Rumored LEGO Creator Expert DeLorean (10300) from “Back to the Future” Still “On” for April

In terms of licensed IPs within LEGO, time-travel sci-fi franchise “Back to the Future” is quite a minor label. One might describe it as a special one-off. “BTTF” set representation lies only in LEGO Ideas (during its Cuusoo days), the defunct “LEGO Dimensions,” and one BrickHeadz twofer. Still, there are LEGO-collecting fans of “Back to the Future” who would like more tie-ins. It’s no wonder that rumors of a new LEGO set featuring the DeLorean time machine are frequently followed. We covered an iteration of this speculation in November last year. Now, the buzz is back again in full force.

Stone Wars tells us that the long-alleged LEGO DeLorean (10300) from “Back to the Future” is coming closer. Sure, the possible April 1 launch date makes the whole thing “sus,” as “Among Us” players might say. But there is the fact that the set name apparently carries the “DMC-12” designation of the actual car. That is, even if this turns out not to be the “BTTF” DeLorean time machine, it could also be a model of the DMC DeLorean car instead. The other details remain the same: Creator Expert, Age 18+. As for pricing, it’s now €179.99 or $199.99 (estimate).

Being a Creator Expert set, the rumored DeLorean (10300) won’t be of a scale for minifigures. That hasn’t stopped LEGO from adding minifigs to stand on an info plaque display or something. They’ve done so with other pop-culture vehicles before. Remember Batman Batmobile Tumbler (76240)? Anyway, “Back to the Future” time machine or car, this set is supposed to arrive next month. We have the rest of March to wait for details. Until they come up, we’ll continue to chalk this up as a rumor.

From the Rumor Mill: LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle Set (10305) Coming August

In case you need reminding, this year 2022 marks the 90th anniversary of LEGO. True, the LEGO brick only came to be in 1949. But we’re reckoning from the very start of the toy company founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen in Billund, Denmark. As part of celebration preparations from last year, LEGO gave adult fans a vote on what classic theme to revive. New sets from the top-voted theme/s would launch this year as part of LEGO for Adults. And as German LEGO news source Promobricks tells it, it seems that we can look forward to a revived LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle set.

From the 1980s to the early 1990s, LEGO released various castle-themed sets across multiple LEGO Knights lines. According to rumors, a LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle set will be numbered 10305, due to launch in August. It’s apparently based on the LEGO Lion Knights line from 1984, notably The King’s Castle of the Lion Knights (6080). The only other product detail this rumor has is the price: a whopping €349.99, or around $386.53 in exact conversion. It hints at two things. First, the castle build must be pretty huge. And second, it would seem only adult LEGO collectors could have that kind of cash on hand.

In closing, we’d like to remind readers that the above speculation from Promobricks should be considered a rumor and should be taken with a pinch of salt. We’ll have to wait until LEGO says something officially. Given that the rumored launch for this LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle set is slated for August, we might need to wait for a while.

Rumors of More New Big (and Pricey) LEGO Marvel Sets for 2022

Even as a new LEGO Marvel set officially launched at the start of March, more products are on the way. The once believed-cancelled latest Mech Armors will debut next month, alongside new Brick Sketches sets.  And those are only for the confirmed upcoming arrivals. On the rumor front, we have some numbers and product details speculated late last February. Their alleged prices range from mid-grade to a 3-digit quotation for a new Sanctum Sanctorum (76218). And if this new LEGO Marvel rumor from social media checks out, we have more arriving, including another epic set.

As told by Brick Fanatics, some additional LEGO Marvel sets are believed coming later this year. Instagram user brick_clicker provides at least three numbers and product descriptions. One of them is actually the (apparently modular) Sanctum Sanctorum (76218) we mentioned earlier, priced $209.99.

The other two additions are more 3-digit price sets. In fact, the values provided makes the new Sanctum Sanctorum look rather affordable. Now, brick_clicker notes that he made a mistake in the LEGO set number-description pairing, as outlined in the caption. We’ll lay out the further details on these Marvel builds here:

  • 76210Unconfirmed; believed to be either Avengers Tower or Helicarrier, $499.99
  • Hulk-Buster (76215)more or less 2,500 pieces, $299.99

Yep, we’re probably getting a new Avengers Tower or Helicarrier sometime in 2022 for around $500. That could put the size of the build anywhere between the Titanic (10294) and UCS AT-AT (75313). Now that’s an acquisition for the Age 18+ LEGO collector. That said, the above info must be considered rumor for now until LEGO officially opens up about them.

Rumored “Coconut” LEGO Sets Not for “Indiana Jones” but for “Avatar 2”

This past January we touched upon rumors of some upcoming LEGO sets for a specific theme. What’s notable about this was that the sets were collectively identified by a code word instead of a theme name. The word was “coconut.” At the time, LEGO news sites had some inkling about the licensed IP this codename represented, which we shared. It was believed that “coconut” was an obscure reference to the limited-run LEGO Indiana Jones line. This theme saw several sets and even videogames released in the late 2000s before going dormant. And this is why we marked it as “rumor.” The details could change easily.

Case in point, The Brick Fan reports that the alleged LEGO “Coconut” sets numbered 75571-75574 aren’t for LEGO Indiana Jones. Instead they’ll tie into the long-expected sequel to James Cameron’s 2009 sci-fi epic “Avatar.” We also have a launch window for these LEGO Avatar 2 tie-ins: October 2022. Finally, the individual European prices for these sets were revealed. We’ve converted them to $ for convenience.

  • 75571560 pieces | €39.99/$43.63
  • 75572 572 pieces | €54.99/$60
  • 75573887 pieces | €89.99/$98.18
  • 755741,212 pieces | €139.99/$152.74

Those are some pricy LEGO sets. 75574 could either be quite big or very complex/intricate. Anyway, we have an estimate on when they’ll come out. Thus we can expect official word from LEGO before October this year. Until then however, we’ll keep this information filed under rumor. We already saw how the theme line changed. Sorry, Indy; maybe next time. Now as for “Avatar 2,” Cameron and 20th Century Studios expect to premiere it during the Holidays, so stay tuned.

More LEGO Marvel Sets Rumored Coming Mid-2022

The 2022 launch timetable for the LEGO Marvel theme line has been filling up rather nicely. We’ve already seen some of these sets when they came out on New Year’s Day. More will also arrive later on, as early as this Tuesday, March 1. It’s to be expected given that the MCU film series will never brake for anything, at least not for long. Even then, mixed in with the movie tie-ins are sets celebrating the MCU installments of the past. At least, that’s what the rumored upcoming LEGO Marvel sets seem to indicate name-wise.

Thanks to German LEGO news source Stone Wars, we have at least three more 2022 LEGO Marvel set rumored coming. Of them, one at least might count as a tie-in for an MCU Phase 4 film. The rest appear to be callbacks to the “Infinity Saga” that spanned MCU Phase 1 to 3. LEGO’s done a lot of that since “Avengers: Endgame” in 2019. Apparently, the new set based on Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum will be a modular thing too. Stone Wars also gives us likely product specs and release dates for these sets, so there’s that. We have to consider them rumors for now, but hopefully LEGO will tell us more, officially, sometime soon

  • 76216 – Iron Man Hall of Armor (Age 7+, 496 pieces, 8 minifigures, €89.99, June 2022)
  • 76217 – Buildable(?) Baby Groot (Age 10+, 476 pieces, €49.99, June 2022)
  • 76218 – Sanctum Sanctorum (Age 18+, 2,708 pieces, 9 minifigures minimum, €219.99, August 2022) for “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” perhaps?

Other upcoming LEGO Marvel sets we know include The Goat Boat (76208) for “Thor: Love and Thunder.” There’s also Spider-Man & Green Goblin Mech Battle (76219). Both of these sets will launch in April 1.

Rumor: 7 LEGO Minecraft Sets Coming Summer 2022

LEGO Minecraft proves itself to be one of the busiest licensed-IP themes in the LEGO catalog. This past New Year’s Day we welcomed no less than six new sets in the line. There’s nothing quite like more LEGO Minecraft to expand your brick-built “Minecraft” world. But is that all that the theme’s getting for the year 2022? Of course not; but what else will be coming? Well, Brick Fanatics reports that a US online toy retailer has new LEGO set numbers listed. They’re unnamed, but have retail prices and indicators that they’re for LEGO Minecraft.

It seems that Eugene Toy & Hobby had, for a time, listed seven LEGO set numbers for new “Minecraft” stuff. We checked their website ourselves and they’re not there anymore. But if Brick Fanatics spotted them then we can at least mark this down as a rumor. We thus have the following bare-bones details on the alleged upcoming LEGO Minecraft sets. These are supposed to launch this summer of 2022:

  • 21184 – $24.99
  • 21185 – $34.99
  • 21186 – $49.99
  • 21187 – $99.99
  • 21188 – $129.99
  • 21189 – $34.99
  • 21190 – $39.99

As can be seen, the first set number follows immediately from The Training Yard (21183), released on January 1. We’ve also got a nice price spread with one “big” set worth 3 digits. All told, this supposed summer 2022 LEGO Minecraft set blitz is shaping up nicely. Of course, we remind readers that we consider this info as rumor until more details appear, preferably from LEGO.

From the Rumor Mill: LEGO The Transformers Optimus Prime (10302) Arriving This Summer

Back in 2007, toy brand, Hasbro pulled off an epic franchise revival with a live-action film adaptation of “Transformers.” The battle between good and evil alien vehicle-transforming robots (with humans helping the good ones) was guaranteed blockbuster material. Several sequels later, however, the hype decayed somewhat. Then in 2018 Hasbro’s Allspark Pictures rebooted the “Transformers” cinematic timeline with “Bumblebee.” This redo restored critic confidence in the franchise, enough for a sequel to be green-lit. Pandemic-related issues among others pushed “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” to a 2023 release. But while fans wait, there might be some new kind of Transformers stuff along the pipeline, and this time around a brick-built version of the much venerated Autobot leader is rumored to arrive this summer in the form of LEGO The Transformers Optimus Prime 10302.

This is a most peculiar rumor brought to us by The Brick Fan. Apparently, Hasbro could be collaborating with LEGO to make some brick-built Transformers sets. Even better, the first set number for this alleged line will be for the most famous Transformer character of all. Yep, if this rumor checks out then we’ll be getting LEGO The Transformers Optimus Prime, number 10302. Rated age 18+, with 1,508 pieces and due to come out anywhere from May to August 2022. It checks out with the last premiere date for “Transformers: Rise of the Machines.” Paramount-Allspark marked it for this June, before pushing it to next year.

Why would a LEGO Optimus Prime be a hot sell for the older spectrum of LEGO collectors? In the first five live-action “Transformers” films, Optimus’ truck modes were massive sleeper cabs from Peterbilt and Western Star. “Bumblebee” and “Rise of the Beasts” see Optimus reverting to the cab-over truck design from the toy-line/the 1980s animated series. That’s even purer “Transformers” nostalgia power. Of course, that depends on this rumor being true. We’ll have to wait until LEGO tells us more.

In the meantime, be sure to get your LEGO Transformers fix with this awesome custom LEGO Devastator creation from Alex Jones. And while you’re at it, be sure to check with Build Better Bricks and see how you can create your own custom LEGO The Transformers Optimus Prime.

LEGO Art for “The Batman” Teased on Twitter

Brace yourself, Bat-fans. The latest Warner-DC live-action adaptation of the Dark Knight is coming over a month from now. “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson as the titular Caped Crusader of Gotham premieres on March 4. But if these Batman fans are LEGO collectors as well, they’d already be quite happy waiting. After all, the LEGO tie-in sets for “The Batman” are already long available before the film’s (pandemic-delayed) release. But have we seen the last LEGO releases related to this film? If this recent post on their social media is any indication, there’s more. Fancy some “The Batman” LEGO Art?

Brickset shares with us this LEGO tweet dated January 25. It shows the question “Who framed Batman?” in a reference to Gotham baddie Riddler, principal villain for “The Batman.” And yes, the text and bat-logo are rendered in LEGO pegs in a black baseplate background, a la LEGO Art. With this little tease, we can be somewhat certain that LEGO will do an official reveal sooner than later. In the meantime, LEGO news sources are speculating and offering theories/rumors. The most probable set number they claim is 31205. It’s been floated since late 2020 and is consistent in LEGO Art sequencing with World Map (31203).

The earlier part with the Twitter tease for LEGO “The Batman” is a sure thing. What isn’t sure is the latter part about it being LEGO Art set 31205. That’ll have to wait until a full unveiling by LEGO, and that requires waiting some more.

Rumor: Creator Expert 007 Aston Martin, Technic Fast & Furious Dodge Charger Become Speed Champions Sets in 2022

Over the past few days, LEGO news sources have been speculating over some multiple set listings on retailer From there we got reports of an expected LEGO Technic supercar set delayed to next year. Major rumor has it that it may be a model of the similarly-delayed Tesla Cybertruck. Several numbered products titled “Coconut” also gained significant attention. The name seems to hint that they could be a new wave of LEGO Indiana Jones sets. Note that the theme last saw releases in 2009. On the vein of licensed-IP LEGO sets, we have more rumors for 2022 Speed Champions.

From we get this juicy speculation on more electricBrick retail listings, for LEGO Speed Champions this year. We’ve two of eight sets supposedly releasing for the theme this year, numbered 76911 and 76912. Promobricks tells us that these sets are based on two action-movie franchises with notable automotive focus. Furthermore, the source franchises already have prior LEGO set depictions. What do you say to new Speed Champions “James Bond” and “Fast & Furious” car sets? The former made waves in 2019 via the Creator Expert Aston Martin DB5 (10262). The latter got repped by Dom’s Dodge Charger (42111) last year on LEGO Technic.

One factor for excitement at these rumored Speed Champions sets are the accompanying character minifigures. Think about it: James Bond 007 and Dom Toretto minifigs! Both would be the first character depictions from the two IPs for LEGO. Vin Diesel’s Dom is a no-brainer, though there are multiple options for the likeness of minifigure!Bond. Several other 2022 Speed Champions items were rumored as early as October last year. We’ll compile them here anew for reference:

LEGO Champions 2022 Releases
March 1
  • Ferrari 512 M (76906) – 291 pieces | €19.99/$23.22
  • Lotus Evija (76907) – 291 pieces | €19.99/$23.22
  • Lamborghini Countach (76908) – 262 pieces | €19.99/$23.22
  • Set 76909 – €29.99/$34.17
  • Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR PRO & Aston Martin Vantage GT 3 (76910) – 592 pieces | €39.99/$46.46
August 1
  • James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (76911)
  • Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger (76912)
  • Set 76913

US$ pricing are direct conversions. Also, take the above as rumors until LEGO confirms/debunks them.

Delayed LEGO Technic “Supercar” (42143) Rumored as “Possibly” Tesla Cybertruck

Collectors of LEGO Technic know this best. Since 2016 the line has seen the advent of one pricey, high-spec real-car model released every two years. In order, we got the Porsche 911 GT3 RS (42056), Bugatti Chiron (42083), and Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 (42115). Based on that pattern, we should be getting the next Technic supercar set this 2022. Indeed, some online retailers listed an unspecified Technic set fitting the expectation, supposedly releasing this August. However the launch was quickly delayed for 2023 instead. No reason was given for the sudden change. But what if the reason is that the car the LEGO set’s based on was delayed as well?

Such is the speculation being offered by Brick Fanatics regarding the delay of LEGO Technic set 42143. Going into this past weekend, Tesla announced that their battery-electric pickup truck the Cybertruck would be delayed to 2023. Earlier than that, they scrubbed all mention of a 2022 release for the repeatedly-delayed e-pickup from their website. Is the similarity between this and the delay of the biennial LEGO Technic supercar set coincidental? Or could it be that we’re waiting for a synched release between Tesla’s Cybertruck and its Technic counterpart next year?

Some past-news detective work points at supporting evidence to this rumor. When Tesla revealed the (“blocky”) Cybertruck in 2019, LEGO posted a brick on wheels online as a joke. On LEGO Ideas, a member’s Cybetruck build using LEGO System made the First 2020 Stage, but washed out. One complication that also sheds doubt to the initial rumor is a competing product. LEGO Rival Mega Bloks has a Construx Cybertruck set. So what now? It looks like we’ll have to wait on LEGO for clarification. And with Technic 42143 pushed to 2023, who knows how long?