New Product Idea for LEGO Ideas Second 2018 Review Stage: 10-K Support for “Fiat 500 F” by saabfan

Spotting trends can be an entertaining enough pastime, especially when writing news for toy brands like LEGO. Take for example the Product Ideas that have recently been hitting the 10-K support mark and getting into the Second 2018 Review Stage. There’s some trending going on with the sets in question. read more

The LEGO Ideas Product Idea Toronto Skyline Will Be a Great LEGO Architecture Set

It seems there’s a rising trend of Product Ideas on the LEGO Ideas platform that’s specifically tailored for an existing LEGO product line. We saw this recently with a 10-K passer for the Second 2018 Review Stage, being a Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 that’s being proposed by its creator for the LEGO Speed Champions series. Now, a new submission has been put forth on LEGO Ideas by Canadian member Nathan Beyerle (nbeyerle). His Product Idea is a multi-building model skyline in the vein of the LEGO Architecture series:the LEGO Ideas Product Idea Toronto Skyline. read more

Speed Champions Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Project Now Qualifies For This Year’s LEGO Ideas Second Review Stage

We had once described the Product Ideas that have now passed into the purview of the LEGO Ideas Second 2018 Review Stage, as a “space theme” group, what with no less than two models of SpaceX rockets and one of the International Space Station. Later additions have broken the trend, and this new shoo-in may have ended the “space-only” distinction. The newest Product Idea to receive the yearned-for 10,000 supporters is one that’s designed after a specific LEGO product line: Speed Champion, featuring brick-built models of real-life racing cars. LEGO Ideas member AbFab1974 created the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 set. read more

Rolls-Royce UltraFan – The Ultimate Jet Engine Qualifies for LEGO Ideas’ Second 2018 Review Stage

For those who have been keeping up with us on our coverage of new Product Ideas on LEGO Ideas that have passed the 10,000 support mark, they might think the initial trend of “high-techie” aspiring official sets was broken with Steamboat Willie and the M&M Dispenser. But now the prevailing theme’s back in full force with the next LEGO Ideas project gaining the 10K thumbs-up of approval from LEGO fans: the Rolls-Royce UltraFan – The Ultimate Jet Engine. read more

LEGO Ideas M&M’s Chocolate Candy Dispenser Project Gets 10K Thumbs Up

Here’s something that chocolate lovers and LEGO fans may want to watch out for. We now have our fifth LEGO Ideas project proposal to join this year’s LEGO Ideas Second Review Stage. The LEGO Ideas Ideas M&M’s Chocolate Candy Dispenser project by EDxAS is a virtual color feast of sweet proportions, which won the hearts of 10,000 LEGO Ideas supporters. This brick-built contraption from ElectryDragonite and Astonishing Studios began its 10K climb in 2016, and has now been officially recognized as the next qualifier for the 2018 Second Review Stage. read more