LEGO Con 2022 Teaser for Marvel “Doctor Strange” Set, Likely New Sanctum Sanctorum (76218)

Two Saturdays from now, LEGO will be kicking off its second ever LEGO Con. LEGO House in Billund will play host to a major live show event this coming June 18. As expected of cons, LEGO plans to make epic reveals of many upcoming products and sets. Some of these have been teased repeatedly over the past few months too. To give an example, LEGO Marvel collectors would still be waiting for the reported Sanctum Sanctorum revamp set (76218). While not mentioned specifically, this may be the subject of a new LEGO Con 2022 teaser.

The Brick Fan reports the official LEGO Twitter page posted a LEGO Con 2022 teaser this past Monday, June 6. Like we mentioned, it involves an upcoming LEGO Marvel set. And if you’ve no idea which Marvel franchise is involved, the preview graphics make it very obvious. The Marvel Studios logo and sling ring effects confirm the new LEGO Marvel set as for “Doctor Strange”.

Moving on to speculation territory, it can only be the aforementioned Sanctum Sanctorum, magical home/HQ to Doctor Strange. Already done once in LEGO form (LEGO Marvel #76108), the new #76218 is believed to be bigger. We’re talking similar scale to the epic Daily Bugle (76178).

Sure, less than two weeks’ wait for LEGO to just reveal the thing can be trying for collectors’ patience. But at least we’ll be getting a definitive deadline for knowing more about LEGO Marvel Sanctum Sanctorium (76218). It all comes down to LEGO Con 2022, happening June 18. Live-streaming is available (for US, 12PM New York and 9AM Los Angeles). We’re sure more teasers are in store for the event so we’ll keep an eye out for more Con-related stuff.

LEGO Con 2022 Set for June 18; Official Page Up; Free Building Instructions for VIP Rewards

One of the biggest tools of companies, from manufacturers to media production, is the convention or con. What better way to entertain and inform customers and the public of their latest developments than a flashy media extravaganza? While they’re a tad late out the gate, LEGO’s also a part of the con bandwagon now. Their inaugural LEGO Con kicked off back in 2021 during the pandemic to notable success. It stands to reason that it’ll be a regular fixture for the standard LEGO year. In fact, now has a LEGO Con 2022 page up. But there’s more to it.

According to The Brick Fan, the LEGO Rewards Center for has some LEGO Con goodies for VIP members. They come in the form of building instructions for simple brick-builds themed after the LEGO Con event. LEGO VIPs can choose between downloading one-page instructions or page-by-page presentations for these easy-build items. Thus far, three builds are featured: an “ultimate device stand”, “brick box” and “couch caddy”. Young builders should have no problem putting these together according to instructions. All they need are the right bricks on the sheets. These activities would serve as a nice buildup for LEGO Con 2022 itself.

LEGO Con this year will be happening next month, on June 18. It will go on live from LEGO House in Billund and be accessible via live-stream on YouTube. Featured events include a LEGO Masters live show and a WB Studio London tour. But the real nitty-gritty will be the LEGO-related reveals. From videogames to upcoming sets to a heavily-hyped new partnership, LEGO Con’s shaping up to be sheer awesome. Check out the page for more details and a LEGO Con 2021 reveal review.

May the 4th LEGO Star Wars GWPs Revealed

April 2022 has just about run its course, and we’ve got new LEGO stuff to look forward to. While that primarily lies in the new sets launching come May 1, they’re not the only things to look out for. Mere days later, we’ve got a prime period for LEGO Star Wars collectors. In light of the franchise’s “May the 4th” celebration, LEGO’s springing for some cool collectibles as part of the fun. What can we expect? A polybag’s rather obvious. There might even be a non-brick item too. But an event-exclusive set’s something to shoot for. LEGO’s got all these.

Stone Wars from Germany has just given us a lowdown on the LEGO Star Wars May the 4th 2022 GWPs. The prime item for this batch of sets would be a diorama of a “Star Wars Episode IV” location. That would be the Kitchen (40531) of Luke Skywalker’s Tatooine home, with a minifigure of his Aunt Beru. If you’re a “Mandalorian” fan you can try for a keychain with a Beskar tag (5007403). Finally, if you’re not spending much on LEGO Star Wars, you can at least grab an AT-ST (30495) polybag. All items are featured on Shop now:

Lars Family Homestead Kitchen (40531)

Age 18+ | 195 pieces | 1 minifigure | worth $19.99 | get for minimum $160 LEGO Star Wars purchase

The Mandalorian Beskar Key Chain (5007403)

Age 6+ | worth $15.99 | LEGO VIP Exclusive, get for minimum $70 LEGO Star Wars purchase

AT-ST polybag (30495)

Age 6+ | 79 pieces | worth $4.99 | get for minimum $40 LEGO Star Wars purchase

These GWPs are up for grabs from May 1 to 8, so collectors have enough time. May the 4th be with you on Star Wars Day 2022.

LEGO Star Wars The Trash Compactor (75329) to be Revealed in Walmart Collector Con this March 24

Usually, upcoming LEGO set reveals are done by the company itself. It tends to go down in their online shop too, for obvious reasons because the product listings go there. But sometimes new LEGO stuff could be unveiled somewhere else, by another hand not necessarily of LEGO’s. This might happen with a LEGO-carrying major retail brand like Walmart. Beyond mere set discounts, Walmart also boasted some exclusive multi-set value packs in the past. But their upcoming event for collectors of toys and more will serve as a stage for an unveiling. Apparently LEGO has a new set to introduce there.

This comes to us courtesy of The Brick Fan. Thursday next week, March 24, will see Walmart hold the Collector Con. This convention will see some new toy releases and launches, including from LEGO. Fancy a new LEGO Star Wars set based in the original movie trilogy? LEGO looks to be dipping far back into the original 1977 “Star Wars” film with The Trash Compactor (75329). Franchise fans will recall Luke, Han, Leia and Chewbacca being momentarily trapped in the Death Star’s waste disposal. We can expect minifigs of the OG “Star Wars” heroes (with Luke and Han in Stormtrooper gear). Possible other features include the compacting walls and maybe a buildable Dianoga trash monster.

Walmart Collector Con will run March 24 to 25. Collectors will be given time windows to order their fave products three times per day. Going by Pacific Standard Time, these will be at 7AM, 12NN and 5PM. Walmart also plans more Collector Con events later on, coinciding with SDCC in July and NYCC in October.

LEGO VIP Double-Points Period Clarification (Feb, Mar)

It’s times like this when we can’t help but miss the old LEGO store calendars. Just days ago LEGO sent out online alerts for a VIP double-points event period. The thing was, one advisory said it will run this week, February 24 to 28. Another version noted it’ll be from March 12 to 14 instead. There was also some confusion on the regions where the 2x-Point would apply. US and its UK/Europe counterpart can have different dates after all. And indeed, we now have clarification on the event courtesy of The Brick Fan. If you’re LEGO shopping, listen up.

The February 24-28 LEGO VIP double-points event period applies to UK, Europe and Australia. The March 12-14 VIP period on the other hand is for US. Thankfully that clears up any possible confusion. It’s strange however that the Euro-Australian edition has more days to get double VIP points than North America. Then again, double points are double points. And if you haven’t joined LEGO’s VIP by now, then you really should consider. Happy LEGO VIP shopping then over there in Europe and Australia. The other greeting will have to wait until next month.

LEGO Announces Feb-24 2x VIP Event…And Again for March

This week there’s been something of a mess when it comes to LEGO alerting people online regarding their promotions. Some confusion may be understandable. Until last year, LEGO informed customers of promos and special offers via official store calendars. Unfortunately they were phased out by the end of 2021. Instead, LEGO would try to make online announcements via or email/newsletters. Earlier this week there was a LEGO alert for a 2x VIP points period this coming Thursday. But as the date approached, LEGO Shop didn’t update its upcoming offers. Now, a second email alert says that LEGO VIP event will be next month instead.

Brick Fanatics has it that the LEGO VIP double-points event may have shifted dates from February to March. On February 22 LEGO announced to its newsletter subscribers via email that the double-points period will run February 24-28. This seemed to debunk earlier rumors of the same event happening in the middle of next month. But shortly afterwards another email alert from LEGO gave the VIP double-points date as March 12-14. Interestingly, the new date came from an alert courtesy of US. UK-based Brick Fanatics believes this might be a regional difference, but The Brick Fan thinks this is universal.

Perhaps the simple thing to do is to wait until February 24 to confirm if the earlier dates check out. If there’s no change in the active offers at the online LEGO Shop, then it’s on for March. Of course, it may still depend if you’re checking US or UK. The March VIP 2xPoints rumor, pre-LEGO announcement/s, noted a possible GWP simultaneously releasing. It supposedly depicts primatologist and chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall. The promo period was also pegged as ending March 15 instead of 14.

Nuremberg Toy Fair 2022 Also Cancelled; Going Digital

Nothing stings quite like a broken promise, whether it’s between few people, or between manufacturers and their retailers/customers. Sometimes however, circumstances leave little option. Organizers of pandemic-cancelled events in 2020/21 may have hoped that the following year/s would be better. But COVID-19 keeps reinventing itself with new variant mutations triggering resurgent mass infection concerns. Liberties that were revived late last year are slowing being dialed back all over again on account of the Omicron strain. Already, the 2022 New York Toy Fair announced its bowing to the inevitable last week. Next on the global toy-expo schedule: the Nuremberg Toy Fair.

And again courtesy of The Brick Fan, we learn that Nuremberg Toy Fair 2022 is cancelling its early-February dates. Organizer Spielwarenmesse eG announced it last week, January 13. Much like in New York, COVID-Omicron concerns led to many company exhibitors jumping ship. SeG executive board spokesman Christian Ulrich noted that they “fought hard” to keep Nuremberg 2022 a live event. Unfortunately, pandemic control continues to deteriorate worldwide, making the support of the remaining committed manufacturers moot. As an alternative, the official Spielwarenmesse Digital website will be geared to host an online event. It will run during the original live-fair dates.

That makes it two major international toy expos where manufacturers like LEGO could exhibit their latest stuff for the year. Next on the 2022 timetable-slash-chopping block is London Toy Fair. Their organizers declared, also last week, that the event will push through. Regardless, since London Toy Fair is traditionally closed-doors unlike NY and Nuremberg, getting info there will be troublesome.

Toy Fair New York 2022 Cancelled

The COVID-19 viral pandemic that exploded in 2020 did a serious number on public events worldwide. Conventions and expos, business fairs and festivals; they either resorted to virtual presentations or cancelled outright. The prevailing sentiment from organizers and would-be attendees of these events was that next year will be live again. As it turns out, next year, 2021, wasn’t much improvement, Therefore 2022 became the next target for large events such as the New York Toy Fair to return. If all went as planned, they will go public again next month. As Brick Fanatics tells it however, they won’t.

It’s official. Organizers have cancelled Toy Fair New York 2022, planned from February 19 to 22. Word came out from The Toy Association, which released a statement Tuesday, January 11. Again, concerns regarding COVID-19 (Omicron variant) have sunk the biggest toy and entertainment marketplace in the Western Hemisphere. New York Toy Fair has seen its over-a-century record broken repeatedly by the pandemic. Even with multiple toy manufacturers either pulling out or remaining non-committal, 700 companies expressed interest in going ahead. The organizers however have decided to err on the side of caution.

LEGO is known to be one of the major regular brand presences in the New York Toy Fair. They gave no indication if they were committed to appear if the event continued, or if they backed out. While The Toy Association made no promises for Toy Fair NY 2023, there’s still the Nuremberg International Toy Fair. Their organizers haven’t announced any cancellations for this year’s event, scheduled February 2-6. LEGO is also one of their big stars among toy brands.

LEGO Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021 Promo Rundown

In case the excitement of the LEGO VIP weekend this past weekend made you forget: that was only the appetizer. The real highlight of November for shoppers is Black Friday/Cyber Monday. For the year 2021 that runs from November 26 to 29. LEGO’s November 20-21 VIP weekend had some special offers recurring for Black Friday. And of course, let’s not forget the LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT (75313) launching that day. We’ll also get new treats, some of which go active only on Cyber Monday. The Brick Fan got the scoop on a Cyber Monday VIP gift. LEGO Shop tells us the rest of it.

About that LEGO VIP item, it was spotted by The Brick Fan first on LEGO Shop Australia. They also posted the Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions, seconded later by the rest of worldwide. What are we expecting this weekend? These:

  • LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber (40483)GWP with the UCS AT-AT (75313), a Black Friday launch
  • Seasonal set Santa’s Front Yard (40484)GWP with LEGO purchases over $170
  • Seasonal Holiday Treein-store GWP with LEGO purchases over $40

And here we have the LEGO VIP exclusive offers:

  • Rewards Salevouchers and discounted VIP rewards starting Black Friday
  • VIP SweepstakesVIP members can join, no purchases needed; chance to win 1 million VIP points!

Finally, these VIP offers kick in ONLY for Cyber Monday, November 29:

  • LEGO Fleece BlanketGWP with VIP purchases over $200
  • $5 discount voucherget with redemption of 455 VIP points (usual rate at 650 points)

Enjoy your Black Friday/Cyber Monday LEGO shopping! This too is but a prelude for the hectic Holiday rush, after all.

Star Wars UCS AT-AT (75313) Midnight Opening Sale at Leicester LEGO Store

“We’ve sighted Imperial walkers.” So went the dreaded line in the Rebel Alliance’s Echo Base, planet Hoth, during “The Empire Strikes Back.” LEGO-wise, we’ve been sighting said four-legged AT-AT walker in (its latest) brick-built form all month. That was since November 5 when LEGO revealed their impressive Ultimate Collector’s edition of the Imperial AT-AT (75313). The set counts as one of the highlights for LEGO’s Black Friday 2021 event frenzy. It launches November 26 after all. LEGO Star Wars UCS collectors have marked this as a priority acquisition. In the UK, a LEGO branded store is already making necessary preparations.

According to Brickset, the UK flagship LEGO Store in Leicester Square, London is opening very early Friday night. How early? Try midnight on the dot of the 26th of November. Like a midnight book launch, this is to enable Londoners to get their UCS AT-AT (75313) real early. One would expect stocks of the set to run out quickly when the sun rises. As for the midnight sale, it will only run from 12AM to 2AM on Friday. One extra caveat however: would-be early buyers of the UCS AT-AT must first gain a special-access wristband from the Leicester LEGO Store the day before. And they’ll only have 200 to give.

LEGO Store Leicester Square will begin distributing the midnight UCS sale wristbands to customers at 10:30AM, November 25. These early birds will also receive a “special midnight opening gift” alongside their new LEGO UCS set (75313). Hopefully that wasn’t just a fanciful way of referring to Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber (40483). This is already expected as a LEGO Star Wars GWP.