If at First You Don’t Succeed: “A Christmas Story” Model Once Again Submitted to LEGO Ideas

Late last year, twrt0es submitted a build on the LEGO Ideas platform in the hope that it might become an official set. His theme was the cult classic Holiday movie A Christmas Story, particularly the house that was its primary setting. It passed for the 2017 3rd Review, but failed to impress the panel enough.

Well, the creator feels it was a good idea that shouldn’t be forgotten after one setback. So twrt0es has completely revamped his A Christmas Story House idea and created a more generalized multi-component set for LEGO Ideas. There are less bricks but more play-acting fun.

Instead of a whole house, the new set only comprises the first floor of the Parker residence, though it makes sure to include the plot-relevant details such as the fireplace, radio and the big lamp. New to the set is a rendition of the iced-up flagpole scene, and the Christmas tree-bearing family car to boot.

For minifigures twrt0es has expanded the original set (bunny-PJ Ralphie, Randy, and the parents) with a cowboy-variant Ralphie, two hounds from the Bumpuses and Flick who got his tongue stuck on the flagpole. All in all, the possibilities of playing and posing are upped despite the lower LEGO piece count.

The original Christmas Story House managed to get up to 10K support in time for the 2017 Holidays. Now, twrt0es is hoping that the old supporters might be willing to support his new spin on an old project one more time. We wish him well.


LEGO Ideas Awesome Submission: Working Brick-Built Commodore 64 by Perifractic

If you thought the pinnacle of building with LEGO according to the imagination was already reached with the life-sized road-worthy LEGO Bugatti Chiron, then you haven’t seen anything impressive yet. There’s a product idea on the LEGO Ideas platform that is generating lots of curiosity, and questions on hardware licensing.

You see, LEGO Ideas member Perifractic is giving the brick treatment to the current trend of reviving retro videogame consoles. Gaming fans may know of the “Classic” min-versions of the NES and SNES, and of Sega’s attempt to do the same with the Genesis, but Perfifractic is interested in an older, more best-selling, gaming system.

Perifractic was set on his path one day when he first saw a miniature Commodore 64 mockup made out of LEGO. Being aware of present-day emulation efforts for the C64 computer, he was inspired to go all-out in designing and building a functional LEGO Commodore.

Features intended by Perifractic on his project include a working sprung keyboard Power Functions power pack, LED lights and even a brick-built C64 motherboard with all the original’s chips installed. He even has variants of his product Idea in mind: one a full-mockup (that’ll be the most likely for set conversion), another being a brick casing for an original C64 motherboard and keyboard, and a third swapping the motherboard with a Raspberry Pi for emulation.

This is a fairly new submission on LEGO Ideas. One does wonder how, even if it gets 10K support, Perifractic’s “fully functional” design versions could see the light of day as an official LEGO set, as it is trying to copy a long-discontinued computer from a defunct company. At the least, only the full-brick toy mockup might get a pass, but only the future knows.

New LEGO Idea Submission Looking for Support: “They Might Be Giants” BrickHeadz

Following a period of rumor and speculation that took off last month, no further info has come out regarding what LEGO was planning to do about its BrickHeadz line. Was the rumored cancellation still on? Will there be more sets coming in the future instead?

While the fate of LEGO BrickHeadz is still up in the air, a member of the LEGO Ideas platform has presented a Product Idea proposed to be a new BrickHeadz double-set. The subject is Brooklyn’s most famous alternative rock duo They Might Be Giants. The idea is being pitched by ThisMightBeAuto as a tribute to the “geekier side of music”.

This Ideas set comprises the BrickHeadz figure of TMBG members John Flansburgh (with glasses and guitar) and John Linnell (with microphone). They’re also accompanied by the blue canary referencing their song “Birdhouse in Your Soul”. Their clothes are also the same as what they wore in the “Birdhouse” music video.

ThisMightBeAuto also has plans to design additional accessories for the two Johns of They Might Be Giants. Ideas for Linnell include an alternate accordion instrument for his hand and a purple toupee to replace his brown hair.

The Product Idea was submitted very recently, and has just over 600 of the needed 10K support. It has more than a year left to do just that. Fans of LEGO BrickHeadz and TMBG are just what this submission needs to make Review.

Toronto Transit Commission Employee Submits Toronto Rocket Subway Train for LEGO Ideas Support

LEGO is no stranger to making model train sets. Their product range in that regard even covers both classic-looking locomotives to more modern contemporary transport. But there can always be more added to the lineup; and a subway operator for the Toronto Transit Commission has high hopes his product proposal would successfully pass LEGO Ideas.

Aaron Chapman, known as Legovader217 on the LEGO set submission platform, has only been an operator for the TTC subway system for shy two years. But he’s rather proud of the subway train he operates, one of the Canadian-made Toronto Rocket rolling stock series. And he has exerted his graphic design and LEGO building experience to create an impressive model.


Composed of over 2,900 pieces, Chapman’s Ideas submission has a Toronto Rocket subway comprised of three cars, crewed by two minifigures in TTC uniforms, plus 28 pieces of track for the train to roll on. Details are meticulously replicated; articulated features include front-end couplers and sliding doors; and the roofs can also be removed for minifigure interior posing and play.


This Toronto Rocket subway Product Idea is fitted with a Power Functions motor for remote operation, although Chapman has suggested it be made optional if LEGO would consider it for review. But to do that he still needs 10K support for the set, and he currently has over 4,000 with just under a year left.

LEGO Store December 2018 Calendar in the US Now Up

The LEGO Store December 2018 US Calendar is now uploaded via LEGO’s servers and we now have an idea on what to expect from your local LEGO Store and LEGO Shop@Home before this year closes.

If you recall earlier in September, the official images of the new LEGO Seasonal Christmas Carousel (40293) were released by a Russian online retailer giving us a hint that the limited edition set is our next LEGO GWP or gift-with-purchase set. Since then, news were somehow slow regarding this highly sought-after set which is similar to the likes of 2017’s Nutcracker (40254) and 2016’s Snowglobe (40223). So for those who are asking when and where this year’s LEGO Seasonal Christmas Carousel (40293) will be available locally then the LEGO Store December Calendar now gives us the answer.

Here’s a rundown of what to expect from the LEGO Store December 2018 calendar both online and in-store. My only minor complaint is that it still doesn’t give us an official confirmation of when will the Christmas Gift Box (40292) be available in the US, if ever it is still a possibility. LEGO has already released info that the Christmas Gift Box will be a promotional set that will be available in the In the UK and rest of Europe, so I’m still keeping my fingers crossed.

December 1 to 10 – Free Christmas Carousel (40293) with purchases over $99.

This gift-with-purchase set is free for every single receipt purchase of any LEGO products worth $99 and above. This promo will run from December 1 to 10 or while supplies last at all LEGO Stores and at shop.LEGO.com.

December 11 to 24 – Free Reindeer Ornament (5005253) with purchases over $50.

This next LEGO seasonal ornament was first revealed via the LEGO Store Calendar in China just a month ago, and it looks like it’s heading its way in the US as well. Frankly speaking, I wish LEGO could have offered an alternative to the Reindeer Ornament since I feel that this line of buildable LEGO Christmas decors are quite saturated already. But hey, it’s for free so I guess there’s no really complaining there.

December 1 to 31 – Throughout December, LEGO will offer Double VIP Points with purchases on select LEGO sets.

We have no info yet on what these qualifying sets will be, but we’ll keep you posted.


December 4 to 5 – The VIP Monthly Mini Build for December is a Sleigh (40287).


LEGO VIP members can register online for December’s LEGO Store Monthly Mini Build which is a Sleigh starting November 15.

Also remember that the LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315) is now available via LEGO Shop@Home and at all LEGO Stores, including the LEGO xtra polybag range. The former features a new building experience with two buildable pop-up fairy tales cleverly hidden in one attractive build, while the latter is a great supplement for any City landscape that you might be working on.

This Custom Playable LEGO Piano Might Give Mozart A Run For His Money

Yep, I’m a frustrated musician. And like most music fans out there, I learned to admire the craft from a distance. Whether it’s playing a guitar or hammering the keys on a grand piano, I always admire people with the technical virtuoso to play any particular musical instrument. Being a LEGO fan by heart, consider my amazement when someone managed to use LEGO bricks to perfectly recreate one of the most versatile and classical musical instruments of all time. Submitted as a LEGO product idea by LEGO fan and musician Donny Chen (aka SleepyCow over at LEGO Ideas), this playable, custom LEGO piano is very well-built that it might make Mozart gasp in awe.

Playable LEGO Piano
The LEGO Product Idea Playable LEGO Piano by SleepyCow.

This custom-built LEGO Piano is patterned from the classic grand piano, and is made up of more than 2,700 LEGO pieces. To be sure, there are a lot of custom LEGO pianos out there submitted in the LEGO Ideas platform, but this one designed by SleepyCow is the most technically impressive by far. It closely follows the inner workings of a real grand piano, thanks to the technical know-how of its designer who happens to be a piano teacher and technician as well. It’s seldom that you see a talented individual at such multiple levels. Here’s what Donny Chen has to say about his custom LEGO Piano.

LEGO Product Idea – Playable LEGO Piano

The Concert Grand Piano, one of the most complex instruments of all time, is now in Lego form.

Built entirely from 2798 authentic LEGO bricks, it accurately captures the mechanical details of a real piano, featuring:

  • Removable keyboard with 25 independent working keys, each key connects to its own hammer.
  • Working damper and pedal function.
  • 25 strings.
  • Realistic piano lid which can be open either half stick of full stick.
  • Realistic fall board with a soft close.
  • Removable music stand.
  • Height adjustable piano bench.
  • Self-playing function enabled by adding PowerFunction, which allows keys to play at different tempos and rhythms.
  • Realistic piano wheels.

Just a disclaimer though: this playable LEGO piano does not actually create music, but the technical scale and complexity involved in making the parts of this custom LEGO piano is enough to compensate for that, as you can see from the video below.

If you wish to give your support to Donny Chen’s LEGO Ideas product idea, then be sure to check out his page at LEGO Ideas and cast your vote. We wish Donny all the best and support towards the 10K mark.


Designer Video for LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315) Now Up for Viewing

It was one of the most unique submissions to the LEGO Ideas platform in months past; and when its finally got announced as an official set, the Pop-Up Book (21315) was a big hit that left collectors in heavy anticipation for its impending release. Being able to play-act two fairy tales on the set’s been one of its major draws.

And in the grand tradition of significant LEGO set releases, the awaited and inevitable designer video to the “Once Upon a Brick” Pop-Up Book set (21315) was put up this Thursday, October 25 on YouTube, giving fans a good look at its nitty-gritty building details.

LEGO designers Wes Talbott (Senior) and Crystal Marie Fontan (Graphics) serve as hosts to this video, as they talk about the conversion from the product idea developed by Jason Alleman and Grant Davis into the final Ideas set. Or rather, they explain how there was really little they needed to change towards the end product.

While the LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book is officially coming out on the first day of November, Oregon-area LEGO fans can take advantage of the autograph signing event with the original Ideas builders “JKBrickworks” Alleman and Davis (whose names are referred to in the set itself).

They’re going to be waiting for all fans at the LEGO Store in Washington Square Center this Saturday, October 27, 11 AM PDT – 3 PM.

LEGO Ideas Launches Build an Add-On Contest

The LEGO Creator theme has proven to be one of the most popular and longest running themed playsets that the company has to offer, and with the introduction of the 3-in-1 multibuilds it has become more appealing to a younger generation of budding LEGO fans. To celebrate the popularity of the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets, LEGO Ideas has launched its latest brick-busting competition with the Build an Add-On Contest.

Do you ever just feel the need to add something to an existing LEGO set to make it even cooler? Now we invite you to use your creative skills by building an add-on to the A-model of any 2018 LEGO Creator 3in1 product. Your add-on can be small or big, as long as it gives the product the ultimate coolness! Here is the chance to activate your LEGO bin and think outside of the box.

From a list of all 3-in-1 sets already released thus far, contestants need only create an add-on build to one existing 3-in-1 set of choice, and submit it as an entry. Let’s take Creator 3-in-1 Tree House Treasures (31078) as an example. An imaginative LEGO builder joining the contest on LEGO Ideas might create a MOC expansion to the tree-house structure; bonus points too if said add-on can be rebuilt to fit with the other alternate builds of the 3-in-1 set.

For more information on the mechanics of this contest, you may visit the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Build an Add-On Contest page in LEGO Ideas. Interested contestants must submit their add-on designs by December 4, with the winner announcement slated not later than the 18th.

The Grand Prize winner in this Build an Add-On Contest will have the bragging rights to haul the full 2018 LEGO Creator 3-in-1 assortment, plus some selected sets from 2017 – a total of sixteen (16) LEGO sets to be won as listed below.

Build an Add-On Contest

On top of these very sweet LEGO swag, the grand prize winner will also get to bring home a commemorative LEGO Creator 3-in-1 shirt, and a winner’s certificate in a Creator 3-in-1 themed frame.

Are you ready to build your coolest, most excellent LEGO Creator add-on yet? If you are, then be sure to check out the LEGO Ideas Contest Page for more details. Happy building!

Autograph Signing Event with Designers of LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315) this Weekend

The “Once Upon a Brick” Pop-Up Book (21315) is the newest release of the ever-popular LEGO Ideas platform, set to become available very soon. Created by the tandem of Jason “JKBrickWorks” Alleman and Grant Davis, its ingenious pop-up mechanism brings to life and offers players a choice between two fairy tales: “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

In the grand tradition of LEGO Ideas sets so close to their wide release, there’s going to be an official autograph signing event for the Pop-Up Book set (21315) with the original designers, and it’s happening this Saturday, October 27.

LEGO Ideas collectors and fans in the Portland, Oregon area are in luck as the LEGO Ideas set signing event with Alleman and Davis will be held at the LEGO Store in Washington Square. Those wanting to get an early shot at the Pop-Up Book (21315) will not only be able to buy them there ahead of release, but be able to snag the design team’s signature on the box.

For those making plans to be there when it happens, the autograph signing for the LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315) with Jason Alleman and Grant Davis at Washington Square, Portland (whew!) is on October 27. It starts 11 AM PDT until 3 PM. They can be kept abreast of any further updates from LEGO on the official Facebook event page.

LEGO Ideas Promotes PI that Deserves Support: “Disney World Main Street Train Station”

With regards to LEGO Ideas, that ingenious submission platform for MOCs to become official branded sets, the First 2018 Review Stage concluded with two new upcoming Ideas sets; the Second 2018 Review Stage is currently ongoing, and the 10-K passers are starting to fill up for the yet-initiated Third Stage.

Now where product ideas that have been submitted to LEGO Ideas are concerned, promotion for them to gain support falls on their respective creators, though sometimes supportive voices with a social media platform can “campaign” for them on LEGO news sites and boards. But LEGO Ideas itself might feature notable product ideas on their own.

So it was that the Ideas staff posted a link to one set that looks fit to be supported on their official Twitter page. It’s the “Disney World Main Street Train Station” submitted by member DAB0526. It’s a beautiful scale replica of the Main Street USA entrance area for the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Florida. It even comes with a model Walter E. Disney train on included tracks.

Thus far, DAB0526’s Disney World Main Street Train Station has gain 970 supporters on LEGO Ideas, with 97 days left to hit the magic 10-K count. Comments on the Staff Pick feature on Twitter have been very positive, with some even advocating for the birth of a modular Disney theme park series featuring separate themed area sets to make a whole park. That sounds like fun, and hopefully, this product idea gets some spotlight so that the notion can be explored further in the future.