Storm Trooper Sergeant available December 13th at Toys ‘R Us

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.52.16 AM

Word is a new polybag featuring a Star Wars Rebels Storm Trooper Sergeant. It’s unknown as of right now if this will be part of a promotion, or if you can purchase them individually. This is looking to be a great way to build up your Stormtrooper army if you can buy them without any promotion, so take advantage when you see them pop up in your stores!


New LEGO Death Star Releasing in 2016

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Brickset has just released information regarding the set number of the new UCS Death Star due out sometime in 2016.

Although no other information has been released (besides the release date), you can still get your hands on the previous Death Star (10188) while you can. Rumor is they’ll expect to be off of LEGO store shelves by Christmas Day, so get yours while you can!

List of Disney LEGO Minifigures Series Names!

Well, this is a list that many of you have been anticipating for quite awhile. A Ukrainian website posted the LEGO Disney Minifigures series, along with their names. Here you go.

  1. Mickey Mouse
  2. Minnie Mouse
  3. Donald Duck and Pluto
  4. Peter Pan
  5. Mulan
  6. Genie
  7. Aladdin
  8. Lilo
  9. Stitch
  10. Tarzan
  11. Jane
  12. Captain Hook
  13. Jafar
  14. Joy
  15. Sadness
  16. Anger
  17. Fear
  18. Disgust

So, which do you want? Please note that there is always a possibility that this list is not accurate, but a greater likelihood that it is.


LEGO Justice League: Cosmic Clash Trailer, Release Date and Exclusive Minifig Details

The Nerdist unveiled the trailer for the newest LEGO DC Comics film, LEGO Justice League: Cosmic Clash. Watch the trailer below:

The Cosmic Boy minifigure will be exclusively available when purchasing the film on DVD or Blu-Ray. Release date will be March 1st or February 9th in digital format.

We would suggest waiting until March 1st and getting a physical copy so that you are getting the Cosmic Boy minifigure.

It’s worth noting that Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl are both featured along with Cosmic Boy in the trailer. Target recently released Lightning Lad in its Minifigure Gift Box. Is a Saturn Girl minifigure on the way?

Series 15 LEGO Minifigures Image, First Look

A user on Eurobricks posted our first look at the series 15 LEGO minifigures. 

 series 15 lego minifigures

Here are the full list of names:

Animal Control
Jewel Thief 
Tribal Woman 
Flying Warrior 
Scary Knight 
Wrestling Champion 
Costume Shark Guy
Clumsy Man 
Kendo Fighter 
Laser Robot 

View all LEGO minifigures!