Justin Timberlake Family’s Minifigure Costumes Win Internet and Acknowledged by LEGO

As we know, there are several possible ways by which somebody might dress up in a LEGO themed costume for say, Halloween almost two weeks ago. They can either be humanoid LEGO bricks or minifigures. Some costume manufacturers have these LEGO costumes available, but sometimes nothing beats a homemade creation.

Really, anybody who’s seen photos from Halloween of pop star Justin Timberlake on social media has to give him props for his LEGO minifig costume design. He, wife Jessica Biel and their son Silas just blew everyone away at what Halloween party they attended in October 31, dressed as LEGO Batman, Robin and Harley Quinn.

Said Halloween photo of the Timberlakes as LEGO DC minifigures was a hit on social media. It was quite viral to the LEGO fandom, in fact, that The LEGO Group itself would repost the photo on their official Instagram account. Their very impressed caption read as follows, “You’ve nailed it!”

By now, well after Halloween has passed, LEGO’s repost of the image has been given over 83,000 likes and more than 300 comments from LEGO fans everywhere. Even Disguise, the costumer maker that created the Halloween costumes we mentioned earlier, might learn a few things.

Awesome costumes for Halloween are something of an old hat for Justin Timberlake and family; last year they were dressed up as Toy Story characters.

LEGO-Related Black Friday Deals with Three Major Retailers

Thanksgiving 2018 will be arriving next week, and the Friday immediately afterwards will thus be Black Friday. There are various (often conflicting) explanations on the origin of the name, and its claims of being the “busiest shopping day of the year” are contested, but the fact remains that many shopping deals come out this time.

We can count LEGO among those who have opened up some irresistible Black Friday deals for their own formidable global chain of branded stores. But if you’re looking for LEGO at other retailers that carry them, some of these have their own Black Friday offerings.


Here’s what we might expect from three major retail chains.

  • Best Buy (why an electronics retailer? There are LEGO videogames, of course!)
  1. LEGO The Incredibles$59.99 $29.99 (PS4, Switch and Xbox One regular editions only)
  2. LEGO DC Super Villains$49.99 $19.99 (PS4, Switch and Xbox One regular editions only)
  • Target (big mechanical sets)
  1. LEGO The Ninjago Movie Garma Mecha Man (70613) – $59.99 $41.99
  2. LEGO The Ninjago Movie Lightning Jet (70614) – $59.99 $41.99
  3. LEGO Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter (75172) – $59.99 $41.99
  • Walmart (for early-age LEGO fans)
  1. LEGO Classic Creative Box (10704) – $39.99 $20
  2. LEGO Duplo Creative Box (10854) – $39.99 $20

Now, this is likely just the beginning. There are 11 days left before Black Friday arrives, and more retailers with LEGO products in their shelves might yet hammer out some pretty amazing deals of their own.

Benny Gets a New Arm in the LEGO Movie 2

If you recall, the LEGO Store November 2018 calendar made mention of a LEGO campaign that aims to provide LEGO sets to needy children across several parts of the world. The campaign dubbed as the Build to Give ran last week, from November 5 to 9, and aimed to provide free LEGO sets to at least 500,000 kids across the world. A dedicated web page was setup dedicated to the campaign, and what is interesting to note other than the building cheers that LEGO intend to share across the globe, is their choice of characters who represented this charitable endeavor. We’re just counting the months before the LEGO Movie 2 debuts in cinemas, and LEGO has now chosen the rag-tag team of Emmet Brickowsky to spread some holiday cheers. There’s nothing really surprising regarding LEGO’s choice of characters since it naturally follows that they want the LEGO Movie 2 to get some promotion at the same time. But what is really eye-catching is that we now have a closer look at our favorite blue astronaut, Benny – and it seems that he will also be sporting a new look.

Other than giving some good, Christmas cheers, Benny is also happy to flaunt a new mechanical arm which seems to be an upgrade of some sort to his space suit. As we know, the LEGO Movie 2 takes place in the apocalyptic world of Bricksburg after the Duplon Invasion on Taco Tuesday.

I’m not quite sure if this is Benny’s way of blending in with the rough, tough people of the town, or is an upgrade for the upcoming space adventures ahead. Though I’m inclined to believe in the former – we just have to wait and see until the rest of the LEGO Movie 2 sets come out sometime next year or mid-December. As of to date, we have a handful of LEGO Movie 2 sets waiting to be revealed, with the first three sets already revealed last July. Currently, we have four LEGO sets where Benny is included (all of them are hard-to-find already), all of which take inspiration from the first LEGO Movie film:  Double-Decker Couch (70818), Metal Beard’s Sea Cow (70810), Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! (70816), and LEGO Dimensions Benny (71214).

Needless to say, Benny is one of the LEGO Movie characters that I love to see included in the new sets. There’s even a rumor going around saying that we might see Benny in a LEGO Movie 2 set which includes some classic LEGO Space minifigures and if that is indeed the case, then everything is so awesome indeed.

LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley (40289) Now Exclusively Available at LEGO Shop@Home

Just a quick reminder, just in case you haven’t noticed it yet: the LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley (40289) is now available at LEGO Shop@Home as our current promotional, gift with purchase set. This is also a nice freebie to go along with the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (71043) if you’re planning to get this massive set which is now currently offered with Double VIP points at shop.LEGO.com.

The LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley (40289) is available for free beginning November 9 until 21 or until supplies last, with a minimum purchase of any LEGO products worth $99 and above. LEGO seems to have a sufficient number of sets at hand since this gift-with-purchase set is still available at LEGO Shop@Home as of this posting. This set is also available at all local LEGO stores across the US, in case you want to pick up your own set personally.

LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley (40289)

374 pieces; valued at $19.99

Recreate the magic of Diagon Alley™ with this magical LEGO® micro build featuring Gringotts™ Bank, Ollivanders™ Wand Shop, Flourish and Blotts, Quality Quidditch™ Supplies and Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, plus a Mr. Ollivander minifigure with a wand.

LEGO® Diagon Alley™ Micro Build (item 40289) offer is valid on shop.LEGO.com and at LEGO Stores from November 9 through 11:59pm EST, November 21, 2018, or while supplies last only. Qualifying purchase must be equal to or greater than $99 in merchandise only; any applicable taxes, shipping charges, or value of gift cards purchased do not apply to merchandise total. Offer excludes Bricks & Pieces and backorder items. Cannot be applied to previous purchases or combined with any other discount, offer or free gift. One free set per household. Item is valued at approximately a $19.99 (US) / $26.99 (CA) retail value and cannot be exchanged or substituted for any other item or cash value. Item is available exclusively through this offer; additional sets cannot be purchased. Offers not valid at LEGOLAND® Parks or LEGOLAND Discovery Centers. The LEGO Group reserves the right to cancel or modify these promotions at any time without advance notice.

LEGO Store Black Friday Free Exclusives Revealed

A couple of months ago, we reported that the LEGO Bricktober 2018 minifigures will now be made available at LEGO Stores following the demise of toy retail giant, Toys R Us. The availability of these highly-sought after collectible minifigures was confirmed by LEGO over through an email send to querying fans . Afterwards, LEGO was quite mum about the details, and it eventually turned out that book store retail king Barnes and Noble, will exclusively offer one of the LEGO Bricktober minfigures as a promotional gift the day after the release of the Fantastic Beasts sequel, Crimes of Grindelwald.  This time around, it looks like LEGO is now staying true to its promise of offering one of the LEGO Bricktober 2018 minifigure sets as a LEGO Store Black Friday free exclusive.

If you recall, we also shared some prior rumor that the LEGO Ninjago Bricktober 2018 minifigure set (5005257) will be across LEGO Stores as part of LEGO’s Black Friday deals. Thanks to a report shared by The Brick Fan, we now have confirmation that is indeed the case. One of the readers of The Brick Fan’s blogsite shared the an image of the LEGO Store flyer, revealing what’s in store on LEGO Store Black Friday.

First off, we now have confirmation that the LEGO Ninjago Bricktober 2018 minifigure will now be available as a free, in-store LEGO Store Black Friday exclusive, with any single receipt purchase of any LEGO product worth $50 and above. This promotional is available only in-store so you might want to take the extra effort of locating the nearest LEGO Store nearest you.

One of my personal favorites and much-awaited LEGO GWP set for the holidays is the new LEGO Christmas Gift Box (40292). The set has already found its way in Europe and China, and its glad to hear that it will now be available in the US, from November 23 to 26, or until supplies last. Unlike the LEGO Ninjago Bricktober 2018 minifigures, the Christmas Gift Box will be available both in-store and online over at shop.LEGO.com. This cute, little holiday build will be available to all LEGO fans with a purchase of $99 or more.

Other than these LEGO Store Black Friday freebies, select LEGO sets will be on great discounts on Black Friday, with more LEGO sets placed on 30% discount from November 23 until 26. The deals continue until Cyber Monday where selected LEGO sets will still be offered at 20% discount.

The above mentioned LEGO Store flyer also tells us that the LEGO Creator Expert Detective’s Office (10246) will also be on a 20% discount from November 23 to 26. This modular set is now listed as out of stock over LEGO Shop@Home, so if you ever bump on this one at your local LEGO Store from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, then this might be the only time to get this set at a great discount. Alternatively, you may get the Detective’s Office (10246) roughly on its same regular price over at Amazon.

Be sure to stay tuned here on our blogsite for more LEGO Store Black Friday offers. We’ll update the site as more info comes in.


The LEGO Star Wars Ideas Book Offers Plenty of Building Suggestions for Your LEGO Star Wars Sets

The new LEGO Star Wars book released by Dorling Kindersley  looks to further enhance the experience for collectors and fans of the LEGO Star Wars line, by encouraging them to go beyond the official set builds and helping them find inspiration for putting together the LEGO Star Wars MOC of one’s dreams. This is the professed goal of the LEGO Star Wars Ideas Book.


LEGO Star Wars Ideas Bo0k

Find a galaxy full of LEGO® Star Wars(TM) ideas to build–from activities and art, games and challenges, to practical makes and your very own inventions!

This book features 200 imaginative play and building ideas, from LEGO projects that take just a few minutes and a handful of bricks, to builds to keep you occupied for hours. Set up a game of LEGO Star Wars skittles, create a pencil pot shaped like your favorite Sith or Jedi, build a fleet of tiny TIEs, design Darth Vader’s family tree, and customize a podracer. Challenge a friend to take on a rathtar, mix up your minifigures, stage your favorite movie battle scene with LEGO Star Wars bricks–and much, much more! LEGO® Star Wars(TM) Ideas Book is packed with a family friendly range of activities to inspire every LEGO Star Wars fan. What will you build?

Created by the authorial team of Hannah Dolan, Elizabeth Dowsett and Simon Hugo, LEGO Star Wars Ideas Book presents ways to take existing Star Wars sets and builds, then editing and customizing them into something new. Its contents are divided into quick-reference sections, from random builds of the day, to recreation of Star Wars scenes.

These tips and suggestions are then interpreted into beautiful LEGO Star Wars MOCs by a team of expert LEGO builders who have even included “Challenges” that involve creating MOCs a particular way and inviting the reader to figure them out. Solutions are provided, of course.

The LEGO Star Wars Ideas Book is available now at bookstores carrying LEGO books from DK, priced at $24.99 in the US, $31.99 in Canada, and £17.99 in the UK. It’s also available at a discounted price in Amazon here.

Take a Look at the World’s Largest Sundial Made of LEGO Duplo Bricks

Anyone with a wide enough scientific education would know what a sundial is: a device that tells time via available sunlight, which casts shadows on a dial of hour-lines, said shadow being cast by a raised gnomon. There are so many variations on the sundial structure, including “ring dials”, where sunlight passes into a hole and falls on marked hour-lines. Recently, Chinese-based LEGO educational group Playable Designs attempted a new LEGO-themed, Guinness Record to make the world’s largest sundial built using LEGO- to be exact – Duplo pieces. The group used a ridiculous number of large Duplo bricks in order to make a sturdy structure.

With some 45,000 LEGO Duplo pieces in several colors, the Playable Designs team went to work on the world’s largest sundial, out of these many Duplo bricks at the Beijing art district. Upon completion, the largest ring sundial in LEGO Duplo measured 2.81 meters in diameter and 08 meters in thickness, and proven to indeed tell time from the sun like any ring sundial would. Watch this featured video from Guinness World Records.

Playable Design group founder Mrs. Hou remarked that the project was primarily a teaching tool to encourage and inspire children to learn about science, astronomy, math and history, all subjects that pertain to sundials. Still, she adds, they’re very happy all the same that their work was recognized by Guinness as the new title holder for the world’s largest sundial made entirely of plastic bricks.

Playable Designs specializes in developing LEGO-related educational programs in Chinese schools. Their largest LEGO Duplo ring sundial project took three months to design before the actual building process, and involved Astronomy professionals and mechanical engineers.

LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit Animated Special to Air on NBC

The third installment of the Jurassic World saga from Universal Pictures is still a long ways off, but its recent sequel Fallen Kingdom is still quite fresh in the minds of moviegoers, enough that LEGO has announced new sets to come out in 2019, plus an animated special to boot. Said animated special was to be aired late this year, and at last LEGO has fleshed out information about it. The title is LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit, to be aired on NBC network. LEGO posits this special as taking place before the events of Jurassic World in 2015.

The LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit follows Claire Dearing, operations manager of the Jurassic World theme park, as she receives orders from her boss and park owner Simon Masrani, to transfer three dinosaurs to a secret exhibition area that houses a new attraction, touted as the greatest thing since the discovery of dinosaurs.

Claire thus takes animal behaviorist Owen Grady from his current assignment of teaching his baby raptors in order to transport the dinosaurs in question. But that mission’s a bit tougher than expected; and there’s something about the new attraction that’s more than meets the eye (though it’s not Transformers-related, sorry).

We can expect this LEGO Jurassic World animated special to premiere on NBC in two parts, on November 29. The Secret Exhibit will then be uploaded on several streaming platforms (NBC app and Hulu among them) on November 30, and will finally be available on DVD in January 15, 2019.

The LEGO Zoo Offers Easy-to-Build Animals Using Readily Available LEGO Bricks At Your Home

For younger-leaning LEGO builders, one favorite subject for brick creation would be animals. There’s something very imaginative about assembling basic LEGO bricks to create the basic shape of a beast or bird or dinosaur. A LEGO Animal Atlas released earlier this year by publisher DK featured plenty of animal-building instructions.Now, another brick-building book has  come out that shines the spotlight on brick-built animals. Unlike the DK Animal Atlas, it’s not officially partnered with LEGO, but The LEGO Zoo by Italian author Jody Padulano is just as appealing to children (and probably to some AFOLs as well) with its charming photography and building steps.


The LEGO Zoo: 50 Easy-to-Build Animals 

A children’s book that shows how to build 50 simple models of LEGO animals using only standard LEGO parts that every LEGO fan has in their collection.

The LEGO Zoo book shows kids of any age how to build 50 simple animal models using only standard LEGO parts that are already likely to be in their collection. Readers learn how to build models of animals like crocodiles, zebras, wolves, lions, flamingos, plus many more. Projects are ordered by increasing difficulty making it easy to jump in without getting in over your head. The animals are so cute and goofy, whether building as a family or solo The LEGO Zoo is sure to deliver a roaring good time!

Originally published in Italy 2017, The LEGO Zoo proved a popular enough seller that No Starch Press has brought it into an international readership. In 200 pages it details 50 animals famous as exhibits in zoos all over the world, and features instructions to recreate these using basic LEGO blocks.

The LEGO Zoo is divided into five chapters sorting the featured animals by level of brick building difficulty and complexity. But young readers shouldn’t worry; they’re not that difficult. The book is now available on Amazon for $13.36, as well as from No Starch Press. Hard copies come with  the free eBook version.

LEGO Bricktober Harry Potter Minifigures (5005254) To Be Available in Barnes & Noble For Only 1 Day

After LEGO confirmed the release of the LEGO Bricktober Harry Potter Minifigures (5005254) at Barnes & Noble stores last August, there has been mixed reports regarding its availability at the different branches of the said retail giant. There has been numerous anecdotal reports that the highly sought after collectible minifigures were put on display at some B&N stores, selling for $7.99. For several months, Barnes and Noble was mum about it, and has neither confirmed nor has released any official confirmation if ever these collectible LEGO minifigs were actually being sold already.

However, it looks like that Barnes & Noble has now finally broken its silence and gives us a definite answer on when the LEGO Bricktober Harry Potter Minifigures (5005254) will be released in their stores. According to an email newsletter from Barnes & Noble, the company has now confirmed  that the much coveted minifigures will now be officially released on November 17 as a LEGO promotional – and only, take note, ONLY for a day. The following ad was included in B&N’s newsletter correspondence, as shared by Brickset.

LEGO Bricktober Harry Potter Minifigures (5005254)
Image courtesy of Brickset.

Barnes and Noble’s website also provided several details on its other in-store only exclusives, collectively tagged as Explore the Magic at B&N’s Wizarding World Event.


Thus on November 17, one day after Crimes of Grindelwald premieres in the US and UK, Barnes and Noble will be inviting guests to their stores for their Explore the Magic event, and it will be wise to expect that plenty of LEGO fans will rush to their stores on this date because of the release of the LEGO Bricktober Harry Potter Minifigures (5005254). Bear in mind also that these minifigs will be given for free but with a price point of $75 worth of LEGO products purchased in their stores, and while supplies last.

Here’s what else to expect from Barnes & Noble on November 17:

  1. $10 reward card with the purchase of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald screenplay available (until Nov. 21)
  2. 10% off select Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts wands and wearables such as the Sorting Hat, Harry Potter Glasses, and Dobby Ears available
  3. Free WREBBIT3D™ Harry Potter Ford Anglia™ Puzzle w/ the purchase of a Harry Potter WREBBIT3D Puzzle available
  4. New Chocolate Wands will be 3 for $30 available (until year’s end)
  5. $1 Bertie Bott’s 1.2 oz Every Flavour Beans available


That list doesn’t even include other freebies that B&N stores are going to shower guests with. Also, in contrast to previous reports, the LEGO Bricktober Harry Potter Minifigures (5005254) will not be available for regular purchase during this 1-day event, but will be accessible as a purchase promo.

I wish you all the best in bagging this one.