Exclusive LEGO DC Fandome Supergirl Minifigure Unveiled

The first installment of DC Fandome’s virtual comic book convention has been concluded, and if you’re one of the fortunate souls that managed to join in their event sweepstakes, then you are probably aware that one of the uber-cool prizes that will be given away is the exclusive LEGO DC Fandome Supergirl minifigure.

Just to be precise, the DC Fandome sweepstakes is already closed. And if you missed out on that window of opportunity, then I guess we just have to stay tuned if another similar sweepstakes prize will be offered again on September 12 when DC Fandome launches its second virtual event. If you’re also residing outside of the US, then your chances of having this exclusive and limited edition LEGO DC Fandome Supergirl minifigure is either through eBay or a friend that is both lucky and kind enough to give you his/her minifigure winning.

In case you’re wondering, this minifig version of Supergirl is based on Melissa Benoist’s on-screen rendition of Kara Zor-El, as seen on CW’s Supergirl Season 5. This newer LEGO version of Supergirl stays true to her new looks, favoring dark blue pants over her iconic skirt. Plus the much-talked-about change in her hairstyle is also reflected in the minifigure hairpiece. As noted by The Brothers Brick, while the legs and torso prints are unique to this LEGO DC Fandome Supergirl, the hairpiece is taken from Series 20’s Pyjama Girl, so this particular LEGO element is not entirely new.

Again, this particular sweepstake draw is already over, and if in case you’re one of the 1,495 winners of the LEGO DC Fandome Supergirl minifigure, then perhaps you can drop us a comment below and share to us what your initial impressions of this LEGO exclusive.

LEGO Ideas Third 2019 Review Results Are Coming In With A Huge Giveaway

After hinting on the upcoming LEGO Ideas Third 2019 Review Results a couple of weeks ago, the LEGO Ideas Review Team has now revealed that the results for this review stage will be up in the next 24 hours. To make the announcement even more exciting for fans, LEGO Ideas Engagement Manager, Hasan Jensen, kicks off the big reveal with an equally huge raffle giveaway.

LEGO fans now have a chance of winning the impressive and much desired LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay (21322) by simply sending in your comment on which among these 10K qualifiers do you think will eventually emerge as the next official LEGO Ideas set.

  1. Queen: I Want to Break Free by Han Sbricksteen
  2. Seinfeld 30th Anniversary by BrentWaller
  3. The Legend of Zelda: BotW Stables by Hanwasyellowfirst
  4. Planet Express Delivery Ship by Nicola Stocchi & gabriele.zannotti
  5. Ratatouille: Open The Doors! by Brick Project
  6. LEGO Typewriter by Steve Guinness
  7. The Legend of the BIONICLE: Celebrating 20 years of Lego stories by Sokoda
  8. The Huascar by aldrin
  9. Winter Chalet by sdrnet
  10. Toronto Rocket Subway Train – Minifigure scale Electric Train by Legovader217
  11. Home Alone. McCallister’s House by adwind
  12. Clockwork Aquarium by mjsmiley
Two LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay (21322) sets will be given away as raffle prizes for the reveal of the LEGO Ideas Third Review Results.   

Here’s a quick overview of the contest rules.


We’re giving away 2 LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay sets!

How do you win?
Let us know in the comments of either this LEGO Ideas blog post or the relevant Facebook post what you think the results of this LEGO Ideas review will be based on the 10K Club submissions shown in this blog post. We’ll draw 1 random winner on each platform from among all those who guess correctly or guess the closest either via the blog post or Facebook. (i.e. 1 winner among comments on the LEGO Ideas blog and 1 winner among comments on the LEGO Ideas Facebook post).

We’ll close for guesses at 4pm CET (Danish time) on the 23rd June, 2020, as soon as the results are revealed.

Just don’t forget to post your comment either on the LEGO Ideas blog site, or over at their Facebook page where the above video is found, on or before the deadline at 11 AM EDT or 8 AM PDT the next day.

Truth be told, I’m really hoping for the Legend of Zelda BotW Stables product idea to push through. It will be a good indicator of things to come between LEGO and Nintendo if this product idea is pulled off, especially considering that we already have our official line up of LEGO Super Mario sets.

And while we’re still waiting for the official LEGO versions of the winners of the LEGO Ideas Second 2019 Review Stage in the form of the LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith and Winnie the Pooh sets,  which product idea do you think will make the cut in the LEGO Ideas Third 2019 Review? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

LEGO Deadpool Duck Is Back as an Exclusive LEGO VIP Reward

The LEGO VIP Rewards seems to be in the habit of bringing back old Comic-Con exclusives. After offering the LEGO SDCC 2012 Shazam minifigure as a sweepstakes reward for LEGO VIP members back in January, we now have another offering from the LEGO VIP Rewards Center that LEGO fans will be happy to have. The super rare LEGO SDCC 2017 Deadpool Duck minifigure is back and here’s our chance to get it.

Similar to the equally rare Shazam minifig, Deadpool Duck is back as part of the LEGO VIP Rewards monthly sweepstakes. Worth 50 VIP points, you can have up to 15 raffle entries if you wish to have bigger odds of winning this exclusive.

As you may know already, Deadpool Duck is the unholy combination of the two of the most revered, action-packed characters from Marvel Comics: Howard the Duck and of course, the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool. The head of the minifigure comes from the same mold as that of Donald Duck from the LEGO Disney CMF collection, while the torso features a unique print of Deadpool’s vest which only comes in three LEGO variants, including the one from 2018’s LEGO SDCC 2018 Sheriff Deadpool, and the only Deadpool minifig that comes in a set which is from the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown (6866)

To make this reward extra special, LEGO is adding an acrylic case, including the original SDCC 2017 collectible packaging, together with the minifig.

LEGO Deadpool Duck

The LEGO Deadpool Duck VIP Rewards sweepstakes will run until June 21. Just be sure to check the list of countries where this promo is available.

The LEGO House Welcomes You to a Virtual Tour – for FREE

While most of us may not have the luxury of visiting the LEGO House in Billund, Denmark, LEGO has now taken the extra mile of allowing virtually anyone with an internet connection to have a look at the inner workings and activities inside the famous Home of the Brick. The LEGO House is still closed as of to date no thanks to the raging pandemic(it’s slated to reopen on June 22 ). But this setback did not hinder its team to provide something unique and innovative to all LEGO fans who would love to pay a virtual visit – all at the comfort and safety of their homes.

Starting June 11 until September 1,  the LEGO House will offer five virtual tours, focusing on the history and legacy of the LEGO Group since its humble beginnings in 1932 until the present.

LEGO House

Participation in these virtual tours is FREE, which will only require you to sign-up via their online registration form. You also get to choose your preferred time based on the virtual tour’s two predefined time slots. Bear in mind though that these 60-minute tours are in CEST so you will need to plan ahead accordingly.

There seems to be no deadline on until when you can register, but I suggest that you still register promptly if you would like to participate. Here’s a brief description of what to expect from each of these LEGO House virtual tours. If you already registered, and then be sure to check your inbox for the access link to join.

The Beginning of the LEGO Group, 1932 – 1946

June 11, 2020 at 10AM CEST  | June 11, 2020 at 2PM CEST

Please join us for a guided tour in the LEGO House History Collection covering the beginning of the LEGO Group. The tour will touch upon the background of LEGO® founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen and how he started the company as well as cover the ups and downs he had to endure in the company´s first years of existence.
The LEGO Group – Consolidating Plastic, 1947 – 1961

June 25, 2020 at 10AM CEST  | June 25, 2020 at 2PM CEST

Through a guided tour in the LEGO House History Collection, you can learn about a crucial period in the history of the LEGO Group. The gamechanger happened in 1958 when the LEGO brick was introduced, but many other activities in the late 1940s and up through the 1950s contributed to creating the foundation of the company we know today and we are here to tell you all about it.

The LEGO Group – Expanding the LEGO System in Play, 1962 – 1978

July 9, 2020 at 10AM CEST  | July 9, 2020 at 2PM CEST

Go on a guided tour in the LEGO House History Collection and learn more about how the LEGO System in Play was expanded up through the 1960s and 1970s. We will cover the introduction of movement and role play, talk about the background for creating the first LEGOLAND Park, and much more. We will even touch upon who the first CEO/Managing Director to come from outside the owner family was…

The LEGO Group – Introducing New Ideas, 1979 – 2001

August 13, 2020 at 10AM CEST  | August 13, 2020 at 2PM CEST

Third-generation owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, and the new ideas he introduces, plays a huge role in this guided tour in the LEGO House History Collection covering the first 22 years of Kjeld at the helm. We will look into the introduction of storytelling, how we change the appearance of the minifigure, the introduction of our first brick-built IP products, and more… Come join us!

The LEGO Group – Crisis and turnaround, 2002 – 2019

September 1, 2020 at 9:30AM CEST  | September 1, 2020 at 2:30PM CEST

In this guided tour in the LEGO House History Collection, the theme is very much ups and downs, as we will look into our crisis and turnaround and some of the contributing factors. We will also touch briefly on more contemporary topics such as collaborating with our AFOL community or setting up our sustainable materials center.

Latest LEGO Vehicles Featured in the LEGO Store June 2020 Store Calendar

The LEGO Store June 2020 Store Calendar is now out, underscoring its latest line of brick-built vehicles including an attractive gift-with-purchase (GWP) set. Though it will take a lot of getting used to with regards to the many in-store activities that are effectively canceled in LEGO brand stores no thanks to our current pandemic, the LEGO Group has slowly adapted to the new normal by gradually opening its stores in the US. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at what next month’s LEGO Store promotional calendar has to offer.

First off, we have some of LEGO’s most recent brick-built vehicle collection, including two of its larger sets that debuted this year: the LEGO Creator Expert Fiat 500 (10271) and the handsomely crafted LEGO Technic Dom’s Dodge Charger (42111) that took inspiration from the Fast & Furious films. Released earlier this year, we also have one of the first 8-stud wide LEGO Speed Champions sets in the form of the Ferrari F8 Tributo (76895) set. These sets and much more are all available at LEGO Shop@Home if you want to take a look.

LEGO Creator Expert Fiat 500 (10271)
LEGO Technic Dom’s Dodge Charger (42111)
LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari F8 Tributo (76895)

Similar to this month’s freebie in the form of the LEGO City Beach Buggy (30369), we now have another GWP ride that fans will appreciate. The LEGO Creator Hot Rod (40409) will be yours for free for a minimum single-receipt purchase of LEGO products worth $85 and above. The qualifying purchase needed to bag this freebie is a bit higher as compared to other promotional items this year, but being a scaled model of its predecessor, the LEGO Model Team Blue Fury (5541) from the mid-90s (re-issued in 2004 as set 10151), plus coming in with two minifigures, then I guess I will not mind the qualifying purchase. The LEGO Creator Hot Rod (40409) is valued at $13, so having it as a freebie is a welcomed deal in itself. Be sure to check with your local LEGO store or over at LEGO Shop@Home starting June 1 for this freebie’s availability since this can quickly fly off the shelves. If you wish to see more of this collectible set, then I suggest that you check out The Brothers Brick’s extensive review.

LEGO Store June 2020

As I mentioned earlier, in-store activities are still restricted in all LEGO Stores, so the usual Build-and-Take and designer signing events are effectively canceled. Most LEGO stores are only allowing curbside pickups as of to date as part of LEGO’s compliance towards physical distancing guidelines. I guess its part of the so-called new normal so, we have to eventually adapt to these new systems that are slowly taking shape.

Nevertheless, the month of June has a lot to offer other than the abovementioned sets mentioned in the LEGO Store June 2020 calendar. We have a nice collection of LEGO Friends summer 2020 sets, new LEGO Marvel sets, a new Brick Sketches theme, and even the first-ever LEGO Technic Lamborghini set all slated to arrive next month. These and much more are enough good reasons to keep on building.

Stay home and stay safe everyone!

Exclusive LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Prototype Armor Minifigure Up For Raffle

Here’s another reason to rack up on those LEGO VIP points. LEGO May the 4th promotions is now live, with the VIP Reward Center throwing another ultrarare raffle prize up for grabs. An exclusive LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Prototype Armor minifigure is now raffled for all LEGO VIP members.

This limited edition minifigure first came up a decade ago as a promotional freebie given at LEGOLAND California’s Star Wars Day celebration to mark the 30th year anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. It also made its appearance in various parts of the globe as an exclusive promotional item.

Images courtesy of Brickset.

Similar to its previous LEGO Star Wars Maz Kanata minifigure raffle, this rare Boba Fett minifig is enclosed in a protective frame, including a copy of its polybag and an uncut and unnumbered sticker sheet featuring some of LEGO Star Wars’ famous minifigure characters.

The raffle will be up until May 4 with each raffle entry worth 50 VIP points. Read on for the complete mechanics below. While you’re at it, be sure to check out the latest LEGO Star Wars that are out now especially that LEGO is running a Double VIP points promo for all LEGO Star Wars sets. May the 4th be with you!

LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett

Win an exclusive Boba Fett™ (Prototype Armor) minifigure in the VIP Sweepstakes!*
Here is your opportunity to win an exclusive Boba Fett™ (Prototype Armor) minifigure created to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Includes a rare uncut and numbered sticker sheet. Redeem 50 points to enter. Many will enter, only one will win!
Maximum of 15 entries per VIP Member – please see full terms and conditions for details and eligibility requirements. Competition closes 4th May 2020. Eligible countries: Canada (excluding Quebec), Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States. Please note, you are not eligible to enter from the following locations: Canada: Quebec is ineligible

LEGO Star Wars May the 4th Offers and Promos Now Up

LEGO Star Wars May the 4th offers are now up and live over at LEGO Shop@Home, with LEGO throwing in some sweet deals for all LEGO Star Wars fans. In case you missed it, here are some of the sets and promos to watch out for starting today and all over the weekend. Please take note, and I can’t overemphasize this enough for everyone’s safety, you don’t need to go out there to make your purchases. Simply head over at LEGO’s online shopping portal through the following affiliate links below. We can still celebrate our LEGO Star Wars fandom without the risk of getting the virus.

LEGO Star Wars UCS A-Wing Starfighter (75275)

This year’s Ultimate Collectors Series will be the A-Wing Starfighter (75275). Coming in at 1,673 pieces this set retails for $199.99 and features a unique removable canopy consisting of a new LEGO piece and an adjustable display stand.

LEGO Star Wars Death Star II Battle (40407) Gift-With-Purchase (GWP) Set

Following the tradition of previous diorama-styled microbuilds promotional items, this year’s May the 4th LEGO Star Wars GWP promo set is taken from Episode VI’s The Return of the Jedi. The limited-edition LEGO Star Wars Death Star II Battle (40407) will be added to your cart automatically once your LEGO Star Wars purchases reach $75 and above. But you have to hurry though since these exclusive freebies are known to run out pretty quickly.

LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Sets for Pre-Order

If you haven’t made your pre-orders yet of the LEGO Star Wars BrickHeads The Mandalorian and the Child (75317), and the LEGO Star Wars the Razor Crest (75292), perhaps now is the time to do so. Though we still have to wait for 3 months or so before we can see them at our doorsteps, purchasing them now entitles you to Double VIP points.

Double VIP Points on all LEGO Star Wars sets starting today until May 4. LEGO Star Wars May the 4th

And speaking of VIP points, you may want to consider making your purchases today and throughout the weekend to rack up on those sweet double VIP points. Check out some of the latest LEGO Star Wars sets that are now available. Just click the following links below.

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!

LEGO Star Wars Death Star II Battle (40407) GWP Set Officially Revealed

LEGO servers have been updated to include official images of this year’s LEGO May the 4th promotional, gift-with-purchase (GWP) set. Earlier this week, it was revealed that LEGO will be throwing in a limited edition freebie in the form of the LEGO Star Wars Death Star II Battle (40407) as this year’s exclusive GWP set for LSW fans who will make their next LEGO Star Wars purchase on this grand sale day.

LEGO Star Wars Death Star Battle II (40407)

Valued at $14.99, the LEGO Star Wars Death Star II Battle (40407) comes in a similar diorama format like that from last year’s LEGO Star Wars Battle of Endor 20th Anniversary Edition (40362) set. Coming in at 235 pieces, this display piece takes its cue from Episode VI Return of the Jedi during the final encounter against the Imperial forces on board the incomplete Death Star II. The micro-build/diorama features a sort of a trench run between a Rebel A-Wing ship and a dreaded TIE Interceptor. The set will also come with its own exclusive 2×4 printed tile.

There is no particular mention of a price point required to obtain this set, but we can surmise that it will be probably the same as that of last year’s $75 qualifying purchase. Other than this freebie, LEGO is also bringing back its Double VIP points during this period, plus super sweet discounts on LEGO Star Wars sets and items. And if you’re eyeing for this year’s UCS set, then May the 4th is the best time to get the LEGO Star Wars UCS A-Wing Starfighter (75275) which will retail for $199.99.

So what do you think about this year’s LEGO Star Wars May the 4th gift-with-purchase set? Do you think it’s a great choice to celebrate the occasion? Do you have other famous and iconic Star Wars scenes that you want to be given the official LEGO treatment? Share us what you think in the comments below, and remember to always be safe.

LEGO Star Wars May the 4th 2020 Promotions Revealed

Following the announcement of this year’s LEGO Star Wars UCS set in the form of the LEGO Star Wars A-Wing Starfighter (75275), LEGO has now revealed its LEGO Star Wars May the 4th 2020 promotions.

Similar to previous years, the month of May will see a lot of tempting offers coming from the LEGO Star Wars theme which will include the usual LEGO Double VIP points and great discounts across LEGO Star Wars sets. However, given the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is highly likely that most LEGO fans around the world will opt for the LEGO Shop@Home experience.

LEGO Star Wars May the 4th
The LEGO Star Wars A-Wing Starfighter (75275) is this year’s UCS set slated to be released in time for the May the 4th celebrations. 

One highlight of the LEGO Star Wars May the 4th promotions is the inclusion of its exclusive gift-with-purchase (GWP) set. And according to insider info from Brick Fanatics, this year’s exclusive GWP will be the LEGO Star Wars Death Star II Battle (40407). Though we don’t have official images of this set as of posting, it is expected that this limited-edition set will feature a similar diorama format like that from last year’s LEGO Star Wars Battle of Endor 20th Anniversary Edition (40362) set. If you recall, this brick diorama was LEGO’s exclusive promotional freebie last year as part of its Triple Force Friday offers.

The LEGO Star Wars Battle of Endor 20th Anniversary Edition (40362) set was last year’s exclusive Triple Force Friday promotional set. How do you think this year’s limited-edition LEGO Star Wars gift-with-purchase set will look like?

This year’s LEGO Star Wars May the 4th 2020 freebie will be added to your LEGO shopping cart once your LEGO Star Wars purchases reach $75 and above, same as that of previous offerings. Given the required price point for the LEGO Star Wars Death Star II Battle (40407), it is assumed that this set may also consist of around 170 to 200 pieces. Hopefully, we’ll have more info about this next promotional set once the May 2020 LEGO Store Calendar is published. For now, be sure to check this month’s latest LEGO Star Wars releases including the LEGO Star Wars Helmet Series, and the new LEGO Star Wars D-O (75278). Sets inspired by the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian are also available for pre-order: the LEGO BrickHeadz The Mandalorian & the Child (75317) and the LEGO Star Wars The Razor Crest (75292).

LEGO Star Wars May the 4th
The LEGO Star Wars The Razor Crest (75292) is now available for pre-order at LEGO Shop@Home

I wish that LEGO will also bring back some of its exclusive LEGO Star Wars May the 4th promotional minifigures that come with a lower price requirement. We just have to wait and see. Be sure to stick around here at our blogsite for more updates.

April 2020 LEGO Store Calendar Now Available

Allow me to begin by saying that next month’s LEGO Brand Store Calendar is noticeably underwhelming – and for a very good reason. Considering the global pandemic caused by the notorious COVID-19, all LEGO brand stores are effectively closed until the first half of April. However, that does not deter LEGO from making our Spring Break a bit more fun, even at home. You may still want to check out the April 2020 LEGO Store Calendar and what freebies are in store together with your next LEGO purchase. You may download a PDF copy, or view the gallery below.

As you may notice, the April 2020 LEGO Store Calendar is pretty much bare, with LEGO only giving emphasis on the freebies that it will offer via LEGO Shop@Home. In fact, two of these have been offered already since last week, with one promotional item to expect during the first half of April. I am still optimistic though that the LEGO store closures that we are experiencing will not last long beyond April, and I hope that normal store operations, and our lives in general, will soon be back on track.

At the most, we can be excited about the upcoming LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay (21322) which will be most likely released via LEGO’s online shopping portal. Anyways, here are some of the LEGO freebies in store for us next month via LEGO Shop@Home or LEGO catalog phone orders.

Free Exclusive LEGO Easter Egg (40371)

For single-receipt purchases of any LEGO products worth $50 or more from March 23 to April 13 will entitle you to a free LEGO Easter Egg (40371). This gift-with-purchase set comes in at 239 pieces and features a chick mini build inside a decorative brick-built egg casing.

Free LEGO Easter Bunny (30550)

Similar to the LEGO Easter Egg, the LEGO Easter Bunny (30550) will also be offered during the same time period of March 23-April 13 but on a lower qualifying purchase. For every single-receipt LEGO purchase (online or via phone) worth $30 and more will allow you to bring home this hopping mini build as well. It somehow comes close to what LEGO stores offer with their Monthly Mini Builds (MMB).

Free LEGO Trolls Poppy’s Carriage (30555)

April LEGO Store Calendar

This final freebie for the month of April features a polybag promotional for the LEGO Trolls World Tour theme. For every single-receipt purchase of any LEGO Trolls set worth $35 and above will qualify you for a free LEGO Trolls Poppy’s Carriage (30555) polybag. Though the LEGO Trolls sets have been out since January, it is still nice that LEGO managed to throw in an incentive for LEGO fans who will opt to buy these new sets. Though some parts of the world manage to show the movie, the US is yet to schedule a film release tentatively slated for April 10.

As I mentioned earlier, all LEGO brand stores are closed until April 12 which practically suspends all in-store activities such as Make and Take events, minifigure swaps, and other socially engaging activities. Its a drag really, but it’s for the best of all in the long run.

Keep safe brick fans and keep on building!