New LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender (42110) Revealed

We’re still several months away before we finally see on toy shelves the latest LEGO Technic sets slated for summer.  And if in case these impressive sets are not enough to fill your LEGO Technic collection, then LEGO still has a huge surprise in store for us this year.  Thanks to online toy retailer Smyths Toys, we now have a glimpse of the LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender (42110) building set.  As tipped by Brickset, this massive Technic set takes it cue from the still to be revealed, next-generation Land Rover Defender.

Perhaps similar to its marketing approach with the Bugatti Chiron, LEGO is expanding its partnership with Land Rover to translate in LEGO form the latter’s next-gen models. However, the reveal seems to be unintended since Smyths Toys have taken down their LEGO Technic listing prior to this post.

The LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender (42110) comes in at 2,573 pieces and measures at 42cm long and 22cm high. It is expected to retail for 159.99 USD once it arrives in LEGO Stores locally presumably in August or September. Here’s the set’s unofficial product description as lifted from Smyths’ online portal.

This collectible model of the Land Rover Defender really captures the vehicle’s level of refinement with its clean, modern lines and sculpted surfaces, making it a great display piece for the home or office. Developed in partnership with Land Rover, this building toy has working steering, 4-speed sequential gearbox, All Wheel Drive with 3 differentials, independent suspension, detailed in-line 6-cylinder engine and a working winch.

For the rest of the LEGO Technic sets that are currently available, be sure to visit for more details.


LEGO Technic Summer 2019 Sets Official Images Released

After having a glimpse of the upcoming LEGO Technic Summer 2019 sets as published in the online LEGO Catalog for the 2nd half of this year, official images of these sets started to appear online. Thanks to German LEGO fan site StoneWars, we now have a handful of these images that gives us a closer look at the various functions and play features that these sets have. These sets are slated to be released from August to October. Missing from this collection are those from the Liebherr R 9800 (42100), but I guess its just a matter of time before we see this huge brick innovation up close. For the meantime, let’s take a look at what these other sets offer.

Compact Crawler Crane (42097)

89.99 Euros; 920 pieces

LEGO Technic Summer 2019
Car Transporter (42098)

149.99 Euros; 2,493 pieces

LEGO Technic Summer 2019


X-treme Off-roader (42099)

229.99 Euros; 958 pieces

LEGO Technic Summer 2019

We can expect that these LEGO Technic Summer 2019 sets will be listed at LEGO Shop@Home anytime soon. I’ll keep posted for more updates.


LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue Encourages Young Builders to Care for Marine Life

In April, LEGO has revealed its next subtheme for its ever-growing LEGO Friends sets, and it carries a timely message for young and old builders alike. The LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue subtheme will focus primarily on raising awareness among younger kids on what it means to take care of marine life and to show how a day in the life of a marine biologist looks like. There are four (4) specific sets that particularly shows care for our underwater buddies all rendered perfectly in LEGO bricks in collaboration with Nat Geo Kids.

These LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue sets are all slated to launch this summer, with already listing them. Read on for LEGO’s complete press release and check these crisp, official images.


The LEGO Group partners with National Geographic Kids on campaign to raise awareness of ocean conservation

June 4: The LEGO Group this week released a new LEGO Friends theme “Sea Life Rescue” which includes four sets focussed on life-saving marine missions. To mark the launch, the brand is partnering with National Geographic Kids to develop a campaign designed to inspire children to take action to keep our oceans safe for all animals.

The LEGO Friends sets are inspired by real-life rescue scenarios and are designed to immerse young builders and explorers in aquatic adventures. They are:

Turtles Rescue Mission – jump into a cool amphibious vehicle and rescue stranded baby turtles from the island. Treat the turtles in the beachside clinic before releasing them back into the ocean.

Dolphins Rescue Mission – a submersible craft that will take you to rescue a dolphin caught in a shipwreck.

Lighthouse Rescue Center – do life-saving research in a lab which features a sea lion play area, rest area, office and an observation deck with a lamp that can be lit by pressing the lighthouse roof.

Rescue Mission Boat – waste no time transporting sick animals in this high-powered speedboat that includes a bay with a launching function, a swivelling crane with a stretcher and a lookout position.

Juliane Aufdembrinke, Senior LEGO Designer, shared her inspiration for the theme:“When I was young, dolphins were my favourite animal so this theme is a personal favourite of mine! Children today continue to love dolphins and sea life in general, but are also passionate about protecting ocean life. The Sea Life rescue theme is designed to inspire the marine biologists, engineers and conservationists of tomorrow – in a fun and playful way.

“We are grateful to have the support of National Geographic Kids on the important topic of protecting ocean animals and it was great to collaborate with a real-life submarine pilot Erika Bergman.”

The LEGO Group and National Geographic have combined forces to create a campaign which encourages families to think of daily actions which can make a difference to the environment. It will feature National Geographic explorer and Submarine Pilot Erika Bergman, who introduces children to her work, the value of play, and how important it is to think creatively if we are to solve the challenges facing our oceans.

Erika Bergman, National Geographic Explorer, said:“This campaign is designed to share with children the realities of caring for our fascinating and magical sea life. We want them to understand the challenges facing marine animals and be inspired to come up with new ideas to protect them. The LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue sets offer a great platform for children to explore caring for sea life in a fun, creative way and the campaign encourages them to take action, including pledging to become official ‘Sea Life Friends’. We know kids of today are hugely committed to protect our planet and wildlife, so it’s exciting to team up with LEGO Friends to connect education, play, inspiration and action.”

The campaign will be featured on LEGO Group and National Geographic Kids platforms. To find out more visit

Turtles Rescue Mission (41376)

LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue

Inspire animal-lovers to be the hero of the day with LEGO® Friends 41376 Turtles Rescue Mission island. This rescue set includes a cool amphibious vehicle that can sail out to sea to the stranded baby turtles on the island, then drive them back to the beachside clinic. With its examination bed and a medicine area, the clinic lets children express their nurturing side as they nurse the turtles back to strength. This building set for creative kids includes one mini-doll figure, a robot figure, plus four turtle figures.

Dolphins Rescue Mission (41378)

LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue

Race to rescue a trapped dolphin and find the hidden treasure with LEGO® Friends 41378 Dolphins Rescue Mission. This dolphin rescue set allows kids to act out an underwater LEGO rescue mission as Stephanie dives in her cool submersible craft to free a stricken dolphin from a shipwreck. The shipwreck’s mast is hinged so Stephanie can lift it to free the dolphin with the grabbing arm of her craft. A hidden gem-filled treasure chest adds another dimension to the action, as does the textile pirate’s map which reveals secret information when brushed with water. The set includes two mini-doll figures, plus two dolphin figures for hours of imaginative play.

Lighthouse Rescue Center (41380)

LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue

Young builders will be totally immersed in adventure play with LEGO® Friends 41380 Lighthouse Rescue Center. This set has a multitude of features, including a lab, sea lion play area, rest area, TV room, office and an observation deck with a lamp that can be lit by pressing the lighthouse roof. Rescued sea lions access the lighthouse clinic using a clever hinged pool that swings through 180 degrees to bring the sea lions into the clinic. Also included is a water scooter for rescuing the sea animals and a mini island where the sea lion is trapped in an abandoned shack, which has a fun button function your child can push to set the sea lion free. There is also a treasure map hidden there—the clever textile reveals its secrets when brushed with water. This lighthouse toy provides a raft of scenarios that allow imaginations to run free and ‘nurturing play’ to come to the fore. This fun set includes two mini-dolls, plus five animal figures.

Rescue Mission Boat (41381)

LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue

Enjoy endless hours of animal rescue adventures with LEGO® Friends 41381 Rescue Mission Boat. Young explorers will be able to play out a multitude of animal-saving scenarios with this highly equipped boat. There is a speedboat bay with launching function, swivelling crane with a stretcher for transporting sick animals, lookout position and a cockpit area. The deck is removeable to allow access to the cabin, which includes a lab, kitchen and a bedroom complete with toilet. Extending the play further is a separate heart-shaped island where a hidden water-reactive textile map hides the location of the underwater treasure chest. This LEGO boat includes three mini-doll figures, plus a narwhal toy figure and a robot figure.

LEGO Hidden Side Shrimp Shack Attack (70422) Official Images Released

Last February at the New York Toy Fair 2019, the LEGO Group has revealed its first-ever collection of sets that combines augmented reality with brick building play. The LEGO Hidden Side is LEGO’s newest play theme that integrates augmented reality through the use of a smartphone app with physical construction to unravel a hidden world of ghosts and ghouls. With eight (8) sets under its belt, seven (7) of these were officially introduced earlier this month, with one still waiting to be revealed. And thanks to French LEGO fansite Hoth Bricks, we now have a look at this upcoming set – the LEGO Hidden Side Shrimp Shack Attack (70422).

Shrimp Shack Attack (70422)

Like the rest of the sets under the Hidden Side theme, the Shrimp Shack Attack (70422) features a typical restaurant that transforms itself into a spooky, haunted diner.  It’s like a two-in-one build where one can have a seemingly normal-looking diner and alternately reconstruct its haunted alter ego. Using the LEGO Hidden Side AR app allows you to reveal and interact with the set’s mysterious and hidden features. You get to play the role of teen bloggers Jack and Parker as they explore the mysteries of their hometown of Newbury overrun by malevolent ghosts.

Shrimp Shack Attack (70422)

The LEGO Hidden Side Shrimp Shack Attack (70422) comes in at 579 pieces and will retail for $49.99 USD. It features five (5) minifigures including Jack, Parker, a diner customer, a ghost cook and waitress, and a ghost dog figure. This set and the rest of the Hidden Side sets will be available at all local LEGO Stores and at starting August 1. You may also keep tabs with the LEGO Hidden Side minisite for more updates.

LEGO Hidden Side First Official Set Images Released

Releasing a toy line that interacts with a mobile game app doesn’t happen in a day. That’s the story behind the LEGO Hidden Side, a spooky-themed new line of sets introduced in February. We know the backstory. We’ve seen the app features and sets. Now we get to see the official packaging. We can thank Amazon UK for finally listing the sets for LEGO Hidden Side. Thus far there are seven sets shown. Each depicts a landmark or location in the game setting of Newbury High School. The LEGO Hidden Side has players exploring these locales which transform into haunted versions when night falls.

J.B.’s Ghost Lab (70418)

Laboratory setup with spirit portal; three minifigures and one “ghost-dog” figure

LEGO Hidden Side


Wrecked Shrimp Boat (70419)

Features a river tugboat and kayak with haunted waterfront, four minifigures, one ghost-dog, and one gator figure.

LEGO Hidden Side614gxVCcYOL._SL1306_

Graveyard Mystery (70420)

Features a haunted cemetery with five minifigures (one skeleton and one angel statue) plus a ghost-dog figure.

LEGO Hidden Side61-tBArUYgL._SL1290_

El Fuego’s Stunt Truck (70421)

Features a weapon-laden monster truck and tricycle, four minfiigures (two ghosts) and (again) one ghost-dog figure.

LEGO Hidden Side71ZnFCojp3L._SL1359_

Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 (70423)

Features a ghost-hunting ready school bus, roadwork obstacles and port-a-potty, five minifigures (two ghosts) and that ghost-dog figure once again.

LEGO Hidden Side71udgj8uxVL._SL1321_

Ghost Train Express (70424)

Haunted ghost-train (with track) and station; five minifigures (two ghosts) and you-know-what.

LEGO Hidden Side


Newbury Haunted High School (70425)

By far, this set is the largest in the LEGO Hidden Side theme. It is also the central location for the events in the story where the Newbury High school building transforms into a Monster House at night. The set includes seven minifigures, three of which are ghosts or spooky creatures, including the ghost-dog figure.

LEGO Hidden Side719gucv88PL._SL1424_

From the original product announcement months ago, there’s actually one more set that wasn’t featured here. It’s the LEGO Hidden Side Shrimp Shack Attack (70422). It’ll probably pop up later, whether on Amazon UK too or someplace else. This latest theme, both its sets and app, are scheduled to be released sometime late summer this year.

2019 Summer LEGO Creator Sets Official Images Revealed

The wave of LEGO set reveals continues. After the release of the LEGO Toy Story 4 tie-in sets, and the LEGO Movie 2, and the sky-rocketing LEGO City Space, we now have our next reveal coming from the LEGO Creator line. From the looks of these set images, as seen and listed by Belgian retailer ToyChamp, there’s a variety of themes for this new batch of 2019 summer LEGO Creator sets. One of them actually seems to follow up on a carnival-themed set from last year, the Pirate Roller Coaster (31084). They’ look good built side by side as you can see from the following images.

First in line is the LEGO Creator Fairground Carousel (31095) set, and it’s also a 2-in-1 build like its predecessors. Aside from the carousel build, the parts can also be reconfigured into a drop tower with extra parts to make mini merchandise and food stalls.

Fairground Carousel (31095)

LEGO Creator Sets

Here are the other LEGO Creator sets due this summer. Two more of them also have alternate builds from the official product name, like above.

Twin-Rotor Helicopter (31096)

LEGO Creator Sets

Townhouse Pet Shop & Cafe (31097) 

Convertible either a tower building or storefront row

LEGO Creator Sets


Outback Cabin (31098)

A house, riverboat or wilderness outpost.

LEGO Creator Sets


ToyChamp lists these LEGO Creator sets as coming late in May or first week of June. That may be true for Europe at least, and sometime in August for the US.

2019 Summer LEGO Movie 2 Set Images Revealed

So we’ve already gone over how LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part while debuting at #1 in the box office on its premiere last weekend, was markedly not as heavy a box-office breaker as the 2014 original film. But that’s far from the minds of LEGO’s primary toy manufacturing business, which is still cranking out new tie-in sets for the movie. In fact, a number of these new LEGO Movie 2 sets were announced towards the end of last month. Quite recently, we got a heads up on three tie-ins, two that were mentioned previously and one new addition. These 2019 summer LEGO Movie 2 set images were revealed February 12, ahead of the 2019 New York Toy Fair. They are the Shimmer & Shine Sparkle Spa! (70837), Queen Whatevra’s “So-Not-Evil” Space Palace (70838) and the Emmet’s Triple-Decker Couch Mech (70842) which is the all-new set that wasn’t part of the advance notice from January.

Shimmer & Shine Sparkle Spa! (70837)

691 pieces; $69.99 USD; characters include: Benny and Washed-out Wyldstyle minifigures, Balthazar mini-doll figure, plus brick-built LEGO Unikitty as Calm-Down Kitty, Flaminga, Eight, Archimedes and Balthazar vampire bat.

2019 Summer LEGO Movie 2



Queen Watevra’s ‘So-Not-Evil’ Space Palace (70838)

995 pieces; $99.99 USD; characters include: a Bachelor Batman minifigure and Celeste mini-doll figure, plus Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi, Ice Cream Cone, Star, Royal Guard and 2 Heart brick-built figures.

2019 Summer LEGO Movie 2


Emmet’s Triple-Decker Couch Mech (70842)

312 pieces; $23.99 USD; characters include: Emmet toy minifigure, Sweet Mayhem mini-doll figure and new-for-May-2019 brick-built LEGO Unikitty as Rampage Kitty figure with a bushy tail.

2019 Summer LEGO Movie 2


The LEGO Movie 2 is now showing in cinemas, while a videogame adaptation from TT Fusion is coming to Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch on February 26. While waiting for the eventual of these 2019 summer LEGO Movie 2 sets, be sure to check out the rest of the sets in this theme right here.

Reminder: Free LEGO Duplo Farm (30326) Promotional Polybag in US LEGO Stores

In case you missed it, this year marks the 50th anniversary of LEGO Duplo – those oversized large bricks designed specifically for younger, smaller hands. And to celebrate 50 creative years of nurturing future builders, LEGO offers a new promotional to accompany those big, building blocks that you plan to purchase for your tiny tot. The LEGO Duplo Farm (30326) polybag is yours free, for every single receipt purchase of LEGO Duplo sets worth $20 and above. This latest LEGO Duplo promotional began last January 29 and will end this Thursday February 7, so you still have a couple of days to avail of this promo.

Each LEGO Duplo Farm random blind bag contains 4 LEGO Duplo pieces: two 2×2 Duplo brick, one Duplo flower and a random farm figure which could be a farm boy, farm girl, goat, hen and calf. It’s a great way to build your farm inspired Duplo set, especially if you plan to get the LEGO Duplo Farm Adventures (10869)Farm Pony Stable (10868) or the LEGO Duplo Farm Animals (10870).

This promotion is currently available in all US LEGO brand stores and at the US portal of until this Thursday only. LEGO Stores in the UK and the rest of Europe all offers a similar promotional with the LEGO Duplo Numbers (40304) polybag.

LEGO Confirms Re-Issue of the LEGO Star Wars Resistance Bomber (75188)

This piece of news is rather odd, but in a relatively good way. If you recall back in 2017, one of the better sets that LEGO has released under the LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi subtheme is the new Resistance Bomber (75188) set consisting of 778 pieces and 5 minifigures. One of these minifigures was simply referred to as Resistance Bomber Pilot, in honor supposedly of the pilot that coursed the bomber that destroyed the Dreadnaught at the opening sequence of The Last Jedi. It was a cliff hanger of a scene, with the entire crew of the lone Resistance Bomber eventually sacrificing their selves in order to carry out their critical mission. It is a great scene that eventually found its way as an official LEGO set. However, devout LEGO Star Wars fans quickly noticed the small, but very unpleasant inconsistency that this particular LEGO set has, and LEGO was quick to respond.

The LEGO Star Wars Resistance Bomber (75188) released in 2017.

According to an excellent summary written by The Brothers Brick, this nagging inconsistency was eventually addressed by LEGO. So what was it exactly? With the release of The Last Jedi: Cobalt Squadron novel, which is considered as part of Star Wars canon, the generic Resistance Bomber Pilot now has a name, and LEGO eventually re-issued a new minifigure to accurately represent his character. Named as Finch Dallow, LEGO has now confirmed that they will be re-issuing, or has issued an update already, to correct this matter. Though Finch was only given 5-seconds of screen time on the big screen, it was enough to give us a close look at the character.

British actor Kevin Layne who played the role of Finch Dallow in The Last Jedi.

As you may have noticed already, Finch’s character is very much different from his generic minifigure rendition that was released with the Resistance Bomber (75188) set. Thankfully, the matter was addressed by LEGO when it gave its official response to an inquiring fan:

“When we develop LEGO sets based on movies, we aspire to make minifigures and models that reflect the iconic characters and scenes in the film. For this reason our products are most often developed by LEGO designers using reference material from specific movies – still images, sketches, as well as in the actual movies as inspiration. We developed The Lego Star Wars Resistance Bomber set (75188), based on “The Last Jedi” movie and discovered after the film was released that one of The Lego minifigures in the set doesn’t reflect the movie scene properly. As a result, we decided to adjust the set accordingly, true to our motto: “Only the best is good enough”. We hope Star Wars fans across the world appreciate this attention to details”

It is a known fact that LEGO designers do not really receive the entire set of details about a film or a particular scene in which a LEGO set will eventually be based. This holds true in the case of the LEGO Star Wars Resistance Bomber. This adjustment resulted in the roll-out of a new and updated LEGO Star Wars Resistance Bomber (75188) that perfectly captures in minifigure form the character of Finch Dallow, including his Resistance helmet as well. Check out these side by side images, comparing the old and new minifigs, as shared by The Brothers Brick.

Image composite courtesy of The Brothers Brick.
Image composite courtesy of The Brothers Brick.
Image composite courtesy of The Brothers Brick.

Now I’m not really sure if this re-issued LEGO Star Wars Resistance Bomber set has already been released to the market, but an Instagram post from actor Kevin Layne who played the role of Finch Dallow, may hint that this re-issued set may already be out there.

The only question is where and how will you be able to get this set later on, considering that it is reasonable to expect that previously released Resistance Bomber sets with the generic Resistance Bomber Pilot minifigure, is still distributed in the market. Though as TBB observes, this kind of scarcity has led to some ‘overblown’ hype towards the Finch minifigure, as evidenced by its risen value of as much as $100 in some secondary market platforms. This is not something that  LEGO intends though, and I’m personally glad that LEGO has corrected this matter, though a little bit too late in my opinion.

Frankly, it’s now seems to a kind of hit and miss if you wish to get your hands on an updated set that contains the new Finch Dallow minifigure. Even if the Resistance Bomber is still up and selling at, buying it from LEGO’s online store still doesn’t guarantee if ever you will receive the new minifig. In fact, the LEGO Shop@Home page for this particular set is still not updated with the new Finch minifig as of this posting.

Anyways, what are your thoughts about this change? Do you think it’s worthwhile to haunt down this set with the hope of landing on this new and accurate minifigure rendition? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

The LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz Walmart Exclusives Now Available for Pre-Order

I reported yesterday that LEGO has just released the building instructions for its series of the LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz, particularly those of Emmet (41634), Wyldstyle (41635), Benny (41636), and Sweet Mayhem (41637). It gave me the impression that these new series of LEGO BrickHeadz will be soon available at However, as this new info suggests, it looks like two of these will be exclusive to Walmart instead.  The following LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz Walmart exclusives are now available for pre-order and you may check on them by clicking the following links. Each set retails for $14.99, with the LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz Wyldstyle coming in at limited quantities only.  Both sets will arrive this Saturday, February 9.

The LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz Emmet (41634)

133 pieces; $14.99

Build LEGO® BrickHeadz™ 41634 Emmet with colorful LEGO bricks that recreate the iconic details of THE LEGO MOVIE 2™ hero, including his construction worker’s outfit. This fun creative toy stands on a buildable baseplate ready to display in your home, office or wherever you like.

  • Buildable LEGO® BrickHeadz™ model of Emmet from THE LEGO MOVIE 2™, featuring decorated eyes and authentic details including his construction worker’s outfit
  • Each LEGO® BrickHeadz™ construction character comes with its own buildable baseplate
  • Have fun growing your LEGO® BrickHeadz™ collection with THE LEGO MOVIE 2™ characters 41635 Wyldstyle, 41636 Benny and 41637 Sweet Mayhem
  • Emmet buildable figure stands over 3” (8cm) tall without baseplate
  • Baseplate measures over 1” (4cm) square


The LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz Wyldstyle (41635)

134 pieces; $14.99

Build and display LEGO® BrickHeadz™ 41635 Wyldstyle, featuring characteristic details of THE LEGO MOVIE 2™ hero including turquoise and violet hair streaks. This awesome construction toy includes a buildable baseplate for you to display your master-building creation in your home, office or anywhere you like.

  • Buildable LEGO® BrickHeadz™ model of Wyldstyle from THE LEGO MOVIE 2™, featuring decorated eyes and authentic details including turquoise and violet hair streaks
  • Each LEGO® BrickHeadz™ construction character comes with its own buildable baseplate
  • Wyldstyle buildable figure stands over 3” (8cm) tall without baseplate
  • Baseplate measures over 1” (4cm) square
  • Limited quantities available  – each set individually numbered 1 out of 5000 units