Get Your Free LEGO Creator Reindeer (40434) This Month

In case you haven’t noticed yet, LEGO Shop@Home is now carrying a new promotional that will run for the next two weeks. It may not be that exciting as compared to the upcoming gift-with-purchase set such as the LEGO Batman 1989 Batmobile – Limited Edition (40433) set, but still, its a nice way to celebrate the holiday season. From November 4 to 17, every single-receipt purchase of any LEGO product or merchandise worth $35 and more will entitle you to a free LEGO Creator Reindeer (40434) polybag.

LEGO Creator Reindeer (40434)

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, this latest LEGO Creator Reindeer (40434) freebie is basically a re-release of 2016’s LEGO Creator Reindeer (30474). It may not look that much but since its a promotional, I’m still glad to see a free item added in my cart. However, I strongly feel that most fans out there are holding back on their LEGO purchases until the end of this month once this year’s Black Friday deals roll in. For one, those who will make their LEGO qualifying purchases (worth $120 and more) from November 29 to December 2 will get the much better, limited-edition LEGO Christmas Tree (40338) gift-with-purchase set.

LEGO is also posed to reveal another BIG, nostalgic set that will debut on these dates. I’m positive that this display-worthy set will be revealed very soon so be sure to stay tuned.


WATCH: 2020 LEGO Chinese Festival Special Edition Sets Designer Video

A designer video has been released for LEGO’s 2020 Chinese Festival Special Edition sets, and it gives us a better look at their features from the perspective of the LEGO design team. The LEGO Lion Dance (80104) and the LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105) are the latest sets to be included in LEGO’s roster of seasonal sets that celebrate the festivities of the Chinese Spring Festival.

The LEGO Lion Dance (80104) set.
The LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105) set.

The official reveals earlier today gave us a glimpse of what we can expect from these sets, and this designer video from the perspective of LEGO Product Designer, Markus Rollbühler, gives us a closer look at these sets’ play features and their highlights. Watch this.

The LEGO design team meticulously paid attention to the fine details of the Chinese Spring Festival so they can be translated well in LEGO bricks. For the LEGO Lion Dance (80104) set, they looked into the classic tale of the Nian lion and how it interacts with the objects around it. Such as when it gets a red envelope and spits out or gives out the greens (in this case a piece of lettuce) – both symbolizing good fortune and blessings for business. The final design perfectly captures the details of the Nian lion, including the unique shape of its head, eyes, and mouth. The mouth opens and closes while the build itself can be posed in many different ways thanks to the minifigure torso and legs that are included with it.

LEGO Chinese Festival Special Edition

Speaking about minifigs, this set also features a new, costumed minifigure that celebrates 2020 as being the Year of the Metal Rat.

LEGO Chinese Festival Special Edition

The LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105) is more of a collection of several builds that when combined together creates a busy market place, giving life to the traditional Chinese Spring Festival. There are five primary builds: a shrine, and four stalls loaded with details, each highlighting a particular activity or ware. We have a food stall, a toy stall, a shadow theater, and a vase & pottery store. These are accentuated by numerous traditional Chinese decors placed across them.

LEGO Chinese Festival Special Edition

LEGO Chinese Festival Special Edition

Both of these 2020 LEGO Chinese Festival Special Edition sets can be displayed individually, but it will certainly look great seeing them combined together for a more immersive play experience. You can arrange the stalls around the Lion Dance performance for example, while the family checks out each of the stalls. If you already have the LEGO Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner (80101) set, then it will be great adding this to the display as well.

I’m excited to see these sets in person, and if you’re looking forward to having these sets and you’re currently based in China or in the Asia Pacific, you’ll be glad to know that both these LEGO Chinese Festival Special Edition sets will be available in these regions on December 26, 2019. If you’re outside these regions, then you’ll only have to wait a couple of weeks when they are released worldwide on January 10, 2020.

Thanks to The Brothers Brick for sharing this video.

LOOK: The LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105) Officially Revealed

Following the reveal of the first 2020 regional-themed, seasonal set in the form of the LEGO Lion Dance (80104), LEGO has also revealed another set that celebrates 2020’s new Lunar Year festivities. The LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105) has been officially unveiled and is a great addition to any existing collection that marks these festivities.

LEGO fans who are keeping track of these sets will notice that the same minifigure family included in the LEGO Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner (80101) comes back to continue their journey of celebrating the Spring Festival.  If I may say, this set is the most elaborate of all the themed set under this category and even includes a huge number of detailed minifigures – 14 in total to be exact. I also appreciate the thoughtful design process that went through the creation of the LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105), including that of the Lion Dance (80104). According to LEGO Product designer Markus Rollbühler, they’ve intentionally designed the sets to be as authentic as possible. “We were incredibly thorough with our research when designing the sets. For the Chinese New Year Temple Fair, we looked closely at the types of things vendors sell in the market stalls and all of the various goods on offer.”

Together with the LEGO Lion Dance (80104), the LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105) will also launch in China and the Asia Pacific region on December 26, 2019 and will be offered to the rest of world on January 10, 2019. Read on for LEGO’s official description for this set, and be sure to check with LEGO Shop@Home during these dates.

LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105)

Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105)

The Chinese New Year Temple Fair set captures a beloved event often seen in towns and cities throughout China around the lunar new year. The set includes stalls displaying a vast, colorful array of LEGO versions of authentic items you would find at a Temple Fair. Everything from barbecue dishes to candy, toys, vases and dough figurines are lovingly re-created ion LEGO form. The set also includes 14 minifigures. Eagle-eyed LEGO fans will notice that the family from last year’s Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner set make an appearance, continuing the story of their Spring Festival celebrations.

New LEGO Lion Dance (80104) Set Officially Revealed

LEGO is further gearing up its roster of 2020 sets, and this next one will certainly be appreciated across Asia and the rest of the world. A new, Chinese New Year inspired set has now been officially revealed – the LEGO Lion Dance (80104).

Similar to its first collection of regional-themed sets such as the LEGO Chinese New Year Eve’s Dinner (80101), Dragon Dance (80102), and Dragon Boat Race (80103), these new-for-2020 sets continue the journey of our family Chinese New Year Eve’s family as they welcome the new lunar year.

The LEGO Lion Dance (80104) showcases five, colorfully decorated brick-built lion figures used in the traditional Lion Dance performance. It also includes 8 minifigures, and I guess plenty of minifig legs for the dancing lion figures, lol. This set is expected to be released in China and in the Asia Pacific region earlier just after Christmas on December 26, 2019 and to the rest of the world on January 10, 2020. I’ll keep you posted on the retail price and piece count of this set any time soon. For now, here’s how the LEGO Group describes the LEGO Lion Dance (80104) set.

LEGO Lion Dance (80104)

The Lion Dance set vividly reproduces a well-loved scene of the Spring Festival and is sure to evoke fond memories of the traditional festival. The set features 5 beautifully decorated small lion figurines and a percussionists’ stage with an awesome drumming function. An accompanying temple gate is decorated with LEGO tiles featuring traditional patterns. The set also comes complete with 8 minifigures including lion dancers and a man in rat costume to mark the Year of the Rat. Additional accessory elements such as the red ‘best wishes’ scroll, red orb, cabbage, calligraphy brush and a rocket firework are included to inspire unlimited role-play.

Check Out This Double Monster Trouble From Build Better Bricks

We’re just counting the days before a swarm of Treat or Tricksters come knocking at our doors this Halloween, and what a better way to add some brick-building fun to this occasion by including this double monster treats from our master builders from Build Better Bricks. Inspired by classic horror films, these custom LEGO Werewolf and LEGO Frankenstein Monster builds stands at 8 and 11 inches tall respectively – a formidable monster duo that never goes out of style. This monster tandem will be a great addition to that fear-inducing and gut-wrenching custom LEGO Aliens Xenomorph that I featured a couple of months ago.

Double Monster

Double Monster

I love the range of articulation in these Halloween-inspired builds, especially the custom LEGO Werewolf. Such a well-built, organic form gives this creation a sense of ghoulish character and personality that makes you feel that it might jump on you at any time. The custom LEGO Frankenstein, on the other hand, retains it’s clunky, heavy built reminiscent of how the original monster looks and feels like. It is also well articulated and offers a lot of possibilities for display. This double monster brick builds is a sure way to get anyone’s attention this all Hallow’s eve.

If you want to add some LEGO brick-building fun this Thursday night, then be sure to head over at Build Better Bricks to purchase and download the building instructions to create these ghastly fun builds. Happy building!

Custom LEGO Werewolf


The best way to build this beast is in the light of a full moon…that is, unless you are also a lycanthrope. This model is highly articulated to capture a werewolf’s organic form. He can be posed standing or on all fours. This model would be a wonderful addition to any Halloween display.

Parts required: 448

Dimensions: 8″ tall x 4.5″ wide x 7.5″ deep

Estimated Parts Cost: ~ $55

Custom LEGO Frankenstein’s Monster

It’s Alive! Well, not really. However, you can play the role of Dr. Frankenstein and bring this creation to life. This monster is part man and part machine…and part plastic too. He’s harmless unless you put it near an open flame. Then he may melt. The model is fully articulated and stands exceptionally well. Great for your Halloween display!

Parts required: 557

Dimensions: 11″ tall x 7″ wide x 4″ deep

Estimated Parts Cost: ~ $40

LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House (10267) Now Available!

October 1st marks the beginning of the holiday seasons in most regions around the world, and what better way to celebrate it as a LEGO fan by grabbing the latest Winter Village set that LEGO has to offer. Since its official reveal last month, LEGO fans were looking forward to adding the LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House (10267) to their holiday-inspired brick creations for that perfect winter village setup. And starting today, you can now purchase this set over LEGO Shop@Home.

The LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House (10267) comes in at 1,477 pieces and features a tasteful abode decked with candy canes, sugar snow, chocolate and much more. To top it off, it comes with a pair of new-for-2019 Ginger Bread Man and Ginger Bread Woman minifigures. If you’re planning to get this set just in time for the Christmas season, then may I suggest that you visit by clicking on the following link below.

LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House (10267)

1,477 pieces || $99.99 USD

Enjoy a festive build and play experience with the LEGO® Creator Expert 10267 Gingerbread House. A treasure chest of magical details, this amazing model features frosted roofs with colorful candy buttons and a delicious facade with candy-cane columns, glittery windows and a tall chimney stack with a glowing fireplace. Inside the house there’s an array of fun details and candy furnishings including a tasteful bedroom with chocolate bed and cotton candy lamp, and a bathroom with the essential toilet and bathtub. This wonderful LEGO Gingerbread House sets the scene for imaginative adventures with the gingerbread family. Children can light up the cozy fireplace, help clear the sidewalk with the snow blower and nestle the gingerbread baby in its carriage. It also includes a decorated Christmas tree with wrapped gifts and toys, including a rocking horse and a toy train. This advanced LEGO set delivers a challenging and rewarding building experience and makes a great seasonal centerpiece for the home or office. Includes gingerbread man, woman and baby figures.

2019 LEGO Christmas Tree (40338) Gift-With-Purchase Set Revealed

LEGO seems to be on a roll as we feel more and more of the Christmas vibe in the air. After revealing the Gingerbread House (10267) and LEGO BrickHeadz Reindeer, Elf & Elfie (40353), we now have another seasonal set to add to that Winter Village MOC that you might be working on, or just to simply have around as a pretty neat holiday decor around the house. Thanks to Promobricks, we now have a first look at this year’s LEGO Christmas Tree (40338) gift-with-purchase (GWP) seasonal set.

LEGO Christmas Tree (40338)

If you recall, this promotional set has been like a sort of tradition for the LEGO Group every holiday season, similar to the likes of last year’s LEGO Christmas Carousel (40293) and LEGO Christmas Box (40292). Both sets came with a certain qualifying purchase, and both looked lovely as holiday-inspired sets. Similarly, we can also expect that the LEGO Christmas Tree (40338) will be available to all LEGO fans perhaps as part once again of this year’s Black Friday deals.

LEGO Christmas Tree (40338)

The LEGO Christmas Tree (40338) comes in at 392 pieces and features a better version of a brick-built Christmas tree. It features several cool touches such as a rotating base, a series of nicely colored brick-built gift boxes, a microscaled train, and several colorful bulbs that imitate the tree’s flashing lights. By far, this is the best Christmas tree model that LEGO came up with at a very long time.

I’ll keep you posted once more info comes in regarding this set’s availability. But as I said, I’m assuming that this promotional set will go live once Black Friday 2019 kicks in, similar to what LEGO did in the past. Furthermore, we can also expect another LEGO seasonal Christmas set to be offered before the year ends so I’ll keep an eye on that as well. Thanks again to Promobricks for sharing this.

Seasonal LEGO BrickHeadz Reindeer, Elf & Elfie (40353) Revealed

After the announcement of this year’s sweet Winter Village set, LEGO is bringing in more Christmas cheers with another seasonal set coming from its collectible BrickHeadz line. This has been in our radar for the past couple of weeks since the reveal of the LEGO BrickHeadz Ghost (40351) last month. However, it’s nice to finally see some crisp, clear images of this 3-character set that will add up to that festive holiday spirit. Check out these official images of the LEGO BrickHeadz Reindeer, Elf & Elfie (40353) set.

Reindeer, Elf & Elfie (40353)

I like this set personally since it’s a great set to display together with last year’s similarly themed LEGO BrickHeadz Mr. & Mrs. Claus (40274). And in case you missed out on this set, you’ll be glad to know that this is still available at LEGO Shop@Home. The LEGO BrickHeadz Reindeer, Elf & Elfie (40353) set features three character builds which is a first in this particular theme. It also comes with a couple of accessories such as a red mailbox with a nice Mr. Claus BrickHeadz print and a signpost. Traditionally, LEGO BrickHeadz sets usually come with printed pieces. However, a closer look at the signposts shows that this set uses stickers as well. I’m not really the type to nitpick on this but I guess all of us will agree that it will be way better to have printed LEGO parts instead. Nevertheless, this set will be a great way to jumpstart your next Christmas-inspired LEGO decor project.

Reindeer, Elf & Elfie (40353) Reindeer, Elf & Elfie (40353)

The LEGO BrickHeadz Reindeer, Elf & Elfie (40353) comes in at 281 pieces and is expected to retail for $19.99. Be sure to keep tabs with us to know more on when this set will be available. Thanks to Brick Fanatics for the tip.


Image source: Mir-Kubikov

A Behind The Scenes Look at the LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House (10267)

This week will be the launch of LEGO’s sweetest set as of to date. And before you dive in and build the LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House (10267), let’s take a look at the story behind the creation of this Winter Village 10th year anniversary set. In conjunction with the official announcement of this set, LEGO has also released a designer video where LEGO Designer Tiago Catarino gives his thoughts on the design process and build of this delectable holiday-themed set. Let’s watch this.

Tiago also shares some of the challenges in designing this set such as coming up with the roofs and chimney, which according to him, took much of the time in creating and designing the set. There are also a few new pieces that LEGO introduced in this set and most noticeable are the two new Gingerbread minifigures. Though we already have a Gingerbread Man minifigure from 2013 included in LEGO’s CMF Series 11 (71002) and from 2016’s seasonal gift-with-purchase set (5005156), this is the first time where we get to see this minifig included in a set and more so as a part of a Gingerbread family. This new minifigure iteration comes with a new print such as a mustache and red candy buttons. The Gingerbread Woman, on the other hand, is an entirely new minifigure with new prints and an accentuating printed skirt. There’s also a 1×2 printed tile that features a Gingerbread Baby, though I was hoping that LEGO opted for an actual minifig similar to the Sparkle Babies from the LEGO Movie 2. Other new parts include a transparent purple glitter brick which is great in building certain windows and walls and the new gold bar element in tan used for creating a white chocolate bed for the Gingerbread characters.

Gingerbread House (10267)

The LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House (10267) comes in at 1,477 pieces and retails for $99.99 USD. It will be available for an early VIP release this week on September 18th and to the general public on October 1st.

The Seasonal LEGO Year of the Pig (40186) Promotional Set Is Back

LEGO celebrated 2019 as the Year of the Earth Pig with its first seasonal set offering in January. The LEGO Year of the Pig (40186) came as a freebie for every single-receipt purchase of any LEGO products worth $88 USD and above. It had a short run though, as it was only offered in stores and at only for just a week.

LEGO Year of the Pig (40186)

This gift-with-purchase follows LEGO’s New Year tradition of offering promotional sets that follows the Chinese zodiac calendar. And if in case you missed out on this opportunity to add this to your shopping bag back then, you’ll be glad to know that here’s your chance to bring home one. From August 26 until September 8, you’ll get to see this cute New Year piggie in your shopping cart if you buy the LEGO Dragon Boat Race (80103), or until supplies last. From the looks of it, this promotion is only limited to the qualifying purchase involving the Dragon Boat Race set. It might sound a bit restrictive but at a $50 USD price point, I guess its a sound deal of bagging two seasonal sets. Here’s the complete promo mechanics from the LEGO Shop@Home website.

Free LEGO® Year of the Pig (40186) offer is valid for orders online at only, from 08/26/2019 through 11:59pm EST, 09/08/2019, while supplies last. Qualifying purchase must include the Dragon Boat Race (item 80103) only. Bricks & Pieces orders are not valid for this promotion. One set per household. Cannot be applied to previous purchases or combined with any other discount, offer or free gift. One free set per household. Item is valued at approximately a $9.99 (US) / $12.99 (CA) / 189.0 (MXN) retail value and cannot be exchanged or substituted for any other item or cash value. Item is available exclusively through this offer; additional sets cannot be purchased. Offers not valid at LEGOLAND® Parks or LEGOLAND Discovery Centers. The LEGO Group reserves the right to cancel or modify these promotions at any time without advance notice.

Coming in at 152 pieces, the LEGO Year of the Pig (40186) is a fun, comical build that packs a couple of play features such as posable ears and eyes and a movable tail. Its a must for every collector of LEGO’s Chinese New Year seasonal sets, but in case you want to try and build your own using LEGO pieces that you may already have, the building instructions for the Year of the Pig (40186) is now available online. The parts seem to be pretty common, except for the unique circular pig nose tile that is exclusive to this set, so I guess you have to improvise on this one.