LEGO Movie 2 Welcome to Apocalpyseburg, and Collectible Minifigures Now Available

In case you missed it, the LEGO Movie 2 Welcome to Apocalpyseburg (70840) set is now available online and in LEGO brand stores starting this February. As the LEGO Movie 2’s first, direct-to-consumer set, the Welcome to Apocalypseburg comes in at 3,178 pieces, 12 minifigures and tons of play features for virtually each section of this massive build. It retails for $299.99 in the US and you can purchase it online at

This month also marks the release of the much-anticipated LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures (71023). LEGO fans are looking forward to this collection, particularly for the Wizard of Oz characters that are included in this first wave of TLM2 CMF offering. This newest series of collectible minifigures features 20 minifigs, which are quite easy to catch if you ever happen to stumble on a newly opened box. We know for a fact that this might be the easiest CMF series to collect and complete, considering that each row of 20 minifigure blind bags gives you a complete set of the characters included in this first wave of TLM2 minifigs. Each blind bag retails for $3.99 in the US.

As an added bonus and in celebration of the Lunar New Year, LEGO has already announced its new promotional LEGO Year of the Pig (40186). From today and until Thursday, February 7, any single receipt, minimum purchase of any LEGO products worth $88 and above, entitles you to this exclusive seasonal set. As of this posting, this latest promotional is still up, and is available upon checkout at


The LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz Sets Revealed: Building Instructions Now Available

We’re literally counting the days away before the LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part finally hit theaters on Friday, and LEGO is building up on the excitement with this next reveal. We know that there will be additional LEGO Movie 2 sets coming this summer and this time, LEGO has uploaded its next round of building instructions via its servers, pointing to the fact that our next LEGO BrickHeadz sets will be dedicated to the sequel’s main characters. They’re not listed yet at as of this posting, but LEGO was kind enough to upload the building instructions for these LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz, particularly, Emmet (41634), WyldStyle (41635), Benny (41636), and Sweet Mayhem (41637).

Most LEGO fans will probably agree that one of the selling points of these LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz sets are the unique, printed parts that come with them. Benny (41636) for example features a unique 1×2 tile that features a worn out, classic Space logo print. This nostalgic tile is a centerpiece for any LEGO Space fan and collector. Sweet Mayhem’s BrickHeadz version is also noteworthy – I like the particular details on her helmet, and the unique parts that go with this set as well, such as the white laser pistol and the new bright purple heart tile piece, both were first introduced in LEGO Movie 2 sets.

Since their building instructions are now listed online, we can expect that these LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz sets will be released soon. Will keep a close eye on these sets, and let us know if you spot them on toy shelves. Thanks to Hoth Bricks for the heads up.

Summer 2019 LEGO DC Comics Superheroes Sets at the Nuremberg Toy Fair

For our last listing of reveals coming from the LEGO show room of the Nuremberg Toy Fair, it looks like fans of the LEGO DC Comics Superheroes theme will be for a bat-filled summer. I’m a fan of the Dark Knight, however, I feel that we already have too much of Batman-inspired sets, whereas there’s a lot to explore from the world of DC Comics. Since last year and up until now, almost all of the LEGO DC Comics Superheroes sets released are centered on Batman. Frankly, it will be nice if LEGO introduces additional LEGO sets and minifigures based on other DC Comics characters. But since we are celebrating 80 years of crime-fighting with the Caped Crusader, then perhaps this is something that is easily forgiveable. Well, like them or not, here are the summer 2019 LEGO DC Comics Superheroes sets that you can expect in June. These sets’ respective box arts is said to have a unique 80 years of Batman logo as reported by Zusammengebaut.

  • Batman and Robin & Freeze Battle (76118)
  • Batmobile Pursuit of Joker (76119)
  • Batman and Riddler Heist (76120)
  • Batcave Clayface Invasion (76122)
  • Batman Vs. Riddler 4+ (76137)
  • The Joker Escape 4+ (76138)
  • Batvehicle D2C set (76139)
2018’s LEGO DC Comics Batman: Brother Eye Takedown (76111) featuring the very first Batwoman minifigure.

The Batcave Clayface Invasion (76122) is expected to be a sizeable retailing for 99 Euros. Furthermore, the set features another variant of Batwoman which is probably different from the first minifigure of her released last year in Batman: Brother Eye Takedown (76111). The Batvehicle direct-to-consumer set (76139) was not mentioned during the Nuremberg Toy Fair, but I opted to include it here as it was referred to by fans and insiders within LEGO fan forums. We have to wait until the New York Toy Fair kicks in more information.

What do you think about these selections brick fans? Are these a hit or miss? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

More LEGO Reveals at the Nuremberg Toy Fair: New Summer 2019 LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Sets PLUS

There is more to expect from the LEGO Creator theme this year after its initial offering earlier this month. Thanks to Zusammengebaut who was at the LEGO show room at this year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair, we now have a glimpse at the new summer 2019 LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets coming in June. Though we don’t have pictures as the moment since photography is strictly prohibited inside the show room, we have some general descriptions of what these new 3-in-1 sets are and their alternate modes or variants.

  • Fairground Carousel (31095)
  • Dual-rotor Helicopter (31096)
  • Townhouse with Pet Store (31097)
The LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Pirate Roller Coaster (31084) from 2018.

The Fairground Carousel sounds promising since it is of the same price range as that of last year’s Pirate Roller Coaster (31084). Its fairground theme is very much welcomed since it will be a great add-on to the Pirate Roller Coaster, and comes with two additional alternate modes: a Rocket Tower and a smaller Ferris Wheel. It seems much of LEGO’s summer 2019 offerings have a fairground vibe, such as the LEGO City People Pack – City Dwellers (60234) and LEGO Friends Amusement Park (41375). The Dual-Rotor Helicopter also features an interchangeable Jet and Hovercraft, while the Townhouse with Pet Store changes into a Tram Stop and a Bank.

I’m certainly looking forward to these sets. What do you think?

More 2019 LEGO Movie 2 Sets Slated This Summer

In continuation of everything LEGO that is happening at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, the LEGO Group has just revealed another slew of sets to watch out that recreate those fun and memorable scenes in the LEGO Movie 2. Reporting from the LEGO show room in Nuremberg, Germany, Zusammengebaut reports that there will be 6 additional LEGO Movie 2 sets to be released in August, including the recently revealed LEGO Movie 2 The Rexcelsior! (70839). Some of these are still yet to be named, perhaps due to potential spoilers since the LEGO Movie 2 is still slated for a general public release next week, February 8. There are two sets that were named, though, and were not that spoilery about the film’s details and plot. Check out these 2019 LEGO Movie 2 sets slated this summer.

  • Shimmer & Shine Sparkle Spa! (70837)
  • Queen Watevra’s ‘So-Not-Evil’ Space (70838)
  • The Rexcelsior! (70839)
  • The LEGO Movie 2 (70847)
  • The LEGO Movie 2 (70848)
  • The LEGO Movie 2 (708490
The LEGO Movie 2 The Rexcelsior! (70839).

I’m not sure about the release dates of these sets except for the Rexcelsior! (70839), which will be on May 1. Given these additional summer 2019 sets, there are now a total of 25 sets, and 6 polybags under the LEGO Movie 2 theme, plus a LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigure Series (71023). For more details about these sets, and to know which sets are now available, be sure to check

LEGO Ninjago 2019 Summer Sets Named at the Nuremberg Toy Fair

Contrary to speculations and rumors going around, it seems that LEGO is not yet ready to pull the plug on one of its long-running, non-licensed theme. LEGO unveiled its next collection of LEGO Ninjago sets due for a summer 2019 release, and it’s important to note that these are all original sets, and not re-released sets. This is what LEGO has unveiled at the ongoing Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany, as reported by LEGO fan site Zusammengebaut. The most recent series of LEGO Ninjago Legacy sets were a collection of re-released sets based on the early seasons of Ninjago. This time, it looks like there will be more sets that are either dedicated to the series latest season entitled March of the Oni, or we can expect more from the TV series after this latest story arc. Whatever is the case, and fans will be happy yo agree, that we will not yet see the end of LEGO Ninjago. Here are the names of the next wave of LEGO Ninjago 2019 summer sets slated to be released sometime in August.

  • Attack of the Ice Samurai (70671)
  • Koel’s Offroad Bike (70672)
  • Fire Snake (70674)
  • Lloyd’s Titan Mech (70676)
  • Desert Glider (70677)
  • The Ice Age Fortress (70678)
The LEGO Ninjago Dragon Pit (70655) released in 2018.

Based on their declared retail price in Euros, it seems that the Desert Glider (70677) could be the largest among these sets. Retailing for 129.99 Euros, this sizeable set could be within the same range as that of the LEGO Ninjago Dragon Pit (70655) from last year, in terms of piece count and set dimensions. We just have to wait and see until LEGO makes a full, official reveal.

LEGO Friends 2019 Summer Sets To Watch Out For

There’s still plenty to expect from LEGO as they reveal their next wave of LEGO sets slated to be released this summer. From new commemorative LEGO Star Wars sets, LEGO City Space and tech savvy LEGO Technic sets, we now have our listing of some of the latest LEGO Friends 2019 summer sets to watch out for, courtesy of Zusammengebaut.

Same as before, photography is not allowed inside the LEGO show room of the Nuremberg Toy Fair. So we hope to see these sets and other LEGO reveals up close and personal when this year’s New York Toy Fair kicks in from February 16 to 19. Take note that this listing may not represent the actual set names since they were roughly translated from German via Google Translate.

  • Heartlake City Supermarket (41362) (4+) – 29.99€\
  • Mia’s Horse Transporter (41371) – 29.99€
  • Stephanie’s Gymnastics Show (41372) – 39.99€
  • Karaoke Pool Party (41374) – 49.99€
  • Amusement Park (41375) – 129.99€
  • Turtle Rescue (41376) – 19.99€
  • Submarine for Dolphin Rescue (41378) – 39.99€
  • Heartlake City Restaurant (41379) – 59.99€
  • Lighthouse (41380) – 59.99€
  • Rescue Boat (41381) – 89.99€
The LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel (41101) from 2015.

The Amusement Park (41375) sounds interesting since its price point hints at a piece count of more than a thousand pieces. It is similarly priced as that of the Heartlake Grand Hotel (41101) from 2015 which also retailed for $129.99, and is currently the largest LEGO Friends set with a 1,552 piece count.

2016’s LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster (41130).

You might also remember that LEGO also offered a somewhat similar set in 2016 with the Amusement Park Roller Coaster (41130) which made use of a new track piece. As the title suggests, then we might see the Amusement Park (41375) set as something that complements the Amusement Park Roller Coaster. I guess we have to wait until NYTF if ever LEGO will unveil this next big LEGO Friends set.

More Toy Fair News: New LEGO Star Wars Summer 2019 Sets Announced

Note: The image above is from 2009’s LEGO Star Wars The Battle of Endor (8038) set. Following the reveal of the summer 2019 LEGO City and LEGO Technic sets, LEGO has also announced the release of additional LEGO Star Wars Summer 2019 sets, following the announcement of its 20th year LEGO Star Wars commemorative sets. There will be two new series to watch out for, including a subtheme dedicated to the new animated series, Star Wars Resistance. We’re still following the events as covered by LEGO fan correspondent Zusammengebaut at the on-going Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. Here’s what was revealed so far.

LEGO Star Wars Resistance

  • Major Vanreg’s TIE fighter (75240)
  • Black Ace TIE-Interceptor (75242)
  • Duel on Starkiller Base (75236)

LEGO Star Wars Action Battle

  • Endor Assault (75238)
  • Hoth Generator (75239)
  • Echo Base (75241)

2019 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75245)

Star Wars D2C set (75252)

Rumors of a LEGO Star Wars Resistance subtheme were making their rounds recently across LEGO fan forums, and it is now confirmed that this such the case. It is also interesting to note that after 6 years since the last time we saw them in the D2C set LEGO Star Wars Ewok Village (10236) and 2015’s LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75097), we get to see the Ewoks once again in the Endor Assault (75238).  I’m not really sure what’s the deal with the Action Battle series, but judging on the way the sets are presented around this subtheme, it looks like it’s a collection of sets that you can bring together and connect. This first offering of LEGO Star Wars Action Battle sets kind of remind me of the not so well received Assault on Hoth (75098) set from 2016. I do hope LEGO is not tempting fans to recreate this failed D2C set once again in piecemeal format.

Lastly, this wave of new LEGO Star Wars summer 2019 sets will also include a tightly guarded D2C set simply referred to as set 75252. We have no hint whatsoever on what this set could be, but I do wish this is not another rehashed set of sorts. We’ll know soon enough.

New LEGO Technic Summer 2019 Sets Revealed

Following the reveal of the LEGO City 2019 summer sets at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, German LEGO fan correspondent Zusammengebaut continues his coverage of the events as they unfold at the LEGO showroom at the prestigious European toy fair. We’ve heard the first line-up of summer 2019 LEGO City sets, and this time, we now know that we will be getting four additional LEGO Technic summer 2019 sets slated to be available in August 1.

  • Spider Crane (42097)
  • Car Transporter (42098)
  • Off-Road Vehicle (42099)
  • Liebherr 9800 (42100)

The Car Transporter (42098) is interesting since Zusammengebaut describes it as  2 builds in 1, with one build as the same size as that of the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (42093),  and another for the Car Transporter itself. This set is second to the largest of the four sets coming in at 2,493 pieces.

The Spider Crane (42097) is another 2-in-1 set that comes in 920 pieces, while the Off-Road Vehicle (42099) comes with the new CONTROL+ system, three Power Functions motors, and independent suspensions.

The last set in the list could be the most complex among the four LEGO Technic Summer 2019 sets. The Liebherr 9800 (42100) comes at 4,108 pieces and includes seven Power Function motors that are individually controllable allowing for a wider range of movement. It also has two smart hubs and features the new digital CONTROL+ system.

It definitely looks like LEGO is levelling up its next generation of Technic sets following these new innovations. I’m not so much into LEGO Technic, but this are surely exciting sets to watch out for in August.

Stay tuned for more updates! Special thanks once again to Zusammengebaut for keeping us in the loop and sharing these images.

LEGO City Summer 2019 Sets Announced at the Nuremberg Toy Fair

Note: the image above is from 2015’s LEGO City Spaceport (60080). Europe’s largest toy fair has already begun, and LEGO is sure not to miss out on this one. Coming from the London Toy Fair, LEGO now flaunts its new collection of LEGO sets at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany . And thanks to fellow LEGO fan correspondent Zusammengebaut, we now have specific information on what’s in store with LEGO this summer. The LEGO showroom is stirring up a buzz with its revelation of new LEGO sets, including a noteworthy collection of new summer 2019 LEGO City sets.

We’ve seen the LEGO City theme explore the many facets of the real world: from the depths of the ocean, perilous jungles, underground world and to the polar ice caps. This time, LEGO is bringing back once more its LEGO City Space subtheme, but this time with a distinct inspiration coming from NASA. Specifically inspired by the world’s largest space exploration institute, 2019’s LEGO City Space will offer six new summer sets namely:

  • Maintenance Mission Shuttle (60224)
  • Rover Test Drive (60225)
  • Mars Research Shuttle (60226)
  • Moon Base (60227)
  • Space Research Rocket Control Centre (60228)

These sets celebrate the 50th founding anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, and as a reference to a Mars Mission subtheme. They are not necessary licensed by the space exploration agency, but are stated specifically as “inspired by NASA”, as printed on the sets’ respective box arts.

The last set to be mentioned – 60228 – is said to integrate with the LEGO Life App on a smart phone which makes the set remotely controlled.

In addition to this NASA inspired 2019 LEGO City sets, LEGO will be launching a new LEGO City TV series based on the theme comprising of 20 episodes running 11 minutes each. There will be three 2019 LEGO City sets to be released in connection to the TV series, one of which carries the 4+ branding:

  • LEGO City Fire Service ruck (60231)
  • LEGO City 4+ Petrol Station (60232)
  • LEGO City Doughnut Shop Opening (60233)

The Doughnut Shop Opening (60233) opening features a small toy shop, a TV crew, police minifigures, and a crane truck.

There will be another LEGO City People Pack, similar to previous ones such as last year’s Outdoor Adventures (60202) and 2017’s Fun at the Beach (60153). For 2019, we will have the LEGO City People Pack – City Dwellers (60234) which follows a fairground theme. It’s a good addition to other fair-themed sets such as the Roller Coaster (10261), Carousel (10257) and Ferris Wheel (10247). Lastly, LEGO has also revealed this year’s new LEGO City Advent Calendar (60235), which is something to watch out for considering that this set has been a constant favorite among LEGO City fans.

Stay tuned for more updates and reveals in the LEGO show room at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019!