Last 2018 Bricktober LEGO Minifigure Set (5005256) to Finally Hit US LEGO Stores and Shop@Home Next Month

Sometimes, even we who report on the latest LEGO-related news might be too hasty to make definitive statements on any development. Last year we ran several articles on the convoluted release of the 2018 LEGO Bricktober collectible minifigure sets in the US, as they were Toys R Us exclusives and needed to be carried by other retailers in that country.

One by one three of the 4-minifigure Bricktober sets – 5005254, 5005255 and 5005257 – had their chance to appear in either LEGO Stores or retail partners. The fourth, LEGO Marvel (5005256) was never announced for anything and was only ever available on TRU Canada, apparently as an exclusive. By December we had written off 5005256 ever being found normally in America.

That only shows what we know; when it comes to LEGO we should never count them out. According to our fellow LEGO news source and online set guide Brickset, the last piece of the 2018 Bricktober collectible minifigure puzzle is finally hitting the US, soon.

Apparently we have the MCU (obviously) to thank for LEGO Marvel Bricktober (5005256) getting its time in the stateside spotlight. Did you forget? “Captain Marvel” is premiering March 8, and “Avengers: Endgame” follows shortly on April 26. There’s still one, more but it’s these, particularly the second that matters here. There’s nothing like some nice synergy to bring the “prodigal” minifig set home at last.

Long story short, LEGO Stores and Shop@Home US will carry the 2018 Bricktober Marvel minifigure set (5005256) from March 1 to 7. It’ll be added free on any minimum LEGO purchase of $75; even better, it doesn’t have to be all LEGO Marvel products. Now borderline-impatient collectors can get their hands on War Machine, Wong, Tony Stark and Winter Soldier (three Thanos survivors and one victim) to complete the set.


Make & Take the Systar Spaceship from “LEGO Movie 2” in UK LEGO Stores this Wednesday

“The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part” has just had its second weekend and is soon to clock at two weeks in cinemas. While its box office has been strong, if not as intense as its original back in 2014, its tie-in LEGO sets have been among the most anticipated products of the brand this early part of the year.

Not all “LEGO Movie 2” builds are official boxed sets and polybags. Some of them can be acquired at “Make & Take” events that LEGO holds with some of its big-name retail partners, like Barnes & Noble earlier this month.

Well, this coming Wednesday, February 19, there will be another Make & Take event for “LEGO Movie 2” happening, and this one will be in UK LEGO Stores. The subject this time is the eyeball-like alien starship of General Sweet Mayhem from the Systar System, interpreted as tie-in set 70830.

The Make & Take version of the Systar spaceship gets all the major details right, and needs only about as much pieces as might fit in an average-sized LEGO polybag. I wouldn’t say this is the best alternative if one can’t afford the full LEGO Movie Systar Ship (70830), but it’s a great collectible build.


If you need a refresher on LEGO Make & Take events, they’re only for kids within a certain age range (6-14 years old here). The event is for a limited period of time in participating UK LEGO Stores, from 4 in the afternoon to 6.

The “LEGO Movie 2” film is now ranked number 2 in the US box office (behind “Alita: Battle Angel) with a second-weekend $21 million domestic earning. As for the Sweet Mayhem’s Systar Spaceship (70830) set that the Make & Take is based on, it’s already available in stores and Shop@Home.

Official Images of 2019 LEGO Star Wars Sets (Aside from the 20th Anniversary Collection)

As January came to an end, the LEGO News community got wind of the official names for some of the newest LEGO Star Wars sets for 2019. To be clear, these sets are of a different batch from the commemorative sets celebrating 20 years of the LEGO Star Wars line.

We already showcased images of one of these LEGO Star Wars sets, the Duel on Starkiller Base (75236) which was inadvertently “leaked” early by Amazon Italy last week. Come the New York Toy Fair, we finally have the official unveiling of these 2019 sets with images. Let’s take a look:

LEGO Star Wars Microfighter (small-scale starfighter models)

  • Naboo Starfighter (75223)

75223 Star Wars Naboo Starfighter Microfighter

  • Sith Infiltrator™ (75224)

75224 Star Wars Sith Infiltrator™ Microfighter

  • Escape Pod vs. Dewback™ (75228)

75228 Star Wars Escape Pod vs. Dewback™ Microfighters

Battle Pack (for big battle scenes)

  • Elite Praetorian Guard (75225)

75225 Star Wars Elite Praetorian Guard Battle Pack

  • Inferno Squad (75226)

75226 Star Wars Inferno Squad Battle Pack

Action Battle (battle scenes with spring-loaded target-shooting gameplay)

  • EndorAssault (75238)

75238 Star Wars Action Battle Endor™ Assault

  • HothGenerator Attack (75239)

75239 Star Wars Action Battle Hoth™ Generator Attack

  • Echo BaseDefense (75241)

75241 Star Wars Action Battle Echo Base™ Defense

Star Wars Clone Wars (perhaps celebrating the return of the popular animated series)

  • AT-APWalker (75234)

75234 Star Wars AT-AP™ Walker

Star Wars Resistance (tie-ins for the latest “Star Wars” animated series)

  • Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter™ (75240)

75240 Star Wars Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter™

  • Black Ace TIE Interceptor (75242)

75242 Star Wars Black Ace TIE Interceptor

Original Trilogy

  • Death Star Escape (75229)

75229 Star Wars Death Star Escape

  • TIE Fighter Attack (75237)

75237 Star Wars TIE Fighter Attack

  • X-Wing StarfighterTrench Run (75235)

75235 Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter™ Trench Rum

Sequel Trilogy

  • Duel on Starkiller Base (75236)

75236 Star Wars Duel on Starkiller Base

LEGO Star Wars Polybag (30461) Version of Anakin’s Podracer – 20th Anniversary Version (75258) Seen at NYTF

LEGO is celebrating two decades’ worth of licensed “Star Wars” sets in epic style. Their latest products to commemorate that milestone, first seen in images last January and showcased for real during the NYTF, are all awesome brick-built love letters to the storied space opera franchise from Lucasfilm (and Disney).

While the major announcement had a big batch of LEGO Star Wars 20th anniversary sets, they’re not the only “Star Wars” sets around. More products such as the Duel on Starkiller Base set (75236) have been introduced as well. And now, LEGO’s working on introducing the little products, aka polybags.

Sharp observers at the New York Toy Fair found at least one new LEGO Star Wars polybag connected to the “20 Years” celebration. This is a micro-scale rendition of an already existing LEGO Star Wars 20 set, Anakin’s Podracer (75258). Say hello then to the 20 Years Podracer polybag (30461).

As expected of many polybag versions of larger LEGO sets, the Podracer (30461) is a significant yet effective simplification of the larger anniversary Podracer set (75258). There’s the racer capsule and the two pods. However the connector cables are absent, with only the clear-part central piece connecting the components together.

No word has been given on when this polybag will be released. The most likely answer will be that it will start as a free with purchase on stores and LEGO Shop@Home, included with a minimum purchase of LEGO Star Wars 20th anniversary sets. Eventually it’ll be sold by itself in shops when the promo runs through. Time will tell if this prediction follows through.

LEGO Ideas: Second 2018 Review Stage Winners Announced

By now, fans of both classic TV animation and LEGO are busy poring over the images of the LEGO Ideas set for “The Flintstones” (21316) that were released in the lead-up towards the New York Toy Fair this past weekend. It and another set, Treehouse, were the two selected product ideas from the First 2018 Review Stage, with the former expected to arrive this March.

Amid the discussion regarding the quality of the final Ideas product (21316) with the original creation of Andrew Clark, the LEGO Ideas Review Panel is continuing its massive backlog of examining 10-K submissions on their online platform. This Monday they finally publicized their choices from the Second 2018 Review Stage, over four months after the First 2018 Review Stage results.

Interestingly, both these new, official and upcoming LEGO Ideas sets have some pretty familiar tunes attached to them. First we have Steamboat Willie from Máté Szabó (Ideas username szabomate90). He worked on this build to commemorate Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary, though it’ll be coming late to the party. As for the familiar tune, Mickey’s whistling is sampled in the logo for Walt Disney Animation Studios.


Next, we have Aymeric Fievet/Mric76’s splendid recreation of the Central Perk Café, a prominent gathering place and interior location setting for NBC’s iconic sitcom “Friends.” The set itself is quite wide and roomy, allowing for seven minifigures of the show’s main characters to hang out and have lots of fun. Oh, and you’re probably hearing The Remembrandts’ “I’ll Be There for You” in your heads as you read this blurb.


We’re going to look forward to seeing these licensed-property LEGO Ideas sets being revealed sometime this year, if the gap between the Ideas Flintstones (21316) announcement and official unveiling is any indication. Now, the ball’s in the Third 2018 Review Stage, the five finalists of which were announced last month.

Summary of LEGO Products that Got the Spotlight at the New York Toy Fair

The American International aka New York Toy Fair 2019 ends on Tuesday, February 19. Until then, the world’s biggest toy manufacturers and brands are showing off their best and latest products at the Javits Center. LEGO of course is among them, and from the time the fair started last Saturday they have already shown much.

For the benefit of our readers here at The Brick Show, we’re going to do a recap of all the stuff that LEGO promoted at their booth and elsewhere at the NYTF over the weekend. These are all links to articles of ours that touched on the items in question, whether they were early reveals or from the event itself

  1. LEGO Architecture
  2. LEGO City
  3. LEGO Classic
  4. LEGO Creator
  5. LEGO Duplo
  6. LEGO Friends
  7. LEGO Hidden Side 
  8. LEGO Ideas
  9. LEGO Minifigures
  10. LEGO Movie 21, 2, 3, 4, 5
  11. LEGO Ninjago
  12. LEGO Speed Champions
  13. LEGO Technic


  1. LEGO Batman
  2. LEGO Disney
  3. LEGO Ideas
  4. LEGO Minecraft
  5. LEGO Overwatch
  6. LEGO SpiderMan
  7. LEGO Star Wars

LEGO Classic Sets Also Showcased on NYTF: Bricks and Ideas (11001) and Basic Brick Set (11002)

There’s a wide variety of LEGO sets that have been shown before the public during the New York Toy Fair this weekend. Plenty of them are sprawling complex builds while others are more simplified, particularly the Duplo line celebrating its 20th year. But they have things in common: specialized pieces, contours, elements and so on.

Such developments came from decades of evolution in LEGO, but sometimes it can be interesting to revisit the roots of this brand. One might recall the special 60th anniversary commemorative sets from early 2018 that sold out quickly. Well, LEGO is dabbling in nostalgia again by introducing new Classic sets.

A number of additions to the retro-styled LEGO Classics line became available in the first month of this year. They were included among the numerous sets put by the company on display at the NYTF, to make sure more people know about them. We here at The Brick Show can help with that as well.

  • Bricks and Ideas (11001) – enough colorful bricks, studs and other elements to build a classic house front, T-Rex, piano and train; 123 pieces for US$9.99 or $13.99 Canadian


  • Basic Brick Set (11002) – more LEGO bricks of classic configurations, enough to build one each of a flower, birdhouse, knight on horseback, seaplane, dog with bone, monster truck and stegosaurus; 300 pieces for US$19.99 or 24.99 Canadian


These LEGO Classic sets are just right for early LEGO builders of age 4 and up. As said, they’ve already been available along with several other sets of the Classic line since January, and can also be found on LEGO Shop@Home. In a time of elaborate themed sets, it’s great to return to old times.


Massive LEGO Jurassic World Set Reveals in Preparation for “Legend of Isla Nublar” Miniseries

There’s a lot of New York Toy fair reveals done by LEGO over the weekend, both of their own original theme lines and of the major licenses they have going. While Disney-Pixar just got some of their tie-ins for this year’s “Toy Story 4” shown, Universal wasn’t far behind either.

While plans for the next “Jurassic World” film are still beyond the horizon, Universal had inked a deal with LEGO last year to do a LEGO animated spinoff “prequel” called “LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit.” Shown on NBC last November before going to DVD last month, it proved awesome enough to warrant a whole new LEGO miniseries: “LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar.”

This LEGO animation will take place in 2012, after “The Secret Exhibit” but before the events of the first “Jurassic World,” and will show more of Owen Grady’s early days as a raptor trainer with his still-young raptors, against the backdrop of day-to-day operations in the titular Jurassic World park.

And with the new miniseries announced, came reveals of the promised new sets in the LEGO Jurassic World line. This appears to tie in to the animated LEGO Jurassic World universe, which while taking plot points from the films, has its own stories to tell.

  • Dilophosaurus on the Loose (75934) – one of those nasty venom-spitting dinos has escaped to the park premises, and it’s up to Owen Grady to track it down before it munches on park guest Hudson Harper; set features dinosaur-head concession stand and quad-copter drone model with net launcher; includes Owen, Hudson and store attendant minifigures plus dilophosaurus figure; 168 pieces for age 6+ ($19.99)


  • Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt (75935) – original Jurassic Park saboteur Dennis Nedry’s nephew Danny Nedermeyer from “The Secret Exhibit” is back with his associate Sinjin Prescott to search for buried treasure on Isla Nublar from before the days of InGen presence; instead they run afoul of a cranky Baryonyx, needing Owen and Claire to save their bacon; set features model jeep with trailer and forest riverside terrain; includes minifigs of Owen, Claire, Nedermeyer and Sinjin, plus dog and baryonyx figures and lots of neat props; 434 pieces for age 7+ ($59.99)


  • Triceratops Rampage (75937) – Jurassic World boss Simon Masrani is checking out the new park attractions with lab tech Allison Miles and another tourist; but when a triceratops escapes its paddock, Owen must distract it with a carrot on his ATV; set features area gate, signpost, Egg Spinner ride and electrified fences plus model ATV; minifigures of Owen, Masrani, Allison and female tourist goes with triceratops figure; 447 pieces for age 7+ ($59.99)


  • T-Rex vs Dino-Mech Battle (75938) – Nedermeyer has pinpointed the Isla Nublar treasure to its volcano and is moving to secure it with his dino-mech; luckily the venerable old T-Rex takes offense at him; unluckily Claire, Vic Hoskins and Owen with his raptor babies are caught in the middle on a rubber raft; set features Isla Nublar volcano terrain, dino-mech and model inflatable raft; minifigs include Owen, Claire, Hoskins and Nedermeyer, plus T-Rex figure, prop figures of baby raptors and bats, plus tranquilizer guns; 716 pieces for age 8+ ($89.99)


All four LEGO Jurassic World sets featured here will become available in August. Meanwhile, the “LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar” miniseries will run 13 episodes and premiere later this year.

First Look at Some of the Tie-In Sets Coming in April for Disney-Pixar’s “Toy Story 4”

Around November of last year, Disney fans were surprised to learn from a teaser released that time, that the thought-to-be finished “Toy Story” film trilogy from Pixar was getting a fourth installment. It was no surprise that LEGO would be quick to announce tie-ins for the movie that is set for release this coming June.

Following a few months of speculation, fans can finally take a gander at the first official images of the LEGO Toy Story 4 sets. These items are among the many products that the legendary toy brand introduced for the first time in the New York Toy Fair this past weekend.

Here’s a quick look at four of the expected tie-ins for Disney-Pixar’s “Toy Story 4”. These sets are all of the 4+ age designation that has since replaced LEGO Junior.

  • Woody RC (10766) – something of a throwback to the original film way back in 1995; features Woody minifig, RC model racecar with remote, boxes, road cones and army men props; 69 pieces (US$9.99/$13.99 Canadian)


  • “Toy Story 4” RV Vacation (10769) – apparently a road trip is a major part of this film; features Jessie and LGM minifigures, Rexy mini-doll figure and Forky prop; also includes models for RV, Grand Basin toll gate and wilderness cabin front; assorted other props include skateboard, apple, hotdog, mug, plate and lamp; 178 pieces (US$34.99/$49.99 Canadian)


  • Buzz & Woody’s Carnival Mania! (10770) – we also know from later teasers that part of “Toy Story 4” takes place in a carnival, with some new characters; includes minifigs of Woody, Buzz, Bo-Peep and Bunny, plus Ducky prop; set features models of ice cream parlor, shooting gallery, octopus ride and two bumper cars; 230 pieces (US$49.99/$69.99 Canadian)


  • Carnival Thrill Coaster (10771) – another major fixture of the carnival that our heroes will have their adventures in during the movie; features three-section roller coaster with oblong track plus pizza cart; includes Buzz and LGM minifigure; 98 pieces (US$19.99/$24.99 Canadian)


All these sets are coming out this April, while “Toy Story 4” from Disney and Pixar will arrive in cinemas on June 21.

LEGO Impresses with Exhibits, Displays and New Products Unveiled in 2019 New York Toy Fair

As one of the biggest toy brands in the world, LEGO is guaranteed to have a place of honor in whatever international toy fairs might be happening throughout the world. The ongoing American International Toy Fair, or New York Toy Fair, is no exception to giving LEGO its priority space.

And the company didn’t disappoint either. Since its trademark toys are for building and assembling, LEGO dazzled and excited NYTF attendees and visitors with every display and exhibit they put up in the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The star of LEGO’s presentation: it’s latest film “LEGO Movie 2,” naturally.


This much was obvious whenever somebody walked through the Javits Crystal Palace Entrance Hall, which had many big LEGO builds. There’s Emmet’s couch for photo ops, the 5-footer Ultrakatty model, interactive building tables and minifig mascots of Emmet and Wyldstyle.

LEGO’s Toy Fair booth, numbered 1335, is no less flashy, with T-Rex and Rabbit models that could rival Ultrakatty’s already-impressive dimensions. The booth also has brick-built models of the “LEGO Movie” main characters, and more locations for selfies/usies such as the booth’s LEGO waterfall backdrop.


As for what events LEGO has in store at their booth throughout the NYTF, look no further than all those sweet new sets they’ve got featured, not to mention other media like videogames and the new “Hidden Side” mobile app. There are also a couple of milestone celebrations in store: five decades of Duplo and two of LEGO Star Wars.

Remember that the 2019 New York Toy Fair goes on until this February 19. The LEGO booth 1335 is open 9 AM to 6 PM this Monday, and up to 4 PM on Tuesday. If you’re in the area, don’t delay and check them out.