Tired of Conventional Car Submissions to LEGO Ideas? Try Supporting pfunkadunk’s Speed Champions-Scale Tesla Model 3

LEGO Ideas has had its fair share of submissions concerning automobile builds. They can range from complex Creator or Technic-level large-scale models, to the smaller versions similar to the Speed Champions line. It’s for the latter that this fresh new product idea is being submitted, and unlike the gas-guzzlers of the past, this is electric.

You read that last word right. Ideas member pfunkadunk just made a Speed Champions-sized build of the Tesla Model 3. First released in 2017, this was Tesla’s first serious attempt at creating an affordable e-car for the general market. The actual story’s a bit complicated.


In any case, pfunkadunk totally knocked the ball out of the park with designing his LEGO Ideas Tesla Model 3. In a solid black color scheme, the brick-built model copies the contours of the real electric car. Details include a visible battery back from the bottom and touchscreen interior display.


The set also comes with a buildable Tesla Supercharger unit, which can actually connect into a port on the car. The LEGO Model 3 has room for two minifigures, and comes with one by default. Aside from his LEGO Ideas listing, afol777 also has an official webpage for his great submission, with more available images.


From its 227 supporters and 370 days remaining, this is likely as newly-uploaded as LEGO Ideas submissions can be. If you’re a Tesla fan, other factors notwithstanding, then this LEGO Tesla Model 3 by afol777 needs all the help it can get to make 10-K.


Addams Family Mansion (Modular) by afol777 Gets 10-K Supporters on LEGO Ideas

On LEGO Ideas, the “If at first you don’t succeed” adage is a common occurrence. Some product ideas might make it to 10,000 supporters only to lose out during review. Other submissions don’t even get that far before time runs out. But for many Ideas members, that only means they’ll rework their builds and try to run the gauntlet again.

Take for instance this product idea by afol777. It’s based on the sixties sitcom-turned-modest media franchise “The Addams Family,” and depicts their macabre-style residence. Ideas member afol777 made an earlier build of this in 2016 that gained the necessary support but never passed review. Now he’s made a new version.


Believing that his original Addams Family Mansion was too unwieldy at over 7,000 pieces, afol777 went and trimmed the piece count to just less than 3,000. He also made the structure modular, with the mansion’s three floors a removable segment to better see the interiors.


While comparisons between the original make and its modular revision show reduction in details, the new modular Addams Family Mansion is just as creepily fun. All points of interest for the house in the original TV series are there, and the set has eight minifigures: the family members Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Grandmamma and Cousin It Addams, plus the constantly groaning butler Lurch.


It’s time to crank up that familiar finger-snapping theme tune to “The Addams Family” as their mansion, rebuilt anew in LEGO, once again attempts to pass Review on LEGO Ideas. It’ll be up against similar building-themed product ideas, and one’s even a sitcom interior set.

Ideas Submission “Legend of Zelda: BOTW” Stable Seeks Support to Become Major Nintendo-Licensed LEGO Set

Whenever we at The Brick Show find an interesting product idea on LEGO Ideas, we try to shine the spotlight. This new submission we’re featuring to our readers would fit right in (sort of) with LEGO trying to secure IP franchises based on videogames. But rather than a PC title, this one’s for a console.

LEGO Ideas member and Redditor Hanwasyellowfirst, has conceptualized a set based on the arguable “killer app” game for the Nintendo Switch on its debut year: “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” It depicts a common location of that game’s world, plus a collection of very quirky minifigures too.


Due to the expansive environment in “Breath of the Wild” there are several Stables scattered around that would hire out horses for travelers like Link. This is the structure interpreted in LEGO by Hanwasyellowfirst. It’s nominally a one-story building topped with a wooden horse-head sculpture.


Areas in the “BOTW” Stable building include the stable proper (with three LEGO horse figures), a smithy fire-pit, benches, storage crates, and a varied display of weapons and crafting ingredients. It’s populated with minifigures of Link, the Stable master, Pikango, Beedle, Kaas, another traveller (with backpack) and a mystery character.


LEGO hasn’t released any set or product licensed from Nintendo. Past LEGO Ideas submissions depicting the “BOTW” title haven’t taken off either. This “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” Stable has impressed about 4,528 LEGO Ideas supporters so far. It still has 565 days left to reach 10,000 and make review. Nintendo Switch owners who have played “BOTW” should certainly support this.

Another Disney Product Idea Worth Supporting: benlouisa’s “Winnie the Pooh”

Recently, the Disney brand has been very prominent in LEGO Ideas. After all, the Steamboat Willie set (21317) seemed to hog the spotlight with its glorious monochrome scheme. The accompanying Mickey and Minnie Mouse minifigures were awesome too. Variants of them got included in the latest Disney Collectible Minifigs (71024).

But we digress. Somehow I think the success of Steamboat Willie from its time in LEGO Ideas might help other Disney-themed submissions. Take for instance this product idea from member benlouisa. It’s a sweet set depiction of another popular Disney property. Say hello to the Willy Nilly Silly Old Bear.


That’s right; this Ideas submission is for Winnie the Pooh. Whether you recall more the “Americanized” eighties animated series or the theatrically-released films that followed Pooh’s British roots, benlouisa’s build will fire up Disney nostalgia. What we have are Winnie and friends with the former’s familiar Hundred Acre Wood tree-house.


Appropriate tree elements comprise the tree façade of Pooh’s home “under the name of Sanders,” with two beehives and a hollow for Owl. The house part to the rear has a removable roof to reveal the amenities for play. Included are minifigures of Pooh, Piglet and Rabbit, plus buildable figures of Eeyore, Tigger and Owl.


With 3,821 supporters already pledged, plus 570 days left to make 10-K, we’d say benlouisa’s Winnie the Pooh Ideas set is off to a good start. If you think Steamboat Willie needs another Disney LEGO Ideas companion, look no further. LEGO Disney fans, come represent.

LEGO Ideas Contest Winner Gift-w/-Purchase Set “Space Rocket Ride” (40335) Found in Croatia

Over a year ago, a certain challenge was held for members of LEGO Ideas. The winner of the “LEGO Moments in Space” would’ve had his creation be turned into an official LEGO set that is “gifted with purchase.” The winner was announced in March 2018, though the actual set production won’t be until this year.

Just when it seemed like Ideas member and challenge Grand Winner mjsmiley’s coin-operated “Cosmic Rocket Ride” may have been forgotten, the official set’s finally been spotted. German LEGO news source Promo Bricks originally reported last month that the LEGO “Space Rocket Ride” (40335) may have surfaced in a Croatian LEGO Certified Store. Now however, they have tangible proof of it.

Promo Bricks has gone to Croatia and actually gotten one of set 40335 from there, as seen in their Instagram page. Interestingly, they made no mention of it supposedly being a gift with purchase. Perhaps they actually bought it over-the-counter?

As can be seen between the original contest build by mjsmiley, and the official set numbered 40335, LEGO expanded on the design. The Space Rocket Ride has a bigger platform base. While likely still operated by a crank in the back, the base also includes a “functional” coin slot to insert LEGO coin elements in.

If this isn’t a region exclusive then hopefully collectors outside Europe can soon find LEGO Space Rocket Ride (40335) on their Shop@Home or local shop. Maybe then we can have definitive knowledge on whether or not it’s a GWP promo or a conventionally purchasable set.

2017-Featured LEGO Ideas Submission “Sesame Street” Now Close to 10-K Milestone with 200+ Days Left

Back in November 2017, we featured a submission to LEGO Ideas themed after one of the world’s greatest children’s shows. “Sesame Street” is easily a recognizable franchise not just for kids but for adults who watched it in childhood. That familiarity was what Filipino filmmaker and LEGO fan Ivan Guerrero/bulldoozer21 banked on when he presented his 123 Sesame Street Apartment Building build to LEGO Ideas.

It had been slow going after initial interest, but now with 259 days left, Guerrero’s 123 Sesame Street has finally amassed over 8,000 supporters. That means only less than 2,000 are needed to hit the magic 10-K and reach Review.


The sudden surge of support after we first featured the submission in 2017 may be attributed to bulldoozer21 making alterations to the design over the past year and few months. That was to update the build in celebration of “Sesame Street” turning 50 this year.


Guerrero’s significant changes were made just this March, removing features from the original to reduce pieces and obscuring obstacles. It also enabled him to expand on the apartment building’s rooftop, a familiar show-setting in itself. At 2,945 pieces total, this may be the last fiddling around with the idea before hopefully getting its 10-K support.


While the venerable children’s educational program has since left broadcast TV, with the newest episodes available only with HBO, the sheer influence of “Sesame Street” has never left people’s minds. With you help, this physical tribute to the program by Ivan Guerrero will be supported for Review, and eventually manufactured.

LEGO Ideas Releases Steamboat Willie (21317) Designer Video

As its release nears, fans waiting for the LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie (21317) must be hearing whistling in their heads. Indeed, Mickey Mouse’s whistling ditty from the 1928 short is looping in this writer’s head as the anticipation builds. Disney fans who appreciate the classics can’t say no here either.

With the Steamboat Willie set (21317) arriving April 1, the time’s arrived for it to be documented, as major sets usually are, with an official designer video. To sell the iconic age of the media the set depicts, said video is in black and white, with characteristic dots and scratches.

LEGO designer John Ho, who led the team that created the final official version of the original Product Idea by Máté Szabó, talks about the set’s build. He draws attention to the internal mechanism wherein, when the steamboat is rolled along the floor on its concealed wheels, they in turn drive the side paddle wheels and the alternating twin smokestacks.

Collectors will definitely love the LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie (21317) for its effective reference the original medium to make an attractive set despite being only in shades of black, white and gray. The mechanics involved also make interesting brick-building study.

Don’t forget that this Ideas set is averting April Fools’ Day by releasing this Monday. Collectors in Florida and Paris can even try going to their nearby Disney theme parks later this month if they want their Steamboat Willie (21317) sets signed by the creator.

Definitely Support this “LEGO City”-Scale Automated Garbage Truck on LEGO Ideas

There’s been quite the number of vehicle builds that have been submitted to LEGO Ideas. Many have reached Review Stages but only few have become sets. Those that have passed ranged from famous fictional automobiles to a classic British supercar and an off-planet scientific rover.

Now here’s a new product idea submitted that’s looking for support. It’s a fairly generic vehicle you’d find on city streets, but it packs mechanical features that’ll catch builders’ attention. Scott Hasse and his son, Ideas member MochiMaster, took over a year to develop the system that makes this Automated Garbage Truck a support-worthy set.

Trash-collecting mechanism

The automated garbage truck is a LEGO vehicle built to scale with existing LEGO City sets. It has a side-loading bin arm and a trash-compacting ram, both mechanically operated by two knobs on the truck’s other side. The Technic mechanisms driving both functions are slightly visible in the build, a testament to the creators’ awesomeness.


By adding square plates to generic LEGO City trash-can elements, these can now be picked up by the garbage truck’s bin arm. The compacting ram pushes trash (colored studs or food props) into the rear dumper that can be manually tilted up to dump the garbage through the swinging tailgate.


MochiMaster Hasse and his co-designers added two waste-management minifigures with cleaning props. The truck also comes with variable door logo plates identifying it as either a garbage, recycling or compost collector. The design is also uniform so that the bin arm and control knobs can go either right-side or left-side road pickup, making it international.


A meaningful build

The Hasse father-and-son team conceptualized the Automated Garbage Truck to both be a fun LEGO City-compatible set and as a message to take your trash out, segregate and recycle them.


If you’d like your LEGO City community to be kept clean in an involved way, add your support (they already have 2,993 with 529 days left) to MochiMaster’s submission page.

LEGO Ideas Announces Another Contest: The Greatest “Star Wars” Battles Built by You

Now surely, none of us have forgotten that 2019 is the 20th anniversary of the LEGO Star Wars product line. We’ve already covered the anniversary-edition sets for this year, but there’s more LEGO has in store. For instance, mere days after announcing a LEGO Ideas contest for their upcoming mobile game app, there’s now one for LEGO Star Wars too.

The theme for this LEGO Ideas contest is one of the most vital cinematic elements of the “Star Wars” franchise: big space-opera battles. From the ground-pounding encounters at Kasshyk, Hoth’s Echo Base and Endor, to the space dogfights of Coruscant and Yavin IV, all are celebrated in this building competition.

Interested contestants need only to recreate their favorite battle scene from any “Star Wars” film or TV show, whether in real LEGO bricks or through computer applications like LEGO Digital Designer. They must send their work, documented in only five images, to the LEGO Ideas contest page before May 3.


Exclusive prizes in store for the Grand Winner of “THE GREATEST BATTLES BUILT BY YOU!” include the following:

  1. Uncommon 2007 Chrome Gold C-3PO Minifigure (4521221), one of only 10,000 ever made!
  2. Tantive IV (10198) 10th Anniversary collection

For the two runners-up they’ll exclusively get:

  1. R2-D2 (10225) 2012 Collection
  2. Ultimate Collector’s Series Slave 1 (75060) 2015 Collection

And all winners will receive:

  1. Anakin’s Podracer (75258) 20th Anniversary collection
  2. Snowspeeder (75259) 20th Anniversary collection
  3. Slave I (75243) 20th Anniversary collection
  4. Assorted LEGO Star Wars merchandise

Winners for this LEGO Ideas contest will be announced by May 29. Now go and build your favorite “Star Wars” battle scene and join the fun!

LEGO Ideas Launches “LEGO Tower” Floor Design Contest

When we announced the new LEGO-themed mobile app “LEGO Tower” this Monday, we also said a related contest is coming. Said competition is to be hosted on LEGO Ideas, and involves creating custom content that developer NimbleBit can add later. The announcement was to be made “later;” that meant now.

LEGO Ideas finally opened their official contest page in relation to “LEGO Tower” on Tuesday, March 26. Effective immediately, all interested contestants need only to use their digital LEGO construction tool of choice to design a themed floor that could be implemented in the NimbleBit app before its launch date.

“LEGO Tower,” based on NimbleBit’s “TinyTower,” has players acting as developers of their own multi-story skyscraper complex, with each floor occupied by minifigure residences or businesses, all paying rent to enable further construction of more floors and extra building facilities.


Six contest winners will be chosen to each win a $200 Shop@Home spree, a LEGO Creator Expert Corner Garage (10264) and LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313). Their custom “LEGO Tower” floor will be an option in the game app, and they’ll also get a “special unlockable feature” when they play the game themselves.

For more details and in-depth contest rules, visit the official “LEGO Tower” Contest Page on LEGO Ideas. The final submission of entries is on May 2. Judging takes place from that date up to May 10, and the winners will be announced on May 22.