Ideas Designer of Fender Stratocaster (21329) Set Showcased in LEGO Video

When a major LEGO set gets released, there’s a chance that they’ll be featured in a designer video. If the release was a LEGO Ideas set, then there might sometimes be a twist in the presentation. Sometimes the designer video would have the official LEGO teams that finalized a winning product idea into the set. But there have been instances when the LEGO Ideas member who originated the build would be honored. The sweet Fender Stratocaster set (21329) came out in October 1. Now, nearly two weeks later, LEGO showcased a video of its Ideas original creator, a contest participant.

Tomas Letenay is a Slovakian architect, LEGO fan and music aficionado as seen in this video. Uploaded to LEGO’s official Twitter page, the showcase sees photos of Letenay and a short narration of his life. From his schoolboy dream of buying an electric guitar grew his ambition to own the legendary Fender Stratocaster. Building one out of LEGO bricks was the next best thing for him. Now his passion project is one of the most sought-after new LEGO sets around. Yet still Letenay continues to strive to one day own a real Stratocaster for himself.

If you like rock and roll but either can’t play guitar or afford one, this Ideas set’s your chance. With its accurate details translated into LEGO pieces, you’d genuinely fall in love with it. The Ideas Stratocaster (21329) comes with a brick-built amplifier, alternate-color body, and Fender sticker. It costs $99.99 and is newly available, so get it now, in stores or online at Shop@Home.

LEGO Resolves Products, Marketing Inclusivity; No Gender Bias

A decade or few back in the history of LEGO, it was perceived as a toy line for children. Rather, LEGO was primarily marketed for boys. But girls did enjoy playing with LEGO too, and eventually calls were made for girl-oriented products. The company complied, both with licensed IPs like Disney and original themes. The latter took several iterations, from LEGO Belville in the 1990s-2000s to LEGO Friends, introduced in 2012. That was fine at first. But at present in a world pushing for more inclusivity and less gender bias, that must change. And LEGO plans to lead in change.

The company made their intentions known on Monday, October 11, aka the United Nations International Day of the Girl. Through a statement on their official website and a new “Rebuild the World” video, LEGO charted a new direction in their product marketing.

Play inclusivity will be a guiding watchword, and the limits of gender stereotypes will be removed. Of course, these announcements also provoked some intense debate and even pushback. In response to a particularly nasty rumor that LEGO’s gender-bias removal means discontinuing LEGO Friends, the company had a counter-statement. No, LEGO Friends will not end. Its predominantly-female character cast will simply gain more male additions starting 2022, for balance.

Yes, put the torches and pitchforks down now. LEGO Friends isn’t going away. The theme’s celebrating its first decade next year! LEGO will however implement inclusive measure that goes both ways. Guys will simply appear more in Heartlake city. In turn, girls will become more common for upcoming LEGO minifigures in general, outside the licensed-IP themes. That’s one way to remove gender bias and stereotypes without benefiting one at the other’s expense. We’ll see how LEGO holds true to that with next year’s product releases.

Alternate Names for 2022 LEGO Technic Sets Surface

Hey Bat-fans, did you enjoy the reveal of LEGO’s “The Batman” tie-ins this past weekend? You must have marveled at the featured Batmobile sets, showcasing a different-looking ride for the Dark Knight. A stock car-like chassis for the Batman’s buggy really stands out after fans have gotten used to jet-engine supercars. The larger LEGO The Batman Batmobile is notable due to being a Technic set. And in the wake of its unveiling rumors have arisen about other LEGO Technic releases, particularly for 2022. One such batch of speculated Technic products was shared last month, but there are more of course.

As Germany’s would have it, there is quite the number of LEGO Technic sets due for next year. While they have the same set numbers as the earlier reveal from Instagram’s bricksmelody, they have different names. Now, one name from the old rumor list does describe several of the sets listed by Promobricks, but that’s all. Let’s look at the alternate enumeration to compare:

  • BMW M1000 RR K66 (42130)
  • Chopper (42132)
  • Telescopic Loader (42133)
  • Monster Jam Megalodon (42134)
  • Monster Jam El Toro Loco (42135)
  • “John Deere 9R (?)” (42136)
  • Formula E Porsche 99X Electric (42137)
  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (42138)
  • All-Terrain Vehicle (42139)
  • App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle (42140)
  • Formula 1 Racecar (42141)

So there we have a different listing for LEGO Technic sets running from 42130 to 42141. As with the bricksmelody version, these are mere rumors until confirmed or debunked by LEGO. Note that we didn’t list The Batman Batmobile (42127) because it’s confirmed.

“Upside Down”? Next LEGO Ideas Activity Isn’t Just About the “Stranger Things” Set

The Upside Down (75810), a LEGO set tie-in to hit Netflix series “Stranger Things,” retires at the end of 2021. Granted, we don’t have to worry about it being the only LEGO Stranger Things product. There’s that social media post last May to consider. But anyway, the Upside Down (75810) counts as one of the most memorable sets to come out in recent years. Changing one’s viewpoint by flipping the whole thing upside-down is a brilliant idea. That idea is being latched on by LEGO Ideas in their latest Activity.

Yep, LEGO Ideas presents the activity “Upside Down.” To be frank, it’s not strictly a “Stranger Things” theme here. In fact, this challenge carries the usual Ideas Activity reminder to tone down on IP use. Then again, the only prize for a LEGO Ideas Activity is seeing your submission shared by LEGO on social media. The activity instruction goes thus: “Is your build the right way up? Or should we tilt our heads? Build something, but upside down!” The steps do come across as rather vague, but that’s part of the fun. Are you a LEGO Ideas member with an idea for a build that “might” be upside-down? Then try your luck with this one.

This activity runs only for a week on LEGO Ideas. Interested builder participants must have their contributions submitted to the Activity Page by October 19.

LEGO VIP Double Points from October 11 to 17

Last week, we got wind of a possible LEGO VIP event running from October 11 to 17. Said event is one that many VIP members look forward to: Double points. Due to LEGO no longer promoting them on store calendars, 2x VIP Point periods can just come from nowhere. The above week-long event got attention due to LEGO Stores in the UK making preparations. At the time it didn’t seem certain that Double VIP Points would be awarded anywhere else. Well thanks to pointing it out, we know it’s happening elsewhere at LEGO Shop@Home.

So there: become a LEGO VIP and double your points up until this coming Sunday. Not just in the UK but major LEGO Shop@Home markets (North America, Western Europe) are in on the event. Various LEGO news sources we consulted have ideas on how to spend your 2x VIP point earnings this week. According to them you have the choice between new set releases from October 1, or products marked for retirement. It only runs for a week, after all. We see no need to be stingy with the double points you gain. Enjoy your shopping online at LEGO Shop@Home.

Biggest List of Rumored LEGO Star Wars Sets for 2022 Yet

LEGO Star Wars speculations for 2022: Thus far, these rumors have been coming at us in bits and pieces. We “know” from these rumors that LEGO wants to shine the spotlight on “The Empire Strikes Back.” That would explain at least two Battle of Hoth sets following the similarly-unconfirmed Hoth AT-AT supposedly coming in November. A recent rumor scoop by German LEGO news source looks to tie the disparate speculations together. Aside from Original Trilogy Episode II, we have tie-ins to the Disney+ “Star Wars” series too. Check out this quick list of alleged LEGO Star Wars products due to release sometime next year.

  • Hoth Battle Pack (75320) – 105 pieces, 4 minifigures | €19.99/$23.12
  • Razor Crest Microfighter (75321) – 98 pieces | €9.99/$11.55
  • Hoth AT-ST (75322) – 586 pieces | €49.99/$57.82
  • Luke’s Landspeeder (75341) – 105 pieces | €199.99/231.32
  • Dark Trooper Battle Pack (75324) – 166 pieces, 4 minifigures | €29.99/$34.69
  • Boba Fett’s Palace (75326) – 732 pieces | €99.99/$115.65
  • Luke Skywalker Helmet (75327) – 676 pieces | €59.99/$69.39
  • The Mandalorian Helmet (75328) – 584 pieces | €59.99/$69.39
  • Death Star Garbage Compactor (75329) – 666 pieces | €59.99/$69.39
  • Yoda’s Training (75330) – 1,002 pieces | €79.99/92.52
  • The Book of Boba Fett (75325) – €69.99/$80.95

The US$ prices are direct conversions.

Further speculation pegs the May releases (75329, 75330) as “LEGO for Adults” sets. Much like the Darth Vader Meditation Chamber (75296), these sets will depict key scenes from the “Star Wars” films complete with iconic dialogue on a display tile. Do note that the above set list is an enumeration of rumors. Don’t take them as fact until LEGO confirms their existence; still an impressive collection for LEGO Star Wars.

End-2021 “Retiring Soon” Sets Revealed on LEGO Shop@Home US

The end of any given year marks the traditional date of retirement for LEGO sets. As you know, the old products must make way for new releases after all. Some LEGO product retirements vary from market to market too, so there’s that to consider. Last mid-September Shop@Home UK began listing up their retiring products. The Brick Fan now has the heads-up on LEGO sets also marked for retirement on Shop@Home US. There are some similarities to the earlier UK list, but there are others also. We’re doing a mini-list of the 2021 retiring sets for Shop@Home US. If they got featured here on The Brick Show, we’ll add the articles.


Creator Expert


LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313)

  • Ship in a Bottle (92177)
Jurassic World



We have a set as old as 2017 here in the Creator Expert London Bus. It was fortunate to have lasted so long, but the time to say goodbye is coming soon. If you want them but still haven’t got them, then better make your purchase soon.

LEGO Tie-Ins for 2022’s “The Batman” Film Revealed

You’ve got to hand it to Robert Pattinson. From a one-shot “Harry Potter” bit character to a then-trendy vegetarian vampire, now he gets to play Dark Knight. The “Twilight” star is set to headline the latest reboot of the Batman films in 2022. Initial movie trailers showcase a stylishly dark take on the DC hero, also depicting him as a rookie crime-fighter. Of course, DC Films and Warner Bros. Pictures want no spoilers coming out regarding “The Batman.” Then again, thanks to merchandising tie-in deals, we can get some ideas. After all, LEGO just revealed their official “The Batman” sets.

Now up on LEGO Shop@Home, four LEGO The Batman sets await their November 1 release date. Of course, collectors are free to pre-order them now. Interestingly, two Batmobile sets headline this batch, similar to the two Tumblers from LEGO DC Batman (76239, 76240). LEGO and Batman fans will want these new Batmobiles. Their stock car look stands in contrast to the concept supercars of past Batman films. One set is a nice 8+ with weapon load-outs; the other is a sweet Technic product. But why read us waxing lyrical, when you can see them now?

Technic – The Batman Batmobile (42127)

10+| 1,360 pieces | $99.99 | Coming November 1, pre-order available

  • Build the BATMOBILE™ – Recreate all the details of the iconic super-hero car with this awesome LEGO® Technic™ THE BATMAN – BATMOBILE 42127 toy set for kids and adults
  • As seen in THE BATMAN movie – This authentic model is a true-to-life LEGO® Technic™ replica version of the BATMOBILE™ as seen in the 2022 movie
  • See the car light up – Includes 2 light bricks to bring the BATMOBILE™ to life. The red light adds a glow to the transparent engine, while the yellow brick lights up the front grille
  • Packed with functions – Cool features include front steering, differential on rear wheels, moving pistons, spinning flame, plus opening doors and hood
  • Made for display – Enjoy exploring all the functions packed into this hot toy then place on display to admire its authentic looks

Batman & Selina Kyle – Motorcycle Pursuit (76179)

6+ | 149 pieces | $14.99 | Coming November 1, pre-order available

  • Fast-moving action – The impressive, dual-motorcycle LEGO® DC Batman™: Batman & Selina Kyle™ Motorcycle Pursuit (76179) set puts the excitement of The Batman movie into kids’ hands
  • 2 minifigures – Includes Batman™, with a fabric cape, and Selina Kyle™ minifigures, a Batarang™, grappling gun, chain, gem element and a glow-in-the-dark Batsignal™
  • Hands-on fun – Kids take their imaginations on a thrilling motorcycle ride with Batman™ and Selina Kyle™, enjoying endless super-hero adventures as they go

Batmobile – The Penguin Chase (76181)

8+ | 392 pieces | $29.99 | Coming November 1, pre-order available

  • Missile-firing Batmobile™ – LEGO® DC Batman™ Batmobile: The Penguin™ Chase (76181) puts supercharged, super-hero action from The Batman movie into kids’ hands
  • 2 cool minifigures – As well as a buildable Batmobile™, the playset includes a Batman™ minifigure with a fabric cape and The Penguin™ minifigure with a shooter and hand-held rocket launcher
  • Super-hero action – Young crime-fighters can take on an iconic Super-Villain and play out endless imaginative adventures with this awesome, armed crime-fighting machine
  • Awesome weapons – The battle-ready Batmobile™ features 2 spring-loaded shooters that launch mega missiles when kids press plates on the hood
Batcave – The Riddler Face-Off (76183)

8+ | 581 pieces | $79.99 | Coming November 1, pre-order available

  • Amazing Batman™ HQ – Any Batman fan will be captivated by the feature-packed LEGO® DC Batman Batcave™: The Riddler™ Face-off (76183)
  • 6 minifigures – As well as a host of features and accessories, this versatile playset includes Batman™, Selina Kyle™, The Riddler™, The Drifter, Alfred and Commissioner Gordon minifigures
  • Authentic accessories – An extensive assortment of accessories, including computers, tools, welding gear and a city map, inspire endless imaginative role play


LEGO sure rolled out some nice tie-ins for “The Batman.” Now WB Pictures must step up and give us a new trailer.

New LEGO Star Wars Rumor for 2022: “The Mandalorian” Dark Trooper Battle Pack with Luke Skywalker

More LEGO rumors to check out, this time for the Star Wars line: yet another Battle Pack for 2022. That’s the gist of another Instagram post noticed by The Brick Fan this week. Last month we discussed LEGO Star Wars rumors about sets centered on the Battle of Hoth (“Empire Strikes Back”). Aside from new AT-AT (75313?) and AT-ST (75322?) sets, that batch of unconfirmed info included a minifig Battle Pack (75320?). This new rumor from Falcon Fan 1414 (1414falconfan) brings the focus to “The Mandalorian” on Disney+ instead. You probably have an idea what the pack will likely depict.

Stated above by 1414falconfan, the LEGO Star Wars Battle Pack homages “The Mandalorian” season 2. This alleged Dark Trooper Battle Pack will contain three Imperial Remnant Dark Trooper minifigures. And yes, it also includes Luke Skywalker. You may replay that scene from the season 2 finale now. 1414falconfan claims the Battle Pack set number is 75324(?) and will cost $29.99 on retail. Numbering-wise it jives with the numbers from the Hoth sets from September. But you know how it goes: this tidbit is a rumor so keep a salt shaker in arm’s reach. The year 2022 is still fan enough.

Rumor of New Buildable Iron Man Set for LEGO Marvel Infinity Saga Series Coming Next Year

From something already confirmed, let’s return for a bit to the rumors related to LEGO. With 2021 winding down, speculation turns to what’s coming next year. LEGO Marvel apparently has nothing to worry about in terms of set representation. The MCU continuously releasing movies and Disney+ streaming series guarantees LEGO making more tie-ins. One subtheme slowly coming to prominence is the Infinity Saga, spanning from 2008’s “Iron Man” film to 2019’s “Avengers: Engdame.” Our rumor, gleaned from social media by way of Brick Fanatics, speaks of a buildable figure set celebrating the first MCU hero.

According to lego_club_news on Instagram, LEGO might be rolling out a buildable Iron Man figure for 2022. Specifically, the build depicts the Mark 42 armor used by Tony Stark in 2015’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Lego_club_news even posted details such as the set number (76202) and its $39.99 unit price. If true, this Marvel Infinity War Iron Man buildable set will be the second LEGO released. The previous, LEGO Hero Factory Iron Man (4529) turns 10 years old in 2022. One can’t help but feel this is a milestone rollout with a more-developed new product.

With that, we give the usual disclaimer that this social media post is a rumor and remains so until confirmed. To review, here are the current LEGO Marvel Infinity Saga sets:

  1. Black Panther: Dragon Flyer (76186)
  2. Captain America and Hydra Face-Off (76189),
  3. Iron Man: Iron Monger Mayhem (76190)
  4. Infinity Gauntlet (76191)
  5. Avengers: Endgame Final Battle (76192)
  6. The Guardians’ Ship (76193)
  7. Bro Thor’s New Asgard (76200)