LEGO DOTS Collabs with “The Sims FreePlay” in Limited Event for Themed In-Game Stuff

Around the early 2010s, EA Games took their hit life-simulation franchise “The Sims” and adapted it to the mobile market. “The Sims FreePlay” has been on for quite some time now. In fact, two of the MOS platforms it launched in have since gone defunct. That leaves iOS and Android, naturally. The latter launched “Sims FreePlay” in 2012, making it a decade old this year. In that time the game app has seen numerous update packages from EA Mobile and Firemonkeys Studios. The thing is, all of them are in-house additions unlike mobile game apps in Japan with numerous cross-franchise collaborations. That’s changing this month.

The Brick Fan tells us that EA is collaborating with – obviously – LEGO for their next “Sims FreePlay” update. Specifically, they’re partnering with the LEGO DOTS craft line to bring FreePlay gamers the “You Dot You” update. This consists of all-new DOTS-themed items for Sims in the mobile app. Eagle eyes would recognize these accessories and gear as being actual LEGO Dots sets and products. There’s also a limited-time live event running June 13-24 where “Simmers” can complete gameplay challenges to unlock in-game DOTS stuff. Message boards? Customizable bracelets? DOTS-themed fashions? They’re all in this pack.

From what the images shared on social media look, “Sims FreePlay” X LEGO DOTS looks real bright and colorful. True, it’s rather niche in going for “Sims” fans who’re also LEGO (DOTS) collectors. But being free-to-play means it’s not too costly. There’s that time limit though. If you play “Sims FreePlay” on iOS/Android/Amazon and want the DOTS goodies, you have until two Fridays from now.

LEGO Con 2022 Reveals Partial Schedule

We’re counting down the days now to this year’s LEGO Con. Come Saturday June 18 the event will kick off in Billund, viewable online (at different times per time zone). Expectant LEGO fans can look forward to the reveal of several major set reveals. These particular items have been rumored and hyped for long enough too. But exactly are we in store for this LEGO Con 2022? LEGO’s gladly taken care of that according to Brick Fanatics. Their social media’s been abuzz this week with details for the coming weekend. And we’ll relay them now.

In a virtual con supposed to run two hours long, LEGO Con this year has some big sets to unveil. In apparent order we have LEGO Marvel followed by LEGO Star Wars. The former’s certainly the new Sanctum Sanctorum (76218). After that come the tie-ins for allegedly the finale to LEGO Ninjago. Then we get a break with a virtual studio tour of Wizarding World London for LEGO Harry Potter. LEGO Friends shows its stuff next, with LEGO Minecraft following up. LEGO Super Mario also has new character packs to tease. We’ll also see LEGO tie-ins for “Lightyear” in-depth. Finally there’s the reveal of a new LEGO theme, which may just be LEGO Icons, formerly the Creator Expert line.

One should note that some LEGO social media spoilers weren’t included in their tentative schedule? LEGO Avatar and more 90th Anniversary sets spring to mind. The “LEGO Masters” reality show franchise does get a prominent spot. It’s no surprise given that presenter Melvin Odoom is co-hosting this event. He’ll be joined by Vick Hope and Joel McHale. LEGO Con 2022 will live-stream on YouTube this June 18. London gets it at 5PM, New York at 12PM, and Los Angeles at 9AM.

Sikorsky S-70 Firehawk by Slekk024 Finally Gets 10-K Support

If you hang around the LEGO Ideas webpage you know there’s a massive amount of aspiring sets there. Predicting which ones will succeed feels like a fool’s errand. Those product ideas even have to muster supporters on the platform to be considered for review. While many LEGO news services do take note of these hopefuls once in a while, they can’t always keep track. So sometimes their predicted 10-K support passers flame out or others take quite long to reach that milestone. Why, late last year we featured a helicopter product idea with 3-K-plus supporters but just over a month left to hit 10 grand. What happened to it anyway?

Well, funny that. The Sikorsky S-70 Firehawk by Slekk024 has officially gathered the necessary support for review. If you’ll recall, this build depicts a firefighting version of the Sikorsky S-70 as currently used by Cal Fire. With some 3,000 pieces one can assemble the Firehawk and a portion of California forest fire to extinguish. The set has firefighter minifigures as well to man the mechanisms of the chopper. During its support-gathering stage the product idea received endorsements on social media from Sikorsky and Cal Fire. At last their promotional efforts have come through for Slekk024.

This is the latest addition to LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review Stage. And we’re sure you’re wondering: where are the rest of the 10-K supported updates? Well, we’re going to try and backtrack through those lucky submissions in the future.

Review Recent LEGO Star Wars “Mandalorian” Tie-Ins in this Cute Animated Short Starring Grogu

When we last left the Mandalorian – outside of his own “Star Wars” series – he and Grogu were happily reunited. The Force-sensitive child of the late Yoda’s species chose to abandon Jedi training to help his one-time protector. We’ll have to wait until “The Mandalorian” season 3 rolls out on Disney+ to learn what happens next. But fans can certainly dream up some nice scenarios of the duo traveling the Galaxy in their custom Naboo starfighter. And if they’re LEGO collectors, these fans can potentially imagine some wild ideas. But can they beat an “official” LEGO Star Wars take on this?

That may well be the point of this cute LEGO animation short as shared by Brick Fanatics. The short, hosted on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel, is titled “A Gift from Grogu”. Quite obviously it’ll involve everybody’s favorite Baby!Yoda doing something nice for Din Djarin, his Mandalorian protector. In this case Grogu uses the Force to assemble stray LEGO into something awesome. Merchandising-wise, he’s really just showing off recent LEGO Star Wars “The Mandalorian” tie-in sets. In fact, the production of this animation can be dated from the featured sets. They’re still using Razor Crest instead of the Starfighter.

In case you need a refresher, these are the sets featured. We have the Razor Crest (75292); its Microfighter version (75321); and The Mandalorian & the Child (75317). As for the gift, it’s The Child (Grogu) himself (75318). We can consider this a nice look back, given that new LEGO Star Wars stuff are coming. They’ll of course be teased during LEGO Con 2022, happening this coming Saturday June 18. Kids Teases Next Technic Sets Coming this Summer

Some LEGO collectors surely wait for upcoming sets to be featured with official product listings on the Shop. There’s nothing quite like the finality of those entries with detailed info, specs and product blurbs. Granted, these reveals aren’t instantaneous. Sometimes third-party retailers list their new LEGO items first. Or maybe we just get images on social media. LEGO’s done that too, like with two of their upcoming Technic sets now. Where to find these teaser pictures? As The Brick Fan has it, they’re on the Kids website. And they’re both quite mind-blowingly awesome.

These images and more can be seen in preview listings for LEGO Technic in for Kids. There are no box photos yet. But we do get cool action visuals of the Material Handler (42144) and Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter (42145). And because they’re built in the LEGO Technic system, one can’t help but gush at how “real” they look.

You probably agree after seeing these pictures too. Now the wait for their product listings on the main site feels a bit more cliff-hanging. Thankfully these upcoming LEGO Technic sets are earmarked for summer this year. We’ll probably get more official word soon enough.

No New LEGO Ghostbusters Revealed in Ghostbusters Day 2022

In June 8, 1984 Columbia Pictures released a supernatural comedy involving paranormal investigators starting a business to “capture” ghosts. “Ghostbusters” starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and the late Harold Ramis became a hit. It would lead to a sequel four years later, plus animated series spinoffs, videogames and more media. June 8 became “Ghostbusters Day”, a time when new Ghostbusters stuff usually gets announced amid fan celebration. This year’s edition had some cool announcements like a follow-up to the latest film, 2021’s “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”. Some animated projects were hinted too. But among the reveals, were no LEGO products.

LEGO has ridden the “Ghostbusters” resurgence somewhat by releasing tie-in sets the past few years. But as Brick Fanatics puts it, there wasn’t even a teaser for any new LEGO Ghostbusters thing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that LEGO’s leaving the theme dry a la LEGO Indiana Jones. The latest tie-in, Ecto-1 (10274), was announced in November of 2020. It usually came with a poster for “Afterlife,” although LEGO made no direct tie-ins to it. Still, with new upcoming “Ghostbusters” projects including an animated series and movie, one can only wonder. We might just be surprised.

LEGO Ideas “Go STEM!” GWP Contest Not Yet Announcing Winners

For the most part, contests on LEGO Ideas run quite smoothly. A contest page is set up, followed by a waiting period for entries. The usual procedure afterwards would consist of the expert review, a fan vote, and finally announcing the winners. Sometimes there might be multiple reviews and votes, if the contests have prelim/semi phases. For the most part, the contest is over when the LEGO Ideas team reveals the winners. Of course, sometimes something comes up. Like now, an Ideas contest that would conclude Thursday…didn’t announce its champions.

Indeed, the LEGO Ideas “Ready, Set, Go STEAM!” Contest should’ve concluded June 9. That was when the winner announcement would be done. But a visit to the contest page reveals an announcement at top. A LEGO Ideas team spokesperson notes that the STEAM contest will delay its reveal of the winners. Apparently one runner-up contestant hasn’t been responding to official communication from the Ideas platform. For consideration, the Ideas team decided to put things off until all winners are aware and responded. They did say the reveal will be ASAP, but nobody knows how long the wait could be. For the moment, we’ll keep watching the Ideas STEM Contest page.

We covered “Ready, Get Set, Go STEAM!” here in The Brick Show last month. You can check out the 15 finalists vying for grand champion and five runners-up over there. The cool LEGO sets they’d get would be topped by the grand champion’s submission becoming an official GWP in future.

LEGO Star Wars Reveals Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader (75334), Now Preorder-Ready

Among the massive character roster of “Star Wars”, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi is easily a universal fan favorite. After all, he was mentor to Anakin Skywalker before he became Darth Vader. Kenobi would do the same for Anakin’s son Luke, before sacrificing himself in battle against Vader. Media-wise he is the first instance of the “Star Wars” spiritual guide called the “Force Ghost”. Franchise followers tend to wonder what his character did between the prequel films and original trilogy. Disney+ obliged with the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” miniseries which started last month, starring Kenobi’s prequel actor Ewan MacGregor. True to fashion, this “Star Wars” spinoff is getting merchandise, LEGO sets among them.

Brickset brings to us word of the first LEGO Star Wars “Obi-Wan Kenobi” tie-in set. This is the epic battlefield piece Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader (75334), depicting a key event from episode 3. Before the fateful Death Star duel, Kenobi and Vader (post-Anakin) have already encountered each other. Watch our heroic Jedi Master as he takes on his corrupted former Padawan, alongside Imperial double-agent Tala. Droid NED-B also joins the rumble. Prop functions replicate burning embers and Kenobi doing Force jumps (via transparent elements).

“Obi-Wan Kenobi” will conclude on Disney+ later this month with two episodes left to go. Meanwhile, you may preorder Obi-Wan vs. Vader (75334) now. It won’t arrive until the first of August however. Anyway, here’s the product listing blurb:

Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader (75334)

Age 8+ | 408 pieces | 4 minifigures | $49.99 | Preorder available; Coming August 1

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader battle set (75334) – Recreate an epic lightsaber duel from Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi with this action-packed LEGO® Star Wars™ buildable toy playset for kids
  • 4 LEGO® minifigures – Obi-Wan Kenobi with a blue lightsaber, Darth Vader with a red lightsaber, Tala Durith with a blaster pistol and droid NED-B with a power hammer and backpack accessory element
  • Play-inspiring features – 2 rotating battle platforms, a translucent stand for Obi-Wan Force-jumps, a fire pop-up function, an opening furnace and a mining cart that can be flipped over and detached

LEGO Icons Loop Coaster (10303) Gets Official Product Listing

Way back in 2018, LEGO wowed amusement park collector-builders with a Roller Coaster set (10261) of the Creator Expert line. Some four years later, speculation began building of a possible follow-up, with a set number even: 10303. The release date is supposed to be this mid-2022. It also means that this set will now come out under the new LEGO Icons moniker, replacing Creator Expert. Well now we can stop wondering because LEGO has made its official reveal according to Germany’s Promobricks. It won’t have the new Icons logo on the packaging yet, but that’s not really important at present.

Anyway, here we have images and information snippets for the LEGO Icons Loop Coaster (10303). If this is a follow-up of sorts to 2018’s (now-retired) Roller Coaster (10261), it’s a big step up. Where the older set featured turns and inclines, the Loop Coaster boasts more advanced track elements. By that we mean this ride has loops (naturally). Another key feature is the elevator ascent from the station. The lift carries the coaster up to the top of a 90-degree incline. That’s enough momentum to propel the ride through two loops before returning to station.

Being an 18+ Icons set, Loop Coaster will cost a pretty penny when it launches, though LEGO’s not specifying yet. Here’s some more info from the official product listing:

Loop Coaster (10303)

Age 18+ | 3,765 pieces | 11 minifigures | $399.99 | Coming Soon

  • A roller-coaster build for adults – Expand your LEGO® Fairground Collection with this collectible LEGO Loop Coaster Building Kit (10303). A project for adults and a gift idea for amusement park lovers
  • Power up your coaster – Designed with reality in mind, this buildable model is prepared for LEGO® Powered Up (available separately) so you can upgrade the roller-coaster with a motorized elevator
  • Fairground details – Accessories include a park bench with map, balloon cart, pretzel cart, hot-dog stand, height marker and a covered boarding station with opening barriers and a control panel
  • 11 minifigures – Includes a ride operator, balloon seller, pretzel seller, hot-dog seller, a grandma, a young boy, and 5 riders. 6 of the minifigures have reversible heads to show different emotions

LEGO GWP Polybags Now Available: Speed Champions Aston Martin AMR Pro and City Go-Kart

A week into June 2022, LEGO has a new set of GWPs beginning their promo period now. Both items are polybags, and they ought to catch the fancy of automobile aficionados looking for quick builds. One is for the Speed Champions line, which already has new releases this year. The other is a minifigure-scale vehicle for the LEGO City line. According to Brickset, both gift-with-purchase polybags have the same purchase price threshold. One promo period ends sooner than the other though, so here’s the lowdown on these promotional automotive polybags.

First is the LEGO Speed Champions Aston Martin AMR Pro (30434). From this Tuesday, June 7, one can get it with a minimum LEGO purchase of $40.

It’s the same price deal for the LEGO City Go-Kart Racer (30589). About the only difference is the end of its GWP period. The City polybag wraps up on the 14th, while its Speed Champions counterpart won’t be until June 19. Of course, both also depend on while their respective stocks last. The Aston Martin polybag’s being touted by LEGO as a nice extra for a Father’s Day LEGO purchase. The City Go-Kart’s more for an everyday gift. These GWPs are available on both and LEGO Stores.