PeterKeith’s Medieval Watchtower Gets 10K Support for LEGO Ideas Review

While no longer a headlining theme for LEGO, medieval knights and castles remain a definitive look for the brand. No surprise then that a castle numbers among the 90th Anniversary sets coming out this year. The Icons Lion Knights Castle (10305) certainly looks impressive since its official reveal at LEGO Con 2022. Nostalgic LEGO builders must be waiting for its official launch next week, August 8. While not deliberate, LEGO Ideas Review stages also abound with castles and medieval buildings. Any lucky submission could one day join Lion Knights Castle to make a medieval LEGO setting. Just like this one.

Ideas member PeterKeith presents us a product idea that would look good next to Lion Knights Castle (10305). Of course, it still needs to pass review. But at least it already accumulated the needed 10-K supporters to join the Second 2022 Review Stage.


Medieval Watchtower looks like a LEGO-building study on space conservation. How compact can you make the building and still provide enough room for minifigures? A knight (and his horse) plus three tower guardsmen can certainly make themselves at home here.


The watchtower boasts a stable, armory, living quarters and a ladder to the ramparts. There’s even a storage shelf under the sloping roof. Now that’s some detail.

Given the number of thematically-similar castle/medieval submissions on LEGO Ideas, maybe LEGO could try to review the Castle theme. A limited run to test the waters might not hurt. The Ideas Lion Knights Castle (10305) could make a good start. In the meantime, we wish PeterKeith luck with his submission on LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review. He’ll need it too with the massive playing field already in place right here.

LEGO Seasonal Sets of 2022 Now Listed

We’re now on the second month of the second half of year 2022. From a normal point of view there’s still quite a lot of the year left. But for LEGO, the Holiday season is more like a stone’s throw away. So, there’s no better time than now to begin hyping up what they’ve got in store for 2022’s seasonal sets. Besides, these seasonal sets are launching before December anyway. Promobricks gives us the lowdown on these LEGO holiday offerings. Interestingly, their European release is right next month, while the US will have to wait until October. Anyway, let’s look at their official product listings:

Wintertime Polar Bears (40571)

Age 9+ | 312 pieces | $12.99 | Coming September 1 (Europe) and October 1 (US)

Celebrate the holiday season with this adorable LEGO® Wintertime Polar Bears (40571) model set. The baby polar bear is having fun on a sleigh, while the adult polar bear watches on proudly. See the polar bears turn when you rotate the base of the model. The set also includes a Christmas tree to complete an enchanting display piece.

Penguin & Snowflake (40572)

Age 7+ | 139 pieces | $9.99 | Coming September 1 (Europe) and October 1 (US)

Celebrate the holiday season with these sweet Christmas decorations. The buildable penguin and snowflake come with string so you can easily hang them on your Christmas tree – or anywhere around the home. This set makes a great gift idea for kids aged 7 and up, or a treat for anyone who loves the Christmas season or unusual decorations.

Christmas Tree (40573)

Age 12+ | 784 | $44.99 | Coming September 1 (Europe) and October 1 (US)

Create an eye-catching festive display with this beautiful LEGO® Christmas Tree (40573) building kit. The colorful tree is adorned with ornaments and candles and sits on a decorative mat. Add the yellow star to the top for the perfect finishing touch. With this 2-in-1 model, you can choose to build 1 tree or 2 smaller trees.

And these are just the LEGO-original seasonal sets. As for the licensed IPs? Stay tuned.

Our List: August 1 LEGO Set Launches

The start of a new month usually means one thing on a LEGO news site. It’s LEGO set launch recap time! We’ve covered a wide selection of sets coming out this August 1 and it’s time to take a look back. You surely won’t be lacking in choices with these:

Star Wars
Super Mario

All items above were featured by us here on The Brick Show. And there are still more LEGO sets coming out later this month. We’ll do further mini-recaps of these when the right time comes.

GWP: LEGO DOTS Pencil Holder (40561) Listed

LEGO DOTS isn’t exactly one of the first themes to come up in terms of name power and popularity. It’s still got a good following all the same. Buildable and customizable accessories rock. So, if you fancy LEGO DOTS then this product listing on LEGO Shop might be for you. Even better, you don’t have to pay for it directly since it’s listed as free (price notwithstanding). On LEGO shorthand that means a gift-with-purchase, if Brick Fanatics which found it has it right. We’re not sure what product/s you might need to buy to get it, but here it is.

If you like a LEGO look for your study table, check out this DOTS Pencil Holder (40561). With 476 pieces one can assemble a pencil-shaped bin for your writing tools. The fun part involves designing the holder’s face with DOTS tile-pieces. It’s quite the enjoyable functional LEGO set for just $14.99 if available for conventional purchase. But it’s a GWP, so we’ll just wait until LEGO gives us the promo details, which shouldn’t take long.

Target Offers LEGO VIP Points on Store-Bought Sets

While LEGO products are available in most major toy outlets, there are advantages to buying direct from LEGO. Be it from Shop or LEGO Stores, buyers can get an advantage by joining LEGO’s VIP program. Why pass on a chance for extra freebies and offers, and saving VIP points for future purchases? Of course, that’s the deal only when you purchase your sets from LEGO Stores and LEGO online. But what if your LEGO VIP membership can earn points even when buying somewhere else? Over the weekend a retail brand’s been getting attention after news that they’ve made VIP points available at their stores.

The Brick Fan reports that LEGO VIP points can be earned at Target Stores for an extended yet still-limited time. Those holding VIP membership can earn a point for every dollar spent buying a LEGO set from Target. Well, that’s the simplified version. The updated Target webpage explains the whole deal. To avail of this offer, one need to be a LEGO VIP for starters. They must take a photo of their Target receipt (with a LEGO purchase). Then they can upload it on the VIP members page. Every LEGO bought at Target with receipt can be uploaded at the VIP Page for points.

Now we said the Target VIP points are limited. Short-term, it means LEGO shoppers at Target can only accumulate 1,000 points max in a calendar month. They can still earn more buying from LEGO Stores. Long-term, the Target VIP point period lasts only until January 31 next year. That’s about six months availability. Too bad the arrangement’s not permanent. But for LEGO VIPs any other place to earn points is welcome, however brief it is.

Redditor Recreating “Pokemon” Kanto Region with Bricklink LEGO

LEGO partnering with videogame companies to make licensed tie-in sets has been one of their best decisions in recent years. Fans have never been happier getting to build anything from game levels to vehicles to cyber-creatures. The first item warrants special mention. Who knew making LEGO versions of “Super Mario” or “Sonic the Hedgehog” levels could be such big hits? And those are just the official releases. LEGO builders have been doing it for longer, and with gaming IP’s yet to be considered. Now, it’s been a while since we featured interesting LEGO MOCs that aren’t Ideas hopefuls. Here’s one that LEGO ought to consider.

We found this courtesy of Game Rant, which featured a Redditor recreating the Kanto Region from “Pokemon” in LEGO. User Buscags1 posted his work on the r/Pokemon Reddit, using Bricklink’s LEGO software to depict the in-game Kanto regional map. Thus far he has recreated Pallet Town and Viridian City plus connecting Routes. Also featured are Diglett’s Cave, Viridian Forest and its bypass area. Features include micro-buildings in towns, and plants tiles of varying heights representing grass/trees. The details actually check out if you compare the images to a map in “Pokmon” games featuring Kanto.

Buscag1 notes on r/Pokmon that it takes him several days on to render each section. Still, he plans to complete the entire Kanto Region eventually. Even better, Buscag1 is also apparently going to get on the Johto Region in future. When that’s done, both LEGO Pokemon MOC recreations of the first two videogame regions will be connected. One might wonder if he could be encouraged to submit this to LEGO Ideas too. That might give LEGO more Nintendo franchises to make tie-in sets out of.

LEGO Star Wars Obi-Wan vs. Darth Vader (75334) Has Misprinted Minifigs in Some Copies

Early last month, when “Star Wars” spinoff “Obi-Wan Kenobi” streamed on Disney+, LEGO announced a tie-in set ready for preorder. LEGO Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader (75334) depicts the epic fight between them on the series’ “Part III”. The preorder phase was to look forward to the set’s official launch this coming August. Of course, online LEGO news sources get to review many sets early, like Brick Fanatics had with 75334. And apparently, they found a minor quality control issue, one quietly fixed by LEGO further in production.

The issue Brick Fanatics found was in printing for Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader (75334), particularly the Obi-Wan minifigure. The character in his spinoff mostly wore a loose brown coat over his clothes. This was replicated with the minifig having a painted-on coat with details spilling from torso to legs. The official image above shows how it should look. At front the brown coat covers the sides of the legs and exposes Obi’s light-brown pants. The rear would then be all-brown to depict the coat’s back. Brick Fanatics however saw their review copy’s Obi-Wan minifigure have the crotch area colored like the brown. The piece was seemingly flipped in assembly. Viewed from afar it’s like Ben left his pants open.

Now, Brick Fanatics knew this coloring was sus because another reviewer reported similar issues. An even later review of LEGO Star Wars 75334 however had its Obi-Wan correctly colored “below the belt”. Either LEGO saw the mess-up and corrected it in later production, or this was a regional bug. Brick Fanatics got their review copy shipped from Billund while the later reviewer bought his from a US store. Perhaps when Obi-Wan vs Darth Vader launches August 1 the coloring issue extent can be seen clearly.

Add Some Golfin’ Fun With This Custom LEGO Arcade Set

Well, President Business will surely love to go back to the arcades with this one. If you’re a long-time fan of our custom LEGO arcade sets, you may want to add this one to your collection. Inspired by the iconic golf arcade game series from Incredible Technologies, you can now throw in some “Golden Tee” fun together with your LEGO minifigure collection.

Coming in at 50 authentic LEGO pieces, this latest offering from our official storefront, The Brick Show Shop, is the latest addition to our custom arcade series. The Golfin’ Tee Arcade Custom Building Set is our playful brick rendition of the top-rated classic arcade game first released in 1989. And since the game itself has evolved throughout the years to include other modern gaming platforms, we thought, why not let our minifigures join in the fun as well?

For $23, you’ll get 50 authentic LEGO pieces, high-quality stickers, and a premium building guide to flex those building skills. If you’re building your latest LEGO City MOC or arcade center, you should definitely not miss out on this one.

Check out the rest of the product details for this custom building set, and if you want to purchase this right away, click the add to cart button and you’re all set!


thepredisent’s The Treasury – Petra Gets 10K Support on LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review

If you’ve watched “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” as a kid in 1989, you probably wondered about something. About that temple of the Holy Grail in the Canyon of the Crescent Moon. As you watched more movies over the years and decades, that location must’ve popped up several times more. “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation”, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, you name it. Such is the lasting appeal of Petra, a ruined ancient city in Jordan, the Middle East. Elaborate building facades carved into a sandstone rockface have a way of staying in the mind. Perhaps that’s what inspired this latest 10K-supported submission on LEGO Ideas.

It can be heady stuff for a LEGO Ideas member to have a product idea get full support for the first time. Member thepredisent only has one build in his entire page, entitled “The Treasury – Petra”. As stated, this submission depicts one photogenic structure in the ancient city. 19th-Century Bedouins have named this building Al-Khazneh (“treasury”) due to it looking like it held treasures. Petra archaeologists would tell you this is actually a mausoleum. What does matter is the impressive decorative design of the edifice. It certainly has weathered erosion, tourism and film crews well.

If passed by LEGO Ideas review, The Treasury – Petra may well be relegated for mere display. Still, it might serve as an epic background if you happen to have LEGO Indiana Jones sets. There are some new ones speculated to come in the future. With this, one can re-enact “The Last Crusade” on an epic brick-built level. But first, thepredisent’s product idea must impress among the other submissions for LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review Stage.

LEGO Marvel “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” Tie-In Sets Revealed

MCU fans knew plans for a “Black Panther” sequel would be significantly affected by the death of star Chadwick Boseman. When Marvel Studios decided not to recast his lead role as T’Challa, the character’s plotline death became certain.

And the first trailer for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” at San Diego Comic Con nailed that reality hard. Not even the reveal of classic comic super-character Namor could dampen the shadow of T’Challa’s/Boseman’s death. Well now, days after SDCC 2022 Marvel will try to add cheer to promoting “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”. How? By having LEGO tease the expected movie tie-in sets.

Granted, these aren’t full-on product listings yet. But thanks to Brickset we now have our first look at LEGO Marvel’s “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” releases. So far, the film tie-ins consist of three sets. These images popped up in the Building Instructions page. This has become a usual occurrence for some anticipated LEGO sets without online listings yet on the site. The “Wakanda Forever” sets feature sweet minifigs of MCU “Black Panther” characters both established and new. Shuri, Nakia and the Black Panther (suit?) are joined by antagonists Namor, Attuma and new heroine Riri Williams/Ironheart. Check out the sweet initial images as follows:

Shuri’s Sunbird (76211)

Shuri’s Lab (76212)

King Namor’s Throne Room (76213)

It may be a while before LEGO lists the official full details on their Online Shop. But already we estimate these LEGO Marvel tie-ins to launch this coming October. “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” itself premieres the following month on November 11, so it’s fitting.