(UK Related) 3 Age of Ultron sets on sale on Amazon!

I understand that most of those who normally stumble upon these articles and either across the pond in the USA or deeper into Europe, but since the UK is second only to the US in terms of views on the site, I’d say that this still warrants an article.

Today, I was looking for a few bits on Amazon UK, and stumbled upon something remarkable ;  3 Age of Ultron sets are already on sale below the retail price, not even two months after being released. They were selling rather well before this too, so there seems to be no logical reason for it in terms of getting rid of stock.

My speculation is that with the film coming out Aprl 23rd over here, Amazon knows they will sell tons of these sets. As such, they want people to buy these sets via them instead of LEGO Shop, and will lower the prices by a few pounds to make themselves that little bit more appealing. And it must be working because I’m stocking up on them!

Here’s the full list of sets on sale :

76029 Iron Man Vs Ultron – £9.00 (Down from £11.99)

76030 Avengers Hydra Showdown – £15.00 (Down from £19.99)

76032 Avengers Quinjet City Chase – £58.00 (Down from 69.99)

Happy Spending!


MOC Monday! Vote for Best LEGO MOC at Brick Universe 2015

This past weekend we spent time at Brick Universe as a vendor and also there to display our favorite LEGO sets from our collection. We got to meet a ton of our audience (you all are the best!) and also select the best LEGO MOCs on display. So for this week’s MOC Monday we ask for you to vote for the best.


1. TRON Solar Sailer

2. CVF-104 Aircraft Carrier

3. Phoenix

4. Gamma

5. Makuta Luroka

6. Marvel Civil War


8. PNC Park

9. Portland Fire Museum

10. Manhattan Bridge

11. Brookyln “Building on Bond” Restaurant

12. Flower Garden House

Best LEGO Hulkbuster MOCs

In this week’s MOC Monday we look at the best LEGO Hulkbuster MOCs from 14 talented builders. Below is where you will vote so we can determine what the Top 10 LEGO Hulkbuster LEGO MOCs will be! Furthfer down the page you’ll find larger images of each of these as well as links to each builders Flickr account. Be sure to check out their other great creations!


LEGO Hulkbuster #14
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LEGO Hulkbuster #7
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LEGO Hulkbuster #10
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LEGO Hulkbuster #8
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LEGO Hulkbuster #2
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LEGO Hulkbuster #1
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LEGO Hulkbuster #11
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LEGO Hulkbuster #5
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Bricks And Bricks Culture Magazine Announcement!


As I’m sure most of you already know, LEGO has garnered a huge 3rd Party following over the course of it’s lifetime, especially over these more recent  years. Custom Minifigures, bricks, parts and MOCs are probably what we all think of when we hear “3rd Party LEGO”, but other media, such as magazines, are also rife.

Huw Millington and Mark Guest are some key contributors to this market. Blocks Magazine is an example of their previous work, and now they are bringing us two brand-spanking new (That’s a British expression, sorry if that was weird) magazines, Bricks and  Bricks Culture!



Bricks will focus mainly on set reviews, regular columns and interviews with those working for The Lego Group ; Bricks Culture will focus on how LEGO has become such a huge part of today’s popular culture throughout the world. For those who don’t know, Mark was the founder of the very successful Blocks Magazine, and Huw is the creator of Brickset, an extremely popular LEGO Database ; Safe to say, they have a pretty flawless track record…

Huw and Mark’s other work; Mark left the magazine a few issues ago, which has now been taken over by Rob Paton.

Here’s the official press release over on Brickset. It mentions when the magazine  becomes available, the full team working on it, pre-orders and prices.  Go have a gander! (Seriously, how many of these expressions do you guys use in other countries?)

Lego Simpsons Kwik-E Mart and Collectible Mini-figures Images!

So, this news actually came out yesterday, but I was unavailable to post it…But I’m here now! So, here in a not-so Brick Show Exclusive, we now have the official Kwik-E Mart and Series 2 Simpsons Collectible Mini-figures set images…try saying that 3 times fast. But I digress. Your not here to listen to me (or read) so how about I just get straight into it with these photos?

71016-171016_FrontB 71016_FrontA_Characters71016_BackD

71016_BackE71009-17 71016_TopB_fig 71016_1to1     71016_TopD_squishee


Age Of Ultron MOC : Yes or No?

So,  Jay is off with TotalToysTV, Stephen is off doing his Arcade and  Tatooine MOCs, and I’m here running the articles on the site. I kinda feel the need to get off my butt and go do something for The Brick Show that  doesn’t involve just sitting at my desk with my laptop…I know! I’ll do a MOC! But what of, Stephen’s already doing a Star Wars and City one…Aha! Avengers : Age of Ultron is coming out soon and everyone is raving about it already ; looks like I’ve got a project!

Somethin’ Like this, but more buildings and less randomness…

Well, I have an idea for a project. It all depends if you guys want an Age of Ultron build. It will likely be of the (assumed) final battle scene, in which hundreds of Ultron Sentries come pouring in their masses towards the nine – the first six plus the twins and Vision. We get a glimpse of the battle in the 3rd trailer, around 1:45 on-wards. It would probably be 2 large grey base-plates too. But, would all you fine folks want this build  to happen?

A poll should be going up soon, so that you guys can vote on whether or not  you wanna see an Age of Ultron MOC appear on the site (and possibly the YouTube channel, although unlikely). For now, comment on this article if you want to see this build! Remember, it is not being done by Jason or Stephen, but me instead. I’ll be doing regular updates on it too if it ends up happening!

Budget Buying – Avengers : Age Of Ultron

Budgets. Nobody likes them. Budgets can ruin your day. Budgets can ruin your week. Budgets can make it that you can’t get that new LEGO set that you so desperately want. However, there is always a way to navigate around those dreaded spending caps. With the new Age of Ultron sets arriving, it seems only too appropriate to do an article on how to get your favorite Marvel Super Heroes, even with those tricky price restrictions. Jay and Stephen have been doing reviews of all the Age of Ultron sets, so be sure to go check them out first if you haven’t already. A fairly common price limit, or at least to me anyway, is around £55 or $55 ( I know they aren’t the same value but Lego doesn’t seem to know the word “exchange rate”, so…).  This isn’t buying a whole wave and it isn’t only getting one or two sets, which is why I have chosen this price. Now some of you may be thinking “The Avengers Tower, Quinjet and Hydra Fortress are all above this, how can we possibly buy anything worth-wild with this amount?!” Well, I’ll tell you how… First thing’s first, you go with the HulkBuster Smash. This set is amazing on so many levels, with a highly detailed Ultron figure, an exclusive Scarlet Witch, the MK 43, the cheapest way of getting the Hulk, and an all-round awesome mech with tons of posses available. As Stephen says in the review, there really is nothing bad to say about this set. Facebook-20150228-110139

It compliments a small Iron Legion quite nicely too…

So, that 3/5 of your money gone. Now, how to spend that extra 25… Well that is a matter of preference. If you want Thor and Hawkeye, go for the Avengers Hydra Showdown. A small, action-packed set with 2 out of the 9 2015 Avengers. Or, if you want a small army of Ultron drones and the MK45, you get 2 of the Iron Man Vs Ultron. Which is exactly what I did. The set is small, quick to build, contains all exclusive mini-figures and is cheap enough to get multiples of. You could probably just pick this set up with that bit of cash in the back of your wallet. Facebook-20150228-110103 Facebook-20150228-110132

£50 well spent…

Don’t forget, this is just my opinion. If you wanna just go out and get the Hydra Fortress Smash and blow it all in one go, then by all means do it. To each there own. Be sure to check back frequently for more LEGO news and articles!