

The LEGO Harry Potter Summer 2019 wave of sets are still slated to be released on July 1, and its good to know that Barnes & Noble will also be adding these sets on their shelves by then. According to their blogsite, these latest LEGO sets will also be arriving in their stores as well.

Build the magic & relive the adventure! Bring Harry Potter moments to life with these new LEGO® sets, exclusively at Barnes & Noble 7/1 – 7/31!

Among these upcoming LEGO Harry Potter sets, only the Expecto Patronum (75945) is not included in the Barnes & Noble offering. Furthermore, we’re still keeping our radars open for the Beauxbatons’ Carriage: Arrival at Hogwarts (75958) and The Rise of Voldemort (75965) sets which I assume is slated for an August 1st release.

For the meantime, Barnes & Noble’s announcement may also suggest that these sets are available only for a limited time, or until supplies last. You may keep tabs with their online store portal or alternatively, you may also check with once the LEGO Harry Potter summer 2019 sets are available on July 1st. You may click on the following links below to know more about these sets.

Expecto Patronum (75945)

LEGO Harry Potter Summer 2019


Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge (75946)
LEGO Harry Potter Summer 2019


The Knight Bus (75957)


Hagrid’s Hut: Buckbeak’s Rescue (75947)


Hogwarts Clock Tower (75948)

LEGO Hidden Side Sets Now Available for Pre-Order in UK and Other Parts of Europe

Our followers in the UK and the rest of Europe may be glad to know that the complete line of the LEGO Hidden Side building sets (all eight of them) is now available for pre-order at the UK portal of LEGO Shop@Home, and are slated to be released on August 1st.

These latest augmented reality sets are still not available in the US as of this posting, so we have to a bit patient before we see these sets arrive at our doorsteps. For the meantime, be sure to bookmark this page and check on the following links to know more about this latest fun and spooky theme from LEGO.

The LEGO Hidden Side invites kids to join a fearless team of ghost hunters, who dare see the unseen and help turn a haunted world back to normal, one ghost at a time. This new theme includes a series of “haunted” building sets full of awesome functionality and secret surprises that, on their own, provide the build and roleplay fun of any LEGO® theme. Activating the free augmented reality app brings the models to life, revealing a hidden world of interactive mysteries and challenges to solve. When combined, the two worlds make each other even more compelling and fun. The app also consists of a digital game that kids can play independent of the building set.

J.B.’s Ghost Lab (70418)

LEGO Hidden Side


Wrecked Shrimp Boat (70419)

LEGO Hidden Side


Graveyard Mystery (70420)

LEGO Hidden Side


El Fuego’s Stunt Truck (70421)

LEGO Hidden Side


Shrimp Shack Attack (70422)


Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 (70423)


Ghost Train Express (70424)


Newbury Haunted High School (70425)

2nd LEGO SDCC 2019 Exclusive Set Revealed: The Dark Knight of Gotham City (77903)

After unveiling its first LEGO SDCC 2019 exclusive a few days ago, LEGO has revealed its second LEGO San Diego Comic-Con 2019 exclusive set. The Dark Knight of Gotham City (77903) is a 427-piece set that features Batman himself amidst a background of Gotham’s nighttime skyline with the classic Batsignal flashing across the sky.

The Dark Knight of Gotham City (77903)

This LEGO SDCC exclusive set also features the Dark Knight perched on a typical building rooftop decked with a pair of gargoyles. I love how the designers created this nicely scaled set – they even added a sort of a water tank to add to that signature LEGO humor. Unlike the Captain Marvel and the Asis (77902) set which includes an exclusive minifigure of Captain Marvel and Maria Rambeau, this 2nd LEGO SDCC offering does not seem to contain any exclusive minifigures (I know, we have plenty of Batman minifigs out there) or parts. What seems to be unique to this set is the 2×4 tile that celebrates 80 years of Batman, though I’m not quite sure if this is printed or not.

Same as before, this LEGO SDCC 2019 exclusive The Dark Knight of Gotham City (77903) will only be available to SDCC attendees via electronic raffle through the Exclusives Portal Lottery, which will begin next week. Those who will be pre-selected to purchase this set will need to shell out $45 USD to bring home this one.

Hopefully like last year, LEGO will also release the building instructions for this set.  Keep tabs with us here on The Brick Show for more updates as the third and final LEGO SDCC exclusive set is revealed.

LEGO Technic Summer 2019 Sets Official Images Released

After having a glimpse of the upcoming LEGO Technic Summer 2019 sets as published in the online LEGO Catalog for the 2nd half of this year, official images of these sets started to appear online. Thanks to German LEGO fan site StoneWars, we now have a handful of these images that gives us a closer look at the various functions and play features that these sets have. These sets are slated to be released from August to October. Missing from this collection are those from the Liebherr R 9800 (42100), but I guess its just a matter of time before we see this huge brick innovation up close. For the meantime, let’s take a look at what these other sets offer.

Compact Crawler Crane (42097)

89.99 Euros; 920 pieces

LEGO Technic Summer 2019
Car Transporter (42098)

149.99 Euros; 2,493 pieces

LEGO Technic Summer 2019


X-treme Off-roader (42099)

229.99 Euros; 958 pieces

LEGO Technic Summer 2019

We can expect that these LEGO Technic Summer 2019 sets will be listed at LEGO Shop@Home anytime soon. I’ll keep posted for more updates.


SDCC 2019 LEGO Exclusive Captain Marvel and the Asis (77902) Revealed

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 is now set, and the throngs of this year’s SDCC attendees may now have a chance to grab one of its exclusives. As revealed today via SDCC’s blog site and Yahoo! Entertainment, we now have this year’s SDCC LEGO exclusive which is the Captain Marvel and the ASIS (77902) building set.

Captain Marvel and the Asis (77902)

Like other SDCC exclusives from last year, LEGO will be adopting the SDCC Online Exclusives Portal System via lottery in order to determine who is eligible to purchase this set. I guess LEGO event exclusives are here to stay despite LEGO’s efforts some sets available in all regions.

Captain Marvel and the Asis (77902) Captain Marvel and the Asis (77902)

The Captain Marvel and the ASIS (77902) set comes in at 271 pieces and is expected to retail for $45. It features a new minifigure iteration of Captain Marvel herself, a new minifig of Carol Danver’s former flying partner and ace pilot Monica Rambeau, and Goose going Flerken-crazy. The central part of the build is Captain Marvel’s signature jet – the Asis. The box art also sports Captain Marvel, drawn over as a stylized comic book cover. Similar to last year’s LEGO SDCC exclusives, we can somehow expect that LEGO will be releasing the building instructions for this set, though the real catch here is the new minifigs of Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau. LEGO has only released three non-exclusive sets featuring Captain Marvel: Avenjet Space Mission (76049) from 2016, and the more recent Captain Marvel and the Skrull Attack (76127) and Avengers Compound Battle (76131) sets from Avengers Endgame.

We can also expect more SDCC 2019 LEGO exclusives to be revealed anytime soon, so be sure to turn on your notifications for the latest LEGO news and updates here on The Brick Show.


LEGO Ideas Hybrid Dinosaur Building Contest Announced

Just in time for the official reveal of the massive LEGO Jurassic World Jurassic Park: T.rex Rampage (75936) set a few days ago, the LEGO Ideas team posted its newest building contest that challenges fans to create their coolest, out-of-this-world hybrid dinosaur using LEGO bricks. Ever imagine a T.rex flying around on Pterodactyl wings or a huge brontosaurus with stegosaurus plating? Then get ready to pick your bricks in this LEGO Ideas Hybrid Dinosaur building contest.

From June 12 until July 17, builders can unleash their wildest dino brick creation to get a chance to bring home the entire line-up of 2019 LEGO Jurassic World sets. The Grand Prize winner will win the following:

Two Runner-Up winners will also be chosen, and each of them will bring home the 3,120-piece T.rex Rampage (75936) set. Same as with previous contests, both physical and digital entries are allowed using either LEGO Digital Designer or other third-party LEGO CAD software such as Studio or Mecabricks. What is nice about this contest, in particular, is that builders are allowed to include generic or LEGO Jurassic World minifigures. However, bear in mind that other third-party licensed minifigures are not allowed.

Be sure to visit the LEGO Ideas Hybrid Dinosaur building contest page to know more about the contest details and other guidelines. Happy building!


New 2019 LEGO Technic Sets Revealed

Earlier this year during the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany, LEGO gave attendees a glimpse of things to come with the LEGO Technic theme for summer 2019. So far, LEGO has unveiled four sets during the prestigious toy fair and same as before, only teasers and bits of info were shown to attendees. But with the release of the Dutch LEGO Catalog for the 2nd half of 2019 (which LEGO already took down from their site) which gave us a peek at the next LEGO Minecraft and LEGO Movie 2 sets, it also offers us a closer look at these new 2019 LEGO Technic sets as you can see below.


Compact Crawler Crane (42097)

LEGO Technic is also adding a new crane to its ever-growing collection of brick-built, heavy machines. The Compact Crawler Crane features several stabilizers and a working lift function quite similar to those from the Mobile Crane (8053) released in 2010.

New 2019 LEGO Technic


Car Transporter (42098)

LEGO is throwing in another huge rig with this Car Transporter set that measures almost 3 feet in length (86 cm long to be exact). To add more play feature to the set, LEGO has also added a blue speedster that looks more like a smaller version of the Bugatti Chiron (42083). This scaled down muscle car build perfectly fits this mammoth-sized transporter.

New 2019 LEGO Technic


X-treme Off-roader (42099)

It has been six years since we saw our first LEGO Technic with the Monster Truck (42005) released in 2013. Needless to say, it’s long overdue already and it’s nice to know that LEGO is now giving us a leveled-up version with the X-treme Off-roader. The set is powered and controlled using LEGO’s new Powered Up! Control+ system. You may have a better look at this set’s box images and features right here.


Liebherr R 9800 (42100)

Finally, we have the largest among these new 2019 LEGO Technic sets with the Liebherr R 9800. It also seems to be by far the most complex, and largest LEGO Technic set ever released coming in at 4,108 parts. It also utilizes the new LEGO Technic Control+ system that manages its two (2) Bluetooth SMART Hubs, three (3) XL Motors, and four (4) L Motors. Check out this video demonstration of the LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 (42100) courtesy of Zusammengebaut.


2019 LEGO Inside Tour LEGO System House (4000034) Exclusive Set Revealed

The first and second rounds of this year’s LEGO Inside Tour have already been concluded, and LEGO does not seem to shy away from revealing this program’s exclusive set. If you recall, the LEGO Inside Tour is a 3-day, one-of-a-kind LEGO fan experience where participants get to know the inner workings of the LEGO company, featuring an extraordinary exhibition of vintage LEGO sets as early as from 1934. Needless to say, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any serious LEGO fan. To top it off, every participant receives a LEGO Inside Tour exclusive set – and for this year, it is the LEGO System House (4000034) as revealed by LEGO itself.

LEGO System House (4000034)

I have to say that I find it a bit unusual for LEGO to make such a reveal via its LEGO Customer Services where the building instructions for the LEGO System House (4000034) has been uploaded. Furthermore, LEGO is quite adamant in reminding LEGO Inside Tour participants not to ‘spoil’ the experience to other registered participants by revealing the exclusive sets that they received. So seeing that the building instructions for this 2019 LEGO Inside Tour exclusive have been uploaded is quite odd.

Moving forward, the LEGO Inside Tour has produced some of its best designed exclusive sets. In 2016, we’ve seen the impressive LEGO Truck Show (4000022), followed by the beautiful LEGO House Tree of Creativity (4000024) in 2017. Last year saw the monochromatic LEGO Inside Tour LEGO Ferguson Tractor (4000025) set, and now we have another piece of LEGO history with the LEGO System House (4000034).

The LEGO System House (4000034) is inspired by the inauguration of the System House in 1958. It is the brainchild of Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, where he envisioned an administrative building that will serve as a sort of command center for its international activities, a showroom for exhibiting its new sets and products, and as a place of inspiration to spur creativity. You may read more about the early history of the LEGO System House in this article from the LEGO Group.

The LEGO System House during its inauguration in 1958.

The LEGO System House (4000034) exclusive set comes in at 947 pieces, with only a total of 80 sets made for this year’s LEGO Inside Tour. It also comes with 10 minifigures representing the sales directors coming from various European countries where LEGO operates, as represented by their respective flags.

So what do you think about this year’s LEGO Inside Tour LEGO System House (4000034) set? Do you think its a good call to have it as this year’s LEGO Inside Tour exclusive? Share us what you think in the comments below.

Special thanks to Brickset for the heads-up!

More Summer 2019 LEGO Movie 2 Sets Coming in August

After reporting on the new LEGO Minecraft sets slated to arrive this August, the Dutch online version of the LEGO Catalog for July-December has revealed that there are more summer 2019 LEGO Movie 2 sets coming from the brick pipeline. To be exact, there are three new TLM2 sets that were featured in the catalog, one of which I’m looking forward to having. Let’s check this out.

The LEGO Movie 2 Wyldstyle’s Starfighter (70849)

It’s quite obvious that LEGO still has plenty of room for more LEGO Movie 2 sets, with additional builds slated for release during the second half of the year. First off, we have this sleek Wyldstyle’s Starfighter (70849) with minifigures of Lucy (sporting her natural hair), Sweet Mayhem, an alternate version of Emmet sporting his new vest, and Rex Dangervest donned with turbo blasters. The starfighter’s design is pretty straightforward, with its nicely curved wings giving it a streamlined look.

Summer 2019 LEGO Movie 2 Sets


The LEGO Movie 2 Good Morning, Sparkle Babies (70847)

I have to say that this is one set that most fans will grab just because of those tiny, cute Sewer Babies. Of course, they don’t look grouchy and grumpy any more thanks to the sparkle and shine and good vibes spread by Lucy and Emmet. The choice of color and print on these glitter babies is simply spot on and is a great addition to the LEGO Movie 2 Accessory Set (853865). Minifigures included in these set are Emmet and Lucy, and two Sparkle Babies.

Summer 2019 LEGO Movie 2 Sets


The LEGO Movie 2  Systar System Party Team (70848)

This next set definitely tops my list. I just have to admit it – most of us are looking forward to having this Party Benny, with his dual-molded legs and star-studded glasses accessory. I’m also curious about how this version of Unikitty manages to have a scarf accessory wrapped around her neck. It looks like this one is made of a soft wire wrapped with a fur-like material.  Metalbeard is also up and ready to party as a one-man band to get everyone up and dancing.

Summer 2019 LEGO Movie 2 Sets


I’m certainly looking forward to seeing these summer 2019 LEGO Movie 2 sets, particularly on having that Party Benny minifigure. We don’t have specific, product descriptions for these sets as of this posting but once we do, I’ll update this article. For the meantime, be sure to check out these other recent LEGO Movie 2 sets now available on discount via Amazon and at

Shimmer & Shine Sparkle Spa! (70837) 
Queen Watevra’s ‘So-Not-Evil’ Space Palace (70838)
The Rexcelsior! (70839)
Emmet’s Triple-Decker Couch Mech (70842)