August 2020 LEGO Store Calendar Now Up With LEGO Super Mario Taking Center Stage has released its digital version of the August 2020 LEGO Store Calendar, putting the spotlight in its upcoming LEGO Super Mario expansions sets and its next 18+ set, the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374).

Similar to its previous store calendars, there’s no virtually no mention of any in-store events and activities due to the current pandemic, but it doesn’t stop LEGO from giving out its offerings and freebies. Let’s take a quick look at what select local LEGO brand stores have to offer. Please note that not all LEGO stores are open in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Free LEGO Super Mario Monty Mole and Super Mushroom (40414) Expansion Set

August 1 to 8, 2020

If you recall, this expansion set was first officially unveiled by LEGO earlier in April as a pre-order gift for those who will get the LEGO Super Mario Stater Course (71360). And it’s nice to see that the offer is still up when you purchase the said base set from August 1 to 9. Needless to say, it’s a great way to expand your LEGO Super Mario adventure without paying for an extra buck.


Free LEGO Super Mario Super Mushroom Surprise (30385) Polybag Expansion Set

August 1 to 16, 2020

Here’s another incentive to get the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course – for a minimum, single-receipt purchase of any LEGO Super Mario sets worth $40 or more, you’ll have this polybag freebie thrown into your cart as well. Available from August 1 to 16, the LEGO Super Mario Super Mushroom Surprise (30385) polybag comes in at 18 pieces that adds another level of interactive fun in the Starter Course. As it seems, the LEGO version of the Super Mushroom is only found in these promotional freebies, except for the Boomer Bill Barrage (71366) set. LEGO is really making these deals more appealing.


Free LEGO Speed Champions Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo Evo (30342) Polybag 

August 17 to 31, 2020

We caught glimpse of this freebie since last November and its nice that LEGO is now adding this as a promotional offer as well. This next polybag offering is the smaller cousin of the LEGO Speed Champions Lamborghini Urus ST-X & Huracán Super Trofeo EVO (76899) which was released earlier this year. So if you’re planning to get your next LEGO Speed Champions set, then it will be better to schedule your next purchase during these dates.


For LEGO VIPs: Limited Edition LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Phoenix Minifigure Sweepstakes

August 17 to September 6, 2020

The LEGO VIP Rewards Center continues its exclusive minifigure giveaway with this next offer following its Shazam and Deadpool Duck sweepstakes. The next LEGO Marvel SDCC minifig exclusive up for grabs is the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Phoenix minifigure, given away during San Diego Comic-Con 2012. For more info and promo mechanics, be sure to visit

Other than the LEGO Super Mario sets arriving in August, we also have plenty of sets coming from various themes that are slated to make their debut next month. Besides the much-awaited LEGO Super Mario Nintendo Entertainment System (71374), we have other LEGO set offerings that AFOLs can certainly be excited for: we have the exquisite LEGO Ideas Grand Piano (21323), LEGO Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R (42107), and the LEGO Architecture The White House (21054) just to name a few. For more info on upcoming LEGO sets, be sure to visit LEGO Shop@Home.

So, what’s in your LEGO shopping list next month? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

WATCH: LEGO ART Marvel Studios Iron Man (31199) Designer Video

Whether you’re a newbie in the LEGO hobby or a veteran AFOL, LEGO’s latest adult-focused theme has something to offer that will inspire the creative person in you. After officially unveiling its LEGO Art theme earlier this month, LEGO has now released an accompanying designer video that gives us an inside look at the creative inspiration behind one of its offerings. Check out the LEGO ART Marvel Studios Iron Man (31199) designer video below.

LEGO Designer Chris Stamp shares with us the inspiration and design process that goes with LEGO ART, particularly to that of MCU’s Iron Man. The LEGO Art Marvel Studios Iron Man (31199) allows you to recreate three particular versions of Iron Man as we remember him on the big screen, each of which somehow presents a particular milestone in the evolution of Tony Stark’s superhero persona. Set on a 48×48 frame, LEGO fans can choose to recreate the Mark 3 that appeared in the very first Iron Man movie. You can also opt to recreate a pixelated image of the Hulkbuster if you wish to memorialize Iron Man’s historic bout with the Hulk and their subsequent team-up as the world’s mightiest heroes in the form of the Avengers. And finally, as a fitting tribute to the ultimate sacrifice of the “genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist” we all cried for in Endgame, the LEGO Design team saw it fit to have the Mark 85 as the final representative for the LEGO Art Marvel Studios Iron Man mosaic.

LEGO ART Marvel Studios Iron Man
You can choose to display all of the three different versions of MCU’s Iron Man as seen above. Bear in mind that you need to have three sets of the LEGO Art Marvel Studios Iron Man (31199) in order to do this. 

As you may have known already, what is also cool about the LEGO Art theme is that you can combine several copies of the same set to recreate a larger, more impressive LEGO mosaic. You can combine three of these LEGO Art Marve Studios Iron Man and you can have an almost 4 feet long LEGO mosaic art that you can proudly display at home. The combined, three 15.5 inches panels recreate the ultimate Iron Man in an awesome, dynamic pose. You may also opt to display all three separate designs like a sort of a timeline that covers the significant events in MCU’s Iron Man.

LEGO ART Marvel Studios Iron Man
Or you may opt to have a larger 4-foot panel using three same sets for that ultimate LEGO Iron Man tribute.  

What builders may also find interesting about the LEGO Art theme are the new parts that come with them. There’s the new 16×16 brick that allows you to divide the LEGO Art set into 9 separate panels. Such design allows the builder to focus on one section of the set, without being overwhelmed by the rest of the details. There’s also a new and wider black brick separator (which looks cool by the way), designed specifically to remove 4 or 6 tile pieces at a time. Finally, there’s a new hanger piece which is basically a 3×5 panel with a pinhole that allows the completed set to be hung and displayed on a wall.

The new-for-August 202o pieces that were introduced with the LEGO Art series.

With the latest LEGO Art series, LEGO hopes that adult fans of the brick and those that are just starting in the hobby will be able to appreciate what this series has to offer – a sort of a creative break, especially during these trying times.

The LEGO Art Marvel Studios Iron Man (31199) will be released on August 1 and will be joined later on in September by other cool selections of pixel-brick arts such as Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe (31197), The Beatles (31198), and Star Wars The Sith (31200). You may click on these affiliate links to know more about them, or head over at LEGO Shop@Home.

The LEGO Ideas Grand Piano (21323) Makes a Grand Entrance

Its been a long time coming and thankfully, the LEGO Ideas Team has finally ushered in what could probably be the most sophisticated LEGO Ideas set as of to date. The LEGO Ideas Grand Piano (21323) has been finally unveiled, giving us a closer look at the intricate details and the complex designing that were involved in creating this musical brick masterpiece.

Coming in at 3,662 pieces, the official LEGO Ideas Grand Piano (21323) is the brainchild of musician and avid LEGO builder Donny Chen (aka Sleepy Cow over at the LEGO Ideas platform). Though the journey was quite long, the waiting time is definitely worth it. It took more than a year before we saw the realization of Donny’s vision for this grand masterpiece. Back in May 2019, the LEGO Ideas Team needed more time to review the Grand Piano when it was shortlisted during the LEGO Ideas Third 2018 Review Stage. It eventually had the thumbs up to become the next official LEGO Ideas set in September of last year together with another much-awaited approved set, the LEGO Ideas 123 Sesame Street.

The LEGO Ideas Grand Piano (21323) is one of the many 18+ LEGO sets that are intended for adult fans of LEGO due to its aesthetics, sophisticated features, and the degree of complexity required in building the set. And what is cool about this set is that the LEGO Ideas design team managed to add music to this set through the help of the LEGO Powered Up app linked to its motor. The music will come from the app itself while providing a real-time interface in controlling the motor, and vice versa. Check out the designer video below for a closer look at what to expect from this next LEGO Ideas set.

The LEGO Ideas Grand Piano is expected to retail for $349.99 once it is available on August 1. Read on for the set’s official product description and press release. You may also click on the following affiliate link below if you wish to add this to your LEGO must-haves.

LEGO Ideas Grand Piano (21323)

Ages 18+. 3,662 pieces

US $349.99– CA $449.99– DE €349.99– UK £319.99 – FR €349.99– DK 2699.0DKK
*Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing.

LEGO Ideas Grand Piano

LEGO Ideas Grand Piano LEGO Ideas Grand Piano

Build the first-ever playable LEGO® Grand Piano!

Do you have a passion for music? Do you like to relax by focusing on a fun, hands-on project in your free time? If so, this incredible LEGO® Ideas Grand Piano model kit (21323) is just the creative activity for you.

Beautiful and playable
Feel the pride of building a sophisticated, brick-built version of a concert grand piano that you can actually play music with! Recreate the hammer action of each piano key, the moving pedal, and authentic details such as the propped-open top lid and fallboard. Turn on the motor and then you are all set to play wonderful music – select user play on the free LEGO Powered Up app to play the notes yourself or activate autoplay and just listen.

LEGO sets for your lifestyle
Take some time out and enjoy creating a LEGO musical masterpiece to display in your home or workplace. Part of a collection of LEGO building sets for adults, it makes a truly special birthday present or Christmas gift for yourself, the musician, piano player, or hobbyist in your life.

  • Drum roll please as we proudly introduce the first-ever, playable LEGO® Grand Piano! Experience the hands-on pleasure of creating a highly sophisticated LEGO concert piano model and then play beautiful music with it.
  • The LEGO® Ideas Grand Piano (21323) has a removable 25-key keyboard, authentic hammer action, moving dampers and pedal, and motor. Combined with the LEGO Powered Up app, you can play a tune yourself or automatically.
  • Revel in the authentic design details of this beautiful model, from the top lid that can be propped up just like a real grand piano to the opening fallboard and piano leg wheels, plus a height-adjustable bench.
  • If you are looking for a creative DIY project, this 3,662-piece model building kit is ideal for you. So, take some time out and click your stress away with a rewarding challenge that will leave you feeling revitalized.
  • The piano measures over 8.5” (22.5cm) high, 12” (30.5cm) wide, and 13.5” (35.5cm) deep when closed. A stylish item for your home or workplace, it also makes a cool gift for musicians, music-lovers, pianists, and hobbyists.
  • To power up the grand piano’s self-playing function, you’ll need 6 AAA batteries (not included) and the free LEGO® Powered Up app – choose user play to play the notes yourself or autoplay to listen to 1 of 4 songs.
  • Clear instructions to help you to build with confidence and really enjoy the process, even if you are a LEGO® newcomer. Also included is a coffee-table-style booklet about this grand piano set’s fan designer and more.
  • This LEGO® Ideas building set for adults is part of a collection of inspiring model kits designed for the discerning hobbyist who relishes an immersive, hands-on DIY project.
  • Since 1958, LEGO® building bricks have met the highest industry standards, which ensures they are consistent, compatible, and connect and pull apart easily every time.
  • LEGO® bricks and pieces are rigorously tested to meet exacting safety and quality standards, so you can be sure that this collectible grand piano model is as robust as it is beautiful.

LEGO Ideas Grand PianoLEGO Ideas Grand Piano LEGO Ideas Grand PianoLEGO Ideas Grand Piano LEGO Ideas Grand Piano LEGO Ideas Grand Piano

More LEGO Monkie Kid Sets Listed at LEGO Shop@Home

This might not be something entirely new, but I don’t want to miss out on something this nice. Earlier this May, we saw the first wave of LEGO Monkie Kid sets – LEGO’s new action-packed theme inspired by the classic Chinese saga Journey to the West.  And after its initial offering, LEGO has added more sets expanding the theme’s storyline and adventure. It also gives us a handful of new and interesting minifigures such as the Horn Demons and the Spider Queen. I simply love the new headgear design and accessories on these characters.

Other than these regular sets, LEGO has unveiled other similarly inspired sets to add to your LEGO Monkie Kid collection. As it turns out, the theme will also be getting the BrickHeadz treatment, particularly with the arrival of the LEGO BrickHeadz Monkey King (40381) in August. And to all polybag collectors out there, a second polybag offering has also arrived complementing its predecessor. Coming in at 24 pieces, a LEGO Monkie Kid Build Your Own Monkey King (40474) polybag features a brick-shifting Monkey King that you can build in a myriad of ways. What could probably be the selling point of this polybag is the unique 1×2 brick printed with the Monkey King’s eyes, and the golden staff handles that come with other LEGO Monkie Kid sets. The polybag has been first spotted in the LEGO Store in Billund, so we hope it will arrive in local LEGO stores soon. Just drop a comment below if you spotted this poly in any of our local LEGO brand stores.

To know more about these sets and to add them to your LEGO wishlist, you may click on the following affiliate links below over at LEGO Shop@Home. These sets are slated to be released on September 1st, with the LEGO BrickHeadz Monkey King (40381) scheduled to be released in August. Check out their official images below.

Sandy’s Speedboat (80014)

394 pieces | $59.99 | Minifigures include: Pigsy, Monkie Kid, Sandy, Spider Queen

LEGO Monkie Kid LEGO Monkie Kid LEGO Monkie Kid LEGO Monkie Kid

Monkie Kid’s Cloud Roadster (80015)

659 pieces | $69.99 | Minifigures include: Chen, Wang, Gold Horn Demon, Silver Horn Demon

LEGO Monkie Kid LEGO Monkie Kid LEGO Monkie Kid LEGO Monkie Kid

The Flaming Foundry (80016)

1,427 pieces | $139.99 | Minifigures include: Uncle Zhang, Mei, Monkie Kid, Princess Iron Fan, Red Son, Roar, Growl 

LEGO Monkie Kid LEGO Monkie Kid LEGO Monkie Kid LEGO Monkie Kid

LEGO BrickHeadz Monkey King (40381)

175 pieces | $9.99

LEGO Monkie Kid

LEGO Monkie Kid Build Your Own Monkey King (40474)

24 pieces | ???

LEGO Monkie Kid
Image courtesy of LEGO Ideas Design Manager Samuel Johnson.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2020 (41420) Set Images Now Up

Following the reveal of the LEGO City Advent Calendar (60268), LEGO online retailer Mein Spielzeug has also shared images of the next seasonal set in this series. Take a look at the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2020 (41420) and on what it has to offer.

This seasonal set is expected to arrive in September and will retail for $29.99. It is not yet listed at LEGO Shop@Home as of this posting, but I reckon it can be up at the LEGO shopping portal anytime soon. For now, let’s check out the following set images and it’s corresponding product description. Please take note that this is a rough Google translation so pardon me if there might be some confusing words or phrases.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (41420)

236 pieces | $29.99 

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2020

Sweeten up the pre-Christmas season with the LEGO® Friends heroines! Open a door every day from December 1st to discover a new toy behind it. The toys fit into 3 sets: Emma’s nursery, Santa’s workshop, and a winter landscape. Tell your own Christmas story: First Emma writes a wish list for Santa, then the elves build the toy and finally Emma plays in the snow with her new gifts.
  • The LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar (41420) shortens the wait for Christmas. Every door hides a new gift that children can assemble. The 24 models enable Christmas role-playing games and also enrich every room as Christmas decorations.
  • The advent calendar for children contains Emma, ​​Mrs. Santa Claus, and 2 elves as LEGO® Friends play figures as well as a toy penguin and many other cool Christmas surprises as building models. Some of the models even have fun moving functions.
  • Children can not only use the models as Christmas decorations but also makeup stories in the individual settings – in the LEGO® Friends heroine Emma’s room, in Santa’s workshop, and in a winter landscape – that inspire creative play adventures.
  • The 236-piece set is a great pre-Christmas gift for children who will be thrilled by an advent calendar that will give them a long time after the first moments of surprise. Children from 6 years old can assemble simple models independently.
  • The box is 25 cm high, 37 cm wide and 6 cm deep and can be set up safely. Children can give their other LEGO® models a Christmas touch because the great toys can be combined with all LEGO sets.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2020 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2020 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2020

Similar to previous offerings this year’s LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2020 tells a particular holiday story from the eyes of our Heartlake heroines. From the looks of it, the entire 24 mini-sets feature Emma’s nursery, Santa’s workshop, and an overall winter landscape. The set also comes with four mini-dolls which include Emma, Mrs. Santa, and two elves.

As a side note, it is also worth saying that Mein Spielzeug has also posted images of the LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020 (75981). However, they were also quick to take it down, obviously because it is still on an embargo. You can do a Google search for this if you’re raring to see what this set has to offer, including what seems to be exclusive minifigures offered in this set. Interestingly, set 75981 also has the same release date of September 1, so I’m hoping that LEGO will officially reveal this anytime soon.

Lastly, we can also expect the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75279) to be released around this time. Both this and the LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020 will retail for $39.99 each, similar to last year’s offering.

Thanks again to Promobricks for the tip.

LEGO City Advent Calendar 2020 (60268) Set Images Released

Though we’re still several months away before the start of the holiday season, some online retailers are now making room for LEGO’s seasonal Advent Calendars. LEGO initially mentioned them earlier this year at the floor show of the Nuremberg Toy Fair, and this time around, thanks to Swiss online LEGO retailer Mein Spielzeug, we now have our first look at some of these annual sets, particularly starting with the LEGO City Advent Calendar 2020 (60268). Read on for a rough translation of its product description including some set pictures.

LEGO City Advent Calendar 2020 (60268)

342 pieces | $29.99

LEGO City Advent Calendar 2020

Ho Ho Ho! Celebrate the pre-Christmas season with the LEGO® City Advent Calendar 2020, which also includes a snow-covered city play mat on which you can build your own Christmas backdrop! Open a door of the calendar every day to be surprised by a cool toy 24 times by Christmas Eve. Discover the Christmas mini-models and the characters from the TV series “LEGO® City Adventures” who carry gifts. Even Daisy Kaboom celebrates – with new handcuffs for Duke DeTain!
  • The LEGO® City Advent Calendar (60268) introduces children to the fascinating LEGO® City game world and the TV series “LEGO® City Adventures”. The set allows children from 5 years to play imaginatively throughout the Christmas season.
  • The calendar contains 24 gifts, including a Christmas tree and Santa’s sleigh as mini-models, six heroes from the TV series “LEGO® City Adventures” as minifigures, for example, Chief Wheeler dressed as Santa, and a city playmat with cleared streets.
  • This LEGO® City Advent Calendar contains Christmas models, heroes from the TV series “LEGO® City Adventures” as minifigures and a snow-covered city play mat on which children can build backdrops for their own Christmas stories.
  • Are you looking for a cool gift for a child from 5 years? This advent calendar is perfect for all fans of the TV series “LEGO® City Adventures” and for children who like to get creative while playing. Only very basic building skills are required.
  • The LEGO® City Advent Calendar is 7 cm high, 38 cm long and 26 cm wide.

LEGO City Advent Calendar 2020 LEGO City Advent Calendar 2020

This latest LEGO City offering seems to be inspired by the new LEGO City Adventures TV series, which include characters such as Daisy Kaboom, Duke DeTain, and Chief Wheeler among others. Mein Spielzeug also mentions a release date of September 1 for the LEGO City Advent Calendar 2020 (60268), so we can expect this to be somehow listed at LEGO Shop@Home sometime soon.
Thanks to Promobricks for the heads up.

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) Officially Revealed

Following yesterday’s teaser and leaks, LEGO has finally unveiled its next 18+ set that hits all those nostalgic buttons for all LEGO Nintendo fans. The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) features a brick-built, properly scaled, NES console complete with all of its original details as we know it from our early video gaming days. It’s a great way to celebrate both our love for LEGO and Nintendo, especially that the latter is now celebrating the NES console’s 35th anniversary this year.

The realistic features of the LEGO NES go beyond its scale – it also features an opening slot with a locking function, recreating that nostalgic click while loading the NES cartridge. It also comes with a classic brick-built NES controller and a brick replica of Nintendo’s 8-bit Super Mario Bros video game cartridge. And to top it off, the set also includes an ingenious retro television set that can be scrolled horizontally, for that iconic side-scrolling experience. As a bonus, the interactive Super Mario figure that comes with the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course (71360) set can also be activated once placed on top of the brick TV for additional, classic in-game sounds.

There’s a lot to unpack from this set actually, considering all the subtle details that the LEGO design team has included. Watch the set’s promotional video below.

The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) comes in at 2,646 pieces and will retail for $229.99 once it is available at LEGO Shop@Home in August. Read on for the set’s complete product description, together with crisp, HD images. You may also click on the following affiliate link below for more details.

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374)

2,646 pieces | $229.99 | Arriving on August 1, 2020 

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374)

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374)

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374)

Do you love video games? Did you play Super Mario Bros.™ back in the day? Or do you just enjoy a hands-on, creative activity in your spare time? If so, this nostalgic LEGO® Nintendo Entertainment System™ (71374) model kit is perfect for you.

Authentic and interactive
The brick-built NES is packed with realistic details, including an opening slot for the Game Pak with a locking function and a controller with a connecting cable and plug. The console comes with a buildable retro TV, featuring a flat 8-bit Mario figure on the scrolling screen, plus an action brick to scan with LEGO® Mario™ (figure not included; found in the LEGO® Super Mario™ Starter Course set – 71360) so he reacts to the on-screen enemies, obstacles and power-ups just like in the Super Mario Bros. game.

Creative fun
This unique set is part of an inspiring collection of LEGO building sets for adults that make fabulous gifts for yourself and hobbyist friends who enjoy DIY challenges and proudly displaying their creations.

  • Trigger nostalgic memories as you build this wonderfully detailed LEGO® brick Nintendo Entertainment System™ (71374) and interactive, 1980s-style television displaying the classic Super Mario Bros.™ game. • The TV has a handle-operated scrolling screen and if you scan the action brick by placing LEGO® Mario™ (figure not included) in the slot on top, he will react to the on-screen enemies, obstacles and power-ups. • Authentic details of the NES console are recreated in LEGO® style, including a controller and an opening slot for the buildable Game Pak with a realistic locking function to delight Super Mario Bros.™ fans. • Whether you were an NES gamer back in the day, a fan of retro stuff, or are just looking for an immersive, fun, creative DIY project to leave you feeling revitalized, this 2,646-piece model building kit is ideal for you.
  • The buildable TV measures over 8” (22.5cm) high, 9” (23.5cm) wide and 6” (16cm) deep, and alongside the NES model makes a cool display item for your home or office. It also makes the best LEGO® gift for gamer friends.
  • No batteries required – combine this playset with the LEGO® Mario™ figure in the LEGO® Super Mario™ Adventures with Mario Starter Course (71360) to activate the TV’s interactive features.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions help you to build with confidence, even if you are a LEGO® newcomer. Also included is an illustrated booklet about the creation of the Nintendo Entertainment System™ and classic NES games.

First LEGO IKEA BYGGLEK Storage Solutions Appears in Germany

Back in 2018, LEGO and Netherlands-based furniture/storage company IKEA have partnered together to offer innovative storage solutions that are both practical and inventive at the same time. Eventually dubbed as IKEA BYGGLEK, we now get to see this line’s initial offerings.

Promobricks have shared several images of the LEGO IKEA BYGGLEK line of storage solutions, plus a LEGO BYGGLEK (40357) set that goes with the storage boxes nicely. The LEGO IKEA BYGGLEK storage boxes come in three sizes, all in a white color scheme: A Small Box (26x18x12 cm), A Large Box (35x26x12 cm), and a 3-in-1 Combi Box.

This initial offering of LEGO IKEA BYGGLEK storage solutions comes in three variants: a Small Box (26x18x12 cm) retailing for  €12.99,  a Large Box (35x26x12 cm) for  €14.99, and a 3-in-1 Combi Box.

What is also common in all three offerings is that they all come with studded top covers that also doubles as a sort of baseplate. I can already imagine several ways on how this can be useful in terms of storing your LEGO bricks and pieces. Each side of the storage boxes, particularly the Small and Large ones, also features a 6-stud wide recessed portion, while the Combi Box features a 4-stud wide space. This is particularly helpful if you want to add a bit of personality to your LEGO IKEA BYGGLEK storage box, or simply labeling your box by putting the appropriate LEGO piece right in that space. A rough Google translation offers us the following product description for this collection of storage solutions.

“This is not just a simple box with a lid, it is a treasure chest full of tempting game ideas; a house that you can furnish; a staircase, a kit for creative people. And much more if you want.”

This initial offering also includes the LEGO BYGGLEK (40357) set that comes in at 201 pieces. The set features several LEGO pieces and two minifigures to kickstart your creative play with the LEGO IKEA BYGGLEK storage line. What is neat about this set is that the minifigs feature the iconic minifigure face print that older LEGO fans will enjoy.

According to the personnel of the IKEA store where these storage solutions were found, an official release date may be slated sometime next month, or in October at the most. However, as of to date, these offerings are not yet listed at the IKEA US online store so will probably need to wait a bit longer.

Surprise! LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) Coming In August!

I’ve been down and out during these past few days (okay, more than that I guess) due to a very worrisome case of cough and colds. And imagine my surprise when I finally got back to check things out on what LEGO has been building lately. Lo and behold – here’s something that will have every LEGO Nintendo fan jumping from their seats. Because as it turns out, we can all expect the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) to arrive sometime in August and it’s a long time coming of great things to come from an official LEGO-Nintendo partnership.

This info came from Chinese gaming blog site VJ Gamer, where box art images of the set also appeared on their site. Since the author of the site did not make it clear where he got the images of the boxed set, I’m playing on the safe side here on not showing the set’s images since it is most likely to be under embargo. However, I guess its fair game for me to give my thoughts on this very, very beautiful set.

From the get-go, the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) clearly has the older, and Nintendo-nostalgic LEGO community in mind. The box art design also sports the new 18+ design, hinting on the fact that is intended for AFOLs. The set comes in at 2,646 pieces that allow you to build a 1:1 brick-built NES console with controller. It also comes with a similarly scaled game cartridge of the very first Super Mario video game for the NES. And to top off the iconic video game experience, there’s also a classic, brick-built CRT television to hook up the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment console.

By now, we are all familiar with how LEGO pays careful attention to details, and this LEGO NES is loaded with those little touches that make LEGO sets like this more endearing. As it seems, this set will come with a collection of uniquely molded Super Mario characters never before seen even in the new LEGO Super Mario sets. The LEGO NES will feature a collection of new, irregularly shaped tile pieces that take inspiration from the game’s classic 8-bit format. We have Mario himself, a Goomba, a Super Mushroom, a Red Shell, a Super Star, and a Mystery (?) Block. Beyond aesthetics, the LEGO NES also has several play features that allow you to have the 8-bit LEGO Mario ‘move’ on the TV screen using a lever mounted on the side. Plus, placing the newer LEGO Super Mario figure (from the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course 71360) on top of the brick-built TV set will most likely activate new voice features from the figure itself.

Lastly according to VJ Gamer, the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) will be available starting August 1 and will retail for 229.99 Euro. Given that the official reveal will most likely happen in two weeks’ time, we can surely expect LEGO’s official reveal anytime soon.

So what do you think of this latest LEGO set? Are you excited about this as much as we are? Fire away with your comments below.

Special thanks to Lukas from Stone Wars for the heads up.

Build Your Pop-Art Passion With These New LEGO Art Mosaics

LEGO has finally revealed its latest line of sets catered to the AFOL community. Last March, I made mention of a rumored series of LEGO wall art sets that are said to be launched in the latter of summer. And this time around, LEGO  has unveiled the LEGO Art sets that provide a new ‘canvas’ of creative building expression for older LEGO fans.

Slated to be launched on September 1st, the LEGO Art brings together some of the most iconic personalities and characters of the 20th century, allowing LEGO fans to render them in a LEGO mosaic format.

What is also interesting about these sets are the parts that are included with them. The new LEGO Art series comes with a new and wider black brick separator (which looks cool by the way), designed specifically to remove 4 or 6 tile pieces at a time. Though the media resource that LEGO has released does not give us a closer look at its new baseplate-like piece, I feel that the new canvas for the LEGO Art series is more like a large, singular 16×16 brick with Technic holes on its sides. These features allow the 9 pieces of these large bricks to be connected to each other to create an impressive 40cm square canvas. There’s also a generous amount of round tiles that come in new colors that serve as your brick paint of sorts in coloring your LEGO wall art.

And as a bonus, LEGO is throwing in some pretty neat interview soundtracks or anecdotes coming from the creators behind Iron Man and Star Wars and those individuals who are most familiar with the stories of Andy Warhol and the Beatles.

There are four sets in the LEGO Art theme, all of which will be available sometime between August and September, retailing for $199.99 per set. It should also be noted that although each LEGO Art set offers several options on how you can create your brick canvas, they cannot be built simultaneously. That means if you wish to have all of the Beatles members displayed side by side, then you must have 4 copies of set 31198. Also, it seems that in the case of the LEGO Art Iron Man and Star Wars mosaics, you can combine 3 of these sets to create larger, composite wall art.

Here’s what LEGO has to say about its latest line of products. Read on for LEGO’s official press release for the LEGO Art mosaic sets, followed by their official images. These are now listed over at LEGO Shop@Home, and you may click on the following affiliate links below if you wish to have a closer look.

Transform your passion into art: the LEGO Group puts pop-art back in the picture for adult builders.

New LEGO® ART sets featuring Marvel and Star Wars characters and famous celebrities help adults get into the right ‘frame’ of mind while creating their very own masterpiece.

Billund, July 1st, 2020: Today, the LEGO Group is launching a new canvas for creative expression alongside a series of much-loved partners. Designed for adults who pride themselves on their love of pop culture, four new LEGO® ART sets give creative adults a different way to transform their passion into art. 

Those who love Warhol or Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, or iconic characters from the Marvel Universe and Star Wars™ galaxy can pay homage to their idols by creating their very own LEGO artwork portrait to proudly display in their homes, offices or wherever they enjoy their music, film or art. 

The LEGO® ART sets offer adults a new creative experience to help them relax and recharge as they transform a blank canvas (or in this case, small interlinking base plates) using LEGO tiles. Each set can be reimagined in several different ways to express the personality of each different builder and to make it easy and simple for pop culture lovers to refresh the LEGO ART piece on display in their house. All four new sets come with a signature tile unique to the set that is worthy of any true work of art, and a new hanging element to make them easy to hang up and switch around.

With new research from the LEGO Group finding that 73% of adults often research new ways to help them relax*, each LEGO ART set comes with a bespoke soundtrack that makes the perfect building companion. Featuring fascinating anecdotes from the creators of Iron Man and *Star Wars*, or those closest to the stories of Andy Warhol and the Beatles, the soundtracks dive deep into the inspiration behind each design to help adults fully immerse themselves in the building experience and unwind while they explore their love of music, art or film in a new way. 

The LEGO® Marvel Studios Iron Man set will be available exclusively from LEGO Retail Stores and while the other three sets will be available from retailers from 1st August 2020, or from 1st September in the US. Products may be available to pre-order from 1st July from selected retailers in certain countries.

LEGO Art Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe (31197)
3,341 pieces | $119.99


LEGO Art The Beatles (31198)

2,933 pieces | $119.99




LEGO Art Marvel Studios Iron Man (31199)
3,167 pieces | $119.99
LEGO Art Star Wars The Sith (31200)
3,406 pieces | $119.99