New 4D Movie: “LEGO City 4D: Officer in Pursuit” Premieres in LEGOLAND California

Casual viewers of LEGO media might wait perhaps for a new LEGO movie in cinemas. Or maybe they’ll try to catch some of the animated films they release on home media instead. To fans that regularly go to a LEGOLAND Resort, there are exclusive “4D” adventures to be seen there

Every now and then LEGOLAND will add a new 4D film to their viewing libraries in their respective parks. The “premieres” of these movies can often match those of the recent cinematic-release LEGO films. Just this Friday, LEGOLAND California Resort premiered a new exclusive 4D movie for guests to enjoy.

“LEGO City 4D – Officer in Pursuit” was given a special premiere event on the afternoon of April 12 at LEGOLAND California. VIP guests on the red carpet were treated to meet-and-greets with the 4D film’s “lead stars” LEGO Hot Dog and LEGO Police Officer. Snacks were also served before the audience filed into LEGOLAND California’s Showcase Theatre for the premiere.

The new “LEGO City 4D – Officer in Pursuit” has viewers following the brave LEGO cops of a LEGO City community as they follow a daring robber in a high-speed chase through the streets. The pursuit is enhanced by brilliant 4D special effects that would throw audiences for some funny loops.

The Friday premiere of LEGOLAND California Resort’s new 4D movie showcase was screened twice that afternoon for the benefit of guests. Regular viewings of “LEGO City 4D – Officer in Pursuit” can be caught at LEGO Showplace Theater starting this Saturday, April 13. You can see it for yourself if you come visit LEGOLAND California soon.


Large-Sized Decorative LEGO Stud Wall Hangers Available on Amazon

LEGO has taken many of its familiar building elements and turned them into cool accessories. We’ve seen minifigure key-chains before. This one’s merely taking another kind of LEGO element and giving it a practical function. But first, it needs to get bigger; as in big enough to carry a weight.

Take a LEGO stud, the sort used as either a jewelry decoration for brick builds, or as ammo for stud-shooters. Now enlarge them and add a universal mount on the back, and you’ve got a LEGO-themed wall hanger. Yes, these are official LEGO accessory products, aged 3+ and numbered 4016.

LEGO Stud Wall Hangers

Interestingly, these LEGO Stud Wall Hangers (4016) aren’t listed on LEGO Shop@Home. Rather, they can be found on Amazon. The hangers come in three variant packages, each with three stud hangers in varying sizes (S, M & L). Variant 1 comes in Red, Blue and Yellow. Variant 2 has White, Black and Grey. Lastly, variant 3 contains wall hangers in White, Pink and Light Blue colors.

Each box of LEGO Stud Wall Hangers (4016), regardless of colors, is priced at $9.99 on Amazon. This would be just the right aesthetics for a LEGO fan’s room. Hopefully the universal mount hooks used to attach these hangers to the wall are sturdy enough.

LEGO Minifigure Display at Star Wars Celebration Chicago Earns Guinness World Record

As the 2019 LEGO Star Wars Celebration carries on in Chicago this week, LEGO is doing its part to establish itself as being an integral part of the overall franchise. It’s promoting its anniversary-edition LEGO sets, its spinoff animated series and so on. Now, they’ve achieved a notable triumph by having their LEGO Star Wars display win a Guinness World Record.

One exhibit, done by LEGO for Star Wars Celebration, is a tabletop display of Imperial Stormtrooper minifigures. They’re artfully arranged in formation to form a Stortrooper helmet silhouette when viewed from afar. Work was done by a model-building team overseen by Michael McNally (LEGO Group senior director of brand relations) and Jens Kronvold Frederiksen (LEGO Star Wars Design Director).


Look at that array. The Stormtrooper helmet silhouette you see was made out of 36,440 LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper minifigures. That number has beaten a previous Guinness World Record for “Largest Minifigure Display,” back in 2008 at the UK, using Clone Trooper minifigs instead (35,210).

With the number confirmed by a Guinness representative on hand, a new World Record was awarded to LEGO during the course of Star Wars Celebration. It’s a worthy reward for the 12-man LEGO team that worked 16 hours to put the display together in Chicago.


The LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Guinness Record-holders will remain on display for the rest of Star Wars Celebration. Panels for LEGO Star Wars animated productions are also expected this week.

LEGO Star Wars Surprise Box (5005704) Now Available with Minimum Purchase at European Shop@Home Sites

These past few days LEGO has been teasing fans with a Star Wars Surprise Box. As with previous packages like these the contents are ostensibly a mystery. For the box size they’re sure to contain mini-builds in polybags and minifigures too. But when’s it coming out? How do we even get it? We finally know.

For five days starting April 11, the LEGO Star Wars Surprise Box (5005704) is available in several European Shop@Home markets. As if trying to compete with LEGO Marvel’s line and its promotional Avengers Tower (40334), there’s quite the minimum purchase to get this Surprise Box.

Be they from the UK, Denmark, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria or Sweden, mainland European shoppers need €85 or £85 minimum worth of LEGO Star Wars purchases to get the box before April 15. This can tie into the ongoing Seasonal Easter Chicken Skater Pod (853958) promo, which requires a minimum €/£35 of any LEGO purchase.

Contents of the LEGO Star Wars Surprise Box (5005704) this year will be a variety of collectible minifigure polybags or keychains, five in every box. Lucky buyers could chance to acquire any of these rare finds: platinum R2-D2, sterling silver R2-D2 or graded TC-14 minifigure.

There’s no word yet on when the Surprise Box (5005704) finds its way to Shop@Home US, or if it will.

Fan of Rally Driver Ken Block Recreates LEGO Technic Version of His Custom Ford Mustang RTR

LEGO fans who also love awesome cars were the target of last month’s latest Creator Expert release, the legendary Ford Mustang (10265). The number of build options for the set, and the extras that were had during purchase, made it a sweet acquisition for collectors.

Still, some might had hoped that the Mustang was interpreted in another, more complex line. We need look no further than LEGO Technic for samples of magnificent automobiles. Let’s recall the Chevy Corvette ZR1 (42093), Porsche 911 RSR (42096), and the car/myth/legend Bugatti Chiron (42083). A LEGO builder just put together a Technic rendition of a particular Ford Mustang variant.


Lachlan Cameron has recreated the trusty ride of professional rally and stunt driver Ken Block from the Hoonigan Racing Division. His creation is the mighty Ford Mustang RTR “Hoonicorn” V2, a black 1400hp racer made out of LEGO Technic pieces.


All the indicators that this custom Mustang is that of Ken Block’s own are there: chrome finish, number 43, accurate decal stickers and flared fenders. The detailing is so accurate that Ken Block himself featured Lachlan Cameron’s work on his Facebook page. And why shouldn’t he be impressed? The build has functional steering and transmission, all-wheel drive, in-board suspension and lights, all via Power Functions.

For any LEGO Technic builders with pieces to spare, you can try building Ken Block’s Ford Mustang RTR “Hoonicorn” V2 yourself. Cameron has offered the building instructions for sale on the Rebrickable platform, if there are LEGO car enthusiasts interested.

Ideas Submission “Legend of Zelda: BOTW” Stable Seeks Support to Become Major Nintendo-Licensed LEGO Set

Whenever we at The Brick Show find an interesting product idea on LEGO Ideas, we try to shine the spotlight. This new submission we’re featuring to our readers would fit right in (sort of) with LEGO trying to secure IP franchises based on videogames. But rather than a PC title, this one’s for a console.

LEGO Ideas member and Redditor Hanwasyellowfirst, has conceptualized a set based on the arguable “killer app” game for the Nintendo Switch on its debut year: “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” It depicts a common location of that game’s world, plus a collection of very quirky minifigures too.


Due to the expansive environment in “Breath of the Wild” there are several Stables scattered around that would hire out horses for travelers like Link. This is the structure interpreted in LEGO by Hanwasyellowfirst. It’s nominally a one-story building topped with a wooden horse-head sculpture.


Areas in the “BOTW” Stable building include the stable proper (with three LEGO horse figures), a smithy fire-pit, benches, storage crates, and a varied display of weapons and crafting ingredients. It’s populated with minifigures of Link, the Stable master, Pikango, Beedle, Kaas, another traveller (with backpack) and a mystery character.


LEGO hasn’t released any set or product licensed from Nintendo. Past LEGO Ideas submissions depicting the “BOTW” title haven’t taken off either. This “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” Stable has impressed about 4,528 LEGO Ideas supporters so far. It still has 565 days left to reach 10,000 and make review. Nintendo Switch owners who have played “BOTW” should certainly support this.

New Exclusive Set Offering From the LEGO House Billund: LEGO House Dinosaurs (40366)

The day has passed and the secret is out. Then again, LEGO didn’t seem to be trying too hard. Yesterday they dropped a visual hint on their new upcoming exclusive set for LEGO House in Billund. Lots of visitors placed the set as a smaller recreation of an exhibit at the Home of the Brick. And indeed it was. The official website for the LEGO House in Billund, Denmark has revealed its new LEGO House Dinosaurs (40366) exclusive set. Coming in at 864 pieces, they’re pretty fun small versions of the three brick-built T-Rexes that stand at the entrance to the Experience Zones inside the Home of the Brick.

If you’ve visited LEGO House before, do you like the “realistic” brown LEGO dinosaur display? Do you prefer the fantastical dragon-like green variant? Or does the mechanical T-Rex strike your fancy more. With LEGO House Dinosaurs (40366), why choose when you can build all three? In the history of the Home of the Brick, there have been two prior exclusive sets, the LEGO Architecture LEGO House (21037) from 2017, and the Tree of Creativity (4000026) from last year. The dinosaur exhibits that the new LEGO House exclusive set depicts have been in display there for just around a year.

LEGO House Dinosaurs (40366)

LEGO House visitors starting April 17 can purchase the exclusive LEGO House Dinosaurs (40366) at their in-house shop. Only three boxes maximum are allowed purchase for each person, and it’s priced at 599 DKK ($90.47).

Here’s the press release for your reference.

Three giant LEGO® dinosaurs greet visitors when they climb the stairs to the Experience Zones of the LEGO House. Available from April 17th as a retail set. 

Positioned in The Masterpiece Gallery the three iconic dinosaurs are the stunning centrepieces of the room. Each model has a metal skeleton inside to support the LEGO bricks, the height of each models is 2,92 m (without podium) and the total piece count of the three models is more than 600.000 LEGO bricks. Now LEGO House has taken on the challenge to convert the three giant dinosaurs into a retail product.

The retail product, LEGO® House dinosaurs, will be launched at the LEGO Store in LEGO House this summer. And if everything goes as planned the first boxes will already be for sale from 17th April.

The LEGO model is a great reproduction of the giant dinosaurs capturing all the most iconic features in a rescaled version.

Designer Nina Koopman says: ”One of the biggest challenges with the new model has been to capture all the details from the big models. Especially since the models in Masterpiece Gallery were all built of the three different building systems LEGO DUPLO, LEGO Technic and LEGO System. You see it especially with the yellow dino where we eg. have used gear wheels, and ventilator elements to get the “Technic feel” into the product.”

The three dinosaurs have been on their way for roughly a year and is the third exclusive product that LEGO House launches. The others being Tree of Creativity (4000026) and the LEGO House Architecture set (21037).

In the new product it has been important to underline that it is both a toy for playing and a display model. Nina Koopman explains: “The aim was to make a stunning product and at the same time, we have worked with integrating moveable parts in the heads, arms and legs to enhance the play experience. Also the construction of the three models has deliberately been made different from each other in order to create three different building experiences, and you can remove the dinos from their podium.”

Each of the three models within the new product has a podium that resembles the real podium in Masterpiece Gallery. This pays reference to the fact that Masterpiece Gallery in itself is a giant LEGO brick – just 862 times an ordinary LEGO 2×4 brick – and the three podiums are the tubes of that LEGO brick.

The model is exclusively available at LEGO House in Billund and the retail price is 599 DKK. (Maximum 3 boxes pr. person).

LEGO Promo Art for “Avengers: Endgame” in Shanghai Features Avengers Faces as Brick-Built Chinese Opera Masks

Let nobody doubt LEGO’s mad skills in promoting major films, especially if their IPs were licensed for making tie-in sets. LEGO Porgs in London for “The Last Jedi” in 2017 is an example. Recently they’ve started work on brick-built promo exhibits for “Avengers: Endgame.” The Captain Marvel statue’s pretty cool.

But this “Endgame” promotion in China might top even that. In a Shanghai commercial complex at Nanjing East Road, LEGO-built masks of the Avengers are on display. The big draw is that the character faces are designed to resemble traditional Chinese Opera masks. Now that’s effectively engaging the Chinese market.

This is the brainchild of Prince Jiang, a LEGO Certified Professional from China. He depicts the first six original Avengers in the MCU movies: Hawkeye, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Black Widow. Each Avenger mask is 1.3 meters tall and 1.1 meters wide. Prince Jiang divided a total of 600,000 LEGO pieces between the six masks on display.

Shoppers and tourists along Nanjing East Road can see the “Avengers: Endgame” Chinese-Opera promo display there until the movie premieres in China. Elsewhere, the film will arrive in the US on April 26. LEGO’s tie-ins are already on sale and the promotional set Avengers Tower (40344) is now gift-with-purchase ready.


UK Superbrands Index Again Names LEGO as British Consumers’ Favorite Brand

Just over a year ago, The LEGO Group proved its brand image to be stronger that their then-ongoing revenue difficulties. An annual survey of UK consumers attested to the industry research institute Superbrands that LEGO is their most favorite brand. This 2019, LEGO made that top ranking into a streak.

Likely because of their remarkable 2018 recovery from their dismal 2017 financial standing, LEGO managed to remain Number 1 in the British Superbrands index. That means many of the 2,000 UK consumer-respondents named the Danish toy giant their favored brand from a pool of 1,500. Criteria for their selections depended on quality, reliability and distinction.

British Airways, the UK airline that LEGO displaced a year before, has since fallen to fifth place. Its own performance somehow couldn’t hold a candle to the 4% global revenue and profit growths that The LEGO Group enjoyed last year.

Part of LEGO’s success has been its ability to draw in licensed IPs from various and often competing franchises. Under LEGO’s umbrella they get turned into fun construction sets and minifigures that are sought after by kids and AFOLs alike.

If you’re curious, here are the Top 10 Superbrands Index entries. Compare from 2018.

  1. Lego
  2. Apple
  3. Gillette
  4. Rolex
  5. British Airways
  6. Coca-Cola
  7. Andrex
  8. Mastercard
  9. Visa
  10. Dyson

New Exclusive LEGO Set at Home of the Brick in Billund to be Unveiled

At over one year old, the Home of the Brick aka LEGO House in Billund is proving itself a top destination for LEGO-minded tourists. It’s played host to exhibits and a one-time Airbnb experience, and offered special merchandise like a book about its history. Now, an exclusive LEGO set is also about to be revealed.

But LEGO House is going to be a tad coy about this. On their official Facebook page, they posted a close-up detail of the completed set and asked visitors to guess what it is. About the only other info they volunteered was that the official set will be fully revealed later on Wednesday, April 10.

What do you think? Commenters on Facebook are of the opinion that this is a scale model of the LEGO dinosaur at the “Master Pieces” exhibit at the Home of the Brick. There’s also a photo of the exhibit in question in the comments. Color and brick shape aside, the close-up does look like the LEGO T-Rex’s flank and tail.

Following the reveal this Wednesday, LEGO House visitors won’t have to wait long for the set. It’ll be available for purchase by interested guests to the Home of the Brick in Billund starting April 17.