LEGO Creator Expert Crocodile Locomotive (10277) Now Up at

The next LEGO train set geared towards adult LEGO fans is now up at LEGO Shop@Home. A long time coming, the LEGO Creator Expert Crocodile Locomotive (10277) is the next set to feature the 18+ branding which specifically has the AFOL in mind, and more so, for fans of the classic LEGO Trains theme.

Crocodile Locomotive (10277)

Coming in at 1,271 pieces, the Crocodile Locomotive (10277) is based on the iconic Class Ce 6/8 II locomotive, first built for the Swiss Federal Railways between 1919 and 1927. And like its powerhouse counterpart, this brick version of the Crocodile is not just for show and aesthetics. The set may be motorized with Powered Up components (sold separately), the way LEGO Trains are supposed to be.

The LEGO Creator Expert Crocodile Locomotive (10277) is priced at $99.99 and will be available at your local LEGO Store and online starting July 1st. Read on for the set’s complete product description and check out some of its official photos. You may also click the following affiliate link below if you wish to add to your LEGO wishlist.

LEGO Creator Expert Crocodile Locomotive (10277)

1,271 pieces | $99.99 | Coming on July 1

Crocodile Locomotive (10277)

Clear your mind and escape the daily grind with this fulfilling building project. If your passion for toy train sets has never really left you, you’ll love recreating the amazing details of the Crocodile Locomotive, a vintage classic from the golden age of rail travel.

Impressive attention to detail
Inspired by the Class Ce 6/8 II locomotive, first built for the Swiss Federal Railways between 1919 and 1927, this beautiful LEGO® model is packed with realistic details. With side rods that move as the wheels turn and posable pantographs that move up and down, there’s lots to explore. Lift the roof to access the crew compartment and use the 2 minifigures to bring the story of this iconic train to life. Add the Powered Up components (sold separately) to motorize your locomotive.

Spark your passion for building
The Crocodile Locomotive (10277) is part of a collection of LEGO® model building kits for adults who love beautiful design. This model also makes a great gift for anyone who loves model trains.

  • This LEGO® Crocodile Locomotive (10277) model kit is perfect for adults looking to build a vintage locomotive model or for anyone who loves trains and is looking for their next hobby project.
  • Enjoy a rewarding challenge as you bring this buildable model train to life. Then explore the features and functions packed into this set, which celebrates the classic Crocodile Locomotive train.
  • Discover amazing details with authentic features true to the original Crocodile Locomotive. The 2 LEGO®minifigures with tools, display track and plaque provide lots to explore after building the classic train.
  • Ideal for model train fans, railway enthusiasts and LEGO® lovers, this building kit for adults makes a creative gift or birthday present to transport building fans to a world of total relaxation.
  • This train model measures over 6” (16cm) high, 20.5” (52cm) long and 3.5” (8cm) wide, making it a beautiful display piece to show off with pride.
  • You can jump right into this immersive building project since no batteries are required. To motorize your locomotive, add 1 x 88009 and 1 x 88013 Powered Up components (sold separately).

Crocodile Locomotive (10277) Crocodile Locomotive (10277) 10277 Back 03 01 10277 alt2 10277 alt3 10277 Back 02 01 10277 alt13

More Details on the LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters (43179) Released

In case you missed it earlier this week, LEGO has officially introduced its next big set geared towards adult fans of LEGO. Following what seems to be an accidental listing over at its online shopping portal, the company now released its official press statement about the LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters (43179). Plus of course, a good number of photos to help us take a closer look.

LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse

The LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters (43179) is a sizeable set that comes in at 1,739 and features a new brick-built take on two of Disney’s most recognizable icons. As if having a pair of BrickHeadz is not enough for this duo,  LEGO has now come up with a weighty centerpiece as a kind of display set.

LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse

These buildable versions of Mickey and Minnie are scheduled to be released on August 1, with an option to pre-order the set for $179.99 starting on July 1. Check out the product details of the LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters (43179) below. Clicking on the following affiliate links will bring you directly to LEGO Shop@Home.

LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters (43179)

1,739 pieces | $179.99; Coming Soon on August 1, with an option for pre-order starting July 1. 

LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse

If you’re a Disney fan and love their original cartoons, this is the perfect fit! LEGO® ǀ Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters (43179) gives you a chance to focus your mind and use your hands to create a truly display-worthy item.

Fantastic retro details
Based on Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks’ iconic characters, these figures feature Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in dynamic poses, with several buildable accessories including a guitar, vintage camera, tripod, and a photo album with photos of their adventures. Mickey stands 14 in. (36cm) high and Minnie stands 13 in. (35cm) high.

LEGO building projects for you
Take time for you, focus on an enjoyable creative challenge and make these 2 stunning, large-scale, buildable figures to display in your home or office. Part of a collection of inspiring LEGO building sets for adults interested in pop culture, art, architecture, and design, they make an excellent gift for yourself or a Disney fan in your life looking for their next project.

  • Give yourself or a DIY lover in your life a creative experience with this LEGO® ǀ Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters (43179) set. Makes a unique display and conversation piece.
  • Clear your mind while building 2 large-scale, detailed figures and accessories to create and display. This set lets you experience a satisfying, hands-on build as you recharge.
  • Once built, these iconic characters look great on display in a home or office. You can keep them together or set up a unique scene with each figure and the included accessories.
  • Share your love of Disney’s Mickey Mouse and enjoy this set with all its details and accessories. The engrossing build and retro look of the figures also makes this a great gift for yourself or any Disney fan you know.
  • Detailed, large-scale figures, with the largest model standing over 14 in. (36 cm) tall, 7.5 in. (19 cm) wide and 6.5 in. (16.5 cm) deep. This stunning set contains 1,739 pieces and can be displayed in a special place in your home.

LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse

LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse

LEGO Reveals the LEGO Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse (43179) Buildable Characters

If you recall from a few days ago, one of the things that we get to see from the new LEGO Summer 2020 Catalog is an interesting teaser for a new LEGO Disney set slated to arrive on June 17. And this time, in a rather unusual way of doing things, LEGO has allowed various LEGO media fan-sites to publish this image ahead of its official reveal. Take a look at this upcoming LEGO Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse (43179) buildable characters set.

LEGO Disney 43179 Minnie and Mickey

This image was said to be accidentally uploaded to LEGO servers allowing public access (I guess somebody slipped up from their end). However, there’s no other image or product description that was released regarding this latest offering. Another thing that you may notice is that this is a somewhat complex build, created mainly for display purposes which is typical of the latest LEGO sets that bear the 18+ branding.

Since the LEGO Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse (43179) buildable characters are slated to be released on Wednesday, we can expect more info to be released anytime soon over at LEGO Shop@Home. Stay tuned.

Thanks to The Brick Fan for the heads up.

WATCH: The LEGO Haunted House (10273) Designer Video

LEGO has released a designer video for the LEGO Haunted House (10273) that gives us a tour on the inner workings of this fairground themed, brick-built funhouse. Watch the video below.

LEGO designers Carl Merriam, Mike Psiaki, Austin Carlson, and Niek van Slagmaat lead us to the many beautiful details of this 3,000+ set and some of the pretty neat throwbacks that older LEGO fans will enjoy.

As mentioned in their press release, the LEGO Haunted House (10273) is the first set LEGO set that officially drops the Creator Expert branding in favor of the 18+ reclassification. LEGO believes that this will make similar advanced sets more readily identifiable as something belonging to the adult fan base of LEGO.

And the LEGO Haunted House places all the check marks on an AFOL’s LEGO nostalgic sweet spots. The fairground themed park ride is loaded of references to older LEGO sets such as the Adventurers theme from 1998, the Alpha Team from early 2000, and of course from the classic Castle theme. For those unfamiliar with these LEGO themes, you may head over to Brickset for more info.


To bring all these references into one fun-filled set is short of amazing. I particularly like the idea of how the designers placed an easter egg for Bat Lord from the Fright Knights subtheme. The specially printed, subtle 2×3 flat tile is a pretty neat reference to the LEGO Castle Bat Lord (6007) set, with its set number printed on the said tile in Roman numerals.

LEGO Haunted House (10273)

Apart from these pretty near references, the LEGO Haunted House is also loaded with play features as any funhouse should be. Its main play feature is its functional drop-down elevator. It’s a pretty challenging task that the LEGO designers managed to pull-off. To make it more realistic, the elevator ride must accelerate while going down, and to eventually slow its drop as it reaches the bottom. The elevator function can either be operated manually or outfitted with an optional LEGO Power-App motor.

LEGO Haunted House (10273)

And of course, the LEGO Haunted House will not be that spooky without that illuminated portrait of Samuel Von Barron using a light brick. This and other fun details are revealed once you open the set and explore every room of the funhouse.

LEGO Haunted House (10273)

10273 designer video

The LEGO Haunted House (10273) comes in at 3,231 pieces and is expected to retail for $249.99. It is slated for an early release for LEGO VIP members on May 20, and to the rest of the world on June 1, 2020. Head over to LEGO Shop@Home for more details, and while you’re at it you may want to include this set to your LEGO wishlist as well.

LEGO Haunted House (10273) LEGO Haunted House (10273)

So what do you think of this latest LEGO 18+ set? Are you OK with the LEGO Creator Expert re-branding? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

More Info on the LEGO Haunted House (10273)

After the official announcement on LEGO’s next 18+ branded set, we now have more info on the LEGO Haunted  House (10273) set and what it means to the future of the LEGO Creator Expert theme.

LEGO Haunted House

If you noticed starting this year, LEGO has introduced a new “18+” subtheme on its sets targeted specifically for older LEGO fans. From the recently released LEGO Star Wars helmet collection and this year’s UCS set to the LEGO Architecture The White House (21054), all of these sets feature an adult-focused packaging that makes it clear that these line of building sets are for advanced LEGO hobbyists and collectors.

10273 alt3

Though the LEGO Star Wars and Architecture themes are still retaining their titles, LEGO Senior Marketing Manager Anders Hellegaard has announced that it will drop the Creator Expert theme entirely in favor of the 18+ re-classification. However, it was also mentioned that the LEGO Haunted House is still part of LEGO’s larger Fairground Collection series which include previously released Creator Expert sets such as the LEGO Roller Coaster (10261) and Carousel (10257) among others, so there is still some unifying element to these sets in the future.

I guess this decision is mainly for aesthetic purposes such as the redesigning of the previous Creator Expert box art moving forward. We can still expect awesome advanced sets later on targeted to an older LEGO fan base who grew up iconic LEGO characters such as Samuel Von Barron, Johhny Thunder, and Bat Lord to name a few.

Here’s LEGO’s official press release for the LEGO Haunted House (10273) for more details. The set comes in at 3,231 pieces and will retail for $249.99 when it is released to LEGO VIP members on May 20 and other LEGO fans on June 1, 2020.


The LEGO Group has announced the LEGO Haunted House, a hair-raising new fairground build for adult thrill-seekers – available from 20th May from and LEGO Stores

LEGO Haunted House

May 13, 2020– Gear up for a spooky ride and bring to life the ultimate ghostly fairground experience, with the brand-new LEGO® Haunted House set. This latest addition to the LEGO Fairground collection is jam-packed with exciting features to surprise and entertain even the bravest of thrill-seekers.

Modeled on Manor Von Barron, the spooky home of one of the world’s greatest villains – Samuel Von Barron, the new LEGO® Haunted House model is full to the brim with spine-tingling details. Its clever design features a fully functional free-fall ride with automatic doors at the top of the tower, giving brave riders a glimpse of the thrilling plummet to come, as well as intricate ghoulish details such as haunted doors and a cursed painting to warn off any trespassers.

To enhance the spooky experience even further and unlock special features, such as a moving elevator, fans can also add LEGO Powered Up components (available separately) and control and amplify the set as they build via LEGO’s Powered Up app.

The 3,231-piece LEGO® Haunted House model not only makes an impressive and creepy display piece, standing at over 26.5” (68cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide and 9” (25cm) deep but also gives fans the chance to get hands-on and immerse themselves in the ghostly world. LEGO builders can open the model’s exterior and enter the ultimate haunted house to discover the features hidden inside – revealing Von Barron’s extensive collection of stolen artifacts which nod to LEGO brick sets of the past, including the Organ of Catarino and the Orb of OGEL.

This brand-new set has been designed specifically with adults in mind – providing an immersive, creative experience for them to re-focus, re-charge and get creative, whether they’re enjoying alone or as a challenging build with friends or younger builders.

The new LEGO® Haunted House™ construction set is the latest example of how the LEGO Group aims to inspire builders of all ages to build, rebuild, and get excited by the process of creation. It’s also the first set from the LEGO Fairground Collection to feature the new stylish packaging designed to make it easier than ever for adult fans to find their new build challenge based on their individual passions.
10273 alt8

Addressing the new packaging, Senior Marketing Manager Anders Hellegaard Iversen said: “So many of our older builders love the Creator Expert products, as they allow them to show off their passion for the bricks. Whether it’s their favorite film moments, sports icons, travel destinations, buildings, fairgrounds, or vehicles, LEGO sets help to bring these to life in brick form. That’s also why we have decided to stop using the Creator Expert branding and, instead, use the new adult-focused packaging design to make it clearer which hobbies or brand products they can relate to. We hope this will make it easier for fans to track down models they would be proud to display once completed. Of course, our product range will continue to include the same advanced-build, collectible products that guarantee hours of building enjoyment for fans.”

The brand-new LEGO Haunted House is available to VIP members from 20th May and for remaining LEGO fans from 1st June, direct from and LEGO Stores.