LEGO Minifigure Polybag for “Shazam!” (30623) Spotted by Bricklink

Observers might have noticed that while LEGO was great with MCU tie-in sets, they haven’t been as focused with Warner-DC. “Avengers: Endgame” had sets and so will “Spider-Man: Far from Home.” Still, what of “Shazam!” which premiered last month? Sure it had a DLC pack for “LEGO DC Super-Villains,” but where are its tie-in sets?

A new product listing by Bricklink reveals that there is one after all. It’s no boxed LEGO building set; instead it’s a minifigure polybag. Numbered 30623, the character inside is pretty much obvious. It’s Shazam himself, smarmy smile and all.

French LEGO news source Brick Heroes even noticed something about the minifigure design for LEGO Shazam! (30623). It’s a retool of the Shazam minifig in “Batwing and the Riddler Heist” (76120), from the “Batman 80th Anniversary” sets. The body’s the same, but the hooded cape accessory and head (evoking current comic-book design) have been replaced.

Now the 30623 minifigure version has a high-collar cape (like the movie) and a LEGO-rendition of Zachary Levi’s face. All told, the film Shazam does look better and more heroic.

There’s no word yet on the polybag’s availability, either for sale or as a gift-with-purchase thing. We can surmise however that the cape looks like other minifigure clothing accessories. That means they’re probably stored in a smaller bag within the main polybag. Once the LEGO Shazam! (30623) minifigure is gotten, the usual caution is expected when tearing the bag open.


Here’s a First Look at the LEGO Spider-Man: Far From Home Minifigure Pack (40343)

By now we can safely say that the frenzy for Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame has begun to subside, while faithful followers of the MCU franchise now look forward to Spider-Man: Far from Home this July. This sequel to Homecoming is the true final part of Phase 3, and has already gotten plenty of tie-ins coming soon from LEGO. However it’s not all adventurous set-pieces and hi-tech vehicles for LEGO Marvel’s Far from Home. They’ll also have some smaller products that can easily be afforded. Rather than one minifigure though, they have a bunch included in this one. Check out this upcoming LEGO Spider-Man: Far From Home Minifigure Pack (40343).

The first image of this product comes to us courtesy of French LEGO news source Brick Heroes. It’s a 49-piece blister pack with enough minifig components for three characters. With the Far From Home Minifigure Pack (40343) we get Spider-Man, Maria Hill and Peter’s friend Ned. There’re also leftovers to make a drone and accessories.

From what Brick Heroes says, we’ll only get the Maria Hill and Ned minifigs exclusively on this pack. That would make this set a hot commodity for collectors looking to complete the LEGO Spider-Man: Far from Home tie-ins. There’s no word yet on its availability, but the film premieres July 2.

For the time being, while waiting for the LEGO Spider-Man: Far From Home Minifigure Pack (40343), be sure to check out the rest of the LEGO tie-in sets under the Far From Home subtheme such as the Molten Man Battle (76128), Hydro-Man Attack (76129), and Stark Jet and the Drone Attack (76130) all currently available at

Building Instructions for LEGO Star Wars May the 4th Make & Take, Both Tantive IV and LEGO Australia’s X-Wing

If you recall, during May the Fourth multiple LEGO Stores worldwide held a “Star Wars” Make & Take building event. The subject was a miniature version of the new hot set the Tantive IV (75244). We mentioned that the building instructions for these will appear eventually. Guess what: they did.

Our fellow LEGO news source Brick Fanatics actually put up the official instructions day after May the Fourth. Now, LEGO Star Wars fans that couldn’t get to the Make & Take at participating LEGO Stores can build the micro-Tantive themselves. But it turns out not all LEGO Stores offered that.


Over down under, LEGO Australia had their own Make & Take event during May the Fourth last week. Rather than Princess Leia’s blockade runner, the subject was another famous Rebel spacecraft. This was shared by “Star Wars” news site Rebelscum. Aussie fans instead got to make the more-iconic X-Wing fighter.

Now, the Make & Take event held by LEGO Australia had provision for only 100 participants. Luckily Rebelscum managed to acquire the official building instructions. Like Brick Fanatics did with the mini-Tantive IV, Rebelscum have now shared their find online.


It might take some hunting down of the specific parts needed (plus online retail scrounging if necessary). The result will be a nice mini-build of the X-Wing with S-foils locked in attack position; Happy building.

Revisit “The Goblet of Fire” with Two More Newly-Revealed LEGO Harry Potter Summer 2019 Sets

There are so many LEGO sets being announced this summer that it can be daunting to track them all. Luckily you’ve got us to help you keep tabs. This one’s for LEGO Harry Potter fans. Remember the summer sets revealed last April? It turns out there’s still more coming up.

For a change, our source for the official images of these new LEGO Harry Potter sets’ a dedicated Potter-site. MuggleNet shared these sweet photos of more Potter-goodness in LEGO form. Similar to the other announced sets, these depict iconic scenes from the films. This time, it’s “The Goblet of Fire.”

Beauxbatons’ Carriage: Arrival at Hogwarts (75958) – $49.99

  • Features flying school carriage of France’s wizarding school Beauxbatons
  • Buildable carriage transforms into two-floor living quarters
  • Includes minifigures of Hagrid, Madame Maxine, and Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour, plus two Abraxan (pegasus) figures


The Rise of Voldemort (75965) – $19.99

  • Relive the hair-raising first encounter between Harry Potter and a revived Voldemort
  • Buildable graveyard scene with tombstones (including that of Tom Riddle Sr., Voldemort’s father)
  • Includes minifigures of Harry Potter, Voldemort, masked Death Eater, Peter Pettigrew and the Grim Reaper statue on the Riddle tomb; plus the magicked Tri-Wizard Cup portkey; minus any sign of Cedric Diggory, rest in peace


Both sets are due for August according to LEGO. That slots them in between some of the earlier-announced sets, which also includes the 2019 LEGO-Potter advent calendar (75964), due September.

Possible LEGO Trolls Movie Tie-In Sets Teased for 2020

It’s always awesome when two companies from the same country collaborate on one effort or other. LEGO isn’t the only classic toy to come from Denmark, you see. In the 1960s another Danish woodworker, Thomas Dam, created the iconic troll doll. It became a recurring toy fad throughout the decades, and is now currently under DreamWorks. And that’s why DreamWorks released the “Trolls” movie in 2016. It was popular enough that it got a sequel green-light. “Trolls World Tour” is expected to premiere next year. And it looks like this Danish-originating toy line is teaming up with LEGO for a bunch of LEGO Trolls movie tie-in sets.

This much could be inferred from a recent Twitter post by LEGO. It showed a minifigure from the shoulders down, wearing a tag with the movie title. They captioned the image with “It’s all glitter and happiness,” two taglines long associated with the Trolls line.

The question of how DreamWorks Trolls will be interpreted in LEGO is quite interesting. Troll dolls are famous for their furry up-combed hair. Could we be having minifigure heads with Troll hair wisps on the scalps? That’s an intriguing possibility.

It should be recalled that the original DreamWorks “Trolls” movie in 2016 got an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song. One has to wonder how “Trolls World Tour” will try to match or top that. In any case, this is a wonderful instance of Danish toy brand power, and one we hope could happen again. “Trolls World Tour” premieres 2020.

From the looks of it, it seems that LEGO is looking forward to expand its licensed themes following its recent tease of the LEGO Stranger Things line. Though we may not always agree with LEGO on its choice of what particular pop culture reference it would like to immortalize on plastic, we can be quite sure that LEGO will always bring out the best from these themes.

New “LEGO DC: Batman” Home-Release Film Coming Up: “Family Matters”

The big-screen “LEGO Movie” franchise is taking stock of itself following the meh reception of “LEGO Movie 2.” But elsewhere, the home media branch of LEGO animation continues unabated. Their “LEGO DC” movies in this vein have seen at least one film released yearly. Last 2018, we got “Aquaman: Rage of Atlantis.” Now we’ve got another LEGO DC adventure coming.

This is “LEGO DC: Batman – Family Matters,” focusing on the Dark Knight and his family of Gotham City crime-fighters. A trailer for this home-release movie shows the characteristic blending of family comedy with adult bonuses.

“Family Matters” sees Batman (Troy Baker) make a misstep in putting more time in his “Dark Knight” business. He does this by putting up his company, Wayne Enterprises, for sale. Unfortunately it gets bought by Gotham rogue Two-Face, who uses “Brother Eye” Tech to create an army to rule/destroy Gotham.

LEGO Batman must then work with his costumed partners Nightwing (Will Friedle), Red Hood (Jason Spisak), Robin (Scott Menville), Batgirl (Alison Steiner) and Batwoman (Tara Strong) to infiltrate his former company and regain control. He must also ensure that Two-Face doesn’t discover his dual identity by reinforcing that Batman and Bruce Wayne are different individuals.

What ensues is a madcap adventure with fun gags, clever asides and of course, the expected signature LEGO-environment fun. “LEGO DC: Batman – Family Matters” will be released for home media on August 6. As expected, there will be a LEGO extra included on the Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack: the LEGO Mini Ultimate Batmobile polybag.

Home Video for “LEGO Movie 2” Now Available, with Different Extras from Different Retail Chains

When it comes to the sequel, the song as it were didn’t get stuck inside our heads. We’re talking about “LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part,” sequel to the 2014 blockbuster that wasn’t quite able to click. At least the tie-in LEGO sets and videogame were good enough to compensate.

Perhaps the momentum could be shifted from the cinemas to houses. Warner Bros. Pictures announced the home media release for “LEGO Movie 2” back in March. As of this week that day has finally arrived. The three major video formats of this age – Blu-Ray, Digital and DVD – are well-represented here.

Also notable is that some of the retailers stocking the “LEGO Movie 2” home media versions have their own exclusives. Two of these retail chains have tie-in polybags released months ago. A third has a more prestigious packaging instead. Compare these three sets and choose:

  1. Wal-Mart – Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital Copy combo pack with Emmet’s “Piece” Offering (30340) for $29.99
  2. Target – Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital Copy combo pack with Rex’s Plantimal Ambush (30460) for $27.99
  3. Best Buy – Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital Copy combo pack in sturdy SteeBook storage with General Sweet Mayhem art for $29.99

Note also that the Blu-Ray will include more stuff than just the actual movie itself. From a sing-along of “Everything is Awesome,” the expected commentary voiceovers, production featurettes, a short animation, and much more. It’s strange that no “Catchy Song” sing-along was included. Still, this is a second opportunity for “LEGO Movie 2” to become memorable for LEGO fan audiences.

LEGO BOOST “Realizes” Brick-Built “Star Wars” Droids with Upcoming Droid Commander Kit (75253)

For LEGO and its variety of products, the level of complexity available depends on how intricate you want your builds. It can either be like the interlocking Technic system, or brick-built sets with programmable internal mechanics. That’s been tackled by LEGO in their STEM-leaning BOOST sets, which offer basic programming.

With the recent Star Wars Celebration and May the Fourth franchise fandom events, LEGO saw a prime opportunity to announce a new BOOST building-programming kit. As might be expected, it’s based on “Star Wars.” Droid Commander (75253) sees players assemble brick renditions of three Droid models from the franchise and program them with multiple motions and functions like real robots.


The LEGO Boost Droid Commander (75253) set has the usual BOOST downloadable mobile app, color and distance sensors, Bluetooth-powers “Move Hub,” interactive motors and enough pieces to create an Imperial Mouse Droid, a blocky GNK (“Gonk”) Droid, or R2-D2 itself.

LEGO Star Wars fans can expect BOOST Droid Commander (75253) to be released in September 1. LEGO Group CMO Julia Goldin remarks that putting the “Star Wars” theme on the LEGO BOOST system was a great way to fire up imaginations of young program encoders while building their STEM knowledge.


With over 40 possible programming “missions” that can be given via BOOST app to the Droid Commander (75253) builds, the Galactic-level fun never ends. To paraphrase Obi-Wan Kenobi, “These are the Droids we’re looking for.”

LEGO Promotes Star Wars Tantive IV Set (75244) with Stop Motion Video Evoking “Rogue One” for Kids

It may not be on an epic scale as the humongous UCS Millennium Falcon set (75192), but this year’s big LEGO Star Wars ship build, the Tantive IV (75244), is getting plenty of well-earned attention. While it won’t become available until the May the Fourth “Star Wars” celebration, LEGO has had time to do a nifty promotion for the set.

Said promotion is in the form of a stop-motion video, “Escape from Scarif.” Narrated by a young LEGO fan as a “Star Wars battle story,” said video is a vignette of the Tantive IV (75244) from the climactic battle of the 2016 spinoff “Rogue One.”

Anyone who’s seen the film, a direct prequel to the original “Star Wars” film (now “Episode IV – A New Hope”) would recall the Tantive IV escaping with the Death Star plans and Darth Vader in pursuit. But this snippet shows an additional scene that makes the whole harrowing getaway more fun in a LEGO way.

Since this is LEGO, a toy brand primarily aimed at children, the gorier details from the “Rogue One” action sequence are excised. Rather than slicing and dicing, LEGO-Vader just Force-pushes his opposition. And when the Tantive’s hyperspace drive falls apart before they reach light-speed, LEGO-Leia reassembles it Master Builder style.

Interestingly, the video uses the tagline “The Greatest Battles are Built by You.” This paraphrases the title of a contest on LEGO Ideas for MOC-ing a LEGO Star Wars battle scene. The Tantive IV (75244) is a prize there too, and the contest period ends May 4, with the winners to be announced May 29.

Two More LEGO Harry Potter Sets from Now to Holidays: Knight Bus (75957) and Advent Calendar (75964)

Last week we got our first good look at the upcoming summer releases for the LEGO Harry Potter line. Some of these sets are recreations of powerful scenes from the books/films. Others are apparent additions to a larger Hogwarts School complex outside of the micro-scale set. There were also other accompanying sets that weren’t previewed.

Now, we have official images of two more sets for this popular theme. One’s releasing when the others do. The other is an advance for the 2019 Holiday season, still eight months away. So soon we’ll have the funny-awesome Knight Bus (75957) from “Prisoner of Azkaban” and this year’s annual Harry Potter Advent Calendar (75964).

Knight Bus (75957) – $39.99/£34.99/€39.99

  • 403 pieces to make triple-decker purple Knight Bus; removable roof for top deck and movable side panel for other decks’ interior, with sliding bed; includes minifigures of Harry Potter, conductor Stan Shunpike and driver Ernie Prang


2019 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar (75964) – $39.99

  • 305 pieces to create a variety of micro-builds to celebrate this year’s Yule Ball, Hogwarts-style; 24 gifts include seven minifigures, Hedwig owl figure, props for Hogwarts great hall interior furnishings, Holiday gifts, and a Hogwarts Express train; back of box has decorative backdrop for building advent setting
  • Available early as September 1