LEGO Ideas First 2018 Review Stage Begins with Ten Candidates

It has been an event that’s been hyped so many times before in previous posts here on The Brick Show. For every instant that a new submission on LEGO Ideas achieved the coveted 10K support milestone, we reminded you of what’s coming. And finally, it has. The candidates are assembled. read more

More Rumors on LEGO Star Wars “Cloud City” Set (75222?) Surfaced

It began in January, with the anticlimactic results of the LEGO Ideas Second 2017 Review, that is, the one where none of the entries passed. One of those failed submissions was a set recreation of one of the most iconic scene from Empire Strikes Back where Darth Vader declares “I am your father.” read more

LEGO Creative Storybook (40291) – First Seen on LEGO Germany Promo Flyer

It’s starting to look like Germany may be trying to pull a turnaround where it comes to the trend of decreasing popularity (and sales) for LEGO in that country lately. They’ve already set up a “Make & Take” event there at local Toys R Us stores (German ones still operating). read more

Vintage BMW R60/2 Motorcycle Gets 10K LEGO Ideas Support, But Will It Be Allowed?

The LEGO Ideas platform has been the place to go when there’s a dream set a builder would like to be officially interpreted in LEGO. And indeed, quite the number of model vehicles, buildings, and so on has been released in that line. But some may not, even with support. read more