LEGO Ideas Announces Deadline for Its Second 2016 Ideas Review on September 5, 2016.

Mark your calendars! Earlier today, LEGO Ideas has set into the stone its deadline for this year’s Second 2016 Ideas Review on Monday next week, September 2. This means that submitted projects only have the next 3 days to gather the necessary votes to hit that 10K mark. Here’s LEGO Ideas official announcement:

As Autumn slowly creeps up on us, so does the Second 2016 LEGO Ideas Review deadline. Projects have until Monday September 5th at 12:00 midnight (Central European Summer Time or GMT+2) to gather support if they want to be considered in the Second 2016 LEGO Ideas Review. Want to help your favourite project reach the 10,000 supporter milestone before the deadline? Then help spread the word and push those projects to the finish line!

Projects that reach 10,000 supporters after midnight on Monday qualify for the Third 2016 review period ending Monday, January 9, 2017.

Currently, 12 awesome projects have gathered the necessary 10,000 supporters. Will any other projects make it into the Second 2016 LEGO Ideas Review over the weekend? You’ve got the power to make it happen. 

As of this writing the following, LEGO Ideas Projects have made it to the circle of the 10K club.


Women of NASA by Maia Weinstock

women of nasa


Addams Family Mansion by afol777

LEGO Ideas Addams Family


Voltron – Defender of the Universe by Lendy Tayag



LEGO Observatory Mountain View by ThomasW

LEGO Ideas Observatory


Modular Construction Site by Ryan Taggart

construction site


Merchant’s House by bigboy99899

Merchant's House_01


Plum Creek – The Little House on the Prairie by SeigneurFett

little house on the prairie


Lamborghini Veneno Roadster by Firas Abu-Jaber



Lovelace and Babbage by Stewart Cromar



The Large Hadron Collider by Nathan Readioff



Star Wars UCS X34 Landspeeder by Aaron Fiskum



Spaceballs – Eagle 5 by Niels van de Keer



Not far behind to make it to the September 5th deadline is the Hulkbuster UCS by Raymond Chow. As of this writing, it still needs around 1,100++ votes in order to hit the 10K mark. Additionally, LEGO Ideas have also mentioned that the first 2016 LEGO Review Results will be coming soon. With nine projects that qualified, the anticipation to know which among these projects will finally receive the thumbs up from LEGO’s team of reviewers and designers is no less than thrilling.

first lego ideas review 2016


What is your personal favorite among these LEGO Ideas project? Mine is Lendy Tayag’s Voltron – Defender of the Universe. Share us what you think in the comments below.




The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster And Lovelace & Babbage’s First Computer Rises As The Next LEGO Ideas Projects To Achieve 10K Support.

As BZ Power succinctly points out, at the rate projects are getting the 10k thumbs up votes over at LEGO Ideas, the community based LEGO site may likewise amend its voting guidelines to increase the number of. As we mentioned during our report on the LEGO Ideas Star Wars X34 Landspeeder, not too far behind the deadline of this year’s Second LEGO Review Stage (which will commence this September) are two projects who are vying to reach the coveted 10K mark. Now that they have reached the finish line of the voting stage, the LEGO Ideas Lamborghini Veneno Roadster and Lovelace and Babbage are the 10th and 11th projects to be ushered into the winning circle of fan-supported proposals respectively.


The LEGO Ideas Lamborghini Veneno Roadster by Jordan-based AFOL, Firas Abu-Jaber (Firas_supercar) is based on the exclusive, multi-million dollars racing prototype of Automobil Lamborghini released in 2014 to commemorate the Lambo’s 50th anniversary. There were only nine known units ever made during this time, which makes it one of the rarest and costliest vehicle around. With the recent inclusion of the Caterham Super Seven as a LEGO Ideas Approved Project, the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster may hopefully be the second automobile set that will hit store shelves in 2017. Here’s how Firas describes his proposed set.

As a further highlight of its 50th anniversary year, Automobili Lamborghini is presenting one of the most exceptional super sports cars of all time. The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is an open racing prototype with an extreme design and breathtaking performance. And it is one of the world’s most exclusive automobiles – not more than nine units have been built during the course of 2014 and sold at a price of 3.3 million Euros…

1958535-o_19obnhhad8u61ibo1cek1nnirql1r-full 1958532-o_19obngpvctp0159lr41phv11s91m-full

Ever since I saw this great car back in 2014, I wanted to build my own LEGO® version,  but when I first saw it, I thought it was nearly impossible to replicate into LEGO® form, but I’m glad I could prove myself wrong,  and learned a good lesson: never say never,  nothing is impossible with LEGO®!

1958706-o_19obpm7in7gb9n9tj21d6f1cfh12-full 1958690-o_19obph6k2bkv36m1q1pp4121bj-full

This model features a large amount of details and functional elements, including the opening Lambo style doors, detailed engine bay, detailed exterior and interior down to the three Italian flag bottoms inside the cockpit. 

1958687-o_19obpg3qbtt7j5e1rgskse1v45e-full 1958703-o_19obpjv9u1c9s1km3m7q1kb710p9t-full

The LEGO Ideas Review Team has this to say for Firas’ recent accomplishment.

Dear Firas_supercar,

You’ve zoomed across the finish line way ahead of time in this raging bull of a supercar! Congrats for hitting this milestone with the support of so many automotive enthusiasts! The Veneno is a notoriously angular car but you’ve done very well to pull of the overall design of this red rocket! The roadster edition is also the perfect super car for the heat of the summer.

You can take your foot off the throttle now, as we officially advance this project to the Review phase.



Finally, we have another 10K project finalist with the LEGO Ideas Lovelace and Babbage set by Stewart Cromar from the UK. Similar to the Women of NASA that celebrates the invaluable contribution to science by some of NASA’s women scientists and maverick explorers, the Lovelace and Babbage project commemorates the lives of two individuals who are chiefly responsible for the computers that we are using today. True, their Analytical Engine (1837) may not be as powerful even to the smallest byte as compared to our modern day PCs, but their invention paved the way for the first algorithm to be used and carried out by a machine and the conceptual foundation of our computers.

Here’s Cromar’s description of his LEGO Ideas Lovelace and Babbage.

1909716-o_19l4ee1vot7f1sgije8ufq13qp1d-full 1909710-o_19l4ee1vogpp6abb2p1u1tr4i1b-full

Unique Design

  • The monochromatic brick palette helps to evoke a Victorian atmosphere and the engine itself is decorated with cogs, chains and pistons for a steampunk aesthetic. 
  • There is also capacity for the model to house a mini-computer  such as the Raspberry Pi single-board computer (optional and not included).
  • Just in case the Lovelace and Babbage minifigures  get a little tired from all their hard work, there is an afternoon tea party for them to enjoy (Victoria sponge included).
  • Help Ada Junior with her maths homework in the miniature classroom, but just make sure the creepy bat doesn’t steal her beloved teddy bear.
  • Using LEGO we can finally complete their marvelous vision for the Analytical Engine and build the world’s first mechanical general-purpose computer!


1909707-o_19l4ee1vos9k1p701niu1gpm69f1a-full 1909701-o_19l4ee1vo3qi1o621f0gubm1vrk18-full

Main Set

  • Analytical Engine (inc. store, mill, barrels)
  • Removable glass roof
  • Two easy access ‘service hatches’
  • Gas lamps
  • Punched cards
  • Charles and Ada minifigures (inc. spanners)
  • Pet owl

1909719-o_19l4ee1vo9fmgt11tv7m1b5t71e-full 1909722-o_19l4efj661387cd0ce21p2n9f43r-full

Bonus Sets

  • ‘Ada Junior Classroom’ (wooden desk, inkwell, blackboard, duster, clock, creepy bat, parquet flooring, Ada Junior minifigure, rucksack and teddy bear).
  • ‘Babbage Tea Party’ (Victoria sponge, cake stand, tea cups, saucers, candlestick, table and chairs).


I have to say that the Second LEGO Ideas Review Stage will be a bit crowded, given that we now have a total of 11 hopefuls vying for the approval of The LEGO Ideas Review Team to be an official set destined to hit shelves in 2017. Not too far behind is SeigneurFett’s Plum Creek – The Little House on the Prairie. As of this writing, it already garnered a total of 9,815 supporters and is now very close in capping off the winners’ circle to qualify for this year’s 2nd Review Stage.

The LEGO Ideas Lamborghini Veneno Roadster and Lovelace and Babbage will be joined by the Star Wars UCS X34 Landspeeder, the Women of NASAVoltron – Defender of the UniverseSpaceballs – Eagle 5The Addams Family Mansion, the Merchant’s House, the Large Hadron ColliderLEGO Observatory – Mountain View, and Modular Construction Site. The LEGO Ideas Second Review will commence starting early in September this year.

LEGO Ideas Star Wars UCS X34 Landspeeder Flies Its Way To The Next LEGO Ideas Review Board As It Reached 10K Support.


Speeding its way to the next LEGO Ideas Review Board comes Aaron Fiskum’s rendition of the famous Star Wars hovercraft used by Luke Skywalker, the LEGO Ideas UCS X34 Landspeeder as seen in Episode IV: A New Hope. Just a few moments ago, the speedy land vehicle has achieved the needed 10k thumbs up from the LEGO Ideas community making it the 9th entry to be included in the roster of potential LEGO sets that qualifies for the Second 2016 Review Stage next month.

LEGO Ideas UCS X34

It was quite a long journey for this LEGO Ideas Project since its inception last January of 2015. However, it gradually took off as fans took notice of Fiskum’s impressive build which previously earned him the title of Best Land Vehicle in Brickworld 2015. It didn’t take long until Beyond The Brick also took notice, and eventually featured Fiskum’s creation during Brickworld Chicago 2016.

Here are Aaron Fiskum’s thoughts on his LEGO Ideas Star Wars UCS X34 Landspeeder.

I’ve always wanted a hovercraft or floating/flying car, who wouldn’t?  Since we’ve seen numerous flying crafts in the Star Wars UCS line and a minimal showing of land vehicles, I’ve often thought about what Luke Skywalker’s X34 Landspeeder might look like if it were brand new off the assembly line from the Sorosuub Corporation (via Lego) in UCS scale.  This is my “Idea” for a UCS x34 Landspeeder at 2798 pieces including the stand.  It measures 22.5 inches in length, 15.5 inches wide and 14.5 inches high with the stand.

1748584-o_19bfo8mig1htu1kt6f3t5cq5tp10-full 1748609-o_19bfog69fqop124c1ou43779cr28-full 1748629-o_19bfpsk601goq1kv6ubkdal1a737-full 1748615-o_19bfoitic1ifs1lur1s7m1f0df512i-full

I reviewed pictures of Landspeeder toys, images on the web, watched snippets of “A New Hope”, and read over schematics on Star Wars wikis for vehicle statistics.  In collaboration from those sources, what you see here is the final build.  I went through 6 different revisions in LDD looking for something acceptable and fairly accurate in proportion.  The stand is modeled after a combination of the Lego UCS 10175 and 10134 stands.  Although different from the orange and brown of the original craft, I decided that Lego Dark Red and Brick Yellow/Tan would be best based on piece availability in specific colors.


This project has been a lot of fun to create and I was completely engrossed in it.  I welcome any comments or critiques (don’t be shy) as everyone has a different take in design and how things should look.  If you like this “Idea”, I encourage you to support this project and follow my updates to it as time goes on.



Our warmest congratulations to Aaron in getting all the needed 10k votes, and the success of his UCS X34 Landspeeder. We hope to see his LEGO Ideas project get a LEGO official set number as hit store shelves in the not-so-distant future. Joining the Star Wars UCS X34 Landspeeder for the second wave of LEGO Ideas Review are the Women of NASA, Voltron – Defender of the UniverseSpaceballs – Eagle 5The Addams Family Mansion, the Merchant’s House, the Large Hadron ColliderLEGO Observatory – Mountain View, and Modular Construction Site.

Not too far off from the coveted 10k support are the LEGO Ideas Project Lamborghini Veneno Roadster and Lovelace and Babbage. We’ll definitely keep a close eye on these two.




Whistle Along With Mickey With This LEGO Ideas Disney Classic Steamboat Willie.

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. I can just imagine in my head how much Walt Disney would have nodded his head in agreement with this piece of oriental wisdom. In the case of LEGO builder szabomate90, the journey may well begin aboard a steamboat – the LEGO Ideas Disney Steamboat Willie, that is. We’ve featured several LEGO Ideas project, and Disney-themed MOCs here on our site, and this brick-built Steamboat Willie stands out not just because of the historic animation in which it represents, but also the build’s impressive monochromatic color scheme. Here’s how szabomate90 describes his LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie.

Steamboat Willie is the first fully synchronized sound cartoon directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. It was the debut of Mickey Mouse in a cartoon the first to be distributed and the third to be produced. So as an animator and a Lego fan I’d like to pay my respect to that marvelous production, which since was created then inspired a lot of talented artists.

Because Disney Minifigures arrived, I have the luck to create a Mickey Mouse related set with him as well. In addition, I repaint the figure to match the original 1928’s appearance. The model designed to be tiny, easy to build and playable. You can put Mickey Mouse inside the boat also you can play with the cranes. The set includes 156 bricks.


LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie 07 LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie 06 LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie 04 LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie 03 LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie 02 LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie 05LEGO Ideas Steamboat WillieSteamboat-willie

The customized black and white Mickey Mouse minifigure is absolutely gorgeous and accurate, giving the set a true vintage feel. It’s a fitting tribute to one of the pillars of Walt Disney Animations, especially that the landmark animated film will be celebrating its 90th year two years from now. It’s a perfect commemorative LEGO set that also celebrates the longstanding partnership between Disney and LEGO. If you wish to give two thumbs up for this LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie and help it achieve its 10K mark, just head over to its project page and hit the Support button. You may also visit szabomate90’s Flickr page for more of his LEGO MOCs and builds.


This Is What A LEGO Star Wars BrickHeadz and Funko Pop! Mash-Up Looks Like.

He left us ecstatic with his brick-built minifigures of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and this time LegoJalex (aka Johan Alexanderson) is at it again with a cool line up custom-built LEGO Star Wars BrickHeadz, with a wobble head twist. Even at first glance, his MOC was already impressive as it is, taking hints from LEGO’s recent line of BrickHeadz figures.

LEGO Star Wars Bobbleheads 03 LEGO Star Wars Bobbleheads 01 LEGO Star Wars Bobbleheads 05 LEGO Star Wars Bobbleheads 04


As adorable as it is with all of its chibi goodness, LegoJalex decided to add more fun into the mix by throwing in a bit of Funko Pop! magic. With a brilliantly simple mechanism, an antenna piece to be exact, he was able to transform a static build to a wobbly, bobble head figure. I suddenly want one on my desk. Take a look at how he did it.

LEGO Star Wars Bobbleheads 02 LEGO Star Wars Bobbleheads 07

What’s even better is that LegoJalex has just submitted his brick-built bobble head figures as a LEGO Ideas Project, similar to his Donald Duck’s Car – The 313. Here’s his thoughts on his Star Wars Bobbleheads project.

LEGO Star Wars Bobbleheads 08

A bobblehead is a toy figure with an oversized head that is connected to the body with a spring. When you lightly tap on its head it wobbles (or bobbles) back and forth for a while. The first modern bobbleheads appeared in the 1950s. 

I was thinking about how a bobblehead could be made by LEGO bricks, and how the wobbling effect could be built. There is no real LEGO spring that can be used for this purpose, so I had to think of something else to use. After some trial and error I found a simple technique using a LEGO antenna piece which creates a wobbling effect that works really well.

I decided to recreate six characters from the original Star Wars movie into LEGO bobbleheads – Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. Each character consists of between 80 to 100 pieces. 

The LEGO bobblehead can, compared to the traditional bobbleheads, easily be rebuilt and the head can be detached and swapped with other bobblehead figures. The head can also be turned in all directions.

LEGO Star Wars Bobbleheads 09
This is one project that is definitely getting my support. If you want to do the same, just head over at LEGO Ideas and  let your vote be counted!


Thanks to BrickNerd for the heads up.

Welcome The Next LEGO Ideas Project To Enter The 10K Roster: The LEGO Ideas Women of NASA.


One of the great things about the LEGO Ideas platform is that you can see particular projects launched into stardom with lightning speeds. Ok, I might be exaggerating a little bit, but considering how this next LEGO Ideas project garnered the coveted 10k thumbs up from other LEGO enthusiasts in just less than two weeks, then ‘lightning speed’ maybe a little bit of an understatement.


The LEGO Ideas Women of NASA is the 7th LEGO community-supported project to enter the LEGO Ideas Review sometime next month. Created by Maia Weinstock (which she goes by the name 20tauri over at LEGO Ideas) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the LEGO Women of NASA is a celebration of the history of women in the STEM field. The project features minifigure replicas of some of the notable women behind NASA, including: Margaret Hamilton, Katherine Johnson, Sally Ride, Nancy Grace Roman, and Mae Jemison. The cool play feature about these minifigs is that they are all faithfully set in their respective fields. In case you’re not that familiar with these rockin’ ladies of NASA, here’s a look at their minifig renditions together with their actual photos.


Margaret Hamilton

As a computer scientist at MIT under contract with NASA in the 1960s, Hamilton developed the on-board flight software for the Apollo missions to the moon. She is known for popularizing the modern concept of software.

2562117-o_1anrij31r1hp318vr194f19uu1mgo1a-full Margaret Hamilton


Katherine Johnson

A mathematician, space scientist, and a longtime NASA researcher, Johnson is best known for calculating and verifying trajectories for the Mercury and Apollo programs — including the Apollo 11 mission that first landed humans on the moon.


Katherine Johnson


Nancy Grace Roman

As an astronomer and one of the first female executives at NASA, Roman is known to many as the “Mother of Hubble” for her role in planning the Hubble Space Telescope. She also developed NASA’s astronomy research program.

2562120-o_1anrijo71oeo1ogl1h37jni11561f-full Nancy Grace Roman


Sally Ride and Mae Jemison.

A physicist by training, Ride became the first American woman in space in 1983. After retiring as a NASA astronaut, she founded an educational company focusing on encouraging children — especially girls — to pursue the sciences. Trained as a medical doctor, Jemison became the first African-American woman in space in 1992. After retiring from NASA, Jemison established a company that develops new technologies and encourages students in the sciences.

2562108-o_1anrihkdl9urlgr105alda11kjr-full Sally-Ride-nasa Mae Jemison


The proposed LEGO Ideas Women of NASA was immediately noticed by the LEGO fan community and has been warmly received by most science based and general interest sites such as CNET, Popular Science, Huffington Post and The New York Times just to name a few. It even caught the attention of NASA and the UN Women – wow that’s really something!

Weinstock’s project is also the second LEGO Ideas project that features women empowerment in the field of science, following the much welcomed LEGO Ideas Research Institute 21110 which was launched in 2014. However, like any other LEGO Ideas project, the Research Institute was only available on a limited run which makes it a retired product already. The discontinuation of this caused quite a stir within the LEGO community, with the LEGO Group at the receiving end of criticisms, saying that the company was not sincerely promoting women empowerment and gender equality with regard to its selection of minifigures.


Several fans now worry that the proposed Women of NASA set might end up with the same fate like that of the Research Institute. As influential as LEGO is for being one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world, let’s hope that the LEGO Group will figure out ways on how it can actively promote the role of women in the field of science and other occupations. Perhaps LEGO can come up with an exclusive line of sets dedicated to women in various professional fields, or those depicting on high flying adventures.


The LEGO Ideas Women of NASA joins the ranks of Voltron – Defender of the UniverseSpaceballs – Eagle 5The Addams Family Mansion, the Merchant’s House, the Large Hadron ColliderLEGO Observatory – Mountain View, and Modular Construction Site as the projects that qualify for the Second 2016 Review Stage this September.

It’s All About Science With These Latest LEGO Ideas Project Hitting The 10K Mark.

From the reaches of deep space, to the tiniest building blocks of our universe, LEGO Ideas now present its latest addition to the roster of projects to achieve 10,000 supporters and qualifies for the Review Stage by the LEGO Review Board sometime this September. It’s all about astronomy and physics with these latest Ideas projects from ThomasW and NathanR2015 respectively. Here’s a brief look at these sets and what they can offer.


The Large Hadron Collider


The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN is one of the wonders of modern science and collaboration among nations. Running in at a massive 27km circular tunnel located at the French-Swiss border, it consists of four gigantic detectors namely ATLAS, ALICE, CMS, and LHCb. The LHC is used by physicists around the world to learn more about how our universe came to be by studying the behavior of its tiniest building block – protons and quarks (that’s far enough that I will go about the science behind these things, since I have to admit this is not my cup of tea). The cool thing is that the builder behind the LEGO Ideas LHC, Nathan Readioff, is also a PhD student who is currently based at CERN. The best part is, Nathan also included the instructions in building this set which you can find right here. The building instructions also come with a pretty neat explanation behind the science of the LHC.


This is a stylised model of the LHC, showcasing all four of the detectors at a micro scale size. Each detector model is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but crammed with detailed internal systems revealed by cutaway walls – every major detector component is represented by a Lego piece. The models are not strictly in scale with each other, but use the same size base to maximise the detail that can be included and give a more uniform look to the set.


The LEGO Observatory Mountain View

LEGO Ideas Observatory

From the tiniest of particles, we now turn our inquisitive eyes towards the skies with the LEGO Observatory Mountain View designed by ThomasW. In terms of play features, the LEGO Observatory Mountain View comes with several compartments that show how a workday is like in the life of an astronomer. The dome of the observatory also opens and turns at slightly varying angles.

Observatory 01 Observatory 02 Observatory 03 Observatory 04 Observatory 05 Observatory 06 Observatory 07 Observatory 08 Observatory 09 Observatory 10

The Observatory would have one telescope within the dome and one very small one on the viewing platform. The dome can be opened and turnable. The building can also be opened. Within the building there you can find:

  • an Office / Desk
  • a Library with books and goodies
  • a small lecture room with large windows and a beamer
  • and so on (search the details ;o)  )

Within the dome:

  • Computers
  • a telescope
  • IMPORTANT: a coffee machine

Outside the Observatory I placed some plants and stones. The Observatory would also contain some minifigures: Male and Female Observers, and some Visitors (a Family and some friends).


LEGO Ideas Six

The LEGO Ideas Large Hadron Collider and LEGO Observatory Mountain View are the next two Ideas project to join in the ranks of The Addams Family Mansion, The Merchant’s House, Spaceballs-Eagle 5, and our personal favorite, Voltron-Defender of the Universe, all of which are slated for the LEGO Ideas Review sometime in September.

SPOTTED: Take A Look These Images of LEGO Superheroes BrickHeadz, Exclusive At SDCC 2016.


San Diego Comic-Con is now at full stride with so much to see on the LEGO side of things. Following LEGO’s official reveal of one of its Comic-Con exclusives, we now have some pretty cool images of the LEGO Superheroes BrickHeadz live at the SDCC courtesy of Allen Tran of The Brick Fan, and Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF) founder Christopher Butcher.

brickheadz_02 brickheadz_)!brickheadz_03

These limited edition SDCC LEGO BrickHeadz sets are the first among others scheduled to be released sometime next year. For its initial salvo, LEGO came up with brick-built figures of DC’s Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and the Joker, including Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Captain America, and Iron Man which are very much similar to Funko’s highly popular bobble head vinyl figures. Since it’s a SDCC exclusive, everything about it feels absolutely special – from its packaging with the iconic Comic-Con logo, to its printed tile with #LEGOSDCC.

allen_brickheadz_03 allen_brickheadz allen_brickheadz_02 allen_brickheadz_01

While the LEGO BrickHeadz are for purchase at the LEGO Booth (2829), interested collectors must first participate in a random drawing at the Pavillon Terrace to qualify to buy starting 6AM daily throughout the duration of the Comic-Con.

Here’s some additional info on these LEGO Comic-Con collectibles.

  • LEGO BrickHeadz DC Comics Batman & Joker (41491) – 212 parts; July 21, Thursday
  • LEGO BrickHeadz Marvel Doctor Strange & Black Panther (41493) – 173 parts; July 22, Friday
  • LEGO BrickHeadz DC Comics Superman & Wonder Woman (41490) – 220 parts; July 23, Saturday
  • LEGO BrickHeadz Marvel Captain America & Iron Man (41492) – 184 parts; July 24, Saturday.


Here’s LEGO’s press release for its LEGO Superheroes BrickHeadz.

LEGO® BrickHeadz
Scheduled for 2017 availability, LEGO BrickHeadz is a new collectible play experience that allows builders to create, collect and display versions of iconic characters and super heroes out of classic LEGO bricks and elements. To celebrate the new collection, four limited-edition LEGO BrickHeadz sets—each containing two buildable characters inspired by renowned super heroes across movies and comics—will be sold in limited quantity at the LEGO booth for $40 each. Information about LEGO BrickHeadz SDCC exclusive retail sets available below.

DC Comics™

A specially produced LEGO BrickHeadz building set consisting of characters Batman™ and The Joker™ will be sold on Thursday, July 21, and a LEGO BrickHeadz building set with Superman™ and Wonder Woman™ will be available for purchase on Saturday, July 23.

MARVEL™ Universe

Two limited edition LEGO BrickHeadz: MARVEL building sets—each containing two collectible characters composed entirely out of classic LEGO bricks and elements— will be available for purchase exclusively at the LEGO booth. The LEGO BrickHeadz building set containing Black Panther and Doctor Strange will be available for purchase on Friday, July 22, and a LEGO BrickHeadz building set with Captain America and Iron Man will be available on Sunday, July 24.

LEGO Officially Pulls The Veil From The LEGO Ideas 21308 Adventure Time Set.


The LEGO Ideas Team has finally announced its next LEGO Ideas set that will soon make its way into stores by January 1 next year. As it seems, LEGO is very much excited about the LEGO Ideas 21308 Adventure Time Set that they already shared its first official product image via their blog site, coupled with the 21308’s official description. We don’t have any high resolution images yet, but looking at this first image is enough to get us excited as well. Coming in at 495 pieces, the LEGO Ideas 21308 Adventure Time Set will retail at $49.99.

Here’s a look at how this set looks like followed by LEGO’s description.


Build LEGO® brick versions of eight of your favorite Adventure Time characters and role-play scenes from the awesome Cartoon Network show. This set includes Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Lady Rainicorn, Marceline, BMO, Gunter and Ice King. Use the included accessories to create your own stories and make every day a fun adventure!

So what do you think about this LEGO Ideas Adventure Time Set? Share your thoughts in the comments below or talk to us via our Facebook page. Be sure also to stay tuned here at the Brick Show for more updates on this set.

LEGO Officially Announced Its Next Wave of Exciting, New Merchandise At The 2016 Licensing Expo.

ninjago batman

LEGO has plenty of things going through the pipeline with its recent announcements during the 2016 Licensing Expo at Las Vegas a few days ago (June 21 to 23). Other than the possibility of seeing cool and exciting Marvel Super Heroes sets featuring a new wave of Guardians of the Galaxy offerings, the LEGO Group confirms more ‘exciting merchandise’ in relation to its upcoming theatrical releases, The LEGO Batman Movie, and The Ninjago Movie.

Further through their presentation, TLG also announced its recent tie-up with Cartoon Network as it promises a new line of sets dedicated to the wacky animated series, Adventure Time. We hope to see more of Finn and Jake’s antics, especially after their debut in LEGO Dimensions.

Here’s what TLG has to say in their recent press releases.

logo_tout LEGO-Ninjago-Poster

Warner Bros Consumer Products (WBCP) and The LEGO Group continue to build on a powerhouse partnership offering kids and collectors a compelling portfolio of proven brands, including LEGO DC Super Heroes, among many others. Across the Studio, Warner Bros. and The LEGO Group have taken their collaboration to another level for fans, as WBCP and The LEGO Group expand their strategic partnership into a portfolio that offers key product categories, except construction, to support Warner Bros. Pictures’ and The LEGO Group’s feature film offerings, bringing these characters and worlds to fans through an array of product. Exciting properties supported by a LEGO-inspired program, include:

The LEGO Batman Movie: WBCP and The LEGO Group brings fans of all ages exciting merchandise for the eagerly awaitedThe LEGO Batman Movie, which takes fans on a new adventure with Batman as the Dark Knight embarks on a personal journey to find himself while learning the importance of teamwork in hopes to save Gotham City from The Joker and the Rogues Gallery.

The Ninjago Movie:  Also from the world of LEGO comes The Ninjago Movie as WBCP and The LEGO Group continue their partnership to create cool and collectible product in driver categories to support the film.  Inspired by the wildly popular LEGO line of toys, Ninjago is the story of six young ninja tasked with defending their island home, Ninjago.

LEGO Ideas Adventure Time

The LEGO Group will create a new building set based on the Cartoon Network series.

Cartoon Network has partnered with the LEGO Group to launch a new LEGO set inspired by its animated series, “Adventure Time.”

The new “Adventure Time” LEGO set will include new brick-built figures and will feature concepts generated by the fan-fueled LEGO Ideas crowd sourcing platform.

Pitched by user aBetterMonkey, the “Adventure Time” set received more than 10,000 supporters between May and September 2015 during the LEGO Ideas contest.

“’Adventure Time’ is an exceptional brand with a fan base that spans kids, young adults and families,” says Pete Yoder, vice president, Cartoon Network Enterprises. “Our partnership with the LEGO Group affords the opportunity to produce an iconic product, sure to be coveted by fans of all ages.”

The “Adventure Time” LEGO set will be available in early 2017.

LEGO Ideas is the home of thousands of LEGO concepts that have the potential to become full LEGO retail sets. Fans from all over the world contribute to the program and are encouraged to vote on the LEGO Ideas website for their favorite concepts. If an idea garners 10,000 votes within the selection period, it will be judged by a LEGO review panel for the chance to become a real product.




Source: PR Newswire and Global License! via Brick Fanatics