“Garfield 2-in-1” by Yang Yang Gets 10-K Support for LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review

Name, on short notice, popular animal characters from the most globally recognizable US syndicated comic strips. Chances are the top critters will be a dog (beagle, specifically) and a cat. The latter will most definitely be “Garfield”, the fat lazy yet lovable tabby created by Jim Davis. He loves lasagna, sleeps every chance he gets, dreads Mondays and squishes spiders on sight. His animated series are hits, his live-action adaptations less so. And fans love him enough to make “Garfield” merchandise sell like hotcakes. LEGO might join in on the merchandising bandwagon, if this fully-supported LEGO Ideas submission passes review.

Yang Yang, a LEGO Ideas 10-K Club Member, has another product idea to reach the magical 10,000 supporters. His latest submission to make review is Jim Davis’ “Garfield” in his natural habitat. Rather, make it two natural habitats in one. First, we have Garfield on an armchair, phone on one side, popcorn and remote in his hands. Pose him in front of a TV and he’ll fit in. Alternatively, the chair is transformable, becoming his box bed to sleep in. Either way, this cat smiles his self-satisfied grin as he sits or snoozes in comfort.

With LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review getting really crowded, attaching a licensed IP to a submission seems might improve success chances. Problem is, there are quite the number of pop-culture product ideas in this batch too. This Garfield 2-in-1 build by Yang Yang will be in for a great run for recognition. We at The Brick Show look forward to success.

PeterKeith’s Medieval Watchtower Gets 10K Support for LEGO Ideas Review

While no longer a headlining theme for LEGO, medieval knights and castles remain a definitive look for the brand. No surprise then that a castle numbers among the 90th Anniversary sets coming out this year. The Icons Lion Knights Castle (10305) certainly looks impressive since its official reveal at LEGO Con 2022. Nostalgic LEGO builders must be waiting for its official launch next week, August 8. While not deliberate, LEGO Ideas Review stages also abound with castles and medieval buildings. Any lucky submission could one day join Lion Knights Castle to make a medieval LEGO setting. Just like this one.

Ideas member PeterKeith presents us a product idea that would look good next to Lion Knights Castle (10305). Of course, it still needs to pass review. But at least it already accumulated the needed 10-K supporters to join the Second 2022 Review Stage.


Medieval Watchtower looks like a LEGO-building study on space conservation. How compact can you make the building and still provide enough room for minifigures? A knight (and his horse) plus three tower guardsmen can certainly make themselves at home here.


The watchtower boasts a stable, armory, living quarters and a ladder to the ramparts. There’s even a storage shelf under the sloping roof. Now that’s some detail.

Given the number of thematically-similar castle/medieval submissions on LEGO Ideas, maybe LEGO could try to review the Castle theme. A limited run to test the waters might not hurt. The Ideas Lion Knights Castle (10305) could make a good start. In the meantime, we wish PeterKeith luck with his submission on LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review. He’ll need it too with the massive playing field already in place right here.

thepredisent’s The Treasury – Petra Gets 10K Support on LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review

If you’ve watched “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” as a kid in 1989, you probably wondered about something. About that temple of the Holy Grail in the Canyon of the Crescent Moon. As you watched more movies over the years and decades, that location must’ve popped up several times more. “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation”, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, you name it. Such is the lasting appeal of Petra, a ruined ancient city in Jordan, the Middle East. Elaborate building facades carved into a sandstone rockface have a way of staying in the mind. Perhaps that’s what inspired this latest 10K-supported submission on LEGO Ideas.

It can be heady stuff for a LEGO Ideas member to have a product idea get full support for the first time. Member thepredisent only has one build in his entire page, entitled “The Treasury – Petra”. As stated, this submission depicts one photogenic structure in the ancient city. 19th-Century Bedouins have named this building Al-Khazneh (“treasury”) due to it looking like it held treasures. Petra archaeologists would tell you this is actually a mausoleum. What does matter is the impressive decorative design of the edifice. It certainly has weathered erosion, tourism and film crews well.

If passed by LEGO Ideas review, The Treasury – Petra may well be relegated for mere display. Still, it might serve as an epic background if you happen to have LEGO Indiana Jones sets. There are some new ones speculated to come in the future. With this, one can re-enact “The Last Crusade” on an epic brick-built level. But first, thepredisent’s product idea must impress among the other submissions for LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review Stage.

Videogame Auteur Hideo Kojima Shows Latest LEGO Set on Twitter

Let’s face it: LEGO’s such a big brand that it definitely has loads of fans and collectors worldwide. Among that sprawling fan community are some big names to many others, be it mainstream or niche followings. You look hard enough in social media and some celebrity LEGO collector-builder might be sharing his latest completed set/MOC. To general fans the identities of these persons might come as a surprise. Take for instance big-name videogame designer Hideo Kojima, creator of the “Metal Gear” franchise for Konami. He’s a LEGO fan of distinction himself. And recently he tweeted about his newest set acquisition.

Brick Fanatics tells us that Hideo Kojima posted photos of a certain LEGO Ideas set he’s completed on Twitter. The tweet, dated July 16, shows nice close-ups of an Ideas Typewriter (21327). Also prominent in the background of one shot is the (retired) Ideas Grand Piano (21323). Kojima’s post only featured the photos of his set(s) and no commentary. Still, it generated quite the buzz among fans of both LEGO and Kojima. One such reply came from LEGO designer James May, part of the team that worked on Typewriter (21327).

While there’s not much to be done about the Grand Piano set, at least Ideas Typewriter is still available. At least it is on LEGO Shop for UK and most of Europe. Unfortunately, the US online store has it “temporarily out of stock” right now. That tweet’s a nice gesture from Kojima, something fans of his games from “Metal Gear” to “Death Stranding” might appreciate.

“A-Team” Van by MOCturnal Again Reaches LEGO Ideas Review Stage (Second 2022)

If at first it doesn’t succeed, try again. So, if you’re a LEGO Ideas member and your submission fails getting support or passing review, don’t quit. Trying to determine which of the many product ideas on the platform are rehashes is a futile exercise. For instance, this new 10K-supported entry to the Second 2022 Review Stage…isn’t all-new. It previously got into the Second 2021 Review Stage late last year. Obviously, it failed to pass muster that time. But now the creator has refurbished the concept and presented it again. The fact that it maxed-support again proves there’s great potential here.

"A-Team Van" LEGO Ideas submission by MOCturnal

For another shot at official LEGO set-hood, here’s “The A-Team: I Love It When a Plan Comes Together”. So confident is creator MOCturnal at this build that it looks unchanged from its previous review campaign. We’re not surprised. That modified black GMC van from the legendary 1980s TV series never looked so awesome in brick-form. MOCturnal (formerly HenkvdL05) based the design on LEGO’s since-2020 8-stud width standard for vehicle sets. This has worked great for vehicles both compact enough but still be properly-scaled for minifigures. As you can see, we’re recycling images from the original submission; it’s the same anyway.

To recap, this “A-Team” van product idea has the titular A-Team foursome as minifigures, plus gear. The van also has various equipment at back, behind the seats. There’s really not much more to add. We certainly hope MOCturnal has better prospects for his creation in LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review Stage. It counts as the 33rd entry for this batch of ideas due for review.

Would You Rather Play or Display? Easy. Both. Introducing the LEGO Ideas The Office (21336)!

Well, this next LEGO Ideas set deserves a pretzel. In the tradition of brick-built dioramas of your favorite TV shows such as those from FRIENDS and Seinfeld, comes another LEGO Ideas set fit for all the brick fans of this prime-time Emmy-award-winning comedy series. The LEGO Ideas The Office (21336) set is the brainchild of prolific LEGO fan designer Jaijai Lewis. In fact, this next LEGO Ideas set has gone through a lot of initial disapprovals and reiterations since 2015 until the LEGO Ideas design team gave it the green light during the LEGO Ideas First 2021 Review Stage, alongside the LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334).  True to the mantra of the sitcom’s lead character and eccentric boss Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell), Jaijai simply “Never, ever, ever gave up”.

LEGO Ideas The Office

The LEGO Ideas The Office (21336) clocks in at 1,164 pieces and comes with an impressive, 15 minifigures of the show’s main cast: Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, Ryan Howard, Angela Martin, Oscar Martinez, Kevin Malone, Stanley Hudson, Kelly Kapoor, Phyllis Lapin Vance, Meredith Palmer, Creed Bratton, Toby Flenderson and Darryl Philbin.

More than just being a display set, this LEGO version of the iconic Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton office comes complete with all the accessories that call back to some of the funniest moments in the show. Stapler-filled jello anyone?

The set also features an authentic representation of the Office’s reception area, conference room, and Michael’s office that slides out separately if you want to display it on its own.

The LEGO Ideas The Office is now available for pre-order for $120 and is slated to be released on October 1st, 2o22. Check out the rest of these product images, and click on the following affiliate link below if you wish to be one of the first to pre-order this.

LEGO Ideas The Office (21336)

1,164 pieces | 15 minifigures | $119.99 | Available for pre-order, to be released starting October 1, 2022  

LEGO Ideas The Office LEGO Ideas The Office

LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review Stage Submission Digest (Part 1)

We spoke of this some time ago, and we’ve determined to make a start of it now. Our readers at The Brick Show might have noticed a lack of reports on LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review Stage. Indeed, a multitude of brilliant submissions have gained 10,000 supporters apiece since late last month. We apologize for those tuning in to these features and will make up for it now. This will be the first of several Ideas-Review updates to get everything back up to speed. They’ll be much shorter since we’re covering several product ideas, but we hope you enjoy anyway.

Escape Game: Carter’s Secret


A nice thematic house build, this tricked-out domicile is the venue for an intense challenge. Can Toms and Oria manage to get through the funhouse of quirky engineer Carter under the 1-hour time limit? How would you fare?

Fishing in Muddy Waters

By Ralf Ranghaal

Not heavy on interactivity, but it makes for a neat display piece. The complex details of the towers and even the muddy river-water will draw artsy builders in.

Eletrico de Lisboa

By Ezequiel Alabaça

This product idea is a loving tribute to the old tramway system of Lisbon, Portugal. This build immortalizes Lisbon’s line 28, providing a picturesque Portuguese image to any LEGO City set you add this to. The tram’s pantograph and trolley pole are articulated. In terms of location accuracy, there’s even a pickpocket minifig included!

Which of these sets will make it through the LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review? It’s still far off to tell.

Sikorsky S-70 Firehawk by Slekk024 Finally Gets 10-K Support

If you hang around the LEGO Ideas webpage you know there’s a massive amount of aspiring sets there. Predicting which ones will succeed feels like a fool’s errand. Those product ideas even have to muster supporters on the platform to be considered for review. While many LEGO news services do take note of these hopefuls once in a while, they can’t always keep track. So sometimes their predicted 10-K support passers flame out or others take quite long to reach that milestone. Why, late last year we featured a helicopter product idea with 3-K-plus supporters but just over a month left to hit 10 grand. What happened to it anyway?

Well, funny that. The Sikorsky S-70 Firehawk by Slekk024 has officially gathered the necessary support for review. If you’ll recall, this build depicts a firefighting version of the Sikorsky S-70 as currently used by Cal Fire. With some 3,000 pieces one can assemble the Firehawk and a portion of California forest fire to extinguish. The set has firefighter minifigures as well to man the mechanisms of the chopper. During its support-gathering stage the product idea received endorsements on social media from Sikorsky and Cal Fire. At last their promotional efforts have come through for Slekk024.

This is the latest addition to LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review Stage. And we’re sure you’re wondering: where are the rest of the 10-K supported updates? Well, we’re going to try and backtrack through those lucky submissions in the future.

LEGO Ideas “Go STEM!” GWP Contest Not Yet Announcing Winners

For the most part, contests on LEGO Ideas run quite smoothly. A contest page is set up, followed by a waiting period for entries. The usual procedure afterwards would consist of the expert review, a fan vote, and finally announcing the winners. Sometimes there might be multiple reviews and votes, if the contests have prelim/semi phases. For the most part, the contest is over when the LEGO Ideas team reveals the winners. Of course, sometimes something comes up. Like now, an Ideas contest that would conclude Thursday…didn’t announce its champions.

Indeed, the LEGO Ideas “Ready, Set, Go STEAM!” Contest should’ve concluded June 9. That was when the winner announcement would be done. But a visit to the contest page reveals an announcement at top. A LEGO Ideas team spokesperson notes that the STEAM contest will delay its reveal of the winners. Apparently one runner-up contestant hasn’t been responding to official communication from the Ideas platform. For consideration, the Ideas team decided to put things off until all winners are aware and responded. They did say the reveal will be ASAP, but nobody knows how long the wait could be. For the moment, we’ll keep watching the Ideas STEM Contest page.

We covered “Ready, Get Set, Go STEAM!” here in The Brick Show last month. You can check out the 15 finalists vying for grand champion and five runners-up over there. The cool LEGO sets they’d get would be topped by the grand champion’s submission becoming an official GWP in future.

LEGO Ideas Contest “Ready, Set, Go STEM!” Crowd Vote Begins for GWP Shot

It’s a given that custom creations on LEGO Ideas have a long way to go towards official set-dom. Gaining supporters is one thing while impressing pro LEGO Ideas reviewers is quite another. On average, less than a handful of product ideas will emerge approved per Review Stage. Fortunately, Ideas provides alternative venues for its members to see their builds become LEGO products. Sometimes they open Contests for submissions to get fast-tracked towards approval. Just last month for instance, LEGO Ideas launched a Contest for STEM-themed submissions. Following a review period in the middle of this month, the vote’s finally ready.

Brick Fanatics tells us that LEGO Ideas Contest “Ready, Set, Go STEM!” opened its Crowd Vote on Thursday, May 26. No less than 15 entries are in the running to become an official LEGO gift-with-purchase set. And of course, the Grand Winner and runners-up will receive some cool and recent LEGO sets from various themes. Check out STEM-themed submissions, some with animated images too:

Steam Engine by Mr_Kleinstein

Tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci by LegoMalkie

Tensegrity Racers by OverRaptor

Invaders from Mars by Diving Faces

Mini Orrery of the Inner Solar System by ROSch

Up, Up and Away by ILLUMIN@TED

Yesterday’s Technology by Rossidisera

Renew the Future by Bric.olé

Tribute to Galileo Galilei by Firecracker

Metamorphosis of a Butterfly by Claire_Building

Rotating Classic Space Logo by DelQuinn

Satellite Spinner by aido_k

Factory Robot Arm by Rizsa1

Endless Possibilities by aido_k

The Steam Train by Lego_Is_Art

The Prizes

Five runners-up will get two Technic Sets (Rescue Hovercraft 42120 and BMW M 1000 RR 42130) and two post-promo GWPs (Vintage Car 40448 and Sailboat Adventure 40487). The Grand Winner will receive all these plus the Technic All-Terrain Vehicle (42139) and Ideas Globe (21332). Crowd voting for this contest ends June 2, with the winners being announced June 9.