The Special Edition of Newsweek, LEGO: The Toy That Changed Our Lives Anniversary Issue Is A Must Have For Any Avid LEGO Fan

Who could have known at first go that this year 2018 packs a triple-threat of sorts in terms of anniversaries pertaining to The LEGO Group, the company that brought the world arguably its most recognizable toy brand? Such a series of momentous celebrations needs great media coverage, and it did. In commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the ubiquitous LEGO Brick and the 40th Anniversary of the LEGO Minifigure (2018 is also the 50th Anniversary of the LEGOLAND theme park line), there’s going to be a special edition print issue of Newsweek featuring LEGO: The Toy that Changed Our Lives.

This Newsweek Special Edition is being done by Topix Media Lab and is sure to have a lot of great features on the storied history of LEGO and everything it’s done for the toy industry and market. Its colorful cover with some of the most well-known minifigures, together with the most recent ones such as those from LEGO’s commemorative Series 18 collectible minifigures, impressively says it all.

LEGO: The Toy That Changed Our Lives

Newsweek Special Editions is proud to present 60 years of the LEGO Brick, a one-of-a-kind celebration of the number one building system in the world. Featuring exclusive interviews with LEGO’s brightest minds, never-before-seen photos and a special tribute to the 40th anniversary of the LEGO minifigure, this 100-page glossy special collector’s edition is a must have for any LEGO fanatic.

The best part is, interested LEGO fans won’t have to wait long to read it. Newsweek’s LEGO: The Toy that Changed Our Lives special collector’s issue will be available next week on Tuesday, July 17, both on magazine stands or even online at with Media Lab Books here.

The title pretty much sums up the global LEGO building community for this long-running toy brand, and the magazine will make a great non-brick addition to one’s overall LEGO collection, with its milestone celebration connection.

Its LEGO Batman, Star Wars and Castle Featured In This New And Revamped Blocks Magazine

I have to apologize that this piece of news has been placed in the backburner for a while. Nevertheless, for those who are looking forward for Issue #43 of Blocks Magazine, this latest issue will surely not disappoint, along with its fresh new look. Read on for the complete press release. May’s Blocks Magazine Issue #43 is currently available for purchase so check out your local Barnes and Nobles bookstore, or visit

Blocks 43

LEGO Batman, Star Wars and Castle in new-look Blocks magazine

Blocks magazine gets a fresh new look with Issue 43, launching the new LEGO Family Tree feature and checking out a detailed LEGO cruise liner.

Having spent a career at sea, David Wardle uses his know-how to construct an exacting replica of the Queen Victoria Cruise Liner and explains how this fascinating build project came to fruition. Top ten short-lived LEGO sets counts down those releases that had an exceptionally short shelf life, while Updating the Classics looks at a fun build project.

The first instalment of an all-new feature, the LEGO Family Tree, takes a walk through 40 years of LEGO Castle sets. In the reviews section an eye is cast over new releases from The LEGO Batman Movie and Star Wars themes, with one set getting the lowest ever score in Blocks magazine.

Technique makes waves, showing how to add an extra level of realism to choppy waters. For those looking to up-skill when it comes to brick photography, this month’s guide explains how to use lighting effectively.

When fans buy a set as huge and time intensive as the UCS Millennium Falcon, it is a shame to just have it sat on an oversized shelf – so Daniel Konstanski continues to tweak and improve the ship, this month adding smuggling compartments.

As well as all of that, regular features Brick Wife, Month in LEGO, Brickpicker, This LEGO Life and Month in MOCs round out another issue packed with LEGO fun.

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UK LEGO Star Wars Magazine #32 Offers a FREE Imperial Shuttle Pilot Minifigure.

LEGO Star Wars is such a big licensed line in the overall LEGO catalogue that it’s no surprise there are publications focusing on that theme in certain countries around the world. In fact, last month, the UK edition of the LEGO Star Wars magazine had a free Kylo Ren shuttle polybag as part of its promotional.

This month, they’re at it again. The February issue, coming out this Wednesday, February 7, will continue the LEGO Star Wars UK mag’s current streak of little freebie in their every succeeding release, from minifigures to micro-scale model builds. Now the giveaway is an Imperial Shuttle Pilot minifigure.

Said pilot minifigure on LEGO Star Wars #32 is actually quite fitting in terms of freebies. Not only does it come after the polybag for Kylo’s black and wide-wingspan shuttle, the scheduled giveaway for issue 33 on March is the basic “upside-down-Y” Imperial Shuttle, like in Return of the Jedi.

LEGO Star Wars magazine 32 3

The UK-published LEGO Star Wars magazine is filled month after month with fun articles, features and comic-book stories set in the LEGO Star Wars universe. Their February issue #32 has two “great comic” stories and a couple of insert posters also included.

LEGO Star Wars magazine 32 2

Note that the Star Wars Rebels series on Disney XD will be resuming this month as well, and the latest film installment, Solo: A Star Wars Story, is premiering in cinemas this May. All of these might explain why recent LEGO Star Wars magazine issues are so freebie-heavy.

Take a Trip Inside the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon With Blocks Magazine Issue #40 – Available Now!

Blocks Magazine has just released its 40th issue and it will be looking at some of the mega-sets that LEGO has recently released, starting of course, with LEGO’s colossal sell-out set, the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192). Issue #40 will also look into the crazy, and intricately fun details of the Joker Manor (70922) and Destiny Bounty (70618) and see if something new can be created out of them.

Jeff Friesen (aka Bricksy) will also be sharing some of his ideas that inspired his unique LEGO photography. LEGO Technic fans will find a thing or two that can help them hone their building skills and techniques. Blocks Magazine Issue #40 is now available in your local bookstores and online. Check out the full press release below.

Blocks 40 710

Blocks Issue 40 gets onboard the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon.

Blocks magazine goes into Hyperspace with the Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon, the largest LEGO set ever released.

‘She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts.’ Blocks finds out just how much the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon lives up to Han Solo’s promises, taking an in-depth look at the sell-out set. Daniel Konstanski then takes a look at what kind of ‘special modifications’ can be made to add an interior to this amazing set, starting off with how to incorporate the crew quarters.

Going behind the scenes, this month sees TT Games Head of Design, Arthur Parsons, reveal secrets behind the making of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 in an exclusive interview. A trip to Enfield is also in order, as the LEGO Group holds the first ever Fan Media meet and greet at the company’s US headquarters.

order please

Blocks checks out the work of Bricksy, the photographer who has recreated famous pieces by Banksy with LEGO bricks to find out what inspires his unique art. In Technique, the challenge of creating optical illusions with this 3D medium gets a deep dive, showcasing a unique type of build for LEGO fans to try.

joker manor

Joker Manor, another of the mega-sized LEGO sets recently released, also gets the Blocks review treatment. In other Batman related antics, Mike Freeman talks readers through his Steampunk Bat Mech. The LEGO NINJAGO Movie gets a look in too, as Destiny’s Bounty is completely dismantled to be rebuilt as a modular building.

steampunk batman

The regulars are all present too – from Month in LEGO to Brick Wife, from This LEGO Life to Brickpicker. Steel City LUG gets profiled in LUG Spotlight, the Teddy Bear shows up in Piece Perception and Game of Thrones appears in MOC&A.

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Issue 31 of UK LEGO Star Wars Magazine Includes a Mini-Sized Kylo Ren Shuttle

LEGO as a brand has long since transcended their original toy products to become a prominent presence on a multimedia scale. Aside from the animated TV series, the direct-video movies and the cinematic blockbusters, LEGO has a good run in the print media as well.

One particularly popular IP partnered with LEGO is Star Wars. As such, the LEGO Star Wars line of products has the honor of having their very own dedicated monthly mini-magazine. Aimed primarily for kids but still accessible for older children, the LEGO Star Wars Mag is coming out with its 31st issue in the UK.

And what a treat it’ll be for little British readers picking up a copy of LEGO Star Wars UK #31 this month. It comes with an included limited-edition LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren Shuttle, probably a repackaged set 30380, covered earlier, its polybag attached to the front cover.

LEGO Star Wars 31 2

Whether intentional or not, the accompanying Ren Shuttle mini-set is small enough to still show part of the cover photo, showing a LEGO Kylo Ren minifigure in all his angry glory with his wicked red cross-bladed lightsaber ignited. The LEGO Star Wars issue 31 also includes two pullout posters within its pages.

While the children’s LEGO magazine is still out now in the UK, its following issue, number 32, will hit the shelves and racks on February 7. A preview photo reveals that February’s freebie will be an Imperial Shuttle Pilot minifigure, a welcome addition to any expanding LEGO Star Wars collection.

LEGO Star Wars 31 4 225x300

Did the Latest Issue of LEGO Life Magazine Dropped a Hint on Old Man Luke?

We’re just less than a month away before Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi debuts in theaters worldwide, and with the first wave of LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi sets out already, there is still one nagging question in every LEGO Star Wars fan: will old man Luke Skywalker ever make an appearance in any particular LEGO Star Wars TLJ set?

We toyed with the idea when Tyler came up with his version of a LEGO Star Wars Rey’s Training MOC a couple of months ago, where we saw how the current Luke may have been rendered as a LEGO minifigure. Additionally, LEGO gave a hint when it unveiled a version of the elder Skywalker on its Russian website, as you can see from the image below.

lego star wars old luke skywalker 2017 minifigure

This time, LEGO dropped another hint on how we can have Luke if he is eventually included in future TLJ sets, and the spill came from an unlikely source. Eurobricks member JACKATTACKS shared an image of his most recent LEGO Life Magazine that he received from the mail. Previously known as the LEGO Club Magazine, the subscription service was recently rebranded as LEGO Life to coincide with its corresponding LEGO Life app. JACKATTACKS shared the front cover over at Eurobricks as you can see from this image.

LEGO LIfe Luke

The latest issue of the LEGO Life Magazine is understandably dedicated to Star Wars Episode VIII, and as the cover makes it clear, Luke Skywalker will certainly make his presence felt in LEGO form. As you may have noticed, this latest rendition of Luke is far different from his minifig version that first appeared on LEGO’s Russian site. I like how Luke has a sullen, more serious look accentuated by his hood.

cropped LEGO LIfe Luke

I know this cover doesn’t say much about the second wave of LEGO TLJ sets which is expected to be available during the first quarter of 2018 (with some said to be released before this year ends), but considering LEGO’s seemingly deliberate concealment of Luke in TLJ, fans such as myself can’t help but wonder what LEGO is trying to pull out. Is it to steadily build the hype over these LEGO tie-ins so as to hopefully increase sales, or they just want to build the mystery behind Luke’s character, we’re not really sure at this time.

We just have to wait and see. So what do you think brick fans? What is your best idea of Luke’s minifigure in TLJ? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Latest LEGO Life Magazine Shows Off the New Nexo Knights Axl’s Rolling Arsenal (72006).

One of the new themes that LEGO introduced last year was the rather quirky Nexo Knights line, which depicted a blend of medieval aesthetics and futuristic technology (sort of LEGO’s attempt to create a Castle and Space theme). The adventures of a band of knights guided by a digital wizard defending the kingdom of Knighton against Jestro and the Book of Monsters Monstrox have also been chronicled in a 3D animated series that has been running on the Cartoon Network for four seasons.

I guess most AFOLs will not agree, but the theme’s sets, with its vehicles and unique minifigures, are pretty cool themselves. Though earlier this year, rumors have it that LEGO will be pulling down the curtain on our heroes from Knighton, the news of additional Nexo Knights sets for 2018 gives a bit of a hope for those who love the theme.

Thanks to a Brickset report, we now have a glimpse of one of 2018’s LEGO Nexo Knights sets slated to hit stores in the first half of the year.  Brickset has also shared an image of the latest issue of the LEGO Life Magazine that shows a single-page spread of what appears to be Axl’s Rolling Arsenal (72006). The image suggests that the set will be including two vehicles: Axl’s Rolling Arsenal itself, and a flying machine aptly called the Vyro Glider.


Axl in the show already had two vehicles and two LEGO sets under his name – the Tower Carrier Truck (70322) and the Rumble Maker (70354) drill tank, and now it looks like he will be getting his third one, with the Rolling Arsenal (72006). This set appears to be a carrier tank with a detachable flying component called the Jestroyer, and an internally-stored buggy called the Critter Trapper.

The Critter Trapper’s name is rather meaningful, as the enemy aircraft shown on the LEGO Life Magazine page is called a Vyro Glider, piloted by a new baddie called a Cyberbyter, and likely one of the villains in the upcoming season 5 of the animated series which features an evil computer virus. The fact that the Vyro Glider shoots mech-spiderlike projectiles called Tech Critters lends credence to that little show theory.

Getting the LEGO Nexo Knights Rolling Arsenal seems to be a fine way to pass the time, while waiting for the fifth season of the animated series to premiere on Cartoon Network. There’s no further information on these LEGO sets beyond the magazine page, so we’ll have to wait for further info to come up.

Top Off Your LEGO Ninjago Movie Experience With Blocks Magazine Issue #36!

Blocks Magazine Issue #36 is now on shelves, and this month’s issue explores the inner workings of The LEGO Ninjago Movie (now on its third day of screening across the US and North America), together with their hands-on review of the many cool, LEGO sets that comprise the theme. It also features an exclusive interview with Hollywood star Dave Franco, the voice behind Lloyd Garmadon, as he details some of the incredible, behind-the-scenes prep that goes on in the making of the film. Check out Blocks Magazine’s press release below. Issue #36 is now available both in digital and print formats. Visit for more details on how to subscribe.


Complete The LEGO NINJAGO Movie preview in Blocks Issue 36.

This month’s issue of Blocks magazine, on sale today, is a celebration of The LEGO NINJAGO Movie with exclusive behind the scenes access and a mind blowing big build.

If fans are wondering how LEGO NINJAGO is being translated to the big screen, then this issue of Blocks has the answers. Our all-access look at The LEGO NINJAGO Movie begins in Hollywood, with interviews with Dave Franco – voice of Lloyd, the Green Ninja – and director Charlie Bean. The pair take Blocks through the process of adapting NINJAGO into an animated feature, illustrated with never before seen concept art.

LNM 01
LNM 02
LNM 03
LNM 04

Back in Billiund, the key designers behind The LEGO NINJAGO Movie take readers through the process of working alongside a major movie production, explaining the development of the sets, their contribution to the film itself and teasing a few little Easter eggs to watch out for on screen. Simon Lucas, Nicolaas Vás and Chris Stamp also provide a focused look at the development of 70620 NINJAGO City, demonstrating how it became the masterpiece that it is.

Daniel Konstanski is inspired by the amazing concept art that was designed for The LEGO NINJAGO Movie to build a massive version of NINJAGO City, taking ques from all of the different styles, colours and features that are found in the cinematic version. If readers think that Blocks magazine has gone big before, they have not seen anything yet.

Ninjago City 01
Ninjago City 02
Ninjago City 03
Ninjago City 04

Of course The LEGO NINJAGO Movie special would not be complete without reviews of the entire theme, giving readers some recommendations about which sets to put at the top of the must-have list. In our regular Technique section readers are spoilt for choice for brick bed designs, while Brick Wife is exasperated at the AFOL’s escalating polybag obsession – and of course, Month in LEGO keeps track of all of the key goings on in the world of the brick.

Destiny 01
Destiny 02
Destiny 03
Destiny 04

To avoid the risk of Lord Garmadon’s forces when heading out to buy your copy of Blocks magazine – and get the magazine early every month – set up a subscription at


Blast Off With Blocks Magazine Issue #35 Featuring the LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V and More of LEGO Star Wars.

Blocks Magazine Issue 35 is now available and this month, special attention is given to the highly sought after (and not to mention, elusive) LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309) plus several LEGO Star Wars inspiration. In this latest issue, we get a closer look at how LEGO Star Wars designers craft their iconic sets and even get to share some building tips on how to recreate the opening scenes from Episode 6 The Return of the Jedi.

Here’s the full press release, and some other cool stuff that you can find in this latest issue of Blocks Magazine.


NASA Apollo Saturn V and LEGO Star Wars extravaganza in Blocks Issue 35.

It is time to blast off with Blocks Issue 35, with a special NASA Apollo Saturn V build project showing an impressive way to display the latest LEGO Ideas set.

NASA Apollo Saturn V wowed fans when the official version of the LEGO Ideas set was unveiled, so it gets the Blocks deep-dive this month. As well as exclusive launch pad, take-off and moon landing builds, Blocks chats to LEGO designer Carl Merriam about taking on the project, and of course give the set the full review treatment.


Panning the camera down to LEGO Star Wars, the designers of the range explain how they have begun to introduce more playset-based sets such as 75180 Rathtar Escape. Speaking of locations, a unique Pit of Carkoon and Sarlaac build demonstrates how you can recreate the thrilling opening to Return of the Jedi. A selection of images from expert LEGO photographer Vesa Lehtimäki show off the new UCS Snowspeeder as only he can, with the set leading a selection of LEGO Star Wars reviews and appearing on this month’s flip cover.

UCS Snowspeeder

In Technique, a whole host of ways to harness LEGO horses are demonstrated, and as if there are not enough awesome builds crammed into this month’s Blocks, the definitive 1990s Batmobile gets a LEGO replica to celebrate 25 years of Batman: The Animated Series.

Classic Batman

That’s not to mention that this month’s pages also include a report from Billund with a look inside the LEGO House, an interview with the LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures showrunners and a look at LEGOLAND California’s new The Force Awakens area in Star Wars Miniland.

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From New York to Paradise – Blocks Magazine Issue #34 Now Available!

I have to admit, hearing all these news from San Diego Comic Con is exhilarating. Now that we’re almost at the end of this annual comic book fandom celebration, let’s take a break and check out the latest issue of Blocks Magazine out now. Let’s take a look.

Issue34 Issue34alt

Blocks magazine visits the beach with LEGO Friends and New York with Spider-Man in Issue 34

Get in the spirit of summer with the latest issue of Blocks magazine, with an idyllic beach build that captures the essence of three different LEGO themes.

The first taste of summer comes with a nostalgia-induced trip back to the 1990s, looking at the classic Paradisa sets to reminisce about the LEGO Group’s early seaside dream locale. Things then come back to the present, as LEGO Friends designers explain how the modern theme took shape after years of early development to become one of the company’s greatest successes.

Friends 3 Friends 4 Friends Friends 2

Blocks’ Build section takes inspiration from both Friends and Paradisa to create a bustling beach scene worthy of the front cover, replicating the unique design styles used in each theme. But summer isn’t just about lying on the beach – it’s also about blockbuster movies. A mammoth New York street scene that is packed full of incredible detail plays host to Spider-Man. It’s on a scale so impressive that it features on this month’s alternate cover (just flip your copy over).

Spiderman 2 Spiderman 3 Spiderman 4 Spiderman

No LEGO fan has seen it all until they check out this month’s dive into hidden LEGO gems, full of unique parts that never made it into regular production. Thankfully, the Mod Squad solution to upgrading Wonder Woman villain Ares uses regular, readily available LEGO pieces.

War Planes War Planes 2 War Planes 3 War Planes 4

As always, Month in LEGO takes a look at all of the LEGO stories you may have missed with an extra level on insight and expert opinion, Technique offers new tips on really making the most of those Flower Stems and Anatomy looks at the various historic aircraft that have joined the LEGO hangar over the years.

To subscribe to Blocks magazine and make sure your holiday reading is always on time, visit