UPDATE: More Official Images on LEGO’s 2016 Architecture Sets

We reported last November on the first four official images of the latest wave of LEGO Architecture sets that were released during the first quarter of this year. Fans of the Architecture line-up will be pleased to know that two more sets were officially listed for pre-order a couple of days ago by Amazon UK. These sets made their debut during this year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany.

LEGO Architecture Buckingham Palace 21029

21029_front 21029_back 21029


LEGO Architecture United States Capitol Building 21030

21030_front 21030_back 21030


We do not have the piece count or the official description for these sets yet, though the SRP for Buckingham Palace 21029 is at £39.99 as listed by Amazon UK, and £79.99 for the United States Capitol Building 20130. As of to date, we now have a total of six LEGO Architecture sets that were released for this year.  Thanks Brick Fan for the tip.


UPDATE: 2016 LEGO Friends Sets That We’re Still Waiting For


LEGO has been quiet busy with another set of reveals about the latest 2016 LEGO Ninjago and LEGO Elves sets that are due to be released anytime this summer. LEGO Elves have been getting quite popular recently following on the success of its LEGO Friends counterpart. Now let’s take a look on some of the LEGO Friends sets that we are still waiting to be officially revealed this year.


LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2016 (41131)

Pieces: 218; SRP: $29.99; Minifigures: ???

This image is what we have so far about this seasonal set to be released during the last quarter of this year.



LEGO Heartlake Party Shop (41132)

Pieces: ???; SRP: ???; Minifigures: ???

Details about this set are incredibly scant as of the moment.


LEGO Heartlake Performance School (41134) 

Pieces: 774; SRP: ???; Minifigures: 3 (Andrea, Noah, Iva)

We had our first look on this image when Rebrick announced its Celebrate the Best of Friends Contest. The LEGO Friends Heartlake Performance School (41134), along with 3 more LEGO Friends set, were slated to be prizes for those who will make it to the semi-finals. However, this image of 41134 is quite small that we can’t see the fine details of this set.


We’ll be on the lookout for more news as they arrive on this side of LEGO Friends. For the meantime, we’ve updated our database to include these official images of the 2016 summer LEGO Friends that were recently listed by retailers last month. We had a first glimpse of these sets during this year’s New York Toy Fest.


LEGO Friends Foal’s Washing Station (41123)

Pieces: 77; SRP: $9.99; Minifigures: 1

41123_front 41123_back 41123


LEGO Friends Heartlake Puppy Daycare (41124)

Pieces: 286; SRP: $29.99; Minifigures: 2

41124_front 41124_back 41124


LEGO Friends Vet Horse Trailer (41125)

Pieces: 370; SRP: $39.99; Minifigures: 2

41125_front 41125_back 41125


LEGO Friends Heartlake Horse Riding Club (41126)

Pieces: 575; SRP: $59.99; Minifigures: 2

41126_front 41126_back 41126


LEGO Friends Amusement Park Arcade (41127)

Pieces: 174; SRP: $14.99; Minifigures: 1

41127_front 41127_back 41127


LEGO Friends Amusement Park Space Ride (41128)

Pieces: 195; SRP: $19.99; Minifigures: 1

41128_front 41128_back 41128


LEGO Friends Amusement Park Hot Dog Stand (41129)

Pieces: 243; SRP: $29.99; Minifigures: 2

41129_front 41129_back 41129


LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster (41130)

Pieces: 1124; SRP: $99.99; Minifigures: 4

41130_front 41130_back 41130


LEGO Friends Amusement Park Bumper Cars (41133)

Pieces: ???; SRP: ???; Minifigures: 2

41133_front 41133_back 41133


LEGO Friends Livi’s Pop Star House (41135)

Pieces: 597; SRP: $49.99; Minifigures: 2



UPDATE: 2016 LEGO Marvel and DC Comics Super Heroes Sets We’re Still Waiting To See




There have been a handful of releases from yesterday’s official reveal of the LEGO Ninjago and Elves summer 2016 sets that talks are now focused on the remaining themed sets that LEGO are expected to reveal this year. So before we got lost with all the theories and predictions, let’s review what have been discussed so far among the LEGO community, and see what we are still missing. Many of these sets have been discussed extensively among forums such as Eurobricks, and are already listed in the databases of Brick Set, Brickmedia, and Pricevortex. There are no official images yet, so let’s see what we can gather. Let’s begin with LEGO’s Marvel and DC Super Heroes sets.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum (76060) 

Pieces: 358; SRP: $34.99; Minifigures: 3

Minifigures include Doctor Strange, Baron Mordo, and the Ancient One. This image from the LEGO Marvel’s Avengers video game Season Pass may give us an idea on how the Sorcerer Supreme will look like in this set.


lego avengers seasons passLEGO-Doctor-Strange-Minifigure-Summer-2016

LEGO Marve l Super Heroes Captain America: Civil War Set #4 (76067) 

Pieces: ???; SRP: ???; Minifigures: ???

As of now, we have three official LEGO Marvel Civil War sets which include: Black Panther Pursuit (76047), Crossbones Hazard Heist (76050), and Super Hero Airport Battle (76051).


Will keep an eye on this unnamed fourth instalment which we hope to see anytime soon before the movie hits US theaters on May 6.


LEGO DC Comics Rescue from Ra’s al Ghul (76056) 

Pieces: ???; SRP: ???; Minifigures: 4

According to Eurobricks Grand Duke just2good, 76056 is a LEGO store exclusive set which includes a desert buggy Bat-vehicle, exploding doorway, jail cell for Robin, staircase, and a minifigure-launching green pool. It has four minifigures namely: Ra’s al Ghul, Desert Batman, Talia al Ghul, Robin. An image of the Ra’s al Ghul minifigure has been making rounds over at fan forums though there has been no confirmation yet if this is the real one or just a custom minifigure.

ra's al; ghul


We’ll keep you posted if anything comes up about these sets. For now, here are some of the official images from LEGO Marvel and DC Comics Superheroes that we recently added to our database.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Crossbones’ Hazard Heist (76050)

Pieces: 179; SRP: $19.99; Minifigures: 3

76050_front 76050_back 76050


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Black Panther Pursuit (76047)

Pieces: 287; SRP: $29.99; Minifigures: 3

76047_front 76047_back 76047

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Clash of the Heroes (76044)

Pieces: 92; SRP: $12.99; Minifigures: 2

76044_front 76044_back 76044


LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle (76046)

Pieces: 92; SRP: $12.99; Minifigures: 2

76046_front 76046_back 76046


First Look on LEGO Elves Summer 2016 Official Images

A while ago, we published the first official images for the LEGO Ninjago themed sets slated to be released this summer. Now, it seems like we’re getting another wave of firsts, this time from LEGO Elves. We first saw these summer LEGO Elves sets during the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. Amazon UK now had these latest Elves sets listed on their site, though the descriptions are a little bit out of sync as of the moment. Thanks to the Brick Fan for the heads up.


LEGO Elves The Precious Crystal Mine (41177) Pieces: 273; SRP: $29.99; No. of Minidolls: 2

41177_front 41177_back 41177


LEGO Elves The Dragon Sanctuary (41178) Pieces: 585; SRP: $49.99; No. of Minidolls: 2

41178_front 41178_back 41178


LEGO Elves Queen Dragon’s Rescue (41179) Pieces: 833; SRP: $69.99; No. of Minidolls: 2

41179_front 41179_back 41179


LEGO Elves Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle (41180) Pieces: 1014; SRP: $99.99; No. of Minidolls: 3

41180_front 41180_back 41180


In case you missed it, here are the rest of the official images from other 2016 LEGO Elves themed sets that we earlier reported from the New York Toy Fair. As of to date, we have a total of 10 LEGO Elves set released for 2016, with 8 more from last year.

Elves 41171-41176


LEGO Elves Emily Jones and the Baby Wind Dragon (41171) Pieces: 80; SRP: $9.99; No. of Minidolls: 1

41171_front 41171_back 41171


LEGO Elves The Water Dragon Adventure (41172) Pieces: 212; SRP: $19.99; No. of Minidolls: 1

41172_front 41172_back




LEGO Elves Elvendale School of Dragons (41173) Pieces: 230; SRP: $19.99; No. of Minidolls: 1

41173_front 41173_back 41173


LEGO Elves The Starlight Inn (41174) Pieces: 343; SRP: $29.99; No. of Minidolls: 2

41174_front 41174_back 41174


LEGO Elves Fire Dragon’s Lava Cave (41175) Pieces: 441; SRP: $39.99; No. of Minidolls: 2

41175_front 41175_back 41175


LEGO Elves The Secret Marketplace (41176) Pieces: 691; SRP: $59.99; No. of Minidolls: 2

41176_front 41176_back 41176

Here’s Our First Look on LEGO Ninjago Summer 2016 Official Images


We now have our official images of LEGO Ninjago’s latest sets thanks to Amazon UK. We had a first look on these sets during the New York City Toy Fair. We’re still on the lookout for official images of Titanium Ninja Tumbler (70588), Airjutzu Battlegrounds (70590) and Samurai X Cave Chaos (70596).


LEGO Ninjago Rock Roader (70589) Pieces: 406; SRP: $39.99; No. of Minifigs: 4

70589_front 70589_back 70589

LEGO Ninjago  Kryptarium Prison Breakout (70591) Pieces: 207; SRP: $19.99; No. of Minifigs: 5

70591_front 70591_back 70591


LEGO Ninjago  Salvage M.E.C. (70592) Pieces: 439; SRP: $39.99; No. of Minifigs: 4

70592_front 70592_back70592


LEGO Ninjago  The Green NRG Dragon (70593) Pieces: 567; SRP: $49.99; No. of Minifigs: 5

70593_front 70593_back 70593


LEGO Ninjago The Lighthoutse Siege (70594) Pieces: 767; SRP: $69.99; No. of Minifigs: 8

70594_front 70594_back 70594


LEGO Ninjago  Ultra Stealth Raider (70595) Pieces: 1093; SRP: $199.99; No. of Minifigs: 7

70595_front 70595_back 70595


Aside from LEGO Ninjago, Amazon UK has also listed several official images for the latest 2016 Elves, Friends, and Marvel and DC Superheroes themed sets. We’ll feature the rest of these later, so be sure to stay tuned here at the Brick Show!


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promo coupon

This LEGO Designer Video Highlights the Cool, Intricate Details of the LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS (42056)

lego technic 911 designer video

Yesterday saw the official unveiling of the latest flagship model for the LEGO Technic line: the intricately impressive, 2,704-piece replica of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The 42056 is set to be released on June 1 via LEGO.com and will retail at US$299.99 It is expected to hit other retail stores later in August.

Earlier today, LEGO.com’s YouTube channel released a LEGO Designer video that shows the inner workings of the LEGO Technic Porsche 911 as presented by LEGO Technic Senior Design Manager, Andrew Woodman. As you will see from the video, picking up the box of the LEGO Technic Porsche will immediately give you a distinct impression of having one of LEGO’s finest creations on the palm of your hands. From the exquisite product packaging, to the final build, everything about this latest LEGO Technic set is absolutely superb.

42056_box4_in-1-min 42056_Box2_in-min 42056_Box1_in-min 42056_Box5_in-min 42056_Prod-min


Here’s LEGO’s official product description, followed by Andy’s designer video.

LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS (42056)

Ages 16+. 2,704 pieces. 

US $299.99 – CA $349.99 – DE 299.99€ – UK £249.99 – DK 2599.00 DKK
*Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit shop.LEGO.com for regional pricing.

Discover the iconic Porsche 911 GT3 RS!

Experience the iconic Porsche 911 GT3 RS with this authentic LEGO® Technic replica. Inside the box you’ll discover a special collector’s book chronicling the history of LEGO Technic and Porsche GT cars, together with 4 original-design rims bearing the RS emblem. The sets of elements are boxed, and the building sequence gives an insight into the real-life vehicle’s assembly process. The model features detailed, orange bodywork, red suspension springs, detailed headlights, taillights, brake calipers and rims with low-profile tires. The accessible cockpit features a detailed dashboard, working gearbox, steering wheel with gearshift paddles, racing seats and a glove compartment containing a unique serial number.

Functions include opening doors and hood with storage compartment and suitcase, and an opening rear lid that houses a detailed flat 6 engine with moving pistons. This 1:8 scale model has been designed to provide an immersive and rewarding building experience. Features authentically designed aerodynamic bodywork, adjustable rear spoiler, headlights and taillights, red suspension springs, original-design rims with RS emblem, detailed brake calipers, low-profile tires, working gearbox, working steering wheel with gearshift paddles, detailed seating, glove compartment with unique model serial number, opening doors, opening hood containing a suitcase, and an opening rear lid with detailed flat 6 engine.

• Includes a collection of authentic stickers.
• Check out the orange color scheme.
• Open the doors to access the detailed cockpit.
• Lift the rear lid to access the detailed flat 6 engine with moving pistons.
• Open the glove compartment to reveal the unique serial number.
• Delivered in luxurious box packaging.
• Includes a special full-color collector’s book including the history of LEGO® Technic and Porsche GT cars, plus comprehensive building instructions.
• This LEGO® Technic model is designed to provide an immersive and rewarding building experience.
• This set includes over 2,700 pieces.
• This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 16+.
• Porsche 911 GT3 RS measures over 6” (17cm) high, 22” (57cm) long and 9” (25cm) wide.

Available for sale directly through LEGO® beginning  June 1, 2016

Take A Peek Inside the Mind of a LEGO Engineer


Jason Allemann and his partner Kristal (she’s the ‘K’ in JK Brickworks by the way) came up with another delightfully, mind-blowing original creation that gives us a peek at what makes a LEGO engineer tick. A follow-up and excellent compliment on Kristal’s 2014 MOC “The Artist”, her latest model of a kinetic sculpture of a human head has definitely tons of cool features inside. Using only a small crank that is inserted at the base of the sculpture, the fun begins once you turn on this little LEGO technic piece. Watch this.

The Engineer” doesn’t use any batteries to power on its light bulb, but instead uses friction as the crank is turned. Here’s Jason’s description of Krista’s The Engineer.

engineerOpen engeineerDemoModel

This is Kristal’s latest model, a kinetic sculpture of a human head that opens up to reveal the inner workings of the mind. This is the second model in a series that she started a year and a half ago with ‘The Artist‘. Each head in the series opens up in a different way to depict a different aspect of the human mind.

All of the complex mechanics, as well as the light, are powered through the single crank on the side of the model. The electricity for the light is generated by using a LEGO motor as a generator connected to the crank. There is quite a bit going on in this model, through a series of 29 gears and 4 gear racks, to achieve all of the behavior.

Jason Allemann is the genius behind LEGO Ideas Maze 21305 – a reinvention of the classic ball and labyrinth game with a delightful twist of LEGO creative fun. In case you missed Jason and Kristal’s The Artist MOC, here’s their video from 2014. Don’t forget to drop by their website to learn more about how to build the awesome MOCs that Jason features over his YouTube channel.


This is How LEGO’s Unikitty May Look Like in the Real World



2014’s groundbreaking film, The LEGO Movie introduced us to the wacky, cross-dimensional worlds of Emmet, Wyldstyle, Batman, Vitruvius and so much more. The film is an excellent take on how the world of bricks can eventually crossover with our world with just a little bit of imagination. I guess this is what University of Canterbury, associate professor Christopher Bartneck has in mind when he envisioned the iconic Unikitty straight from Cloud Cuckoo Land arriving at his place in New Zealand. Standing beside his 30,000-piece, 6-feet rendition of Unikitty makes you feel shrunk up to minifig scale.

unitkitty life size 03 unitkitty life size 02


With a pair of adorable, sparkling eyes, Prof. Bartneck’s Unikitty easily captured her original form and color as seen from the movie. I reckon he never used so much pink LEGO bricks in his entire life. Equally, or perhaps even more impressive than the sheer size and accuracy of his MOC is the fact that Unikitty’s almost 2kg head can actually turn at 180 degrees using just a standard LEGO technic motor mounted on her neck. Now that is what we call real power function. Watch this.

Unikitty’s gigantic head impressively turns using Prof. Bartneck’s LEGO compatible thrust ball bearing. Using 30 standard 14.2mm LEGO balls sandwiched inside his custom-built circular plates, enables a basic LEGO motor to turn Unikitty’s enormous head. Watch this video of Prof. Bartneck’s clever solution.

lego-ball-bearing-2 lego-ball-bearing-6

If you like Prof. Christopher Bartneck’s life-sized Unikitty, be sure to check his Flickr page for more of his LEGO creations.


Thanks Brother Brick for sharing Prof. Bartneck’s life-sized Unikitty MOC.

Take A Look at This Free Digital Disney Collectible Minifigure Guide 2016 from Bricks Magazine

pizza alien

We’re now a week away from the official release of LEGO’s Disney Collectible Minifigure series 71012, and for the past weeks since the report of its early release in some parts of Europe, many good souls have shared their honest reviews and close up images, early sightings in the US, and even a must have ‘feel guide’ to find your way in each of the box’s 60-piece blind bags.


To celebrate the magic of Disney rendered in LEGO minifigure forms, Bricks Magazine has kindly released an 18-page, digital copy of their Disney Collectible Minifigure Guide 2016 – for free. This wonderfully done e-magazine is filled with interesting facts about each of 18 Disney characters included in the CMF, plus some helpful info on new pieces and moulds included in the set. Getting your free copy of this handy guide is quite easy: simply create an account by clicking here and enter a valid email address and other usual details. Once your email has been verified, you can now access their free guide along with some teasers from previous Bricks Magazine issues. Here are some of the things that you may find in their free Disney CMF Guide.

Mickey and MinnieDonald and Daisy





If you like the free guide, and wish to subscribe to Bricks Magazine, you may head over to their online store and choose from either print or digital editions of their current or back issues. Here’s what Bricks Magazine has to say about LEGO’s Disney CMF 71012:


The latest sub-theme of collectible minifigures focuses on iconic Disney characters and is sure to appeal greatly to the masses.

The collectible minifigure series has been a firm favorite amongst fans since their introduction in 2010. The concept of blind bags has proved incredibly popular leading to the common sight of collectors rummaging through boxes in shops, feeling their way through packets to get that missing figure. Each release consists of 16 assorted themed figures to collect, with some much harder to find than others. As a result of their popularity and success in recent years, we have seen additional sub themes released between series, including a Olympics GB squad of nine, a LEGO movie range and two series of the Simpsons. However, the latest sub-theme of 18 Disney characters already has fans knocking on the shop doors in eager anticipation.

We have been lucky enough here at Bricks HQ to get our hands on this amazing range of Disney characters early and thought we would give you the full lowdown of what to expect. As mentioned there are 18 figures to collect in this release and all characters are paired up, with the exception of Maleficent and Stitch who stand alone. The first thing that is very clear upon looking at the collection is that LEGO have gone all-out to make these characteristic and reflective of their screen counterparts as possible. There are plenty of new pieces and moulds in this range, from the horned hat of Maleficent and hair of Ariel to the polka dot dress of Minnie Mouse and the tentacle leg piece of Ursula.

The level of detail is certainly impressive and it really is hard to pick a favorite in the range as they all stand out in their own right. The selection of characters is excellent as they haven’t gone for the default classic characters and inclusion of Toy Story and The Incredibles gives this range a much broader appeal beyond what most would consider the default Disney characters. This was emphasized when passing the range around the office, not one member of the team picked the same figure as their favorite, which is a testament to the appeal this range has.

Enjoy our guide to this great selection.


Thanks Brick Fanatics for the tip.