Tales of the Space Age LEGO Art Build Gains Entry to Ideas First 2022 Review

Tales of the Space Age

The latest Review Stage on LEGO Ideas is filling in rather nicely. The variety of product ideas that got 10,000 supporters in this period already check most general LEGO set types. Structural builds, from modern to old-western to medieval; and vehicles real or fantastic. We even have a buildable animal, a brick-built working clock replica, and…a toilet. All of these are free-standing builds. But there’s one niche LEGO theme that now has representation in the First 2022 Stage: LEGO Art. We can thank Ideas member john_carter for giving us this nifty and artistic set in the form of the LEGO product idea, Tales of the Space Age.

Here we have “Tales of the Space Age,” no less than three LEGO Art pieces created by john_carter. Each portrait-oriented artwork depicts three space-age events in raised relief via LEGO pieces. A rocket launches towards the stars. A lander probe traverses the surface of Mars. Finally, radar telescopes monitor the movement of comets and meteors. They can be displayed individually or side by side. Even their means of display can be varied. Let them stand like plaques on surfaces, or hang on the wall using hook slots made from Technic lift arms. At 10.4cm x 14.7 cm, the works are big enough for prominent visibility.

Tales of the Space Age

It’s good that a LEGO Art-esque build has joined the entries for Ideas review this early part of 2022. Whether it’s good and unique enough to convince the expert reviewers is another matter. But we’ve been surprised at chosen official LEGO Ideas sets before. Maybe “Tales of the Space Age” will surprise us later on.

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