LEGO Shop@Home Puts Up Listings for Santa’s Sleigh (40499) and Mini Disney Castle (40478)

Last week we got the first glimpses of two LEGO sets, one seasonal and the other licensed. The Christmas seasonal set, Santa’s Sleigh (40499) was spotted on a Malaysian online retailer. The licensed set, LEGO Mini Disney Castle (40478) was first seen clearly in full via promotional images from LEGO Stores Mexico. Just over a week later, both sets now have filled-up listings on LEGO Shop@Home. We can thus finally learn their respective prices and common release date. Indeed, these two are part of the October 1 product blitz. Collectors aiming for them won’t have to wait for very long.

Santa’s Sleigh (40499) – Christmas seasonal set

343 pieces | $36.99 | Coming soon on October 1

Get a guaranteed visit from Santa! LEGO® Santa’s Sleigh (40499) is the perfect pre-Christmas present to bring festive cheer to homes. Kids and grown-ups alike will love building and displaying the ornate sleigh, which comes with 4 reindeer figures. The sleigh is loaded with gifts including a guitar, a pair of skis and a teddy. Naturally, Santa has a list to see who’s been good this year! Kids can even challenge their friends to a treasure hunt. Will they discover the hidden Christmas treats?

  • LEGO® Santa’s Sleigh (40499) brings a splash of brick-built festive cheer to homes. Fun to build and display, this pre-Christmas gift is guaranteed to delight.
  • Includes a Santa minifigure, 4 reindeer figures with removable, decorated saddles, 8 buildable, ‘wrapped’ gifts, plus a guitar, a pair of skis and a teddy bear.
  • Santa’s sleigh, including reindeer train, measures over 3 in. (8 cm) high, 11.5 in. (30 cm) long and 2.5 in. (7 cm) wide.
Mini Disney Castle (40478) – mini-scale version of LEGO Disney Castle (71040)

567 pieces | $36.99 | Coming soon on October 1

Celebrate the Walt Disney World® Resort’s 50th anniversary with this LEGO® ǀ Disney Mini Disney Castle (40478) set! Fans of Disney’s flagship Magic Kingdom® Park can recreate the iconic Walt Disney World® Resort Cinderella Castle, complete with pearlized golden tower tops, opalescent blue rooftop cones and a vintage-style Mickey Mouse minifigure. This unique display piece makes a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or other celebrations.

  • Disney fans of all ages will love this beautiful miniature of the flagship Walt Disney World® Resort Cinderella Castle attraction from Disney’s Magic Kingdom® Park in Florida, and a vintage-style Mickey Mouse minifigure.
  • A great gift idea for ages 12 and up, this 567-piece building set makes a unique addition to any Disney collection.
  • Measuring over 8 in. (21 cm) high, 5.5 in. (14 cm) wide and 5.5 in. (13 cm) deep, this LEGO® ǀ Disney Mini Disney Castle makes a striking display piece standing on a mantelpiece or shelf in your home or office.

LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s Visit (10293) Now Up at US LEGO Shop@Home

After making its debut via LEGO’s regional portal in Asia, LEGO has officially announced and listed this year’s seasonal winter village set. The LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s Visit (10293) is now up at LEGO Shop@Home in the US, slated to be available beginning next month, with early VIP access on September 16.

LEGO Creator Expert Santa's Visit (10293)

Coming in at 1,445 pieces this year’s winter village set puts the spotlight once again on the lengths that Santa will go through to add that holiday cheer to all that is expecting his visit. It was 2014 since we last saw him added to a LEGO Creator Expert winter village set in the form of Santa’s Workshop (10245), so it’s great to see a LEGO model that is built around his character.

And of course, the model itself is perfect for a seasonal display piece and will look great with other winter village sets that you might have. The angled build is really clever since it gives the model a sort of depth and a certain degree of realism. I love the combination of white and light royal blue for its exterior, and the tons of holiday details in the interior. The set comes with four minifigures featuring Dad, Mom, a little girl, and Santa.

Read more about the LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s Visit (10293) below and if you wish to be notified on its arrival in October, you may want to head over to and this to your wishlist.

LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s Visit (10293)

1,445 pieces | $99.99 | Coming Soon on October 1, 2021. Early VIP access on September 16, 2021.

LEGO Creator Expert Santa's Visit (10293) LEGO Creator Expert Santa's Visit (10293)

If you’re dreaming of the perfect Christmas Eve, get the festive season off to a magical start with this LEGO® Santa’s Visit (10293) model building set. It’s the ideal way to spend quality time with a cozy project for adults and families. Build the intricate Christmas house and explore all of the model’s jolly features before placing it on display.

A build packed with traditions Spot all the ingredients that make Christmas Eve so special. There are stockings on the fireplace, a plate of cookies with milk for Santa, and even a place setting for him at the dining table. The exterior is equally detailed. See the Christmas tree, which lights up when you press down gently on the treetop. Extra details complete the cheerful scene with presents, a mailbox, and brick-built boughs under the ‘snow’-topped roof.

A Christmas building project to savor Santa’s Visit is part of the LEGO Winter Village Collection; a collection of buildable model kits for adults that celebrate the festive season.

  • Enjoy a magical Christmas build with this LEGO® Santa’s Visit (10293) building kit. Explore all the traditional details of Santa’s Visit with an enchanting Christmas house model to display.
  • Includes 4 minifigures with dad, mom, girl, and Santa so you can recreate endless cozy family Christmas Eve scenes. See Santa drop through the large chimney into the fireplace.
  • Enjoy spotting all the festive details of the intricate interior. There are stockings on the fireplace, a plate of cookies with milk for Santa, and gifts hidden around the house.
  • This model looks amazing from all angles, making it a perfect seasonal display piece. See the cute kitchen with its sweet brick-built stand mixer.
  • Add a festive glow to your Christmas Eve scene. The Christmas tree features a light brick (with battery included) that lights up when you press the top.
  • Looking for top Christmas gift ideas? This model building kit is ideal for LEGO® fans or any adult or family who’d love to receive a model building kit with a beautiful display piece to enjoy.
  • This collectible Christmas house measures over 7.5 in. (19 cm) high, 10.5 in. (27 cm) wide, and 6.5 in. (16 cm) deep. The rear roof moves outwards giving further access to the upper floor bedroom. 

LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s Visit (10293) Revealed in LEGO Taiwan, Singapore Websites

A number of new LEGO sets are sure to be around just in time for Holidays each year. The seasonal ones are expected. And then there’s the set or two for LEGO’s Christmas Village. These ones LEGO hopes you’ll add to your expanding collection of snow-capped homes and buildings waiting for Santa. We’ve already got one revealed this week, listed on two Asian editions of LEGO Shop@Home so far in the form of the LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s Visit. LEGO in Taiwan and Singapore seem to be keeping this under wraps for the moment, however.

LEGO Creator Expert Santa's Visit

This LEGO Christmas Village Collection set is called the Creator Expert Santa’s Visit (10293). The details pretty much write themselves. It’s a two-story house with white snow-capped roof blocks, festive wintry décor, a three-minifigure family, and Santa himself. But just because it’s an overdone motif doesn’t mean it can’t still surprise. The set has 1,445 pieces and was given n 18+ rating after all. As you’ll soon see, there are enough gimmicks built into Santa’s Visit (10293) to justify a purchase.

For LEGO house sets, it should be easy to remove the roof to play with minifigs and interior furnishings. This one makes a roof panel articulated so that it swings out. The chimney at one end is scaled properly so that minifigure Santa can literally drop in. And the outdoor Christmas tree lights up.

Santa’s Visit (10293) will certainly bring a breath of fresh air to any LEGO Christmas Village setting it’s added to. And since two Asian LEGO sites already have it (hidden), it’s probably not long before it appears elsewhere. For now, just enjoy the wonderful images provided.

Malaysian Retailer Has First Images of LEGO Seasonal Santa’s Sleigh (40499)

Seasonal LEGO sets can be counted on to pop up just ahead of the seasonal holidays of the year. And seeing as this is now September, some new seasonal sets celebrating one major holiday at year’s end are expected. LEGO Seasonal Halloween Owl (40497) came out in August, with Seasonal Penguin (40498) expected in October. Another yuletide-themed seasonal set numbered 40499 has also been rumored. Rather than the buildable cute animal of previous seasonal products, this one is a vehicle build. If you connected “Christmas” and “vehicle” together, then good guess. Santa’s Sleigh is possibly coming up, with images revealed. was rather reluctant to feature this set, even with the crisp-looking product images. That’s because they found it on a Malaysian online retailer called Mr. Brick Hunt. No release date was given, but they price LEGO Santa’s Sleigh (40499) it at 269.9 Malaysian ringgits. That’s about $65.5 in exact conversion. It sounds like a reasonable price range, at least.

Looking at the set itself, Santa’s Sleigh looks like a pretty solid and varied build. The red sleigh has a driver’s section for Santa, a rear bin for his toys, and even a slide-out trunk. The Santa Claus minifigure himself has his Christmas list in hand. His cargo of presents includes a teddy bear, a pair of skis, a guitar and probably more.

By the way, does that brown box in the back inset photo look like a Sleigh GPS? NORAD must have been giving Santa some up-to-date navigation gear. And it’s not a sleigh without reindeer pulling it. Set 40499 has four buildable reindeer with harness, probably just enough.

It’s a good bet that LEGO Seasonal Santa’s Sleigh (40499) is coming next month. Let’s keep our eyes peeled on October 1, when more new LEGO sets will be released.

LEGO Christmas Penguin (40498) Set Now Up at

After giving us a glimpse of our first holiday-inspired LEGO seasonal set of the year, LEGO Shop@Home has been updated to now include the LEGO Christmas Penguin (40498) scheduled to arrive this October.

After being confirmed via the official box art images of its predecessor, the LEGO Halloween Owl (40497), we now have the following images of this iconic winter symbol. This next set seems to be the fourth and last seasonal set of this year within its category following the Halloween Owl (40497), Easter Bunny (40463), and Valentine’s Brown Bear (40462).

The LEGO Christmas Penguin (40498) comes in at 244 pieces and is expected to retail for $15. Click on the following affiliate link below for more info, and if you want to add to your holiday LEGO wishlist.

LEGO Christmas Penguin (40498)

244 pieces | $14.99 | Coming Soon on October 1, 2021

LEGO Christmas Penguin (40498)

Celebrate the holiday season with this super cute Christmas Penguin display toy. The seabird can rotate, and also move its wings while standing on a display base next to a decorated Christmas tree and 3 wrapped presents.

  • Brilliant building set featuring a Christmas Penguin LEGO® model on a display platform accompanied by a Christmas tree and 3 wrapped presents.
  • Standing over 4.5 in. (12 cm) tall, the Christmas Penguin toy can rotate, and also move its wings.
  • The perfect treat for kids aged 8 and up who love animals toys and building with LEGO® bricks.

LEGO City (60303) and Friends (41690) Advent Calendars Coming In September

Earlier in June, we caught a glimpse of this year’s seasonal LEGO City (60303) and Friends (41690) Advent Calendars via LEGO’s Japanese online catalog. And as expected, these seasonal holiday surprises are now up via LEGO Shop@Home with a release date of September 1st.

These new listings over at LEGO’s online store also provide us a better look at what to expect from this year’s homegrown LEGO Advent Calendars, with each set selling for $30. Check out the following images below together with their respective product descriptions. You may also opt to include this to your LEGO wishlist by clicking on the following affiliate links below.

LEGO City Advent Calendar (60303)

349 pieces | $29.99 | Includes 6 minifigures

Advent Calendars

Build the excitement as the festive celebrations approach with the LEGO® City Advent Calendar (60303) toy playset. Kids can count down to the big day with fun mini-builds, popular LEGO City Adventures TV series characters, and cool accessories. Just fold down the snowy city play mat and the scene is set for endless imaginative adventures.

Fun models that are quick and easy to build
This LEGO City Advent Calendar makes a great gift for children aged 5 and up. Each surprise toy comes with easy-to-follow building instructions ensuring that even new LEGO builders can enjoy a fun build-and-play experience.

Cool Christmas toys for kids
LEGO City Advent Calendars are packed with inspiration, festive excitement, and wonderful surprises for kids who love creative play. The buildable toys, LEGO City Adventures TV series characters, and accessories included in this calendar can also be combined with existing LEGO toy playsets for even more fun.

  • Kids aged 5 and up can enjoy imaginative play each December day with this LEGO® City Advent Calendar (60303) – bursting with awesome mini-builds, fun LEGO City TV characters, and cool accessories.
  • Includes LEGO® City Adventures TV series minifigure characters Top Hat Tom, Bob, Betty, Sam Grizzled, Shirley Keeper, and Fendrich, plus a buildable Duke DeTain snowman and a snowy city play mat.
  • Kids can count down to the big day with cool models, fun minifigure characters, and a fold-down play mat where they can build and play out their very own festive LEGO® City adventures!
  • Looking for a cool gift for kids aged 5 years and up? This Advent Calendar is an ideal treat for fans of the LEGO® City Adventures TV series and kids who love cool toys and creative play.
  • The LEGO® City Advent Calendar box measures over 10 in. (26cm) high, 14.5 in. (38cm) wide, and 2.5 in. (7cm) deep.


LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (41690)

370 pieces | $29.99 | Includes 5 microdolls

Advent Calendars

Let youngsters play out the perfect Christmas with the LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar (41690). Behind each of its 24 doors is a beautifully detailed construction toy that will help make the Christmas countdown almost as much fun as the big day itself!

A daily delight to discover
Among the 24 presents, kids will find 5 LEGO Friends characters in micro-doll form. There is also a gift for each girl that represents their passion. This buildable creative kit lets kids recreate cozy holiday activities – children can make a book that can be read from a brick-built fireside chair beneath the Christmas tree.

Packed with play value
The mini models can be used to decorate a kid’s bedroom, but they are also perfect for creative play – there’s a blender with a lifting arm, a spinning rolling pin, and an oven with a door that opens so kids can role-play baking seasonal treats. Make the holiday season truly magical for kids, with an Advent calendar that gives joy through the holidays and beyond.

  • Make a Heartlake City fan’s day this December with the LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar (41690). Packed with cute seasonal toys, it will bring LEGO magic to the Christmas countdown and beyond.
  • Comes with 5 micro-dolls with a stocking, plus kitten and puppy figures. Buildable winter toys include a sleigh, snowboard, and sled. There’s also a piano and a robot with remote control.
  • Kids will find a new buildable kids’ toy behind each window. These can be used as decorations or arranged on the flip-down mat where youngsters can play out their festive adventures.
  • Though small in size, these buildable toys have many neat play functions to spark seasonal story-telling – the rolling pin spins, the blender arm lifts and the oven door opens.
  • This is the ideal pre-Christmas gift for creative kids who want an Advent calendar that gives joy beyond December. This 370-piece set is perfect for boys and girls aged 6+ who love festive play.
  • This LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar gift box measures over 9 in. (25 cm) high, 14 in. (37 cm) wide, and 2 in. (6 cm) deep.

LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales Coming to Disney+ This October has just announced the arrival of another LEGO animated special just in time for Halloween. Slated to stream via Disney+, the LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales comes in as a seasonal celebration of the villainous dark side of Star Wars given that uniquely funny LEGO twist.

LEGO is no stranger when it comes to animated specials, especially with the release of its seasonal holiday specials. And this time around, it’s nice to see that the LEGO Group and Lucasfilms are teaming up once again to offer another fun-filled animated film. As mentioned, the LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales is expected to start streaming via Disney+ this October. Read on for the full press release and a bit of a background on what to expect from its story. And just in case you missed it, LEGO has also released this year’s Halloween-inspired set in the form of the LEGO Seasonal Halloween Owl (40497). You may want to check it out as well.



Today, Disney+ debuted key art and announced the cast for LEGO® Star Wars Terrifying Tales, which premieres October 1 exclusively on the streaming service. The all-new animated special continues the rich legacy of collaboration between Lucasfilm and the LEGO® Group and is a seasonal celebration of the villainous dark side of the Star Wars galaxy — just in time for Halloween.

After the events of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Poe Dameron and BB-8 must make an emergency landing on the volcanic planet Mustafar where they meet the greedy and conniving Graballa the Hutt. The crime boss has purchased Darth Vader’s castle and is renovating it into the galaxy’s first all-inclusive Sith-inspired luxury hotel. While waiting for his X-Wing to be repaired, Poe, BB-8, Graballa, and Dean (a plucky and courageous young boy who works as Graballa’s mechanic) venture deep into the mysterious castle with Vader’s loyal servant, Vaneé. Along the way, Vaneé shares three creepy stories linked to ancient artifacts and iconic villains from across all eras of Star Wars. As Vaneé spins his tales and lures our heroes deeper into the shadowy underbelly of the castle, a sinister plan emerges. With the help of Dean, Poe and BB-8 will have to face their fears, stop an ancient evil from rising, and escape to make it back to their friends.

The voice cast includes Jake Green as Poe Dameron; Raphael Alejandro as Dean; Dana Snyder as Graballa the Hutt; Tony Hale as Vaneé; Christian Slater as Ren; Trevor Devall as Emperor Palpatine; and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as NI-L8. David Shayne serves as writer and executive producer, and the director is Ken Cunningham. James Waugh, Josh Rimes, Jacqui Lopez, Jill Wilfert, Keith Malone, and Jason Cosler are executive producers. LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales was produced in collaboration with Atomic Cartoons.

LEGO Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar (76196) Officially Revealed

Following the official reveal of our very first MCU-inspired LEGO CMF (71031), LEGO’s Malaysian online store has been updated to now include the LEGO Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar (76196) slated to be available later this year.

LEGO Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar

First revealed via LEGO’s Japanese online catalog, the LEGO Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar (76196) is expected to retail for $40. And since it is already listed on LEGO’s servers, we can assume that this first Marvel-inspired Advent Calendar will also appear in LEGO’s US online shopping portal any time soon.

Based on its official images, we can likewise expect the following minifigures to included be included in the said LEGO Advent Calendar: Iron Man (in holiday sweaters), Spider-Man (with mug and churros), Nick Fury, Captain Marvel, Thanos, Thor (with red scarf), Black Widow (with a stick of marshmallow). The mini builds do not disappoint as well.  We have a miniaturized Quinjet, Helicarrier,  Hall of Armor, Avengers Tower, and an Infinity Gauntlet complete with all six Infinity Stones. For what it’s worth, this Advent Calendar is the best and most cost-effective way to have this iconic minifigure cosmic weapon, complete with all the stones.

Read on for the set’s complete and official product description. I’ll update this post once this Advent Calendar makes its appearance over at US LEGO Shop@Home.

LEGO Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar (76196)

298 pieces | $39.99

LEGO Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar

LEGO Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar

Give any Marvel fan aged 7 and up a special super-hero Christmas treat with the LEGO® Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar (76196).

A magical mix of Marvel Avengers gifts
Behind each of the calendar’s 24 doors are daily gifts for kids to reveal throughout December’s buildup to Christmas. There are 7 minifigures – Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain Marvel, Thanos, and Nick Fury – plus exciting items and amazing accessories from the Marvel Universe that kids will love: a Quinjet, Helicarrier, Spider-Man drone, Avengers Tower, and more. As the big day approaches, kids can mix up the gifts to create endless, exciting, super-hero adventures.

The creative play lasts all year
Kids can combine this cool collection of building toys with other LEGO Marvel playsets to inspire imaginative play possibilities that last all year long.

  • Give Marvel fans a special super-hero Christmas treat with the LEGO® Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar (76196). Behind each of the 24 doors is a great gift to build, play with and display.
  • Includes 7 minifigures – Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain Marvel, Thanos, and Nick Fury – plus exciting items and amazing accessories from the Marvel Universe that kids will love.
  • As the big day approaches, kids can combine the gifts to bring imaginative Marvel adventures to life.
  • With 24 days of surprises and imaginative fun that lasts all year long, this super cool advent calendar is the perfect pre-Christmas gift for any young superhero aged 7 and up.
  • The 24 gifts found within this special holiday calendar combine easily with all other LEGO® Marvel sets for endless creative building, imaginative play, and impressive displays.
  • Buildable play experiences include a Quinjet, Helicarrier, Spider-Man drone, and Avengers Tower.
  • Behind door 24 is an awesome surprise (clue: it’s one of the most powerful objects in the universe!).

LEGO Seasonal Penguin (40498) Coming Soon Just in Time for the Holidays

Just recently, LEGO has revealed a wave of seasonal sets that we can expect this August. And on top of that, just in time for the holidays, we will also have the LEGO Seasonal Penguin (40498).

To be precise, this set is not yet listed at LEGO Shop@Home as of this writing. But the arrival of the LEGO Seasonal Penguin is confirmed by this year’s LEGO Seasonal Halloween Owl (40497) box art. As far as I recall, this is the first time that LEGO has offered a seasonal set following this usual holiday symbol. The penguin was usually a staple of LEGO’s Monthly Mini Builds, and it’s great to see that a seasonal set has been designed that is focused entirely on this cute, arctic creature. The LEGO Seasonal Penguin (40498) also seems to incorporate the same display stand as its seasonal predecessors, and most likely stands between 11-12 cm like that of the Halloween Owl.

We do not have further details as of today with regards to its piece count and availability, but the retail price is definitely expected to be $15 as well. This may likewise be the last seasonal set to be offered for this year following this theme and design.

If you’re a LEGO completionist and are looking forward to adding this set to your brick-built seasonal collection, then be sure to check with LEGO Shop@Home. Or you can also bookmark our blog site to receive future updates with regards to this set.

Add Some Spooky Fun With the LEGO Spider & Haunted House Pack (40493)

Alongside this year’s LEGO Seasonal Halloween Owl (40497) set, LEGO also introduces another spooky fun way to celebrate this year’s Halloween. The LEGO Spider & Haunted House Pack (40493) is a great way to add some fun to your Halloween decors, giving it that magical LEGO touch.

This pair of ornaments come in at 132 pieces and will retail for $10 when the set becomes available in August. It follows the same home decor concept as that from last year’s LEGO Seasonal Pumpkin & Bat Duo (854049). I practically love how the spider turned out, and I have to say that it is more on the cuter side of the spectrum rather than being horrific. The mini haunted house is also a great addition especially given its use of masonry bricks and teal-colored elements.

Similarly, you may add this to your LEGO wishlist if you want to be reminded of this set once it becomes available next month. Just click on the following affiliate link below.

LEGO Spider & Haunted House Pack (40493)

132 pieces | $9.99 | Coming soon on August 1, 2021

LEGO Spider & Haunted House Pack

Celebrate Halloween with the LEGO® Spider & Haunted House Pack (40493). This seasonal playset features a cute spider with large eyes and poseable legs, plus a miniature haunted house with a window and cracked brickwork stickers. The easy-to-follow building guide makes building child’s play, and each model comes with a string for hanging with other Halloween decorations. A great little gift for kids aged 7 and up and family-building fun for LEGO fans of all ages.

  • This LEGO® Spider & Haunted House Pack (40493) includes a cute spider with poseable legs, and a miniature haunted house with a window and cracked-brickwork stickers, plus string for hanging each model.
  • Add a creative touch to Halloween with this 132-piece building set. A hair-raising treat for kids aged 7 and up and LEGO® fun for the whole family.
  • The buildable toy Spider stands over 2 in. (5 cm) high, while the haunted house measures over 2.5 in. (6 cm) high, 1.5 in. (4 cm) wide, and 1 in. (3 cm) deep.