The LEGO House Will Celebrate Its 1st Birthday!

the LEGO House

LEGO seems to be on a roll with another landmark in its life as the world’s most valuable toy company. Next month, the LEGO House will be celebrating its 1st birthday since it opened its doors to the public last September 28, 2017. The House of the Brick offers a one-of-a-kind experience to LEGO fans of all ages, providing a unique play experience across its various brick zones, coupled with a nostalgic trip through LEGO’s 80 years of history. To celebrate this milestone, the LEGO Group has lined up a handful of birthday party activities on September 29 to make its first anniversary fun and meaningful.

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Guests who will visit the Experience Zones are invited to join the LEGO House Birthday Treasure Hunt (10AM-8PM, CEST), where a bunch of hidden cakes is carefully placed all over LEGO House. Participants who will first crack the secret message will be treated to a handful of LEGO goodies. Over at the Red Zone, guests are invited in creating the best and largest LEGO birthday cake ever together with cake enthusiast and connoisseur Ms. Annemette Voss (11AM-2PM, CEST). Finally, there will be an awesome LEGO Birthday Show and a lottery for a chance to bring home some of the coolest LEGO prizes and giveaways. To learn more about this awesome celebration, be sure to visit the LEGO House website and book your tickets.

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