LEGO 2016 Christmas Ornament Revealed!

German LEGO fan site Promo Bricks has recently shared what seems to be this year’s LEGO Christmas Ornament in the form of a Toy/Tin Soldier. The said Christmas ornament was found at the back of a flyer that was distributed from a LEGO Store in Berlin and is labelled as LEGO Christmas Ornament 5004420 accordingly. The said flyer includes a voucher for the said seasonal collectible which can be claimed together with qualifying purchases in German LEGO Stores starting November 24.


We’re still on a lookout for any confirmation from LEGO if and when the 2016 LEGO Christmas Ornament will be available in the US. The LEGO Christmas Toy/Tin Soldier 5004420 is a sure eye catcher, with its bright red and black color motif and Mixel-like google eyes – though the mustache may need a little bit of a tweaking since it looks like our little guy is biting on a bone or something (or perhaps it’s just me looking at it differently).


This is one seasonal LEGO décor that any fan will surely have on their Christmas wishlist, and will be a great set to pair up with last year’s 2015 Christmas Ornament – Christmas Tree (5003083). Same as before, this year’s LEGO Christmas décor may either be a VIP exclusive or a promotional set within a limited time. Stay tuned here at Brick Show for more news and updates!


It’s Sensei VS Bird In This Teaser Clip From LEGO Ninjago Movie Short: “The Master”.

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that the LEGO Ninjago Movie will have a sort of a teaser preview in cinemas along with the release of Warner Bros. Animation, Storks. Following LEGO’s brand of humor, the said LEGO Ninjago Movie short entitled ‘The Master’, will feature Sensei Wu as he squares off against a feathered foe, The Chicken. Voiced by the legendary Jackie Chan himself, the wise-cracking Sensei Wu must rise up and prove himself as a worthy kung fu master by taking on a seemingly harmless bird.

Thanks to USA Today, we now have a glimpse on how Sensei Wu’s encounter with pesky, plastic chicken may turn out. Other than showcasing the Master’s fighting prowess, the teaser gives us a general look and feel on how the LEGO Ninjago Movie will play out. Check the teaser below.

It’s sort of shocking albeit funny, to see how a chicken can bring down a temple while slamming Sensei Wu to the ground. As it seems, the famed kung fu master has found his match against a clucking chicken voiced by actress comedienne Abbi Jacobson, who happens also to be the voice behind femme fatale Nya.

636084612033493662-njg-mstr-0001 636084611227124493-njg-mstr-0015

Following in the tradition of the LEGO Movie, the LEGO Ninjago movie brings a new look and feel in animation style. As Brickset points out, while the structures used in the film seem to be made entirely of animated LEGO elements, new organic foliage and clouds have been introduced as well giving it a backyard feel and experience.


The LEGO Ninjago Movie short is a humorous study in contrast between the control-obsessed kung fu master and the flightless harbinger of chaos. Director Jon Sunders, who also wrote ‘The Master’ together with Ross Evans, says “My writing partner and I went really off the wall showing Master Wu desperately wanting to star in his own short film, but this chicken keeps coming in and not allowing him to have his moment”. Ross further explains, “It’s control vs. chaos. Wu is this character very much in control of his entire world, almost obsessive-compulsive (about) maintaining perfect order. Chicken is free-flow and chaos. When Master Wu accepts that it’s OK his temple got ruined, that nothing is perfect, that’s when they come into harmony.” So how’s that for an object lesson. I guess no one is too old to learn a thing or two from a little, ‘harmless’ bird.


The LEGO Ninjago Movie is slated to hit theaters next year, September 22, 2017. The film tells the story of six young ninja tasked with defending their island home, called Ninjago. By night, they’re gifted warriors, using their skill and awesome fleet of vehicles to fight villains and monsters. By day, they’re ordinary teens, struggling against their greatest enemy: high school.


World’s Largest LEGO Store Gets A Massive Makeover!

LEGO’s online store has just received a major overhaul and a great, new look. Following a minimalist re-design, the new site features vastly improved search options and better user experience, whether you’re using a home desktop computer or any mobile device. Watch the video demo below.

As it seems the new site takes advantage of its better functionality focusing on mobile and tablet users. Its improved search capabilities are complemented by its usual use of filters to narrow down your search. Even the filters offer a smooth, seamless experience. You may also opt to browse by various interests or themes to browse through the vast collection of LEGO sets that the site has to offer.

landing page

What do you think this redesign of LEGO’s online store? Are you OK with it? Share your comment below or visit our Facebook page to join in the discussions.

rebuilt shop 2

LEGO Releases Latest Videos Dedicated To Its Rogue One Sets.

I guess it’s quite obvious by now that like most LEGO Star Wars fans, we too have been bitten by the ‘Rogue Bug’ – and no were not really talking about a big, nasty, rebellious bug here.

Ever since the release of the relatively underwhelming rehash of the infamous LEGO UCS Star Wars Death Star 75159, the spotlight has now been turned towards a more promising collection that has been causing a lot of buzz recently. Just in time before the first anthology film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, hits the big screen in December, LEGO has just revealed its new, highly anticipated collection of brick-built vehicles that will be added to the roster of iconic Star Wars machines.

We had a first look on these very impressive sets, plus an excellent commentary about our initial impressions of them. This time around, LEGO’s official site has received a massive makeover and they now have a dedicated page for their LEGO Star Wars product page including all of the eight Rogue One sets (buildable figures and vehicle sets) revealed a few days ago. The LEGO Star Wars page also features the most memorable vehicles and scenes straight from Episodes I to VI of the Star Wars saga.

To give us a sneak peak about the LEGO Star Wars Rogue One sets’ playability and features, LEGO has recently uploaded a collection of video shorts which you can access by clicking the links below, and first off is the Imperial Assault Hovertank (75152). Watch this.


75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank


Help Chirrut battle the Imperial Assault Hovertank as it patrols the streets. This tough urban patrol vehicle has a two-minifigure cockpit and a rotating and elevating turret gun with spring-loaded shooters to target enemies of the Empire. And if the rebel forces hide out of sight, open the storage container, grab the blasters and play out your own mini urban battles!


75153 AT-ST™ Walker


Go on the hunt for Baze and the Rebel Trooper aboard the All Terrain Scout Transport. Open the top hatch, load up the AT-ST Driver and move the legs to speed into action. When you’ve tracked them down, turn the wheel to rotate the top and prepare to fire the spring-loaded shooters! Can Baze and the trooper escape the advancing AT-ST?


75154 TIE Striker™


Prepare for launch with the amazing TIE Striker, the Empire’s atmospheric patrol fighter! Open the minifigure cockpit from the top or front and put in the TIE Pilot. Help the Imperial ground crew member put supplies in the rear hold and arm the spring-loaded shooters. Then adjust the huge wings and launch into the skies in search of rebels!


75155 Rebel U-Wing Fighter™


Open the cockpit and place the U-Wing Pilot in his seat. Fire up the engines and launch into the sky. Keep a lookout below with the transparent window, and when you spot the enemy, fire the front spring-loaded shooters and stud shooters mounted in the side doors. You can even fold the wings back for a bigger model!


75156 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle


When a tough transport ship is needed, Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle is the perfect choice. Put him into the pilot seat, open out the thick-armor plating and seat the Death Troopers. Lower the ramp and check the blasters are secured, then arm the spring-loaded shooters and seal the hull for takeoff. Raise the landing skids, lower the wings for flight mode and set off on another dangerous mission!


All of these LEGO Star Wars Rogue One sets are slated to be released to the general public starting September 30.

Even More New Rogue Images + In-Depth Analysis!


Well, it’s certainly been a good week for the LEGO Star Wars fans, hasn’t it? What with the ‘new’ Death Star Reveal and press release, followed swiftly by all the Rogue One sets being unveiled, it certainly has been a good week. One that is only getting better with these new images courtesy of Hoth Bricks over on their Flickr Page. Some of these images are simply higher-resolution versions of previous pictures whilst some are brand new, but they’re all worth talking about, so I’ll accompany them with a full-on set analysis. Here we go!

75152 Imperial Assault HoverTank

The HoverTank offered me a very pleasant surprise yesterday when I discovered it is actually only £30 rather than £35, which would of been odd next to a $30 price point…either way, these images don’t really offer too much brand new that wasn’t revealed previously, but they do give a higher resolution look at all the features: a wheel system similar to the First Order Snowspeeder, a pair of spring missiles, a fully enclosed and rather spacious interior, an opening orange crate and many clips for accessories. Some full HD close-ups of the new figures were also unveiled; those Tank Pilots look incredible in my opinion, and Donnie Yen’s (hopefully stand-out) character of Chirrut looks awesome too.

Some have said his skin tone is too light, but I can see the reasoning here. Chirrut and Baze are very close friends in the film, and whilst both actors do have a slightly dark skin tone, Donnie Yen definitely has the lighter skin tone of the two, so they gave his figure a slightly lighter skin colour so as to mimic the contrast of the pair of actors. That’s my theory anyway.

rsz_28779910323_85d249819a_o rsz_29113259180_eacab0e4d3_orsz_28779938893_77c1e3f9c3_o29293274062_cc1ef53b0d_o29322159251_cc43efd3f0_o29293359212_0e0afedd6e_o 29293347642_7830d48401_o29293260602_8d6f02e04e_o

75153 AT-ST Walker

As I’ve said previously, the AT-ST set from this wave is easily the most accurate LEGO Model released of this vehicle thus far (which is saying something, since there’s been 4 at minifigure scale). These new images don’t reveal much about this walker other than it’s interior. However, that Interior looks awesome! It’s more roomy than any past iterations, and has storage for accessories and some cool control panels. There’s also some close-ups the figures. Again a great selection; I especially like the build for Baze’s “huge gun”, and the excellent new Rebel Trooper helmet mould that could be used for many custom military figures.


75154 TIE Striker

These new images are perhaps the least striking (pun intended) of Hoth Brick’s new photos. Some alternate  angles of the build are displayed as well as some of a higher resolution. A close-up of the figures are however included; the Shoretrooper and Rebel trooper are  my person favourite, and  I’m sure that Death Star Trooper will be used for a fair few customs, as if you put Jyn’s head on this figure you get her undercover outfit from the film. You even get the hand-held batons that can can be visible on her back.

29293133102_3c50454dfd_o28779715873_f4c43bdd2c_o29401596815_1ec67d41c3_o50859085_Alt12 50859085_Alt11 50859085_Alt10 50859085_Alt0928777200724_e6d47fcacf_o

75155 U-Wing Fighter

I was lucky enough to be just 2 rows from the stage at the Rogue One Panel at Star Wars Celebration in July, and the character of Bistan was easily the one to get the best reaction fro the crowd; that’s why I’m so pleased we now have a HD look at his minifigure! And the rest of the set looks cool too I guess.

28780252703_289b94690e_o29113637840_91685d9f87_o29113586750_4f3922c1ca_o 29113556840_d95dd3c941_o29322531791_9689dc43f0_o29402123305_f4a39b5520_o28777707354_2f6d90a767_o28777631264_8e75fff64c_o

75156 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle

Even though I’m unlikely to buy this set personally because of money and space constraints, I will concede that this set is easily the best in terms of structure and aesthetic. The way that the body is  able to support the wings of that length is a marvel in LEGO engineering, not to mention that the entire centre structure has been used for a interior instead of it just being unusable wasted space. The figure selection is also arguably the best in the wave; I adore those Death Troopers, and kudos to the design team for actually printing those imperial insignias on the arm axles of K-2SO, as they look brilliant. I really wasn’t liking this design back a few months ago when it leaked but in hindsight, now that I know this set is incredibly accurate to the source material, it has grown to be a huge highlight for me. Respect to the designer of this one!

29322726661_3f387c3608_o29322657101_91d069c1bd_o29322796681_e7b32e1534_o29402149775_b12ece8c0c_o29402235945_9bf1358533_o29113740980_cb530ec901_o29113761630_2460de263b_o28777828054_d9404c59fe_o 28777886664_bddc55520e_o29322802921_0682dfa748_o29402308715_6da7ba7f26_o28780372763_596e6b7cf7_o

So, there we have it. I’m sure that this is pretty much it for Rogue One images now until the actual sets get leaked in the last week of September and reviews start popping up (which they inevitably will; it happened last year with TFA).

All in all, I think this wave of sets is one of the finest we’ve had in many years, and certainly has redeemed the otherwise disappointing year of 2016 for LEGO Star Wars fans (at least that seems to be the consensus, I thought this year was pretty good personally).

Not only are these sets a marvel to behold, but so are the prices (especially in the UK) with some of the best Price to Part Ratios in a long time.

I’ll for sure be picking up the AT-ST and Hovertank on the day of release, likely followed by either the U–Wing or Shuttle when I eventually have enough room/money for them.

Which of these sets are you most excited about? Tell us below, and be sure to check back soon for the latest LEGO news, here on The Brick Show!

Toys R Us Bricktober Store Calendar Found In The Wild – Confirms TRU’s Exclusive Minifigure Collection Pack.

A few days ago, we reported on what seems to be TRU’s latest collection of limited edition, LEGO minifigures in celebration of its annual Bricktober store event. The said minifigure collection consists of four packs namely that of Warriors,  Athletes, Cops & Robbers, and Musicians minifigs.

Just recently, we found what seems to be a legit copy of TRU’s Bricktober 2016 October Calendar. The said calendar somehow confirms the availability of this latest LEGO promotional and TRU exclusive in the US. Check out our Instragram post below.

Similarly, we have a complete view of the calendar shared by Brick Vibe over their Facebook account.

TRU Bricktober CalendarAs you may have noticed, TRU’s Bricktober Calendar is highly similar to that of LEGO’s monthly store calendar. The way we see it from the above photo, the first week of October will see the release of the Musicians Minifigure Collection Pack, followed by Warrior Minifigure Collection Pack on the second week, the Athletes Minifigure Collection Pack on the third, and the Cops and Robbers Minifigure Collection Pack on the fourth week.

The TRU exclusive LEGO Minifigure Collection Packs will be given away for free for every single receipt purchase of any LEGO products worth $50 and more. Noticeably, the TRU Bricktober calendar also mentions of a FREE LEGO Star Wars gift for $30 worth of purchases of any LEGO Star Wars merchandise. The following dates are also marked on TRU’s calendar:

September 27 – LEGO Dimensions Year 2 series will be available.

September 30 – LEGO Star Wars Rogue One sets will be available at the stroke of midnight, including LEGO Ideas Caterham and LEGO Mixels Series 9.

The TRU LEGO Minifigure Collection Pack is expected to be available until supply lasts so if you’re planning to expand your LEGO collection, TRU is probably the best place to be next month.


Thanks to Brick Vibe for the additional info.


LEGO Ideas Announces Deadline for Its Second 2016 Ideas Review on September 5, 2016.

Mark your calendars! Earlier today, LEGO Ideas has set into the stone its deadline for this year’s Second 2016 Ideas Review on Monday next week, September 2. This means that submitted projects only have the next 3 days to gather the necessary votes to hit that 10K mark. Here’s LEGO Ideas official announcement:

As Autumn slowly creeps up on us, so does the Second 2016 LEGO Ideas Review deadline. Projects have until Monday September 5th at 12:00 midnight (Central European Summer Time or GMT+2) to gather support if they want to be considered in the Second 2016 LEGO Ideas Review. Want to help your favourite project reach the 10,000 supporter milestone before the deadline? Then help spread the word and push those projects to the finish line!

Projects that reach 10,000 supporters after midnight on Monday qualify for the Third 2016 review period ending Monday, January 9, 2017.

Currently, 12 awesome projects have gathered the necessary 10,000 supporters. Will any other projects make it into the Second 2016 LEGO Ideas Review over the weekend? You’ve got the power to make it happen. 

As of this writing the following, LEGO Ideas Projects have made it to the circle of the 10K club.


Women of NASA by Maia Weinstock

women of nasa


Addams Family Mansion by afol777

LEGO Ideas Addams Family


Voltron – Defender of the Universe by Lendy Tayag



LEGO Observatory Mountain View by ThomasW

LEGO Ideas Observatory


Modular Construction Site by Ryan Taggart

construction site


Merchant’s House by bigboy99899

Merchant's House_01


Plum Creek – The Little House on the Prairie by SeigneurFett

little house on the prairie


Lamborghini Veneno Roadster by Firas Abu-Jaber



Lovelace and Babbage by Stewart Cromar



The Large Hadron Collider by Nathan Readioff



Star Wars UCS X34 Landspeeder by Aaron Fiskum



Spaceballs – Eagle 5 by Niels van de Keer



Not far behind to make it to the September 5th deadline is the Hulkbuster UCS by Raymond Chow. As of this writing, it still needs around 1,100++ votes in order to hit the 10K mark. Additionally, LEGO Ideas have also mentioned that the first 2016 LEGO Review Results will be coming soon. With nine projects that qualified, the anticipation to know which among these projects will finally receive the thumbs up from LEGO’s team of reviewers and designers is no less than thrilling.

first lego ideas review 2016


What is your personal favorite among these LEGO Ideas project? Mine is Lendy Tayag’s Voltron – Defender of the Universe. Share us what you think in the comments below.




Here Are More Details On the LEGO October Store Calendar.

We had a glimpse of LEGO’s October Store Calendar a few days ago highlighting the rehash of the iconic LEGO Star Wars Death Star 75159. As it seems, we now have complete information on what we can expect from LEGO Stores next month. Click on the images below for a closer look, and read on for a summary of LEGO’s offerings for October.

October LEGO Store Calendar 01 October LEGO Store Calendar 02


September 30: The LEGO Star Wars Death Star (75159) will be available for purchase for the general public, with VIP members having early access on September 15.

img_1221.jpg img_1218.jpg


October 1: The LEGO Creator Winter Holiday Train (10254) will make its public debut retailing at $99.99. VIP members can also avail this set as early as September 15 alongside with the Death Star 75159.

10254_Box1_v39 10254_Back_03


October 1-25: FREE Exclusive LEGO Holiday Countdown Calendar (40222) with purchases of $99 or more, while supplies last. Build and rebuild 24 new sets as you count down to the holidays.

LEGO Holiday Countdown Calendar 40222


October 1-31: For the whole of October, LEGO VIP members can enjoy double points for all purchases.



October 1-31: Join in the LEGO Nexo Knights Shield Search and Find, and earn exclusive power-ups to use in the app game.


October 4-5: The LEGO VIP Monthly Mini Model build is the Werewolf (40217)Registration starts on September 15.



October 14 & 28:  Family Game Night at LEGO Brand Stores from 4pm-7pm. Bring in the family to play Who Am I? (40161) and Pirates Chess (40158). Just for participating at any LEGO Store, you can get Who Am I? for 50% off when you purchase the Pirates Chess set.

40161-1 40158-1


October 15: Exclusive VIP building event for fans of LEGO Friends at all LEGO brand stores. Participating members can even get to bring their own creation home. Additionally, they will receive an exclusive LEGO Friends Pop Star Red Carpet (30205) polybag as a token for participating.



LEGO Store’s October Calendar has also revealed the upcoming LEGO Ideas Caterham Seven 620R (21307) by Carl Greatrix. Though we do not have LEGO’s official statement and images yet, it is expected that the set will retail at around $80.


What can you say about next month’s LEGO Store Calendar? What do you think is the most exciting about it? Share us a word or two through the comments below.

Even More LEGO Rogue One Set Images!

Earlier today, transformed into a new ‘Rogue One’-themed site, with all-new graphics linked to the film’s merchandise line:

Not only does this sweet new graphic dominate the homepage now, but when you venture into the products page, a whole lot of new Rogue One Set images have now been released; these are different from those revealed yesterday, instead showing off the figures and in-depth features that the new sets have to offer.

75152 Impreial Assault HoverTank 

These new images have really sold me on the tank, as I’m please that the outer turrets can rotate as seen in the trailer, and that the interior can seat both pilots. Plus it just generally looks nice from the outside.

75153 AT ST  Walker

This is probably the best iteration of the walker that has been made thus far. The detail is great, and those spring loaded shooters have been intergrated very well indeed.

75154 TIE Striker

Again, another fantastic vehicle. The ship looks great in both landing and flight mode, and I’m pleased that the back is actually designed for storage instead of just being a waste of space.

75156 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle

This set certainly looks worth the high price tag, and that interior is very satisfying to me; I hate waisted space on LEGO model interiors and I’m pleased this makes good use of the space available.

75155 U Wing Fighter

Yes! The wings can fold back! And the doors can close fully! This is my personal favourite of the whole wave, nay, the whole year, of LEGO Star Wars Sets.

LEGO 2016 Advent Calendars Now Available!

Last July, Amazon France gave us a peek on what LEGO has in store for this year’s Advent Calendar series. Featuring a fine selection of collectible surprise gifts that draws inspiration from LEGO Star Wars, City and Friends, this year’s LEGO Advent Calendars are now available via and AmazonThough you might think it’s kind of early for LEGO to offer them to the general public, purchasing them as early as now may perhaps turn out to be a good decision later on. For sure, they will be running out very quickly. Take a look at these official images of the LEGO Advent Calendars 2016 including their product description courtesy of LEGO. Click on the links below to head over straight away to LEGO’s online store.


LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2016 (41131)


Open the LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar each day in December to add a piece to your Christmas party scene. Includes Emma and Naomi mini-doll figures in a calendar with 24 secret compartments, each containing its own buildable surprise.

  • Includes Emma and Naomi mini-doll figures.
  • Features 24 gifts, each enclosed in its own compartment in a LEGO® Friends holiday-themed calendar.
  • Open a new compartment each day and countdown to Christmas with buildable gifts!
  • Collect 24 buildable surprises, including musical instruments, microphone and DJ decks, a hamster, fireplace, snowman and ice skates.
  • Visit each Sunday before Christmas and on Christmas Eve to find new building instructions for a mini build with all the gifts you have opened that week.


LEGO City Advent Calendar 2016 (60133)


Celebrate the holidays with LEGO® City, featuring 24 different surprises, one for each day of the season, including Santa’s sleigh and presents, a snow scooter, Christmas tree, helicopter, shop, cookie stand and much more. Includes several different builds, 7 minifigures and a dog.

  • Includes 7 minifigures: 2 firefighters, a volcano worker, volcano adventurer, 2 ice hockey players and Santa, plus a dog.
  • Features 24 different items, including buildings, vehicles, items and minifigures.
  • Open each ‘door’ to reveal the surprise for the day.
  • Collect all the unique minifigures to add to your collections or sets.
  • Celebrate the holiday spirit in LEGO® City with this fun Advent calendar.


LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2016 (75146)

75146 75146_back 75146_figs

Take a festive tour of the galaxy with the LEGO® Star Wars Advent Calendar. Open up a door each December day to reveal a Star Wars themed minifigure, starship, vehicle or other themed collectible. Once you’ve collected all 24 gifts, unfold the playmat and create your own epic Hoth, Tatooine, Naboo and space-based adventures. This is the perfect holiday gift for any life form. Includes 8 minifigures plus a Battle Droid.

  • Open a door every day to reveal 24 different LEGO® Star Wars themed gifts.
  • Features 8 minifigures and a Battle Droid, including an exclusive holiday-themed minifigure.
  • Vehicles include Slave I, a TIE Interceptor, AAT, T-16 Skyhopper, Sleigh, Republic Cruiser, Droid Gunship, Jedi Interceptor, Skiff and an Imperial Landing Craft.
  • Weapons include Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber, 2 blaster pistols, 3 blasters and a snowcaster.
  • Also includes a foldout playmat.
  • Collect all the gifts and play out your own Hoth, Tatooine, Naboo and space-based adventures.
  • Makes a great gift for LEGO® Star Wars fans from any galaxy!
  • This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 6-14.