LEGO Stop-Motion Videos of “Avengers: Endgame” Trailer Hit the Internet

We’ve waited several months on end to learn what the subtitle would be for the MCU’s Avengers 4, the conclusion to the finger-spanning-ly tragic Avengers: Infinity War last April. Now, we know it’ll be called Avengers: Endgame, bringing Phase 4 of the MCU franchise to an end nearly a year to the day after the last one, on April 2019.

Seeing as the MCU, and Marvel in general, are quite popular subjects in licensed LEGO sets, it was inevitable that not only the company itself but its fandom would start making tribute to this long-awaited monumental superhero film. And they’re doing it by making LEGO (stop-)animation versions of the trailer.

Two particular versions of these painstakingly produced stop-motion animations, using real LEGO bricks and minfigures, have garnered attention on YouTube. They’re both the work of stop-motion LEGO animators with longtime channels on the video-sharing website.

First we have this all-natural no-frills interpretation courtesy of Bricky Studios:

And then we have this enhanced brick-rendered trailer from Huxley Berg Studios, which blends the plastic actors and sets with some rudimentary but appropriate special effects to blow minds:

That’d give Brickfilm Day’s Bohemian Rhapsody trailer a good run for its money in effects-blending.

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame is set to premiere on April 26 next year. For comparison’s sake, we’re linking the official movie trailer here for you.


Wal-Mart Puts Sale Prices on LEGO Marvel Super Heroes MCU Tie-In Sets

With just over a week left before Christmas, Holiday shopping is at fever pitch by now, and some retailers are throwing sales and discounts out to the public in order to attract crowds of bargain hunters. Of course, that includes LEGO sets being given juicy sale prices by major retailers.

Two particular LEGO Marvel Super Hero sets, one from this year and the other from 2017, have thus been offered on discount by retail giant Wal-Mart. They are Beware the Vulture (76083) and Quantum Realm Explorers (76109), both being set tie-ins respectively to Spider-Man: Homecoming and Ant-Man and the Wasp.


In comparison, LEGO MSH Beware the Vulture (76083) sees its $39.99 retail price cut by 42% to $22.99 while the Quantum Realm Explorers set (76109) goes from $19.87 to $13.99 (30%). The latter is touted to be the lowest discount rate that has been offered for this MCU Ant-Man tie-in.

By the way, the LEGO Beware the Vulture set (76083) gets a free 2-day shipping attached to it as well, seeing perhaps how long it’s been on shelves by now.

Exclusive 2019 LEGO Asia-Pacific Sets – Images and Product Descriptions Released

After Toys R Us Singapore listed for pre-order two of the exclusive 2019 LEGO Asia-Pacific sets a few days ago, the same website for some reason, eventually took down the promotional, with the link supposedly pointing to the pre-order page no longer working as of this posting. Thankfully, LEGO has recently uploaded via its servers the official images of the 2019 LEGO Asia-Pacific sets, namely those of the Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner (80101) and Dragon Dance (80102). Prior to TRU Singapore’s removal of their said posting, Candid Bricks managed to take a snapshot of these sets’ respective product descriptions.

It is also interesting to note that news has been going through the LEGO Ambassadors Network (LAN) that mentions which countries these sets will be available, all of which are from the Asia Pacific region. These are: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan. Since official images of these sets are already uploaded via LEGO’s servers then it could only mean that they will be appearing soon in certain regional portals of LEGO Shop@Home.

For LEGO fans that are not located in these abovementioned countries, then the best option for them to get these exclusive 2019 LEGO Asia-Pacific sets are from third-party resellers.  Unfortunately, prices from these resellers tend to be quite steep and inflated as compared from official LEGO stores.

These sets are expected to be released on January 1, 2019 with another region-specific set – the Dragon Boat Race (80103) – to be announced later on. Check out the following images below and official product descriptions.


Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner (80101)

Host a traditional Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner!

Join mum, dad, grandma, grandpa and the children for a magical Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner! Decorate the dining room with the Year of the Pig picture and the front door with the Fu sign to bring good luck. Enjoy a traditional feast at the dining table with all the family. Hand out the red gift envelopes and read the good wishes on the spring scrolls. Happy new year, everyone!

Role-play an annual Chinese celebration with this beautifully detailed LEGO® 80101 Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner set, featuring a house with a Fu symbol sticker on the front door, a dining room and a front garden. The dining room has a rotating dining table topped with a feast of traditional food elements, rotating minifigure chairs, family photo stickers, Year of the Pig sticker and buildable bookcase and TV. Create your own festive family reunion stories with the 6 minifigures, traditional red gift envelope and spring scroll elements.

  • Includes 6 new-for-January-2019 minifigures: mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, girl and boy.
  • Features a house with a dining room and open front for easy play, plus a front garden.
  • House features an opening front door with Fu symbol sticker, rotating dining table with 6 rotating minifigure chairs, minifigure armchair, bookcase with book elements, family photo stickers, buildable TV with screen sticker, and main window with red curtain elements.
  • Dining table comes with assorted printed traditional Chinese food and utensil elements including fish, chicken, shrimp, crab, meatballs, soup, vegetables, jiaozi, tangyuan, spring rolls, rice, rice cake and chopsticks & spoon, plus a bowl and 6 plate elements.
  • Other accessory elements in the dining room include 2 red gift envelopes, 3 spring scrolls, 2 vases with flowers.
  • The front garden features a path with paving stone elements and a green ‘grass’ base with flower elements.
  • Add even more LEGO® fun to your Chinese New Year celebrations with the 80102 Dragon Dance playset.
  • Measures over 3” (9cm) high, 11” (30cm) wide and 5” (13cm) deep.”


Dragon Dance (80102)

Recreate the Dragon Dance in LEGO® style for play and display!

Dance for good fortune in the Year of the Pig! Open the mouth and pose the tail of the colorful dragon. Dress up as a pig and carry the dragon ball in front of the dragon and the dragon dancers. Then turn the handle to make the dragon and dragon dancers dance and the dragon ball spin!

Celebrate the Year of the Pig with this beautifully detailed LEGO® 80102 Dragon Dance model, featuring a buildable dragon with an opening mouth, posable tail and dragon ball on a stick. Turn the handle to make the dragon and dragon dancers dance and the dragon ball spin. This colorful construction toy for play and display includes 5 dragon dancer minifigures, including the lead dancer in pig costume holding the dragon ball.

  • Includes 5 minifigures: a dancer in pig costume and 4 dragon dancers.
  • Features a colorful buildable dragon with an opening mouth, posable tail and dancing function, plus a rotating dragon ball on a stick.
  • Turn the handle to make the dragon and dragon dancers dance and the dragon ball rotate. • The dragon dancer minifigures are new for January 2019.
  • Add even more LEGO® fun to your Chinese New Year celebrations with the LEGO® 80101 Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner playset.
  • Measures over 6” (17cm) high, 12” (33cm) wide and 2” (6cm) deep.”

Digital Videogame Store Humble Bundle Offers “LEGO The Hobbit” for Free

There have been so many franchises that have been licensed with LEGO to become toy sets and other media like videogames, that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of them all. Some even fade into relative obscurity years after release. For instance, WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales’ LEGO The Hobbit that came out in 2014.

For those LEGO gamers who are also fans of Tolkien’s fantasy universe – and their cinematic adaptations by Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema – there’s a unique limited-time opportunity being given by digital videogame store Humble Bundle, where they’re offering LEGO The Hobbit on Steam…absolutely free!

This free copy of LEGO The Hobbit on Humble Bundle is only available until Saturday, December 15, ending at 10 AM PST. Interested parties availing of this offer on Humble Bundle will receive a code by email, which can be redeemed on Steam until December 20, by 10 AM PST.

LEGO The Hobbit, much like other licensed LEGO games from WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales, is a videogame adaptation of the events from the first two Hobbit films, An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug. It’s also notable for having a planned – but cancelled – DLC expansion based on the then-unreleased third Hobbit movie, The Battle of the Five Armies.

A subsidiary of IGN, Humble Bundle offers some great prices for games in digital format, a portion of which is given to a number of charities partnered with the store. LOTR and Hobbit fans should take advantage of this offer.

More LEGO Marvel Superheroes Captain Marvel and the Skrull Attack (76127) Official Images

After Yahoo News released our first batch of official images of the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Captain Marvel and the Skrull Attack (76127), additional images of this upcoming set are now uploaded via LEGO’s servers. We can now see in close detail the features of this MCU tie-in set. The most noticeable build in this set features an older version of the Quinjet in the early days of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Captain Marvel and the Skrull Attack (76127)

Coming in at 307 pieces, the Captain Marvel and the Skrull Attack (76127) set also comes with various play features such as a pair of flick-missile shooters which can shoot 4 projectiles at once, and an opening hatch at the back of the Quinjet. It is also our first LEGO Marvel Superheroes set that features the minifigure versions of Captain Marvel, including Skrull baddie, Talos, a younger version of Nick Fury, and Captain Marvel’s (aka Carol Danvers) pet cat Goose.

LEGO has not announced an exact release date yet, but seeing that these images are now uploaded via LEGO’s servers then it might be just a matter of days before we see them listed at LEGO Shop@Home. I know some fans are not really that happy on how this set turned out- with some citing the design of the Quinjet as somewhat bland and uninspiring. However, having Captain Marvel in her first minifigure form is good enough reason to purchase this set.


Publisher of “LEGO Star Wars” Magazine Runs into Trouble with UK Newsagents Regarding Sales Pilot

The Brick Show tries to cover news of LEGO in all of its possible components – the toys, the TV shows and movies, and even printed media. Several times before, we’ve covered releases of official LEGO magazines from various publishers, like Egmont which rolls out the official LEGO Star Wars mag.

Lately however, a pilot by Egmont to increase the circulation of LEGO Star Wars Magazine is drawing the ire of newsagents in the UK, particularly Federation of Independent Retailers. This is in response to Egmont starting to stock its mag not just with the newsagent outlets but on chain supermarkets.

The sticking point to the Egmont circulation move according to the NFRN is that not only will the supermarkets receive the latest issues of LEGO Star Wars Magazine ahead of the newsagents (four weeks ahead even), but the issues then given to the NFRN retailers will only be return issues unsold from the market chains.

NFRN national president Mike Mitchelson remarked that Egmont is treating their member newsagents as second-class retailers with the preferential treatment to chain supermarkets for magazine stock. A reply from Egmont in turn explains that their pilot project is committed to “testing a sustainable distribution model in the UK independents channel.”

In this matter, LEGO is taking the side of their publishing partner, as the ompany’s senior director of licensing and publishing Andrea Ryder tells NFRN, “We have been assured the practice in handling the distribution of LEGO Star Wars Magazine will be changed to allow all retailers to have the ability to order and also to receive the magazine without a differentiation in delivery timing.”

LEGO Teams with Gameloft to Develop New Mobile Game App Featuring 40 Years of Minifigures

LEGO and videogames have been hand in hand for so long as for the latter to be an integral component of the former as a whole brand. Titles have been developed across the prominent range of gaming platforms: consoles, PC, portable systems and the ubiquitous mobiles, like this upcoming one.

The LEGO Group has inked a partnership with French mobile game developer Gameloft that will see a new LEGO game app to be released sometime next year. While the work has hardly began, with not even a title, what their joint press release reveals is that it’ll be set on a new LEGO world-setting, and will focus primarily on minifigures.


Gearing this app towards LEGO’s trademark plastic men means about four decades’ worth of minifigure designs and variants to be made available in Gameloft’s app. The statement promises to offer players enjoyable fun exploring the world while controlling any of LEGO’s countless minifigure characters: Red Classic Spaceman (1978), Captain Red Beard from Set 6270 (1989) or the Hot Dog Man from the LEGO Minifigures Series 13 (2015) are possible choices.

Gameloft chairman/CEO Stéphane Roussel described their in-progress new app to be the LEGO game that mobile players have been waiting for. Work has actually been on for several years prior, and Roussel adds that Gameloft was privileged to pay homage to LEGO’s 40-year minifigure heritage.

“The LEGO Group has more than 20 years of experience in creating fun and creative games that extend and amplify LEGO play,” notes LEGO Games VP Sean McEvoy. “We are excited to bring the LEGO universe into the hands of LEGO fans and mobile players alike in partnership with Gameloft.”

The Gameloft LEGO mobile game app will come out 2019.

Exclusive 2019 LEGO Chinese New Year Sets Now for Pre-Order at Toys R Us Singapore

UPDATE: For some reason (perhaps it was posted a bit too soon), TRU Singapore has taken down its pre-order link pointing to the 2019 LEGO Chinese New Year sets. For those who missed that window of opportunity, then you may want to keep an eye on this website or any other Asia Pacific online retailers.

By now, we’ve all gotten a good look at the official images for the latest major regional exclusive sets that LEGO has conceptualized for the Asian market. In their smart red boxes, Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner (80101) and Dragon Dance (80102) would make must-haves for the discerning LEGO collector. While the prospects of having these seasonal sets become readily available outside of China and its neighbors are still somewhat nebulous, Asian retailers are now gearing up for the rush. Case in point, the exclusive 2019 LEGO Chinese New Year sets are now listed for pre-order at Toys R Us Singapore to the delight of LEGO fans and brick collectors.

As can be seen on their official website, the LEGO Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner (80101) and Dragon Dance (80102) sets are listed with preorder buttons. The former is priced at $89.99 and the former at a more affordable $84.99, though whether that means US or Singapore Dollars isn’t clear.

With the celebration of the Chinese New Year being more “global” in observation than ever, it’d be nice if these 2019 LEGO Chinese New Year sets are more international in availability. The listing on Toys R Us Singapore might hopefully mean other TRU markets and other retailers in the Asia Pacific region may follow soon.

Upcoming LEGOLAND Discovery Center in San Antonio to Preview Miniland Building Models with “Best Replica” of City Skyline

In the same manner, perhaps, as the exponential increase of branded LEGO Stores, so too has been the pace of opening new LEGOLAND Discovery Centers, small indoor attractions that offer guests an experience of what can be had in the larger LEGOLAND Resort theme parks.

One such LDC is expected to open in San Antonio, Texas by next year. But just because it’s not yet now it doesn’t mean they can’t show off a few things to drum up interest in future visitors. The Miniland area, while not a huge as can be in a LEGOLAND theme park, is sure to draw the city’s attention thanks to its predominant theme.

That’s because the LDC Miniland will include choice buildings from the San Antonio skyline. These include the Alamo, Alamodome and the Tower Life Building. That last one is scaled at 6 feet 6 inches, or as tall as Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs.


LDC San Antonio general manager Jeremy Aguillen even shared some statistics on the Miniland model buildings’ construction: 24,000 LEGO bricks for the Tower Life Building, assembled in over 300 hours; 180 hours for the LEGO Alamo; and 2,000 minifigures put inside the Alamodome, for starters.

While LEGOLAND Discovery Center San Antonio won’t be welcoming guests until 2019, these Miniland models will be displayed on Wednesday, December 12, in front of The Shops at Rivercenter where the LDC will be located.

They also plan to hold a building competition from January 12-13 next year to select their resident LEGO Master Builder.

Potential Penultimate LEGO Set Giveaway by Guinness World Records Now Up: LEGO Wright Flyer (10124)

When Guinness Book of World Records featured LEGO sets in its 2019 edition, nobody might have expected them to offer a giveaway of one of those sets to those who answered a trivia question on their website. Then, it just ballooned as one by one the eight prominent “record-holding” LEGO sets from the 2019 book were promoted in the contest.

Now, the Guinness World Records official website is holding one more trivia contest. On the line is the seventh – and probably the penultimate – LEGO set to be given away, not a record-holder itself but based on one iconic recorded event.


The rather uncommon LEGO Wright Flyer set (10124) is a model build of the historic Guinness record-holder of the first successful flight of a heavier-than air powered aircraft. As anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of history knows, the Flyer was built by the Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur, who flew the pioneering airplane near Kitty Hawk on December 17, 1903.

Once again, the contest is valid only for Guinness website visitors from Canada, Ireland and the UK. They just need to answer the trivia question on the LEGO Wright Flyer info page and add their contact information. The submission deadline will be on Friday, December 14 at around midnight GMT.