LEGO and Airbnb Contest Ends This Friday!

If you recall, we previously mentioned about a special tour and accommodation experience that has been offered by LEGO, and global hospitality provider Airbnb, in which a lucky applicant can win for himself and three companions a one-night stay at The Home of the Brick, aka LEGO House in Billund, Denmark.

There the winning group would be treated to a unique brick-themed hotel stay, and be able to see whether they can realize what they answered in the Airbnb contest application form: “If you had an unlimited supply of LEGO bricks, what would you build?”

News flash: this one-of-a-kind experience will happen next week, on November 24. And the deadline for submissions for answers to the promo question on Airbnb is this Friday, November 17. The exact time till the offer ends is at 6:59 AM GMT, so this is something to bear in mind for non-European applicants, as the LEGO House one-night stay is open to fans worldwide.

Just to refresh your memories – in order to qualify, the answer to Airbnb’s question must be between 50 to 500 words. Furthermore, children in your party of 4 must be at least 4 years old.

The winning group’s stay at The Home of the Brick in Billund will be overseen by Jamie Berard, one of LEGO’s Master Builders and prolific set designers responsible in creating some of the most awesome LEGO sets around: the Cafe Corner (10182), Emerald Night (10194), Tower Bridge (10214), and Assembly Square (10255) just to name a few.

Once the group has settled in on the evening of November 24, they will be free to build to their hearts’ content, with Jamie helping them along.

Time is running out! If you’re still down to win a visit and stay in the LEGO House, go to the Airbnb page for this unique experience and answer their question now! Good luck!

Wal-Mart Announces LEGO Brick Set Deals for Black Friday 2017.

We only have ten days to go before Thanksgiving, and Black Friday, of course, comes in the next day, where retail businesses get crowded by frenzied waves of holiday shoppers.  As expected, the biggest names in retail have started their promotions and pitches already.

As of to date, Wal-Mart has brought out its Black Friday 2017 ads, and as expected, they have a special treat or two lined up for solid fans of LEGO, either in the Classic line or the younger-geared Duplo series. Check these out:

For the regular LEGO range, Wal-Mart offers the LEGO Classic Creative Box (10704), a set of 900 bricks and assorted pieces with which young builders can create basically anything that they fancy: from space ships to boats, and race cars to flying monsters. The many possibilities with a LEGO brick is practically endless.

This is a perfect gift for a budding LEGO fan of at least age 4, especially if you’d like him to start really big with a pile of pieces to work with.

Next on the Wal-Mart Promos is the LEGO Duplo Creative Box (10854), the even younger version of set 10704, perfect for constructive tykes between ages 2 to 5.

It’s got 120 pieces, not much in comparison to its larger sibling. The variety of shapes and colors will definitely help young builders enjoy every second of their building experience. Set 10854 even comes with some minifigures of a boy and his cat for added fun with any resulting creations.

Both of these sets are normally priced at $39.99, but on Black Friday, Wal-Mart is offering them at a flat $20 each, whether they are in-store or purchased online. The offer’s good while supplies last, and there might be a chance it won’t. So happy building!

Amazon Takes 20% Off Their Price for the 2017 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75184).

The holiday season is almost here; the frenzy to get some seasonal shopping done is starting to build up into a fever pitch. Brands like LEGO make it a point to release their seasonal products quite early, like their various Advent Calendar sets that were put on their online shop, and Amazon, as early as September.

They have calendar sets themed after their City line (60155) and their girls-geared Friends line (41326), but for franchise fan-boys there can be no better acquisition than the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75184), and Amazon has deemed it right to slash its price.

For those who feel that the $39.99 retail price of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75184 could do with a sale discount, Amazon is getting its Santa Claus hat on for them. They are slashing a good 20% off that number and offering the advent calendar to buyers for only $31.99, Prime shipping included.

Fans of Star Wars and LEGO ought to take up this offer now, if buying from Amazon, as this is likely the lowest the 75814 set will get this year. The advent calendar set from 2016 never went below $31.95 in discount price on Amazon.

The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar contains 24 sweet mini-gifts of vehicles and minifigures of characters from the famous galaxy far, far away. The featured mini-spaceships include the Millennium Falcon (naturally), the Ghost from Star Wars: Rebels, Kylo Ren’s shuttle from The Force Awakens, a Y-Wing fighter and a TIE Striker among many.

Minifigures range from brave Rebels, to Stormtroopers from both the Galactic Empire and the First Order, with five blaster weapons among them. The unbelievably cute BB-8 droid is also part of the set, which includes a foldout play-mat featuring scenes from Episode VII. This Amazon bargain is calling to you, so follow General Leia Organa’s advice and “let it in.”

UK LEGO Online Shoppers Can Avail £5 Discount When Paying With PayPal.

As a truly global brand, LEGO has got plenty of special deals for their regular and loyal customers wherever they may be in the world. This is most excellently facilitated by the various options available on the online LEGO Shop, depending on region.

For instance, LEGO UK is offering a two-for one special offer for customers in the form of a free set and a generous discount for one particular payment option during checkout. It looks to be shaping up to be a great time of the year for British online shoppers who depend on the net payment platform PayPal.

So there it is. British costumers to the UK LEGO Shop website are guaranteed a £5 discount whenever they choose PayPal as their online payment method for their order. It’s a remarkable partnership between LEGO and PayPal Holdings, currently one of the largest and most trusted internet payment companies around, and a Fortune 500 member since June of last year.

That five-pound discount can be a helpful money-saver for the oncoming Holiday Shopping rush, and will definitely encourage shoppers to look towards the online LEGO Shop for gift ideas. Remember though, the discount is effective until December 13 only.

This works quite nicely with the other seasonal Holiday treat that LEGO UK has for consumers. They are also giving away a free 2017 24-in-1 LEGO Christmas Build (42053) for a minimum purchase of £60 in products. This of course stacks with the aforementioned PayPal discount of £5 whenever their payment method is selected at checkout. It also works with LEGO VIP points for even more fantastic savings.

The LEGO Seasonal Christmas Build-Up (42053) is not the only holiday-themed set out now. Buyers can also check out Christmas Train Ride (40262) and Christmas Town Square (40263) for even more Holiday playtime cheer.

LEGO Seasonal Nutcracker (40254) Available as a Brick Friday Promo.

There’s just no end to the sheer number of promos that LEGO is hyping up for everyone as the year comes to a close. Seasonal sets are coming out once again with the holidays just around the corner, and some of these are really out to make an early start of things.

For instance, after Thanksgiving late this November, LEGO is turning Black Friday into Brick Friday with the seasonal release of the LEGO Nutcracker statue (40254). It is the company’s beautiful take on the traditional Christmas ornamentation, and LEGO buyers can have it in two ways.

The 230-piece LEGO Nutcracker set comes free to any LEGO shoppers with a minimum purchase of $99 from November 24 to 27. However, LEGO VIP members, will be entitled to a special, earlier two-day promo period from November 18 to 19, a whole week before the regular one.

The LEGO Nutcracker set seems to be larger than it looks and definitely looks great on a mantelpiece or cabinet to spread some Yuletide cheers. Its classic, subtle details are testament to LEGO’s classical appreciation.

For those who are familiar with the “Nutcracker” ballet, they’d recognize the mechanical basics of the LEGO Nutcracker real fast. The main nut-cracking action is in the chest cavity, with a crushing jaw on the chest manipulated by a lever at the back.

Be warned though – much like decorative nutcrackers made after the mid-20th Century, the mechanism is just for show because LEGO bricks are not tough enough to crunch real nuts. Oh well, it’s still a beautifully designed seasonal set that can easily be taken apart and stored once the holidays are over.