We mentioned in one of our post last week that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” now has an official LEGO console game which will be launched via Microsoft’s Xbox One. Knowing that previous LEGO Star Wars video games can be pretty straightforward, that is, it tends to be solely dependent on the original movies’ plot and storyline, TT Games promises to have a different take on the latest movie from the galaxy far, far away. This time, they’re throwing in some side missions – six of them to be exact- that explores some of the character’s back stories all leading to the events that transpired in The Force Awakens. These are six optional missions that pop ups after completing story missions based on the film or once a certain amount of gold bricks has been collected by players. read more

First Picture of LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Encounter of Jakuu Set (75148)

LEGO Encounter on Jakuu

A first look at the coming LEGO Star Wars: Force Awakens set, Encounter on Jakuu (75148), was found today on Amazon in the DK book LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Level 2 Reader. As you see we will be getting minifigures of Rey, BB-8 and Unkar Plutt. A build-able Niima Outpost will also be included.

This Lego Paper Airplane Factory Can Actually Make One – And Launch It.

We’ve seen a lot of cool stuff lately on the different ways on how LEGOs can be used to make things easier: from dispensing tasty, chicken legs and nuggets, to dispensing toothpaste on a brush. These LEGO contraptions were meant to make things easier for us human beings in a funny, unusual way. read more

This Finding Dory Lego Build Is A Promising One

Thirteen years ago, Disney and Pixar introduced to us what could be the most famous of all sea creatures ever rendered in CGI. ‘Finding Nemo’ was hailed not just for good, family values that it offered but more so on the technical feats that Pixar accomplished during its time. Set in the colorful underwater world of corals, squids, turtles, and sharks (remember the oath: ‘fish are friends, not food.’), Finding Nemo has set a milestone in the computer aided animation. read more