LEGO Classic TV Series Batcave (76052) Official Images, Release Date and Pricing!!

This morning LEGO officially announced their exclusive release of Batman Classic Series TV – Batcave. Here are the main details, with the official press release following the official images:

76052 Batman™ Classic TV Series – Batcave

Ages 14+.  2,526 pieces. Available March 2016.

US $269.99 – CA $329.99 – DE 249.99€ – UK £229.99 – DK 2499.00 DKK

Box Art

LEGO Batcave 76052 Front of Box

LEGO Batcave 76052 Back of Box


The Batcave Pictures

LEGO 76052 Batcave Picture

LEGO 76052 Batcave Picture

LEGO 76052 Batcave Picture

LEGO 76052 Batcave Picture

LEGO 76052 Batcave Picture



Vehicles Included

LEGO Batcave 76052 Batmobile

LEGO Batcave 76052 Batcopter

LEGO Batcave 76052 Batcycle

LEGO Batcave 76052 Batmobile

9 Minifigures Included

LEGO 76052 Batcave Batman Minifigure

LEGO 76052 Batcave Bruce Wayne Minifigure

LEGO 76052 Batcave Robin Minifigure

LEGO 76052 Batcave Dick Grayson Minifigure

LEGO 76052 Batcave Alfred Minifigure

LEGO 76052 Batcave Catwoman Minifigure

LEGO 76052 Batcave Joker Minifigure

LEGO 76052 Batcave Riddler Minifigure

LEGO 76052 Batcave Penguin Minifigure


Drive the villains out from Batman’s Batcave!

 Help Batman™ and Robin™ to drive the villain intruders from the Batcave, featuring a Bat Lab with Batcomputer, plus the Batmobile with stud shooters, Batcopter with flick missiles and the Batcycle. This special model, based on the classic 1960s TV show, also has a Wayne Manor section with an exterior wall to climb on and Bruce Wayne’s study featuring the iconic Batphone and a false bookcase that slides open to reveal the secret entrance to the Batcave. Before spiraling down the Batpoles into the Batcave, change identity from Bruce Wayne™ and Dick Grayson™ into Batman and Robin (separate minifigures included).

• Includes 9 minifigures: Batman™, Robin™, Bruce Wayne™, Dick Grayson™, Alfred Pennyworth™, The Joker™, Catwoman™, The Riddler™ and The Penguin™.

• This LEGO® model of the Batcave as seen in the classic 1960s TV series features 2 Batpoles for Batman™ and Robin™ to slide down, a selection of Bat-gadgets, helipad, plus a Batmobile and Batcopter.

• The Wayne Manor section of the model features Bruce Wayne’s study with the iconic Batphone, a hinged Shakespeare bust with secret button underneath, sliding false bookcase to access the Batpoles, and assorted elements including decorated wallpaper bricks, wall lamps, framed portraits, a framed fish and trophies. It also includes an exterior wall for climbing, with an opening roof for easy access to the Batpoles and an aerial element.

• The Batcave incorporates a hi-tech, 2-floor Bat Lab with Batcomputer element and a variety of detachable accessory elements, including a lie detector machine, table, chest of drawers, Bat-gadgets and test tubes with translucent elements. Also includes the iconic Batcave entrance for the Batmobile and a helipad for the Batcopter.

• The Batmobile features a dual cockpit with iconic Batphone, 2 stud shooters, an opening trunk, dual exhaust and sign stickers.

• The Batcopter has an opening cockpit for a minifigure, bat-inspired wings with 2 flick missiles, spinning rotors and a spinning propeller. A villain minifigure can grab onto the back of the Batcopter for more aerial battle action.

• The Batcycle features a driver’s seat for Batman™, translucent headlight element and a sidecar for Robin™.

• Also includes a cat.

• Weapons include The Joker’s TNT, Catwoman’s whip, The Riddler’s TNT and The Penguin’s umbrella.

• Accessory elements include Batman’s 3 Batarangs, rope, grappling hook and handcuffs.

• Includes separate minifigures for Batman™ and Robin’s alter-egos, so enter the secret doorway as Bruce and Dick, and slide down the Batpoles as LEGO® DC Super Heroes!

• Batcave measures over 18” (46cm) high, 22” (56cm) wide and 7” (20cm) deep.

• Batmobile measures over 2” (6cm) high, 8” (21cm) long and 2” (7cm) wide.

• Batcopter measures over 2” (7cm) high, 8” (22cm) long and 7” (19cm) wide.

• Batcycle measures over 1” (4cm) high, 3” (8cm) long and 1” (4cm) wide.


WATCH: This Custom LEGO Cheerios Vending Machine Serves A Bowl of Cereal in the Morning

Having a bright yellow LEGO Cheerios vending machine greet you in the morning may just be exactly what you need to perk up your day, much more if it serves you with a bowl of Cheerios.

This is exactly what Astonishing Studios came up with using LEGO Mindstorms  EV3 (31313). From the same creative minds that brought you the quirky custom LEGO McNuggets Vending Machine, the custom LEGO Cheerios Vending Machine works in a similar fashion using the Mindstorm’s electronic pieces. writer James Whitbrook adds, “The machine doesn’t just dispense you a nice bowl of milk and cereal—in around 30 seconds, which isn’t half bad—it uses the Mindstorm pieces to also sort currency, as the machine will only accept 2 Euro coins, and nothing else. On top of that, the build itself is very nice, from the Cheerios color scheme to the cutesy little cereal display, and even a little slot that stores your spoons.”

Cereal can be loaded in advance for early days when you simply don’t want to be bothered pouring a bowl of crunchy goodness yourself. Just don’t forget to check the milk and prepare some coins. Watch this cute vending machine’s video courtesy of Astonishing Studios and see if you want one.

Official Series 15 LEGO Minifigure Images!

The official images for all 16 of Series 15 LEGO Minifigures are now available. Here is a look at them all. After you scroll down and view, leave a comment about which of them you like most.

Animal Control








Clumsy Guy








Flying Warrior



Frightening Knight






Jewel Thief



Kendo Fighter



Laser Mech





Shark Suit Guy



Tribal Woman



Wrestling Champion





These Might Be The Most Customized LEGO Minifigures Ever

The cool thing about LEGO minifigures is that you can interchange and swap them with other minifig components. Consisted of a head-piece, the head itself, upper torso, lower torso, and one accessory, LEGO wants to stay true in its purpose of sparking creativity and variety even with its smallest of playthings, while allowing more room for its fans to be creative. And what better way to express this creativity through these highly customized LEGO minifigures.

Chris Lightfoot of Lincoln, England decided to push the limits of LEGO minifig customization to a whole new level with his unique, customized LEGO minifigures . During the day, he is a 3D printing specialist who develops artificial bones for the medical industry and models for architectural firms. Being a LEGO fan himself, he founded his online hobby store Funky 3D Faces. Lightfoot comments, “Although we do enjoy making bones and buildings we wanted to use the technology we had to make something fun and affordable to the masses.” For just less than US$30, you can have a funky, customized look of ‘your little monster’ and turn him into a little hero. According to their website, you just need to send along two clear photographs, one of the side of your head and one taken face-on. Funky 3D Faces then converts those photos into an “eerily lifelike” 3D head, as described by CNET reporter Amanda Kooser.

The process behind the creation of these 3D printed, customized LEGO minifigures is equally impressive as the outcome itself. “We convert 2 photographs into 3D – then using sophisticated full-color 3D printers, we create eerily life-like 15mm high heads,” Chris explains. The head-making process even includes your choice in hair style and color. The heads are sized to be more or less 15 millimeters. It has a sandstone finish with a hole in the neck that perfectly fits on any Lego minifigure. “This means you can turn yourself into whatever Lego character you want, whether it’s a Stormtrooper or one of the Ghostbusters”, adds Kooser. Tiny as it seems, the production of this 3D figure is somehow lengthy and usually takes up to two weeks. So plan accordingly if you need it for a special occasion or as a gift.


Source: CNET

LEGO Classic Batman TV Series Batcave Image!!!

We finally have our first look at the much anticipated LEGO Batman Classic TV Series Batcave (76052)!

LEGO 76052 Classic Batcave

Back of Box


You’ll see from the image that we get nine minifigures which includes Batman, Bruce Wayne, Robin, Dick Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth, Catwoman, The Joker, The Penguin and The Riddler. Buildable items include the classic Batmobile, Batcopter and a Batcycle. It you look at the top right of the box you’ll also notice that part of Wayne Manor is built out for Bruce and Dick to slide down the poll, into the Batcave and transform into Batman and Robin.

We have to retail price on this yet nor official release date. However, many are suggesting the release date will be March 1st with an early LEGO VIP member release of February 15th.

You’ll notice one of the classic villains missing is Mr. Freeze. For a few weeks this Mr. Freeze picture was seen on eBay. Most are now speculating that this minifig will be part of a promotional polybag at the LEGO store.



Volcano Sets Coming for LEGO City This Summer

NeoGAF is giving us a list of the names for the 2016 LEGO City sets.As you can see the list is all volcanoe related sets!!! Very Exciting! We’ve also posted some of the Creator sets coming this summer as well. 

2016 LEGO City Summer Sets

Volcano Starter Set (60120)

Volcano Research Truck (60121)

Volcano Crawler Vehicle (60122)

Volcano Supply Helicopter (60123)

Volcano Research Base (60124)

Gas Station (60132)

Fun at the Park (60134)

2016 Summer Creator Set Names

Dual-Rotor Helicopter (31049)

Cape Lighthouse (31051)

Holiday Destinations (31052)


List of Set Names for 2016 LEGO Nexo Knights Sets

The list of names for the summer 2016 LEGO Nexo Knights sets have surfaced. They are:

No pictures of further details on these sets, but we will get a good look at these at the upcoming NY Toy Fair, as well as all the other summer 2016 LEGO sets.