Make Your Own LEGO Star Wars Porgs With These Building Instructions

Star Wars Day celebrations may all well be over, and in case you missed out on one of the LEGO Store highlights during May the 4th which is the Porg Make and Take Build Event, you’ll be pleased to know that here’s your chance to build one of your own. Thanks to Brickset, the building instructions to create this Porg are now available online for everyone to try. So while we’re waiting to see if the UCS-like Porg (75230) will really happen in October, try to see if you have the necessary parts to build this portable avian cutie. read more

Weekend Deals From The Brick Show Shop Now Up!

For those of you who were following our blogsite for quite some time, you may have already noticed that we now have a link that leads to our official merchandise page, the Brick Show Shop, which offers excellent custom LEGO mini kits, mostly designed by Build Better Bricks’ master builders Tyler Clites and Sean Mayo. Whether you want to add more fun to your existing LEGO City MOC by adding several custom brick-built arcades, or simply want to ‘wear’ your passion for the LEGO brick, then the Brick Show Shop has something to suit your fancy. read more

Check Out This Collection of Custom LEGO Marvel Busts Instructions Offered at an Incredibly Low Price Only on B3!

Build Better Bricks (B3) is currently running a promo that is too good to resist. We’ve seen the Mad Titan Thanos rendered in LEGO bricks last month, and his custom LEGO bust really placed a smile on our face. This time, get ready to bask in Marvel awesomeness as Master Builders Tyler and Sean offer not just 1, but 9 custom LEGO Marvel busts to make you grin with delight. The best part of it, you’ll get more than 30% discount on all the building instructions needed to create these Marvel masterpieces now that they’re selling off from the site at an incredibly low price of $30 for the entire bundle. read more

Here’s Your Chance To Win A Custom LEGO MOC from Brick Show and Build Better Bricks!

When it comes to superb custom brick built creations that you can actually build on your own, none comes first other than Build Better Bricks. For almost a year now, Master builder Tyler Clites have wowed us with his original LEGO MOCs based from various LEGO themes and IPs that we wish could have happened as an official LEGO set. Thankfully, we stumbled upon the idea of making these custom LEGO sets accessible to like-minded LEGO fans, giving everyone the opportunity to build these uber impressive creations. Hence, Build Better Bricks (or B3 for short) was born, and together with builder extraordinaire Sean Mayo, the site’s repertoire of quality custom LEGO instructions just keeps getting better and better. You’ve seen the videos of these custom sets, and also heard our thoughts on them, and this time we’re giving everyone a chance of owning one of these cool, custom LEGO sets. read more

Have Your Very Own Custom LEGO Disney Castle – in Micro Scale.

Alright, I know I may have probably pushed it a little bit with that headline, especially if you’re looking for a way to snag that ridiculously large LEGO Disney Castle (71040). It is an impressive set no doubt, so much so that it even caught the attention of the Beckhams, Kardashians and other A-list celebrities last year. Standing at almost 2 ½ feet tall, and more than 1 ½  feet wide, the LEGO Disney Castle (71040) is one majestically built set that any Disney fan would love to have. This time around, Build Better Bricks gives tribute to this iconic symbol of Disney magic by coming up with their very own micro scaled, custom LEGO Disney Castle. Designed by Master Builders Tyler Clites and Sean Mayo, this custom LEGO Disney Castle is the perfect, smaller scaled version of the original set, a perfect fit to adorn any Disney AFOL’s desk. read more