“LEGO Masters Australia” Gets Air Date, Has Contestants

Last year, the UK reality competition series “LEGO Masters” began to branch out worldwide. Two international editions were announced for Germany and Australia. The latter was picked up by the Channel Nine network, with host Hamish Blake and a panel of judges headed by Australian LEGO Certified Professional Ryan McNaught.

Up until this week the only known info on the premiere for “LEGO Masters Australia” is that it’s this year. Thankfully, Channel Nine has finally broken silence on the date. A new trailer for the program reveals it’s only going to start two Sundays from now. That means April 28.

The teaser rehashes certain scenes from the first full trailer of the show from last month. We get another look at the big brick, minfigure and element depository for the 2-person teams’ use. We also see snippets of either the builds by the contestants or set pieces created by judge “Brickman” McNaught. The space rocket in on scene’s probably his.

Viewers also got to see more screen-time on the part of the teams in competition, from married couples to friends and more. One particularly prominent team is that of a teenager and his grandma. In one scene she reacts funnily to her grandson’s mild oath.

This “LEGO Masters” is brought to Channel Nine courtesy of Endemol Shine Australia. The winning pair that survives all challenges thrown their way will win a cash prize of AUS$100,000.


LEGO Fans Petition Company to Make a Set (Possibly Architecture Line) for Recently-Burned Notre Dame de Paris

It has been a calamitous Holy Week in Paris after the world-famous cathedral called the Notre Dame suddenly caught fire. It had been in the middle of a renovation. Now instead, the wooden roof and spire have been destroyed. The interior, while mostly saved, still took some significant fire damage.

Even as the French President, along with the country’s biggest business moguls and other world leaders have pledged support to finance a restoration of Notre Dame de Paris, the LEGO building community has decided to make their voices heard too. And they’re sounding their idea right to the company itself.

On the LEGO Reddit, redditor syneptico has proposed that The LEGO Group design and release a LEGO set of the Notre Dame cathedral. It could be of the Architecture line, and part of the proceeds from selling this hypothetical set could then be donated to the Notre Dame rebuilding efforts.

This post, only one day old, has gotten a 91% upvote on Reddit, plus over 300 comments. Some of these even offer their own ideas on how LEGO might conceptualize a Notre Dame set. How about, asks one, a set the size of the LEGO Creator Expert Taj Mahal (10256)?

On the other hand there are certain hurdles to overcome before a LEGO Notre Dame set is realized. First, The LEGO Group tends to shy from creating models of real-life religious buildings. Second, they surely already have a full design and production log. By the time the set is finalized and mass-produced, the restoration of the actual Notre Dame de Paris could be halfway done.

While there’s no official LEGO Notre Dame set (it was even excluded from the skyline of the new Architecture Paris [21044]), the Paris LEGO Store does have an exhibit of a fairly large Notre Dame build. Parisian LEGO fans are likely to visit it more often following what happened to the real one days ago.

Clearer Image of Massive (and Expensive) LEGO Technic Liebherr R9800 (42100) Shared by Dutch LEGO News Site

When LEGO wants one of their sets to go both bigger and more complex, they go to their Technic line. Some of their newer Technic products teased earlier this year have been veritable behemoths. For instance, the Liebherr 9800 bulldozer (42100) looked plenty massive in the close-up images. But what does it look like normally?

The answer was recently provided by Bouwsteentjes, a fellow LEGO news source from the Netherlands. Seen in its entirety, the Liebherr 9800 set (42100) is humongous. You’ll be led to believe that it’s as heavy-duty as the dozer it’s based on. The impressive size is also necessary to accommodate the new Technic CONTROL+ mechanics system.


LEGO Technic CONTROL+ allows for concurrent execution of multiple mechanical functions at the same time. The motor engines that go into the set are coordinated by two Smart Hub units that can be programmed via a downloadable LEGO mobile app.

Between its piece number (4108) and new CONTROL+ system, it’s no wonder the LEGO Technic Liebherr 9800 (42100) costs a lot too. Bouwsteentjes found the set in Germany where it’s priced at €449.99; converted, it’s either £388.57 in the UK or $508.83 in the US. Both prices might be rounded to the nearest 99.99 value.

No images for its fellow Technic sets batch were included. The LEGO Technic Liebherr 9800 (42100) becomes available August 1.

Star Wars Celebration Hints at New LEGO Star Wars Video Game for 2019

By now, the heady daze that was the 2019 Star Wars Celebration has ended with lots of fun memories. Previews to upcoming shows, video games and the long-awaited “Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker” were presented and thoroughly enjoyed. But amazingly those weren’t all to be expected on the future of the galaxy far away. While we didn’t get an actual preview, a new LEGO Star Wars video game was somewhat announced during Star Wars Celebration. It was sort of mentioned in passing by sound designer Matthew Wood, Supervising Sound Editor for Skywalker Sound. As if it wasn’t obvious, the title will again be developed by WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales.

Just to be clear, we’re still waiting for an official announcement from these game giants that will hopefully shed light on the content of this next LEGO Star Wars game. However, video game insider Eurogamer claims that this next video game instalment will be hailed as the ultimate LEGO Star Wars video game which will encompass all nine films and three trilogies comprising the Skywalker family saga.

The hugely successful Lego Star Wars series has so far adapted the space opera’s prequel trilogy, original trilogy, Clone Wars TV show and devoted an entire game to Episode 7: The Force Awakens.

Excitingly, I’ve heard this next game is more than just an adaptation of the saga’s remaining two episodes, The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. While these episodes will be included, the project is designed to tell the story of the entire saga and I’ve heard it described as the “ultimate” Lego Star Wars game. Expect to see it announced later this year.

It will also include elements from the “Star Wars” Extended Universe. These are the official side-materials of the new Disney-Lucasfilm canon, displacing the original Expanded Universe/Legends continuity.

One notable feature previous LEGO Star Wars games would be the use of procedural generation for the in-game environment. Traveller’s Tales has already used that graphical mechanic in their 2017 sandbox title LEGO Worlds.

Aside from references to a space exploration mechanic between worlds and the uber-load of characters from the films, there’s no further info on this ultimate LEGO Star Wars video game, which would be the sixth in the WBI-TT series excluding re-masters. Perhaps the 2019 San Diego Comic Con in July will shed more light on it.

Be Sure To Grab This Free LEGO Star Wars Mini Tantive IV Make and Take Set This May

Just over the past weekend, we were treated to some great LEGO Star Wars-related news with the announcement of the rehashed LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244). This New Hope inspired set is slated to land in LEGO Stores and online in time for May the 4th promotions – the unofficial but popular Star Wars Day fan commemorative celebration. And to make this day even more festive for fans, LEGO has announced that it will be giving away a free Mini Tantive IV set for the LEGO Star Wars faithful.

Tantive Make and Take Event

May 3-6: Come in to your local LEGO Store to build your very own Tantive model then take it home, for free! Registration is on a first come, first served basis and quantities are limited. Registration begins April 15 in stores only. The building event is intended for ages 6+ at store discretion.

LEGO Stores in the US will soon be joining in the May the 4th festivities by hosting its popular Make & Take Event. Beginning this Monday, April 15, registration has begun for builders aged 6 and up at all participating LEGO Stores. The registrants will then come back on their scheduled dates from May 3 to 6 to try their hands on this build. Similar to other LEGO Make and Take in-store promotional, participation in this event does not require any purchases.

Registered participating builders will be given the LEGO pieces needed to assemble the Mini Tantive IV set. And though it may be a far cry from the new, 2-feet long LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244) set, this mini model is definitely cool to have around on your desk or just a testament to our all out, galactic geekiness. Like other Make and Take sets, expect that the building instructions for this mini model might be out soon, so thanks in advance to those who will be kind enough to share them online for all of to build.

The larger and grander LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244) set is scheduled to be released on May 4 just in time for the global celebration of everything Star Wars. This set comes in 1,768 pieces, and will retail for $199.99 USD.

LEGO Welcomes Master MOC-Making AFOL Carter Baldwin as New Product Designer

It seems the LEGO Group is just getting warmed up when it comes to recruiting new talent from its fandom. Last February they extended a company job invite to “Powerpig” aka Chris McVeigh. He’s now in Denmark as part of the LEGO Creator Expert and LEGO Architecture product design teams.

Recently another master MO-Creator with a prominent online presence has been given the opportunity to be an “ascended fan.” The AFOL in question is Carter Baldwin, who showcases his sweet MOCs on Flickr. His creations range in theme from military tech, to fantasy figures, to a scary rendition of the Xenomorph Alien Queen from “Aliens.”


As reported by our fellow LEGO news source The Brick Fan, Baldwin has been hired by The LEGO Group in appreciation for his building skill. He’s now a product designer for an unspecified LEGO line in Denmark, very much like Chris McVeigh months before him.

Seeing as he’s working for LEGO in an official capacity now, he’s going to be silent about his upcoming projects. Nevertheless his Flickr account looks like it’ll be staying up. That way we can keep on admiring his past MOC work and have a reference for the kind of output he’ll eventually provide for LEGO.

Grab These Latest LEGO Star Wars Sets Now on Discount at Amazon US

Star Wars Celebration 2019 is almost on its last day this week, and the major reveals have been put out of the way. All that’s left now is the waiting – a movie and several series will be starting later this year after all. For the meantime, most of us can go back to collecting these LEGO Star Wars sets now on discount at Amazon.

While there are a number of 20th Anniversary edition sets, there are also a number of new 2019 sets there. And much like the anniversary edition releases, these fresh LEGO Star Wars sets now have discounts on Amazon US. With that, every new product for LEGO Star Wars has reduced prices.

It’ll be hard for new LEGO sets to get any lower in price than with a good old online discount. Amazon is slashing as much as 20% from these particular products, listed here. To know more about these discounted LEGO Star Wars sets, just click on the following links below.

Prequel Trilogy

Anakin’s Podracer (75258) – $29.99 $23.99

LEGO Star Wars Sets Now on Discount

Imperial Dropship (75262) – $19.99 $15.99

LEGO Star Wars Sets Now on Discount

Action Battle Series

Endor Assault (75238) – $29.99 $23.99

LEGO Star Wars Sets Now on Discount


Hoth Generator Attack (75239) – $29.99 $23.99


Echo Base Defence (75241) – $59.99 $47.99


Sequel Trilogy

Duel on Starkiller Base (75236) – $19.99 $15.99


Star Wars Resistance 

Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter (75240) – $69.99 $55.99


Black Ace TIE Interceptor (75242) – $49.99 $39.99

Everything’s Coming Up “Star Wars” for “Brick Fanatics” Magazine Issue 5, Out Now

The latest issue of “Brick Fanatics” Magazine has come at last. While Issue 4 already featured the 20th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars, here’s where the occasion gets full coverage. And while they can’t report on the soon-to-wind-down 2019 Star Wars Celebration, there’s still more LEGO Star Wars to showcase.

For this segment of the “Brick Fanatics” mag’s LEGO Star Wars treatment, they feature exclusive interviews with some of the people from LEGO and Lucasfilm who were behind the successful licensing of the space opera franchise, making one of the biggest LEGO product lines ever.

Also included is the publication’s own top five showcase of LEGO Star Wars sets over the years, that best define the evolution of the licensed product line in two decades.


But with 80 pages of LEGO news and features, “Brick Fanatics” Magazine surely has space to talk of other things than just LEGO Star Wars. They also have the lowdown on the LEGO Technic RC Stunt Racer sets, with tips on remedying the balancing issues of the canon builds. They also have an interview with Senior Designer Rok Žgalin Kobe about his LEGO Architecture set, San Francisco (21043). Lastly, the “Brick Fanatics” folks have ideas on customizing the newest LEGO City sets’ parachute elements.

“Brick Fanatics” Magazine Issue 5 is now available to order online. Alternatively you can sign up for their subscription packages. Hardcopies of past issues are available in both UK and US. The latest to make it stateside is the 3rd.

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Bust (75227) Still Available at Target Stores in the US

The annual  fan event Star Wars Celebration 2019 has now come to a close, and among the LEGO exclusives that Star Wars and LEGO fans have closely followed and excited to have their hands on was the Target store exclusive LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Bust (75227). Since it’s reveal last month just in time for SWC 2019, it seems that US Target stores weren’t initially prepared for the wave of LEGO Star Wars fans eager to have this exclusive.

For fans that were not fortunate enough to get their own set, LEGO was kind enough to release their building instructions for this Sith Lord tribute. And this time around, for those who are still yet to add this exclusive to their collection, you’ll be pleased to know that Target’s online portal still have them available online as of this posting for Target REDcard holders.

Just check back with Target every now and then if in case stocks run out again. And in case you’re interested in having other brick-built Star Wars busts added to your collection, then you may want to visit Build Better Bricks to check out their premium collection of building instructions to create other Star Wars iconic characters such as Yoda, Luke Skywalker and more. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect from the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Bust (75227).

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Bust (75227)

(LEGO Star Wars exclusive for Target REDcard holders in the US) 


  • New LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Bust
  • Incredible dome and faceplate details
  • Brick-built respirator
  • Helmet adorned with raised ridges and studs
  • Great addition to any LEGO Star Wars collection
Turn to the Dark Side with the LEGO Star Wars 75227 Darth Vader Bust! This exclusive Star Wars Celebration building set features incredible dome and faceplate details, including a brick-built respirator encased in iconic black armor. Vader’s helmet is adorned with raised ridges and studs, which adds to the dramatic effect, and the instantly recognizable Dark Lord of the Sith will always strike fear in his enemies.
Number of Pieces: 327
Dimensions (Overall): 10.32 inches (L) x 2.32 inches (W) x 11.1 inches (H)
TCIN: 76157589
UPC: 673419315357
Item Number (DPCI): 204-00-0835

LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244) Official Reveal

It’s an understatement to say that there has been a lot going on at Star Wars Celebration 2019 in Chicago. With the reveal of the first teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode XI: The Rise of Skywalker (now with a mind-boggling 17 million views in just 24 hours), LEGO has also fan the flame for LEGO Star Wars enthusiasts with its own teaser of its May the 4th LEGO offering. I previously reported that this year’s LEGO Star Wars May the 4th offering will be a throw back to one of the franchise’s most iconic ships, introduced in the very first Star Wars film. This time around, LEGO has now officially revealed the LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244), and is now listed at shop.LEGO.com to be made available starting – as you may have known already – on May 4.

Tantive IV (75244)

This year mark several milestones for LEGO Star Wars fans, with the first LEGO licensed theme celebrating its 20th year. And what better way to celebrate and mark the occasion then through a remake of one of the very first Star Wars ship that we saw on the big screen. To be exact, this is not the first time that the Rebel ship Tantive IV was given the LEGO treatment when the company released an official brick-built version back in 2009. Now after a decade since its first iteration, fans who are looking forward for the return of the iconic Rebel ship now has a chance to bag this impressive LEGO set starting on May the 4th. Though attendees of this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Chicago had the opportunity of being the first owners of this highly anticipated set, the rest of us will just have to wait a few more weeks before we can have our hands on it.

For the meantime, let’s check out these official images of the LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244) together with its product description. Remember to visit your nearest LEGO Store, or keep tabs with LEGO Shop@Home on May 4 to bag your very own set.

LEGO Star War Tantive IV (75244)
Product Description

Ages 12+. 1768 pieces

US $199.99 – CA $269.99 – DE €199.99 – UK £179.99 – FR €219.99 – DK 1799DKK
*Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit shop.LEGO.com for regional pricing.

Own an iconic Rebel blockade runner—Tantive IV!

Build, play and display a legendary Star WarsTM starship! This LEGO® Star Wars 75244 interpretation of Tantive IV, seen fleeing from an Imperial Star Destroyer in the opening moments of Star Wars: A New Hope, faithfully recreates all of the Rebel cruiser’s signature details, including an elongated hull, detachable escape pods, elevating gun turrets, cargo hold and 11 massive engines at the back. Remove the hull plating of this fantastic LEGO Star Wars vehicle to reveal a detailed 2-minifigure cockpit, conference area with table, weapon rack and a control console with 2 seats. The radar dish also doubles as a convenient carry handle, which makes it perfect for flying around the room. When the mission is over, this amazing kids’ buildable toy also makes a great centerpiece for any LEGO Star Wars collection. The set also includes 5 minifigures and an R2-D2 droid LEGO figure.

  • Includes 5 LEGO® Star WarsTM minifigures: Bail Organa, Princess Leia, Captain Antilles, C-3PO and a Rebel Fleet Trooper, plus an R2-D2 droid LEGO figure.
  • Tantive IV LEGO® Star WarsTM construction toy features a radar that doubles as a carry handle, 2 detachable escape pods with space for a minifigure inside, opening cargo hold and removable cargo box, opening 2- minifigure cockpit, rotating and elevating stud-shooting turrets on top and 2 spring-loaded shooters underneath. The top hull detaches to reveal a detailed interior including a conference table, weapon rack and a control console with 2 seats for the minifigures.
  • Weapons include a blaster pistol and 3 blasters.
  • Also includes a pair of electrobinoculars.
  • Captain Antilles minifigure is an updated version from 2009, while Princess Leia’s skirt and Bail Organa are new for April 2019.
  • This highly detailed building toy construction set includes over 1,750 pieces.
  • Recreate amazing moments from the opening scene of Star Wars: A New Hope or play out your own exciting adventures!
  • LEGO® Star WarsTM starship measures over 5” (14cm) high, 24” (62cm) long and 7” (19cm) wide.