Building Instructions Shared for Castle Byers Make-and-Take During LEGO Stranger Things – The Upside Down (75810) Launch

So, how’s that LEGO Stranger Things hype, huh? It’s now a day since the late-night/midnight launch events in NYC and London. The Upside Down (75810) was a massive hit with everyone who saw it. And attendees of the respective events had a great time with the crowds, spectacle and entertainment.

Part of the activities offered during the launch of 75810 was a Make-and-Take event. Those who joined in got the opportunity to build a miniature of another famous landmark from “Stranger Things.” Who can resist the sight of Castle Byers, the little fort in the woods? Can anyone not be charmed by a LEGO interpretation?

A Reddit user has done LEGO and “Stranger Things” fans a solid by posting the Make-and-Take build’s instruction sheet. Like all M&Ts of the sort, the instructions are but two pages long. They should be easy to follow for curious builders who couldn’t be there for the actual launch events.


Even if a LEGO fan needs to hunt down some parts listed online, he won’t need to spend much. A calculation done on the Reddit post claims the total for all bricks to be roughly $5 only. About the only details permanently missing from self-builds of LEGO Castle Byers are the label-stickers for the signs.

Back with the star of the shows last Tuesday-Wednesday, VIPs can get LEGO Stranger Things – The Upside Down (75810) now. The rest will have to wait until June 1. We also invite you to look back at the nifty and fun promo teasers LEGO presented before/after the set’s official reveal.


LEGO Teases More About the LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) Tie-In Set

There’s no other way to describe it: LEGO has been a teasing teaser that teasingly teases lately. Yes, everybody’s on tenterhooks regarding their upcoming tie-in for Netflix’s Stranger Things, and LEGO sure know how to work build on the excitment with their teaser-filled promotional blitz. Eventually, the teasers are finally giving fans a trail of bread crumbs in deciphering the set’s details. The clincher in this case would have to be LEGO’s recent Instagram post of a familiar vehicle from the show. It’s none other than Mike’s good ‘ol bicycle (rendered in LEGO form), and seemingly stuck in the mysterious Upside Down realm which is already a give away on the set’s official name. The LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) is set to be released on May 15, initially available to all LEGO VIP members.

The upcoming LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) set has already been revealed to include some of the show’s most noticeable characters such as Dustin and the terrifying Demogorgon.  Additionally, it is also rumored that this is the only LEGO licensed set to be released from this theme, so it expected if Stranger Things fans will really look forward to have this one-off set. That’s too bad in my opinion, but if it’ll only be one LEGO tie-in, then it should be all good for all true-blue fans of the show.

We can expect LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) set to make its debut at the Leicester Square LEGO Store in London on May 15. The LEGO Store in Flatiron, New York on the other hand, will have its own late-night event slated on the 14th.

With that, let’s wrap this up with some more LEGO Stranger Things teasers we’ve seen recently.

  • Mike and Eleven on LEGO Facebook


  • Leicester Square LEGO Store front, courtesy of Twitter user @NXOnNetflix

  • Something is Coming on LEGO Twitter

Tease Some More: LEGO Stranger Things Previews Just Keep Coming Ahead of Launch

As the 15th of May comes ever closer, things have been getting even Stranger. LEGO Stranger Things is the hot new upcoming licensed franchise for LEGO. It stands to reason that it’ll get a lot of attention in terms of promotion. Following the announcement of details for its London launch, LEGO now reveals how this will go in New York.

Lest you forget, ahead of the midnight launch of LEGO Stranger Things at the Leicester Square Store, its NY counterpart at Flatiron will have a late-night event of its own on the 14th. There’s also a new teaser on Twitter.

Rather than a mockup of an ostensibly 1980s LEGO commercial this teaser references a memorable still-life scene from Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” but rendered in LEGO. If you need help, the Morse-code caption reads “Coming/SE/Soon.” With that, we’ll now discuss what new details the Flatiron District LEGO Store has for getting the LEGO Stranger Things set.

We already know the event schedule of 9 to 11 PM (EDT) on May 14. Aside from being able to buy the new set, guests can participate in a “special building experience.” A LEGO mural is also on hand for selfies. Participants will also have refreshments while they hang out with fellow “Stranger Things” fans.

About the only thing the NY launch event lacks is the opportunity to have their LEGO Stranger Things sets signed. The lead designer’s over in Leicester Square. Oh well, at least the US is getting the hot new set early.

Signing Event for LEGO Stranger Things Sets Slated Next Week

LEGO Stranger Things: to say that is both weird and exciting as one thinks of the possibilities. The hit Netflix series is both a 1980s nostalgia trip and a scary cool coming-of-age story. It also becomes perhaps one of LEGO’s big-boy (age-wise) licensed franchises alongside LEGO Overwatch and the like. After building a foundation of anticipation with their first teases, LEGO is now ready to promote their LEGO Stranger Things sets. It’s no longer a secret that the theme will launch next week at the Leicester Square LEGO Store. New details have popped up about it though, as updated on the LEGO events page on Facebook.

For starters, not only will the LEGO Stranger Things line be introduced there at London, there will be autographs signed. By that we mean Leicester LEGO Store buyers of the new set can meet their lead designer, Justin Ramden. He’ll be on hand to sign.

One more thing: there will be a suggested dress theme for Londoner guests appearing at the product launch. As if you don’t know, it’ll be an Eighties party there on the 15th, with “tubular” refreshments on hand for all comers.

Collectors should save £179.99 for this LEGO Strangers set. Furthermore, only 400 participants will be able to buy the set at Leicester Square on launch day. Lastly, each buyer can only have two sets max per purchase, to leave enough for everyone on that day. With that, we’ll leave you with this curious “80’s era” LEGO commercial that we think is part of the promotion.

US Promotions to Expect on “Star Wars” May the 4th

The months of April and May are said to be given over to large-scale “Star Wars” fan festivities. Earlier this month we had the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. Next Sunday, The global fandom will again be engaging in a pun-ny “Star Wars” extravaganza once more, with May the Fourth.

As one of the major brands making “Star Wars” merchandise, LEGO has always taken advantage of its celebratory fandom events. Whether it’s an exclusive set or a gift with purchase, leave it to LEGO to have something for the occasion. In fact, Shop@Home just put up their May the 4th specials for customers’ easy reference.

Here’s a list of what treats to expect from LEGO on May the 4th 2019:

  • LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244) – regularly available on the day itself, but LEGO VIP members can get it earlier on May 3

LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244)

  • Double VIP on Selected LEGO Star Wars Products – yeah, speaking of VIPs they’ll have a chance to double their point acquisition on particular items; so if that 2x-point LEGO SW set’s not yet in your collection, enjoy getting it for the points


  • 20th Anniversary Gifts with Purchase – for a minimum $35 total purchase of LEGO Star Wars stuff, customers will get a special Art Print for the line’s anniversary; but at least $75, and LEGO will throw in a free Battle of Hoth – 20th Anniversary Edition (40333) micro set too


And of course, we can’t forget the LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary – and new-for-2019 – sets that are available now on Shop@Home, along with LEGO-themed “Star Wars” merchandise from alarm clocks to minifigure key-chains. These at least you can start with right now, before May the 4th arrives.

LEGO Midnight/Late-Night Launch Event for Mystery Set in London and New York this May

Launches of mystery LEGO sets in certain branded stores across the world aren’t exactly a common occurrence. So when LEGO announces one they still manage to work up some enthusiastic anticipation. That’s quite the feat too, considering this upcoming new mystery set won’t be seen until sometime later in May.

The first announcement of this mystery set launch was on LEGO’s official Facebook page. It’s set for May 15 next month, at around one minute after midnight to 3 AM (local time). The venue is the Leicester Square LEGO Store in London, a favorite location for these major product releases.

But wait, there’s more! Mere hours after the Leicester Square store announced its midnight launch event for this mystery LEGO set a follow-up came from across the Atlantic. The Flatiron New York LEGO Store will also be launching the set stateside. They’ll remain open after-hours on May 14, 9-11 PM.

But what is this classified LEGO set that they’re all hyping up so much? One likely “suspect” would be the long-rumored tie-in sets to the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things.” The speculation kicked into high gear last March. By May, it seems all these circulation questions will finally be resolved.

Midnight LEGO set launches can be very cutthroat at the worst. The Leicester Square intro of the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75912) in 2017 led to a quick selling out of their stock. If this year’s midnight/late-night launch is for LEGO Stranger Things, how intense will it be?

Limited-Edition LEGO Model of Istana Presidential Palace in Singapore to be Revealed by President on May 1 Open-House

Limited-edition (and unnumbered) LEGO sets seem to be becoming a thing with Singapore. Recall that last month their LEGO Store in Changi Airport had an exclusive micro-build set of the Airport Tower. Next, LEGO Singapore offers 22 LCP-designed “Avengers: Endgame” Hero (minifigure) Display Station at a local Toys R Us.

But the piece de resistance will be coming this May 1, on International Labor Day. Singapore is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Istana, former residence of the British colonial governor that is now the Singaporean Presidential Palace and Prime Minister’s Office. On an open-house event during that day, Singapore President Halimah Yacob will be launching a special-edition LEGO set.

If you haven’t figured it out, it’ll be a scale model of the Istana in LEGO. While no images of this set have been shared, it has been stated that the LEGO model was commissioned by the Singaporean President’s Office as a commemorative item for the actual presidential palace’s anniversary.

Descriptions of the LEGO Istana limited-edition notes that it also renders the surrounding grounds and verandas aside from the main palace structure itself. Attention is pointed at the neo-Palladian architecture from its completion in 1869.

Sets of the model will be offered at the Istana open-house celebration Wednesday next week, when the presidential palace will be open to visitors from 8:30 AM to 6 PM Singapore time. Singaporeans and permanent residents can enter for free while others have a $2 entrance fee.

The LEGO Istana comes at $70 (Singaporean) each. All proceeds will go to charity via the President’s Challenge. This is another unnumbered Singaporean LEGO exclusive set that will be a collector’s rare prize.

Be Sure To Grab This Free LEGO Star Wars Mini Tantive IV Make and Take Set This May

Just over the past weekend, we were treated to some great LEGO Star Wars-related news with the announcement of the rehashed LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244). This New Hope inspired set is slated to land in LEGO Stores and online in time for May the 4th promotions – the unofficial but popular Star Wars Day fan commemorative celebration. And to make this day even more festive for fans, LEGO has announced that it will be giving away a free Mini Tantive IV set for the LEGO Star Wars faithful.

Tantive Make and Take Event

May 3-6: Come in to your local LEGO Store to build your very own Tantive model then take it home, for free! Registration is on a first come, first served basis and quantities are limited. Registration begins April 15 in stores only. The building event is intended for ages 6+ at store discretion.

LEGO Stores in the US will soon be joining in the May the 4th festivities by hosting its popular Make & Take Event. Beginning this Monday, April 15, registration has begun for builders aged 6 and up at all participating LEGO Stores. The registrants will then come back on their scheduled dates from May 3 to 6 to try their hands on this build. Similar to other LEGO Make and Take in-store promotional, participation in this event does not require any purchases.

Registered participating builders will be given the LEGO pieces needed to assemble the Mini Tantive IV set. And though it may be a far cry from the new, 2-feet long LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244) set, this mini model is definitely cool to have around on your desk or just a testament to our all out, galactic geekiness. Like other Make and Take sets, expect that the building instructions for this mini model might be out soon, so thanks in advance to those who will be kind enough to share them online for all of to build.

The larger and grander LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244) set is scheduled to be released on May 4 just in time for the global celebration of everything Star Wars. This set comes in 1,768 pieces, and will retail for $199.99 USD.

New 4D Movie: “LEGO City 4D: Officer in Pursuit” Premieres in LEGOLAND California

Casual viewers of LEGO media might wait perhaps for a new LEGO movie in cinemas. Or maybe they’ll try to catch some of the animated films they release on home media instead. To fans that regularly go to a LEGOLAND Resort, there are exclusive “4D” adventures to be seen there

Every now and then LEGOLAND will add a new 4D film to their viewing libraries in their respective parks. The “premieres” of these movies can often match those of the recent cinematic-release LEGO films. Just this Friday, LEGOLAND California Resort premiered a new exclusive 4D movie for guests to enjoy.

“LEGO City 4D – Officer in Pursuit” was given a special premiere event on the afternoon of April 12 at LEGOLAND California. VIP guests on the red carpet were treated to meet-and-greets with the 4D film’s “lead stars” LEGO Hot Dog and LEGO Police Officer. Snacks were also served before the audience filed into LEGOLAND California’s Showcase Theatre for the premiere.

The new “LEGO City 4D – Officer in Pursuit” has viewers following the brave LEGO cops of a LEGO City community as they follow a daring robber in a high-speed chase through the streets. The pursuit is enhanced by brilliant 4D special effects that would throw audiences for some funny loops.

The Friday premiere of LEGOLAND California Resort’s new 4D movie showcase was screened twice that afternoon for the benefit of guests. Regular viewings of “LEGO City 4D – Officer in Pursuit” can be caught at LEGO Showplace Theater starting this Saturday, April 13. You can see it for yourself if you come visit LEGOLAND California soon.

LEGO Minifigure Display at Star Wars Celebration Chicago Earns Guinness World Record

As the 2019 LEGO Star Wars Celebration carries on in Chicago this week, LEGO is doing its part to establish itself as being an integral part of the overall franchise. It’s promoting its anniversary-edition LEGO sets, its spinoff animated series and so on. Now, they’ve achieved a notable triumph by having their LEGO Star Wars display win a Guinness World Record.

One exhibit, done by LEGO for Star Wars Celebration, is a tabletop display of Imperial Stormtrooper minifigures. They’re artfully arranged in formation to form a Stortrooper helmet silhouette when viewed from afar. Work was done by a model-building team overseen by Michael McNally (LEGO Group senior director of brand relations) and Jens Kronvold Frederiksen (LEGO Star Wars Design Director).


Look at that array. The Stormtrooper helmet silhouette you see was made out of 36,440 LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper minifigures. That number has beaten a previous Guinness World Record for “Largest Minifigure Display,” back in 2008 at the UK, using Clone Trooper minifigs instead (35,210).

With the number confirmed by a Guinness representative on hand, a new World Record was awarded to LEGO during the course of Star Wars Celebration. It’s a worthy reward for the 12-man LEGO team that worked 16 hours to put the display together in Chicago.


The LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Guinness Record-holders will remain on display for the rest of Star Wars Celebration. Panels for LEGO Star Wars animated productions are also expected this week.