More Details on the Rumored LEGO Marvel Collectible Minifigures Series (71031)

After confirming the arrival of the next CMF series via LEGO’s online product catalog, more information is starting to come in prior to its arrival in September. As I’ve also mentioned before, this next Collectible Minifigure series will most likely tie in with the latest MCU-inspired Disney+ series, all brought together in the LEGO Marvel Collectible Minifigures Series (71031).

As reported by Promobricks, the latest word on brick street is that these minifigures will directly refer to the Disney+ MCU series that are currently available on the streaming platform, and one that is scheduled to arrive in August. So heads up if you haven’t seen some of these series yet and wish to avoid any heavy spoilers.

According to sources, these are what to expect from the LEGO CMF Series 71031. Remember that all of these minifigs are said to be based on MCU characters, in contrast to what LEGO offered last year with the LEGO DC Comics CMF (71026). This upcoming series will also include the popular “action element” – a relatively new angled bar that allows for a wide range of dynamic posing for these minifigures

        • Scarlet Witch
        • White Vision
        • Agatha Harkness (in her purple, witch form)
        • Captain America Sam Wilson (with shield and new wings)
        • Bucky Barnes (with new printed arm and knife)
        • Loki (in a trench coat with printed VARIANT at the back)
        • Throg (with a red cape and Frogjolnir)
        • Lady Loki
        • Captain Britain Peggy Carter (with shield and Tessaract)
        • Zombie Captain America
        • Star-Lord T’Challa (with a pair of blasters)
        • Spider-Man Steve Rogers (with new printing and cape)
        • Gamora (inspired by Thanos and wields a double blade similar to what the Mad Titan used)

I do not want to assume at this point that we are seeing the complete list here since we only have 13 characters as of now, and I feel that there might still be some other characters that are going to be included. Last year’s DC Comics CMF for example offered 16 minifigures, so we can somewhat expect that the LEGO Marvel Collectible Minifigures Series (71031) will follow in the same direction.

So what do you think about this list? Are we to see more MCU characters added to this series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s A Closer Look at the LEGO Star Wars Summer 2021 Minifigures

Earlier this June, the Japanese online LEGO catalog for 2H 2021 gave us a glimpse of the latest LEGO Star Wars summer 2021 sets that we can expect in August. But as it turned out, this catalog was uploaded a way bit early and was eventually removed from servers only to be replaced by an edited version without the said LEGO Star Wars sets. And thanks to Hoth Bricks, we can now have a closer look at the new and interesting minifigures that goes with this wave.

As shared by Hoth Bricks, it turns out that the building instructions for the LEGO Star Wars The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle (75314) that they received as a review copy, include a page dedicated to these new LEGO Star Wars summer 2021 minifigures.

LEGO Star Wars Summer 2021
Image via Hoth Bricks.

The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle, the Duel on Mandalore, Mandalorian Starfighter sets are already listed over at LEGO Shop@Home, except for the following:

Imperial Armored Marauder (75311)

478 pieces | € 39.99 | Minifigures include Greef Karga, Artillery Stormtrooper, Stormtroopers (2x)


Boba Fett’s Starship-Slave I (75312)

592 pieces | € 49.99 | Minifigures include Din Djarin in Mandalorian armor, Boba Fett


Imperial Light Cruiser (75315)

1,336 pieces | € 159.99 | Minifigures include Din Djarin in Mandalorian armor, Moff Gideon, Grogu, Cara Dune, Fennec Shand, and a Dark Trooper


The Mandalorian Forge (75319)

258 pieces | € 29.99 | Minifigures include Din Djarin in Mandalorian armor, The Armorer, Paz Vizsla


These sets are yet to appear at LEGO’s home shopping portal but considering that their release is expected to be sometime in August, then they might be making their official appearance at LEGO Shop@Home anytime soon.

MOC Mondays: This Custom LEGO Mecha Godzilla May Require Two Titans to Bring It Down

It’s the start of the week and what a nice way to ruminate on that next LEGO MOC by being inspired to go big. By big, I mean in huge titanic proportions such as what our next featured LEGO fan builder has in mind. Are you planning to go large with your next LEGO building project? Then you may want to check out this custom LEGO Mecha Godzilla.

LEGO Mecha Godzilla

Shared online by Reddit user YesStonks, his brick-rendition of the infamous Mecha Godzilla from the recent Monsterverse films is imposing enough to even stop the true King of the Monsters off his tracks. Even the design and construction of this custom LEGO Mecha Godzilla is not for the faint of heart – with more than 4,400 bricks needed to create this cool mecha monstrosity, the final build stands at 16.1 inches, and 27.8 inches if the tail is included. It also cost LEGO fan builder YesStonks a total of $533 to gather the required pieces over at Bricklink.

From its bulky design to the elaborate details of its back and tail, YesStonks successfully managed to render this robotic adversary to one fine LEGO creation. And to push the bar higher (if you don’t mind the huge spoiler up ahead in case you haven’t seen the film until now, I suggest you stop scrolling now), this custom LEGO Mecha Godzilla looks way cooler as it faces off against the combined tag-team efforts of Godzilla and Kong. This rogue mecha does not have a chance.

LEGO Mecha Godzilla

As of today, YesStonks is still waiting for the approval of the LEGO Ideas Team if the platform will eventually consider his custom LEGO Mecha Godzilla as a valid LEGO product idea entry. If ever his original build is considered, then it’s not hard to imagine 10,000 LEGO fans rallying behind this original creation.

If you wish to know more about the LEGO Ideas platform, then be sure to check the latest LEGO product ideas that managed to gather the necessary 10K fan votes to move on to the next LEGO Ideas Review Cycle. Happy building!

LEGO Disney The Ice Castle (43197) Features a 2-Feet Tall Set

LEGO has listed another castle set and this time around coming from the Disney Frozen franchise. The LEGO Disney The Ice Castle (43197) is now listed at LEGO Shop@Home with a release date of July 1st, 2021.

LEGO Disney The Ice Castle

Clocking in at 1,709 pieces the LEGO Disney The Ice Castle stands at 25.5 inches tall, making it just 4 inches shy of the tallest LEGO Disney set of all time which is the LEGO Disney Cinderella Castle (71040). The aesthetics of the LEGO Disney The Ice Castle does not fail to impress as well, using a generous amount of translucent blue pieces, the overall build is immediately recognizable as that from the film franchise with its double-sided grand staircase, great hall, ice fountain with nine figures included. The set is also expected to retail for $200 once it is available starting July 1, 2021.

Read on for the complete product description below together with its official images. Click on the following affiliate link if you want this set added to your LEGO must-have wishlist.

LEGO Disney The Ice Castle (43197)

1,709 pieces | $199.99 | Figures include Coronation Elsa, Kristoff, Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Snowgie (4x)

LEGO Disney The Ice Castle

Older kids and adults alike will love building this incredible LEGO® ǀ Disney The Ice Castle (43197) toy set, featuring a challenging build full of details linking to the movies, a smaller Arendelle castle builds, plus printed building instructions and digital Instructions PLUS.

A unique Frozen building experience
Fans of the movies will instantly recognize the castle with the curved, double-sided staircase that leads up to the throne room, the glistening ice fountain, the balcony, and much more. Builders can spend hours discovering everything as they assemble and play with the castle, or set it up for display.

Remarkable model
Standing impressively tall, this challenging model will engage fans for hours, with Disney’s Anna, 2 versions of Elsa in her coronation look as well as her iconic outfit, Kristoff and Olaf, plus 4 LEGO Snowgie figures. At over 1,700 pieces, this set will make a meaningful holiday gift that appeals to Disney Frozen fans young and old.

  • Inspire amazement with this outstanding LEGO® ǀ Disney The Ice Castle (43197) set, a great treat to spark fond memories of the beloved movies for up-in-age fans of Disney’s Frozen.
  • Create an impressive model of the iconic castle, complete with a grand staircase, great hall, and ice fountain, plus 9 characters, including 4 mini-doll figures and an Olaf LEGO® figure.
  • This amazing LEGO® ǀ Disney set is loaded with accessories, including a miniature, buildable model of Arendelle Castle and a ship in a bottle. Great for reliving movie scenes or open-ended play.
  • Any Disney Frozen fan aged 14 and up will love this unique and challenging, buildable model. The castle, with over 1,700 pieces, is full of clever details and makes an incredible gift for anyone.
  • With the castle measuring over 25.5 in. (65 cm) high, 13.5 in. (35 cm) wide and 7.5 in. (19 cm) deep, this set is beautiful on display and perfect for encouraging imaginative role-play fun.

ICYMI: LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar (76390)

In case you missed it, LEGO Shop@Home has now listed this year’s LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar (76390), with a release date slated for September 1, 2021. This set also features six minifigures and plenty of magical micro-builds to celebrate the holidays.

Check out the following product description below for more details. And if you wish to add this to your LEGO wishlist, just click on the following affiliate link below.

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar (76390)

274 pieces | $39.99 | Coming Soon on September 1, 2021

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

A special Christmas treat for Harry Potter™ fans. The LEGO® Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar (76390) contains 24 daily gifts for kids to reveal throughout December’s build-up to Christmas.

Magical toys to recreate iconic Harry Potter scenes
Behind each of the calendar’s 24 doors is a different gift. There are 6 minifigures – Harry Potter, Ron Weasley™, Hermione Granger™, Draco Malfoy™, Dudley Dursley, and Griphook – plus exciting items and enchanting accessories from the Harry Potter movies. As the big day approaches, kids can combine the toys to recreate Harry’s amazing journey from Privet Drive to Hogwarts™: the Hogwarts letters arriving through the fireplace; collecting gold from Gringotts’ vault; picking up Harry’s school supplies; and meeting Hedwig™ the owl. A colorful spinner unlocks even more excitement with a fun game. With so many play possibilities, the magic will last all year! Also includes 2 random wizard card tiles (16 in total to collect).

  • Give Harry Potter™ fans the ultimate magical build-up to Christmas with the gift-a-day LEGO® Harry Potter Advent Calendar (76390). Behind each of the 24 doors is a toy to build, play with and display.
  • Includes Harry Potter™, Ron Weasley™, Hermione Granger™, Draco Malfoy™, Dudley Dursley, and Griphook minifigures, plus buildable models such as Gringotts’ gold vault. Also includes 2 wizard card tiles.
  • As the big day approaches, kids can combine the toys to recreate Harry’s amazing journey from Privet Drive to Hogwarts™ and play out enchanting adventures of their own.
  • This enchanting Harry Potter™ calendar is an ideal pre-Christmas gift for any young witch or wizard aged 7 and up – with 24 days of surprises and imaginative fun that lasts all year long.
  • The 24 gifts found within this special holiday calendar combine easily with all other LEGO® Harry Potter™ sets for endless creative building, imaginative play, and impressive displays.
  • Buildable play experiences include Hogwarts™ letters arriving through the Dursley’s fireplace, lunch at a Great Hall table, and a train cart carrying Hedwig™ and Harry’s school supplies.
  • Behind door 24 is a colorful spinner that unlocks the excitement of the fun board game printed on the calendar.


It is also nice to see that LEGO is now introducing additional licensed themes in its advent calendar series. You may want to check the recently revealed LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar (76196) and this year’s LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75307) if you wish to add more brick-building fun during your family’s holiday festivities.

New LEGO Jurassic World Summer 2021 Sets Officially Revealed

Following the official reveal and listing of more LEGO licensed sets, the LEGO Jurassic World theme has also received its share of new sets slated to be released in August and September.

These latest product update to the Jurassic spanning theme includes several new dinosaur figures such as a recolored Baryonyx and stygimoloch, a new baby ankylosaurus and triceratops, and an all-new T-rex fossil.

Check out these official images of these upcoming LEGO Jurassic World summer 2021 sets, and click on their respective affiliate links if you wish to add them to your LEGO wishlist.

T. rex and Triceratops Dinosaur Breakout (10939)

36 pieces | $29.99 | Coming Soon on August 1, 2021

LEGO Jurassic World

Stygimoloch Dinosaur Escape (76939)

129 pieces | $39.99 | Coming Soon on September 1, 2021

T. rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition (76940)

198 pieces | $29.99 | Coming Soon on September 1, 2021

LEGO Jurassic World

Carnotaurus Dinosaur Chase (76941)

240 pieces | $49.99 | Coming Soon on September 1, 2021

Baryonyx Dinosaur Boat Escape (76942)

308 pieces | $79.99 | Coming Soon on September 1, 2021

More LEGO Licensed Sets Listed for Summer 2021 Release

LEGO Shop@Home has now been updated once again to include new, never-before-seen LEGO licensed sets slated for August and October.  A few days ago, we also shared something in that direction coming from the LEGO Super Mario line. And this time, LEGO has updated its listings to include one new set from each of LEGO’s major licensed themes such as that from Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics.

All of these new LEGO licensed sets are now available for pre-order, most of them scheduled to be available in October. Check out their official product descriptions and images, and if you wish to pre-order now, kindly click on the following affiliate links below.

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Meditation Chamber (75296)

663 pieces | $69.99 | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from August 1, 2021

“You have failed me for the last time, Admiral…” Relive a dramatic scene from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back as you build the first-ever LEGO® brick model of the Darth Vader Meditation Chamber (75296). Kick back and enjoy some quality time immersed in the rewarding building process and recreate lots of authentic details. The chamber opens and closes just like the real thing and features a big screen, control panels, a rotating seat for Darth Vader, and a place for General Veers to stand opposite him.

Built for display
This set includes LEGO minifigures of Darth Vader and General Veers. A nameplate completes an eye-catching centerpiece that is a nice size to display on a shelf or as a desk ornament and will enhance the decor of your home or workplace.

Impressive gift
Part of a collection of LEGO Star Wars™ building kits for adults, this premium-quality set makes a fun, creative gift for yourself, Star Wars fans, or keen LEGO builders in your life.

  • Find your building zen and relive an iconic Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back scene as you construct the first-ever LEGO® brick model of the Darth Vader Meditation Chamber (75296).
  • This build-to-display model comes with 2 LEGO® Star Wars™ minifigures: Darth Vader and General Veers with a blaster pistol.
  • The chamber opens and closes like the real thing and has a rotating seat for Darth Vader, a big screen, control panels, a stud for General Veers to stand on, plus a nameplate.
  • This set is part of a series of collectible LEGO® Star Wars™ build-to-display models.
  • This awesome 663-piece set offers a rewarding building experience and makes the best birthday, holiday, or surprise gift for any Star Wars™ enthusiast, experienced LEGO® builder, or hobbyist.
  • Measuring over 7 in. (18 cm) high, 6.5 in. (16 cm) wide, and 7.5 in. (19 cm) deep, this buildable model doesn’t require much space for display, but is sure to catch people’s attention.
LEGO Marvel Sanctuary II: Endgame Battle (76237)

265 pieces | $29.99 | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from October 1, 2021


Put a kid’s passion for the Marvel Cinematic Universe on show for all their friends to admire. The LEGO® Marvel Sanctuary II: Endgame Battle (76237) is packed with realistic details to inspire imaginative play and impressive displays.

Detailed spaceship and iconic characters
The 4-winged Sanctuary II spaceship, with its menacing array of 6 stud shooters, puts Marvel movie action into kids’ hands. The spacious cockpit opens to reveal a pilot’s seat and instrument panel from where the mighty Thanos controls the ship. Down below in the cargo room sits the Infinity Gauntlet. The set contains 3 minifigures: Iron Man, with blue power blasts and a shooter; Captain Marvel with fiery power blasts and a shield; and Thanos, with a golden helmet and double-bladed sword. Solid side rails make it easy for kids to grip and maneuver the large craft as they recreate scenes from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame and enjoy imaginative adventures of their own.

  • LEGO® Marvel Sanctuary II: Endgame Battle (76237) is a sought-after spacecraft from the Marvel movies packed with realistic details to inspire imaginative play and impressive displays.
  • Includes 3 minifigures: Iron Man, with power blasts and a shooter; Captain Marvel with fiery power blasts and a shield; and Thanos, with a golden helmet and double-bladed sword.
  • The buildable spacecraft has an opening cockpit, opening cargo hold, and 6 stud shooters. Kids join the 2 Super Heroes in a battle to prevent Thanos from using the Infinity Gauntlet.
  • This spectacular, play-and-display building toy makes a great birthday present, holiday gift, or special treat for kids aged 7 and up.
  • The buildable spaceship measures over 2.5 in. (7 cm) high, 7 in. (18 cm) long, and 14 in. (36 cm) wide – small enough to grip in one hand, but large enough for epic adventures.


LEGO Batman Classic TV Series Batman Cowl (76238)

372 pieces | $59.99 | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from October 1, 2021

Immerse yourself in a rewarding model-making project as you recreate the unforgettable style of the classic Batman™ TV series. Created with adult fans in mind, LEGO® DC Batman Classic TV Series Batman Cowl (76238) is satisfying to build and stunning to display.

Iconic Batman helmet to build and display
This LEGO brick recreation of the distinctive cowl worn by the famous TV incarnation of the Caped Crusader™ is sure to attract attention and admiration wherever it is displayed. With an information plaque attached to the sturdy, removable base, this remarkable model will provide great pleasure and satisfaction long after the construction work has finished.

  • Specially created with adult fans in mind, LEGO® DC Batman™ Classic TV Series Batman Cowl (76238) captures the distinct style of the much-loved TV series.
  • This authentic, 372-piece LEGO® brick recreation of the iconic Batman™ helmet comes with a sturdy base featuring an attached information plaque.
  • Escape the real world and immerse yourself in an absorbing construction project – then enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of your completed model long after the hands-on work has finished.
  • This stunning, buildable display model makes a great birthday present, holiday gift, or personal treat for adult Batman™ fans and model-making enthusiasts.
  • Measuring over 7 in. (19 cm) high, 3 in. (10 cm) wide, and 4 in. (12 cm) deep, this captivating model provides an attractive conversation piece, whether displayed in your home or workplace.

New LEGO Star Wars Designer Videos Released

In case you missed it (or have been imprisoned in carbonite steel for as long as you can remember), LEGO has recently released two LEGO Star Wars 18+ sets that each deserves a prime spot on any LSW fan’s collection. Both released just several weeks ago, the Imperial Probe Droid (75306), and a remake of a classic LEGO set, the iconic R2-D2 (75308), are now both available over at LEGO Shop@Home in case you’re interested to add this to our LEGO must-haves. And before you add these sets to your LSW collection, then you may want to watch these latest designer videos that LEGO has shared over YouTube.

For more information about these sets, you may want to click on the following LEGO affiliate links that will bring you to LEGO’s online shopping portal.

For now, let’s watch this.

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid (75306)

683 pieces | $59.99 


LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 (75308)*

2,314 pieces | $199.99

*Update: It seems that R2-D2 is currently out of stock over at LEGO’s online shopping portal. You may want to check instead with your nearest LEGO brand store for its availability.

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021 Official Set Images Released

After being spotted on the wild in an undisclosed LEGO Store in the UK, third-party retailer Amazon France has now published the official set images for the LEGO Marvel Summer 2021 sets. These images give us a closer look at what to expect from these much-awaited sets and a brief description of their play features via Google Translate. Missing from our previous post was TGOG’s Benatar which is pretty amazing in itself and reminds me of Tyler’s brick version of the Milano that you can find over at Build Better Bricks. I’m still waiting to see them listed over at LEGO Shop@Home, and we can be sure that it will happen anytime soon. In the meantime, let’s take a look at these.

Black Panther Dragon Flyer (76186)

202 pieces

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021

  • This LEGO Avengers toy features one of the Avengers’ most iconic airplanes: the futuristic Black Panther plane with adjustable wings
  • It has an opening cockpit in which you can sit a minifigure, shoot with 2 stud shooters and dodge the enemy’s blaster
  • Includes 3 Black Panther minifigures to stimulate the imagination: Black Panther, his sister Shuri and a Chitauri warrior armed with a blaster
  • Kids can recreate the action from the Marvel movie by moving the 4 wings forward, back, up, or down to perform maneuvers with this Avengers toy
  • Special LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Birthday, Christmas, and Holiday gift for Marvel moviegoers ages 8 and up


Captain America and Hydra Face-Off  (7618)

49 pieces

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021

  • This LEGO Marvel Super Heroes set features a buildable motorcycle toy and disc shooter with a detachable blaster for epic battles
  • Starter brick and simplified building steps allow kids to build the bike while building confidence
  • Includes Captain America mini figure with his famous shield and Agent Hydra for endless adventures
  • Kids will be able to push the Captain America figure on his motorcycle toy and fight against Hydra, just like in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Created to stimulate imagination and dexterity, the LEGO Captain America Superhero toy builds confidence in preschoolers


Iron Man: Iron Monger Mayhem (76190)

479 pieces

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021

  • This LEGO Marvel Super Heroes robot toy features articulated limbs and a suspension that connects the body and shoulders for more realistic movement
  • With a cockpit that opens to accommodate an Iron Man figurine, this superhero toy allows you to pull 6 studs with the right arm, and 3 with the left arm
  • The reactor in his chest glows as the kids spin and adjust the robot’s position to shoot
  • Includes Iron Man, Obadiah Stane, and Pepper Potts Marvel minifigures for endless play
  • LEGO Marvel Avengers building sets make a great birthday present for boys and girls ages 9 and up, bringing their favorite superhero to life


Avengers Endgame Final Battle (76192)

527 pieces

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021

  • This set of LEGO buildings from the Avengers toy consists of Iron Man’s laboratory where he builds the Nano Gauntlet.
  • Features include a large barrel that spins, tilts, and fires a large rubber-tipped arrow and roof-mounted turn and tilt radar
  • Features a recreation and meeting space, where superheroes can meet, an opening truck with a time machine, and a prison
  • Includes 6 LEGO Avengers superhero minifigures: Thor, Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and a Centauri warrior
  • Also includes a Thanos minifigure and an Ant-Man micro-figure; accessories include snacks, drinks, and a gun rack
  • This superhero toy for ages 8+ is packed with authentic details, like Thanos’ double-bladed sword, which rebuilds into 2 separate swords


The Guardians’ Ship (76193)

1,901 pieces

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021

  • Includes the iconic Guardians of the Galaxy LEGO spaceship with an opening cockpit and room for all the LEGO Marvel minifigures in the set
  • Fun features include a weapons store, computer, and a place for LEGO Marvel Avengers minifigures to eat donuts and drink coffee
  • Includes LEGO minifigures of Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Mantis, Thor, and a Chitauri warrior, plus cool weapons and accessories
  • It’s fun inside and out, with its sturdy, rotating stand allowing the spaceship to be positioned in a dynamic display
  • This large 1901 piece LEGO building set measures 36cm long and 59cm wide, a great Guardians of the Galaxy gift for fans of Avengers toys


LEGO Marvel Summer 2021 Sets Spotted in the UK

It looks like there’s another excited LEGO Store employee that was a bit too eager to put these sets on display. Brickset member Sean Nualart snapped these photos of the much-talked-about LEGO Marvel Summer 2021 that he spotted on display at an undisclosed LEGO Store in the UK. This summer wave of LEGO Marvel offerings features five sets, collectively referred to under the Infinity Saga subtheme. These are just the sets’ respective box arts understandably, but they’re sufficient to provide us a clear idea of what to expect from them. Let’s just hope that LEGO will make the official reveal anytime soon, or by next week at the very most. In the meantime, let’s take a look at these images.

Black Panther Dragon Flyer (76186)

202 pieces | £17.99 | Minifigures include Black Panther, Shuri, Chitauri

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021


Captain America and Hydra Face-Off (76189)

49 pieces | £8.99 | Minifigures include Captain America, Hydra Agent

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021


Iron Man: Iron Monger Mayhem (76190)

479 pieces | £34.99 | Minifigures include Iron Man, Pepper Potts, Obadiah Stane


Infinity Gauntlet (76191)

590 pieces | £59.99


Avengers Endgame Final Battle (76192)

527 pieces | £79.99 | Minifigures include Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, Thanos, Chitauri


I’ll bet my bricks that the Infinity Gauntlet (76191) will be on top of most AFOLs’ checklist of LEGO Marvel sets this summer. It may not be strictly a wearable type of build (though I wish LEGO gave us that kind of option), but still, it’s a great display set alongside the Iron Man Helmet (76165). And speaking of Iron Man, this brick version of the Iron Monger is really spot on, coming in on a minifigure scale. I love what LEGO did here, with the set’s details and form. It looks like LEGO is getting better and better at designing mech-inspired sets, in my opinion.

As of this posting, these LEGO Marvel Summer 2021 sets are still yet to appear over at LEGO Shop@Home. But given that these sets are all probably waiting in storerooms of LEGO Stores (plus the facts that some employees are already too excited to put them on shelves), then it is most likely that we will get an official listing on LEGO’s shopping portal anytime soon. Special thanks also to Brickset for sharing these images.