More LEGO Batman Movie Rumored Sets That We Picked Up.

We recently featured a load of rumored LEGO sets – more than a hundred fifty to be exact – that are expected to debut in 2017 and covered almost all of LEGO’s active themes and upcoming movies as well. Two of these sets have been unveiled already with the announcement of the LEGO Batman Movie: The Batmobile (70905) and The Joker’s Notorious Lowrider (70906), and if we will take these reported rumors as true, then we can expect plenty more sets to arrive considering that there is a total of 15 expected sets that LEGO will release that will surely make the Caped Crusader beaming with smiles. read more

Brick Show Is Up At Brick Fest Live @ Denver, Colorado!

Stephen and Jason are on a roll with another Brick Show Experience at Brick Fest Live happening right now at Denver Mart in 58th Avenue, Denver, Colorado. Coming in hot from their successful tour last week in Anaheim, California, you can now catch your favorite YouTube LEGO show hosts as they make waves in Denver, Colorado. read more

LEGO Star Wars Rogue One TIE Striker 75154 Now Up At Target.

Following the ‘unintended’ reveal of Amazon Italy regarding LEGO’s latest Rogue Sets (sorry guys, we have to remove our previous post on this, including the pictures that goes with as per request of The LEGO Group), Target USA Online has just listed one of the elusive sets under the Rogue One banner: the LEGO Star Wars Rogue One TIE Striker 75154. The set comes in 543 pieces and includes 4 minifigures namely, a TIE Pilot, an Imperial Ground Crew, Imperial Shoretrooper, and an Endor Rebel Trooper. Again, we’re posting this under the assumption that Target, like Amazon, is one of LEGO’s legit partners so we don’t see anything wrong if we will repost their official listings here. Unless they left another curious Gungan to toy around with their database and cause havoc, then we will keep this post up here on our site. read more

Whistle Along With Mickey With This LEGO Ideas Disney Classic Steamboat Willie.

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. I can just imagine in my head how much Walt Disney would have nodded his head in agreement with this piece of oriental wisdom. In the case of LEGO builder szabomate90, the journey may well begin aboard a steamboat – the LEGO Ideas Disney Steamboat Willie, that is. We’ve featured several LEGO Ideas project, and Disney-themed MOCs here on our site, and this brick-built Steamboat Willie stands out not just because of the historic animation in which it represents, but also the build’s impressive monochromatic color scheme. Here’s how szabomate90 describes his LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie. read more

More Than 150 New LEGO Sets Rumored To Debut In 2017.

We’re now halfway through year, and as expected, this is usually the time where we can hear reports of how the LEGO landscape will look once 2017 kicks in. Discussions are very much alive across LEGO fan forums, especially at Eurobricks, on what The LEGO Group has to offer by next year. We already had a glimpse of these through some of TLG’s initial reveals like the LEGO Batman Movie The Batmobile (70905) and LEGO Batman Movie The Joker’s Notorious Lowrider (70906) , LEGO Marvel Superheroes Hulk VS Red Hulk, the latest addition to the Mighty Micros series both from DC Comics and Marvel Superheroes lines, and a brick-built set of LEGO Ideas Adventure Time (21308). read more