Select LEGO Batman Movie Sets Now On Sale at Amazon!

After the reveal of next year’s latest wave of the LEGO Batman Movie sets, it seems that Amazon is about to make way for more LEGO sets slated for 2018.  So if you’re looking forward in completing your TLBM collection, and you’re still looking for that set that you missed out on, now is the time to take advantage of Amazon’s discounts. As much as 20 to 30% has been slashed off from these sets so you may to consider purchasing them now.

Purchasing on Amazon via the links below will help support our blog site. Check out the following great deals and see what you can find, and before you do, be sure to watch Jason and Stephen’s review of the LEGO Batman Movie sets.

Catwoman Catcycle Chase (70902)

List Price: $19.99. Get it now for $13.99 (30% off)

The Riddler Riddle Racer (70903)

List Price: $29.99. Get it now for $23.99 (20% off)

Clayface Splat Attack (70904)

List Price: $34.99. Get it now for $27.78 (21% off)

The Joker Notorious Lowrider (70906)

List Price: $49.99. Get it now for $39.99 (20% off)

The Scuttler (70908)

List Price: $79.99. Get it now for $63.99 (20% off)

Batcave Break-in (70909)

List Price: $99.99. Get it now for $79.99 (20% off)

Scarecrow Fearful Face-Off (70913)

List Price: $14.99. Get it now for $11.99 (20% off)


2018 LEGO Batman Movie Sets Revealed!

After much speculation last July on what could be included in the list of LEGO’s 2018 sets including those from the LEGO Batman Movie theme, we now have a pretty good look at the latest TLBM sets that are slated for release in January. Courtesy of The Brothers Brick, this next wave of sets from the LEGO Batman Movie includes a very nice collection of minifigures that most fans are waiting for. Other than the 2nd series of TLBM Collectible Minifigures, these sets have an awesome roster of new minifigs that will complement both Batman’s Rogue List and those from the Justice League. We don’t have a piece count, pricing and official product description just yet, but we’ll sure keep you posted once LEGO officially releases them. For the mean time, let’s enjoy these images.

The Bat-Dune Buggy (70918) 

Minifigures: Batman, Captain Boomerang

The Justice League Anniversary Party (70919)

Minifigures: El Dorado, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, Superman, Wonder Dog

The Egghead Mech Food Fight (70920)

Minifigures: Batman, Condiment King, Egghead

Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack (70921)

Minifigures: Batgirl, Crazy Quilt, Gentleman Ghost, Harley Quinn

The Bat-Space Shuttle (70923)

Minifigures: Batman, Batman (Firestarter Suit), Batman (Space Suit), Dick Grayson, Reggae Man

For what it looks like, the Bat-Dune Buggy is perhaps the smallest build in this series, with a closer to the film rendition of Captain Boomerang as compared to how we see him in LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Killer Croc Sewer Smash (76055). The build of the Bat-Dune Buggy is also kind of sleek and will be a good addition to the theme’s other smaller builds such as the Catwoman Catcycle Chase (70902).

It’s nice of LEGO to finally grant what most LEGO DC fans are asking for with the inclusion of a Justice League Anniversary Party set. However, I must admit that the overall build of this set is a bit of underwhelming. I’m glad that we can somehow complete our roster of JL minifigures, but the stage itself is a bit out of proportions as we see in the film – smaller than what I expected. But for all it’s worth, and especially if you’re aiming to collect all known LEGO Justice League minifigures and see all of them hanging around, then the Justice League Party (70919) is a good set to begin with. Too bad there is no Gleek minifigure, to accompany Wonder Dog.

The Egghead Mech Food Fight (70920) will probably be my personal pick. LEGO nailed it with this one, combining both the intimidating features of a battle suit and the wackiness of having fried eggs as your armaments of choice. The build of Egghead’s mech suit is reminiscent of 2007’s LEGO Exo-Force theme were LEGO explored the possibilities of creating high tech mechanical battle suits piloted by battle-ready minifigs. Since it is supposedly a food fight, take it to LEGO to throw in one of the experts in the field (pun intended): Condiment King. It was already teased several times that the dispenser-wielding baddie will be part of an official LEGO set and I’m glad that he finally did. The stud shooter is one of my favorite piece/element in any LEGO set, but I feel that it will be much better for Condiment King if he will be holding a pair of actual dispensers instead. Nevertheless, I love this set and I hope to have my hands on this one once it goes for sale in January.

Those who are looking for Gentleman Ghost will be delighted to know that he is now officially available as a minifig that comes with the Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack (70921). Not only that, but LEGO throws in another new minifigure in the character of Crazy Quilt. I have to say that LEGO did a really nice job in offering a crazy cool collection of baddies in this series.

For what it looks like, this last set in this series is the second TLBM set that offers a sort of bat suit collection, next to the earlier Batcave Break-In (70909) set. The Bat Space Shuttle (70923) not only offers a nice addition to the Dark Knight’s collection of signature vehicles such as a kayak, cart, and a space shuttle (I just couldn’t imagine why Batman will need a space shuttle in his Batcave), but we also have another collection of Batman’s outfits such as the Firestarter, Reggae Man, and the Bat Spacesuit. Know I’ve really lost count on how many LEGO batsuits are there in existence.

The 2018 LEGO Batman Movie sets are expected to hit toy stores in January next year so we can expect to see more official images and product descriptions during the next few weeks.

Strike Fear (and Fun) On The Hearts of Pirates With This LEGO POTC Dead Men Tell No Tales Mini Silent Mary MOC!

Who says only minifigure pirates can have fun on the high seas? The pride of the Spanish Royal Navy is not the kind to shrink down on any type of challenge – even in a micro-build form! Tyler is back once more for another fun and creative build which will strike fear – or should I say fun – in the hearts of the haughtiest pirate. We saw it first as an official LEGO set when the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Silent Mary (71042) was unveiled during this year New York Toy Fair, and this time you can add it to your growing roster of custom microbuilds thanks to Tyler.

Based from the most recent POTC film, Dead Men Tell No Tales, this fun, little build is also a bit of a challenge for our Master Builder because of its odd shape and design, unlike the first ones that Tyler did for this series. As you may have seen from the film, this spectre of a ship has been notably lacking in terms of its hull so it’s kind of clever of Tyler to add those clear, round brick pieces to stabilize and make the ship look elevated. The tooth and clip pieces were very helpful to recreate the broken and ghostly, rib cage-like hull of the Silent Mary. It also helps to convey that rotted-out look on Captain Salazar’s phantom ship.

Like we see in the film, Tyler opted to have a play feature added to this Silent Mary microbuild by attaching a hinge on the front portion of the ship that lifts up as it swallows other ships along its path.

On the other side, you’ll also see another play feature where the ship’s mast can be lowered as if it is dangling over the water like the ghostly, dilapidated ship that it is. Tyler also added some cannons on each side using those handy, minifigure binocular pieces to replicate the ship’s armaments. It’s kind of cool of how it turned out actually.


Another fun challenge in building this MOC is how Tyler managed to recreate the Silent Mary’s sails. Unlike the ones before it where Tyler used those curved slope pieces to re-enact the sails, this time, he opted to use several tooth/plate pieces to make it look like the tattered, torn sails which we saw in the movie. Tyler also added a bit of motion in these sails by having it dangling on several clips.

And of course, Captain Salazar can fit nicely in the back, sitting in command of his ghostly, fun ship.

Here’s Tyler once again with this nice, little build.

If you like Tyler’s minibuild rendition of the Silent Mary and would like to create your own chibi-sized POTC set, be sure to drop by at to check out its building instructions. While you’re at it, why not complete your roster of POTC mini ships by clicking the other MOCs in this series. Just click on the following thumbnails.





Which is your favorite among these minibuilds? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Happy building!


Go Mini in The High Seas With These Custom LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Queen Anne’s Revenge Microbuild!

It’s a nice Sunday afternoon to conquer that sea of bricks that you have lying around, and what better way to do that than to try this next wave of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean MOCs from our Master Builder Tyler! We saw the swashbuckling, chibi sized Black Pearl and Flying Dutchman MOCs conquer the high seas, and this time around another of Tyler’s creations enter the fray.

First off, we have another ship straight from 2011’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and at the helm of it is the fearsome pirate, the infamous Blackbeard (well, at least in the film and not in this pretty neat MOC). The original Queen Anne’s Revenge may look frighteningly scary, but this next microbuild from Tyler playfully takes away all of that – I say that even the minifigure version of Blackbeard will have a blast riding on this one.

LEGO actually turned this intimidating ship into an official set when it introduced the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Queen Anne’s Revenge (4195) back in 2011. Coming in at 1,094 this now retired D2C (direct-to-consumer) set is sort of the capstone of the subtheme. Following the tradition of LEGO’s microbuilds, Tyler now presents us a more fun and playable alternative to this larger version.

This next mini-pirate ship is probably the coolest ship of all in the film’s series, especially with all of its red, intimidating sails proudly sailing. That sort of grandness of the Queen Anne’s Revenge was captured by Tyler in cute, LEGO form. He even managed to use several gold LEGO pieces to imitate the colors that adorn the sides and front of the ship.

Similar to his previous POTC microbuild techniques, Tyler recreated the sails using several mudguard pieces to give it that curved natural look. These curved slopes are perfect for these creations and seem to be designed specifically for this purpose.

And of course, Blackbeard’s minifigure fits nicely into this mini Queen Anne’s Revenge as it sails towards its next conquest.

Here’s Tyler with more on this fun build.

If you like to add this custom LEGO Queen Anne’s Revenge micobuild alongside the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman, then be sure to check out how to build and create one of your own by visiting Happy building!


LEGO Ideas: Women of NASA (21312) is an Inspiring Set for Display.

It’s always an inspiring moment whenever a toy line decides to honor a real person by having a toy crafted in his or her image. In fact, LEGO is one of the leading toy brands in giving out these tributes for some of the pioneering figures of our history.

LEGO has been offering sets that seeks to inspire young minds to pursue careers in science and technology based on the accomplishments made by the most brilliant minds in science. The latest LEGO Ideas set seems to be a shoutout to previously released ones under the same theme: the first being the NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover (21104), and the other as a tribute to women in the STEM careers which is the Research Institute (21110). This time around, the LEGO  Ideas: Women of NASA (21312) is the next building set in the LEGO Ideas line that pays tribute to the invaluable contributions made by the most outstanding female scientists in the field of space exploration.

The Women of NASA (21312) set is the brainchild of science writer AFOL Maia Weinstock (aka 20tauri over at the LEGO Ideas website). After gaining the much coveted fan support and approval of the LEGO Review and Design Teams, this set is now a reality and is slated to be released to the public on November 1st.

The Women of NASA concept was Weinstock’s second attempt to submit an original project for LEGO Ideas that depicts women empowerment, the first being a fan submission that shows real-life women Supreme Court Justices which she aptly titled Legal Justice League – Women of the Supreme Court in LEGO. However, the LEGO Ideas Review Team declined to give it the green light for reasons that it is against LEGO’s policy of depicting any person in the government, or of politics, political symbols, campaigns or movements.

Though Maia’s first original fan submission was turned down, the approval of her second one is in itself a source of inspiration. The LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312) is perhaps a step further in shattering the age-old stereotype that building bricks and careers in STEM are simply just for boys. True, LEGO has delved with ideas of offering sets primarily for girls such as the Friends and Elves themes, but having the LEGO Ideas Women of NASA is a step further in teaching young, aspiring female scientists that being exceptional in the field of sciences is not determined by one’s gender.

Included in the LEGO Ideas: Women of NASA (21312) set are minifigures of software engineer Margaret Hamilton, who designed the Apollo spacecraft computer software, Hubble Space Telescope head planner Nancy Roman, and astronauts Sally Ride and Mae Jemison.

Their respective display cases show props such as Hamilton’s pile of Apollo computer source code books, a model of the Hubble Telescope for Roman, and a scale space shuttle for Ride and Jemison.

Set 21312 comes in a sturdy box while the building manual also includes biographies of the famous NASA women. All minifigures have detailed clothing detail and dual printed heads. It’s a must-buy and build for history-buff LEGO collectors.

The LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312) is a 231-piece set retailing for $25, and will be available to all by November 1st at all LEGO Brand stores and via

So what do you think brick fans, will you pick this one up once it hit shelves on November 1? Let us know in the comments below.