Here’s a Sneak Peak at the LEGO Batman Movie CMF Series 2.

So, it has finally come down to this. After months of speculation about Wave 3 of The LEGO Batman Movie sets, it seems that we now have our first, ‘unofficial’ confirmation of TLBM’s Series 2 of Collectible Minifigures. Though we’re still months away before they are supposed to be released in the market, one Reddit user – hiroki1998 – managed to have his hands on the series’ checklist/flyer. Just in case we are not making the brick police (aka LEGO’s legal team) jumping off from their seats again, we will take down this post anytime if the good guys in black suits will politely ask us. Check this out.

The way I see it, this next wave of TLBM collectible minifigs are way better in some aspects compared to the previous one. Where Series 1 capitalized on the many minifig variations of the Dark Knight himself, Series 2 pays homage to the rest of the heroes and villains that Batman has brushed shoulders with in the film. I reckon LEGO has a good pulse among the community when they sense that we are getting too saturated already with so many bat suits. In fact, we only have 2 Batman costumes out of 20 in this latest series. The rest were either iterations of the Bat Family as seen in the movie, or some selected members of the Justice League Party (also portrayed in the film), and some baddies that Joker himself introduced.

Here’s an “unofficial’ list of TLBM CMF Series 2 character names as they appear on the flyer.

  1. Disco Harley
  2. Disco Alfred
  3. Clock King
  4. Hugo Strange
  5. Mer-Bat
  6. Swimming Pool Batman with Dolphin
  7. Vacation Joker
  8. Vacation Robin
  9. Vacation Batgirl
  10. Vacation Alfred
  11. Soccer Mom Bat
  12. Killer Moth
  13. Jayna
  14. Zan
  15. Apache Chief
  16. Jor-El
  17. General Zod
  18. Doctor Phosphorus
  19. Black Canary
  20. Black Vulcan

There are so many minifigures here that I really want, its kind of hard to zero-in on one particular minifig! For starters, I’m sure I’m getting that Clock King, Swimming Pool Batman with Dolphin and Vacation Joker mifigures. What do you think brick fans? Excited about these latest CMF offering from the LEGO Batman Movie? Hit that comment button and share us what you think.

Gameplay Trophies for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 on Sony PS4 Revealed.

There’s only a week left now before LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 from Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and Traveller’s Tales makes its highly-anticipated grand entrance across the “Big Four” game consoles and platforms. Once again, there will be plenty of excitement and funny shenanigans as minifigure versions of the most popular heroes and villains of Marvel Comics embark on a brand-new action-adventure.


Now, owing to the format of past LEGO Marvel games, there are bound to be oodles of gameplay trophies to be earned in LMSH2 for online bragging rights and stuff. Thanks to some diligent work, achievements for the PS4 version of the game have been discovered and shared.

PSN Profiles has done marvelous work in tracking down ad documenting all trophies that can be earned in the Sony PlayStation 4 version of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. Thus far, the PS4 take has about 46 trophies in total, ranked in four classes from Bronze to Platinum.

Some trophies are rather quickly earned through normal gameplay while others might require some hunting and collecting. Compared to the first LMSH, the requirements don’t seem to be altogether intimidating, which is either a big bonus or a letdown, depending on player.

Here’s a quick rundown of the achievements: there are 37 Bronze trophies, 4 in silver, 4 gold ones, and one colored in platinum. If you haven’t guess, the platinum trophy is the “collect all the others” achievement, and PSN Profiles considers it “Ultra Rare.” Here’s some of the trophies to watch out for once you have your hands on the game. For the rest of the trophies, be sure to visit PSN Profiles’ web page. Be warned though – these trophies may pose a potential spoiler for the game so click with care.

Platinum Trophy 

Time to put things right
Collect all the trophies



Gold Trophies 

Grandmaster Greetings
Play ”Capture the Infinity Stone” in ‘Grandmaster Mode’



Kang’s for the Memories
Complete ”Out of Time”



EGO the LEGO Planet
Complete ”The Road to Knowhere”



Commotion in the Ocean
Complete ”Torg-nado”



Silver Trophies 

By A Horse’s Hair…
Complete ”On Board The Sword”



Road Rage 2
Smash 100 vehicles



We are Groot
Have Groot and Groot (Small) in a party



Comic Book Collector
Unlock and view all Minikit comics



As for the plot, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 takes place 4 years after its predecessor, and the heroes and villains of the LEGO Marvel Universe find themselves taking sides in the time-space-shattering plans of Kang the Conqueror. It also references the recently-premiered Thor: Ragnarok. The game comes out on November 14 for Windows PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Here again is the PS4 Trophy List, not listed here to avoid spoilers.

Amazon Takes 20% Off Their Price for the 2017 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75184).

The holiday season is almost here; the frenzy to get some seasonal shopping done is starting to build up into a fever pitch. Brands like LEGO make it a point to release their seasonal products quite early, like their various Advent Calendar sets that were put on their online shop, and Amazon, as early as September.

They have calendar sets themed after their City line (60155) and their girls-geared Friends line (41326), but for franchise fan-boys there can be no better acquisition than the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75184), and Amazon has deemed it right to slash its price.

For those who feel that the $39.99 retail price of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75184 could do with a sale discount, Amazon is getting its Santa Claus hat on for them. They are slashing a good 20% off that number and offering the advent calendar to buyers for only $31.99, Prime shipping included.

Fans of Star Wars and LEGO ought to take up this offer now, if buying from Amazon, as this is likely the lowest the 75814 set will get this year. The advent calendar set from 2016 never went below $31.95 in discount price on Amazon.

The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar contains 24 sweet mini-gifts of vehicles and minifigures of characters from the famous galaxy far, far away. The featured mini-spaceships include the Millennium Falcon (naturally), the Ghost from Star Wars: Rebels, Kylo Ren’s shuttle from The Force Awakens, a Y-Wing fighter and a TIE Striker among many.

Minifigures range from brave Rebels, to Stormtroopers from both the Galactic Empire and the First Order, with five blaster weapons among them. The unbelievably cute BB-8 droid is also part of the set, which includes a foldout play-mat featuring scenes from Episode VII. This Amazon bargain is calling to you, so follow General Leia Organa’s advice and “let it in.”

LEGO Ideas: Women of NASA (21312) is an Inspiring Set for Display.

It’s always an inspiring moment whenever a toy line decides to honor a real person by having a toy crafted in his or her image. In fact, LEGO is one of the leading toy brands in giving out these tributes for some of the pioneering figures of our history.

LEGO has been offering sets that seeks to inspire young minds to pursue careers in science and technology based on the accomplishments made by the most brilliant minds in science. The latest LEGO Ideas set seems to be a shoutout to previously released ones under the same theme: the first being the NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover (21104), and the other as a tribute to women in the STEM careers which is the Research Institute (21110). This time around, the LEGO  Ideas: Women of NASA (21312) is the next building set in the LEGO Ideas line that pays tribute to the invaluable contributions made by the most outstanding female scientists in the field of space exploration.

The Women of NASA (21312) set is the brainchild of science writer AFOL Maia Weinstock (aka 20tauri over at the LEGO Ideas website). After gaining the much coveted fan support and approval of the LEGO Review and Design Teams, this set is now a reality and is slated to be released to the public on November 1st.

The Women of NASA concept was Weinstock’s second attempt to submit an original project for LEGO Ideas that depicts women empowerment, the first being a fan submission that shows real-life women Supreme Court Justices which she aptly titled Legal Justice League – Women of the Supreme Court in LEGO. However, the LEGO Ideas Review Team declined to give it the green light for reasons that it is against LEGO’s policy of depicting any person in the government, or of politics, political symbols, campaigns or movements.

Though Maia’s first original fan submission was turned down, the approval of her second one is in itself a source of inspiration. The LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312) is perhaps a step further in shattering the age-old stereotype that building bricks and careers in STEM are simply just for boys. True, LEGO has delved with ideas of offering sets primarily for girls such as the Friends and Elves themes, but having the LEGO Ideas Women of NASA is a step further in teaching young, aspiring female scientists that being exceptional in the field of sciences is not determined by one’s gender.

Included in the LEGO Ideas: Women of NASA (21312) set are minifigures of software engineer Margaret Hamilton, who designed the Apollo spacecraft computer software, Hubble Space Telescope head planner Nancy Roman, and astronauts Sally Ride and Mae Jemison.

Their respective display cases show props such as Hamilton’s pile of Apollo computer source code books, a model of the Hubble Telescope for Roman, and a scale space shuttle for Ride and Jemison.

Set 21312 comes in a sturdy box while the building manual also includes biographies of the famous NASA women. All minifigures have detailed clothing detail and dual printed heads. It’s a must-buy and build for history-buff LEGO collectors.

The LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312) is a 231-piece set retailing for $25, and will be available to all by November 1st at all LEGO Brand stores and via

So what do you think brick fans, will you pick this one up once it hit shelves on November 1? Let us know in the comments below.