ICYMI: Make Way for LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser (71411)!

Hey, there brick fans! In case you missed it, LEGO has announced another super-sized set that will surely tickle the fancy of all Super Mario fans. The LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser (71411) is the biggest LEGO rendition of the iconic Super Mario villain that comes in at almost 3,000 pieces. The nice thing about this set is that it is not just meant for display, but it also comes with a bunch of play features that are certainly designed to impress: movable head, mouth, and legs, launching fireball, and beautiful, intricate details.

LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser

And like the rest of the LEGO Super Mario sets, The Mighty Bowser also evokes certain sounds and animations from the LEGO Super Mario figure itself. Watch Carl Merriam (Senior Designer) and Didier Agani (Senior Play Designer)  as they demonstrate how this set adds more fun to other LEGO Super Mario sets.

The LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser (71411) will retail for $269.99 once it becomes available on October 1st. Read on for more info about this set, and click on the affiliate link below if you want to add this to your LEGO wishlist today.

LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser (71411)

2,807 pieces | $269.99 | Coming Soon on October 1, 2022

LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser

Appreciate the king of the Koopas when you build, display, and play with LEGO® Super Mario™ The Mighty Bowser™ (71411). This buildable figure uses new-for-October-2022 LEGO elements to recreate the look of Bowser’s spikes. It has many features, including a fireball launcher and a button to control Bowser’s head and neck movements. His arms and fingers move too!

Interactive play
Display The Mighty Bowser on the brick-built battle platform, which has 2 towers for him to knock over, a hidden POW Block, and an Action Tag. Combine The Mighty Bowser and the platform with a LEGO Super Mario Starter Course (71360, 71387, or 71403 – sold separately) for battles with LEGO® Mario™, LEGO® Luigi™, or LEGO® Peach™. A great gift for any Super Mario™ fan and fun for all the family, this set includes step-by-step instructions to guide the complex build.

Welcome to your zone
Look out for other LEGO Sets for Adults in the collection. Whatever your passion, there is an inspiring building project waiting for you.

  • Buildable model of Bowser for display and play – Celebrate the ultimate Super Mario™ boss with this detailed LEGO® brick-built The Mighty Bowser™ (71411) figure for display and play
  • Create different poses – Control Bowser’s head and neck with a button under the shell, open and close the mouth, pose the arms, hands, legs, and tail and activate the fireball launcher
  • Battle platform with a POW Block and 2 towers – The platform has a hidden POW Block for enhanced play with Starter Courses (sold separately) and 2 towers that are designed to be knocked over by Bowser
  • The Mighty Bowser™ display piece – This LEGO® Super Mario™ character model, including the display stand, measures over 12.5 in. (32 cm) high, 16 in. (41 cm) wide and 11 in. (28 cm) deep
  • Interactive play – Stomp on the battle platform’s Action Tag with LEGO® Mario™, LEGO® Luigi™ or LEGO® Peach™ (figures not included) for battles with The Mighty Bowser™
  • Gift idea for fans – This 2,807-piece LEGO® building set makes a fun birthday present, holiday gift or special treat for Super Mario™ fans.

German Retailer Lists Multiple Upcoming LEGO Sets Including Optimus Prime (10302), More Ninjago

Through thick and thin, LEGO strives to maintain a regular product release schedule year in and out. And while the best source on set launches would be LEGO themselves, sometimes retailers would jump the gun. These early announcements can contain the most exciting LEGO set notices, which we must wait for until confirmed or debunked. Last February we caught wind of a LEGO set for a mega-franchise from fellow toy giant Hasbro. Who could imagine a LEGO-Hasbro collaboration to make LEGO Transformers? That rumor, plus other LEGO items, just got their advance product reveal courtesy of an online German retailer.

The Brick Fan tells us that some upcoming LEGO sets now grace the online listings of Wagner’s in Germany. This listing includes the aforementioned long-rumored LEGO Optimus Prime (10302), from Hasbro’s “Transformers.” Not your thing? How about tie-ins for James Cameron’s “Avatar” particularly the sequel arriving late this year? We also have early mentions of the expected 2022 Advent Calendars, if you collect those. Here’s a rundown of what to expect from several major LEGO themes all through the year.

  • Great Pyramid of Giza (21058) – 1,476 pieces | €139.99
  • Iron Man Hall of Armor (76216) –496 pieces | €89.99
  • Baby Groot (76217) – 476 pieces | €49.99
  • Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum (76218) – 2,708 pieces | €219.99
  • 2022 Advent Calendar (76231) – 268 pieces | €34.99
  • Dragon Temple (71759) – 161 pieces | €39.99
  • Jay’s Golden Dragon Motorbike (71768) – 137 pieces | €19.99
  • Cole’s Dragon Racer (71769) – 384 pieces | €44.99
  • Zane’s Gold Dragon Jet (71770) – 258 pieces | €29.99
  • Temple of the Crystal King (71771) –703 pieces | €79.99
  • The Crystal King (71772) – 722 pieces | €59.99
  • Kai’s Gold Dragon Raider (71773) –624 pieces | €84.99
  • Lloyd’s Ultra Gold Dragon (71774) – 989 pieces | €139.99
  • Nya’s Samurai X-Mech (71775) – 1,003 pieces | €109.99
Speed Champions
  • 007 Aston Martin DB5 (76911) – 298 pieces | €19.99
  • Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger R/T (76912) – 345 pieces | €19.99
Star Wars
  • The Justifier (75323) – 1,022 pieces | €159.99
  • AT-ST (75332) – 87 pieces | €29.99
  • Obi-Wan’s Spaceship (75333) – 282 pieces | €29.99
  • Obi-Wan & Darth Vader (75334) –408 pieces | €49.99
  • BD-1 (75335) – 1,062 pieces | €99.99
  • Kenobi’s Spaceship (75336) – 924 pieces | €99.99
  • AT-TE (75337) – 1,082 pieces | €139.99
  • 2022 Advent Calendar (75340) – 329 pieces | €34.99
Transformers (18+)
  • Optimus Prime (10302) – 1,508 pieces | €169.99

Sets Unnamed Yet

  •  (75571) – 560 pieces | €39.99
  •  (75572) – 572 pieces | €54.99
  •  (75573) – 887 pieces | €89.99
  •  (75574) – 1,212 pieces | €139.99
  •  (71411) – 2,807 pieces | €229.99
Super Mario
  •  (71410) – 1,476 pieces | €5.99

LEGO Super Mario Presents: LEGO Princess Peach and Sets; Now Listed, Coming August

It was no surprise whatsoever that, upon March 10 aka Mar10 Day hitting LEGO.com Thursday, we got our set reveals. The new LEGO Super Mario sets were spoiled by a teasing social media post on LEGO’s Instagram. That may have been removed shortly after, but now collectors could see it coming. And as confirmed by The Brick Fan, this new wave of LEGO Super Mario sets will introduce a new character. Mario and Luigi may have been saving Princess Peach of Mushroom Kingdom numerous times now. But Peach can take care of herself too, as her interactive brick-built figure demonstrates.

Like with the Mario Bros, Princess Peach gets introduced to LEGO via her own Starter Course set (71403). From there this LEGO Super Mario product batch boasts several new expansion courses. And with Peach around, that includes her previously-mentioned Palace (71408). In fact, it would be easier to just enumerate:

Adventures with Peach Starter Course (71403)

Age 6 | 354 pieces | $59.99 |Coming August 1

  • Start your Adventures with Peach – Give Super Mario fans another way to enter the LEGO Super Mario universe with this Starter Course (71403) featuring LEGO Peach
  • Interactive LEGO Peach figure – Features a color sensor, an LCD screen to display various instant reactions to movement, and a speaker that plays iconic sounds and music from the video games
  • Digital coin-collecting play – This toy playset features a Start Pipe, Goal Pole, swing set, a Lava Bubble-launching challenge, a Flying “?” Block and Lemmy and Yellow Toad figures
  • Fruity fun – The red fruit triggers happy reactions from LEGO Peach and can be gifted to the Yellow Yoshi or another interactive figure (not included). ‘Eat’ the fruit and earn digital coins
Goomba’s Shoe Expansion Set (71404)

Age 6+ | 76 pieces | $9.99 | Coming August 1

  • Enemy-stomping play – Level up with the LEGO Super Mario Goomba’s Shoe Expansion Set (71404), featuring a brick-built shoe for hopping, stomping, flipping fun
  • LEGO toy figure of a Super Mario character Goomba – Place the Goomba inside the brick-built shoe, just like in the Super Mario video games, and add to the LEGO® Super Mario™ levels children create
  • Stomp and flip – Help LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi or LEGO Peach (figures not included) swipe the shoe to jump around and perform flips to win digital coins
Fuzzy Flippers Expansion Set (71405)

Age 6+ | 154 pieces | $19.99 Coming August 1

  • Recreate a Super Mario sky course challenge – Kids can raise their LEGO Super Mario level sky-high with this 71405 Fuzzy Flippers Expansion Set
  • 2 Fuzzy LEGO figures – Help LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi or LEGO Peach (Note: these 3 interactive figures are not included) stomp on each end of the 2 flippers to flip the Fuzzies and defeat them
  • Brick-built sky, orange Mushroom Trampoline and Time Block – The Mushroom Trampoline has a bouncy effect, so an interactive figure can jump on it
  • Solo or 2-player play – Friends who each own an interactive LEGO Super Mario character figure can take on this double flipper challenge together
Yoshi’s Gift House Expansion Set (71406)

Age 6+ | 246 pieces |$29.99 | Coming August 1

  • Welcome to Yoshi’s Gift House (71406) – Children can add a treat-packed level, featuring iconic Super Mario character Yoshi, to their LEGO Super Mario Starter Course with this Expansion Set
  • 2 LEGO Super Mario toy figures – Yoshi and Monty Mole for LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi or LEGO Peach (note: these 3 figures are not included) to interact with
  • Fun play features – A doorway, bed, mailbox with a letter element, fireplace, tree with a fruit-knockdown feature, red fruit, green fruit and a gift box for gifting fruits
  • Treat Carousel – Spin LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi or LEGO Peach on the carousel until the fruits turn gold and collect extra digital coins when they ‘eat’ the fruit
Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower Expansion Set (71407)

Age 7+ | 494 pieces | $79.99 | Coming August 1

  • Ice-breaking adventures – Excite kids’ imaginations with the Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower Expansion Set (71407), featuring a brick-built tower and lots of coin-collecting challenges
  • 3 LEGO Super Mario characters – LEGO toy figures of Cat Goomba, Kamek and Toad for LEGO Peach (figure not included) to interact with
  • Cat Suit – The suit triggers unique reactions in LEGO Peach and she can wear it to climb the tower and win digital coins
  • Fun challenges – Release the Coin Block from ‘ice’, grab the yellow fruit, knock ‘ice’ off the tower, activate the POW Block then topple Kamek from the tower and break Toad out of the ice enclosure
Peach’s Castle Expansion Set (71408)

Age 8+ | 1,216 pieces | $129.99 | Coming August 1

  • Highly detailed Peach’s Castle (71408) – Children can add an iconic location to their LEGO Super Mario world with this challenge-packed Expansion Set
  • 5 LEGO Super Mario toy figures – Bowser, Ludwig, Toadette, a Goomba and a Bob-omb
  • Authentic features – A Special Pipe: Peach’s Castle, Time Block, Peach stained-glass window, Bob-omb painting with a hidden Action Tag, cake with a Goomba hiding inside, a purple fruit and more
  • Throne room – Help LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi or LEGO Peach (figures not included) activate the slider platform to spin the wall and reveal Bowser, then jump on the triggers to flip him over
Big Spike’s Cloudtop Challenge Expansion Set (71409)

Age 7+ | 540 pieces | $69.99 | Coming August 1

  • Introducing a new sky level – Let children take on Big Spike’s Cloudtop Challenge (71409) with this colorful LEGO Super Mario Expansion Set featuring Super Mario enemy characters and challenges
  • 3 LEGO Super Mario figures – A Big Spike, a Boomerang Bro and a Piranha Plant
  • Fun challenges – Dodge the spiked roller thrown by the Big Spike, gain Super Star Block power and jump on the seesaw to defeat the Piranha Plant and win digital coins
  • Orange Mushroom Trampolines – Jump on the trampolines with LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi or LEGO Peach (figures not included) to get to the Boomerang Bro

Well, they didn’t make it on Mar10 Day. But August isn’t really that far away. Enjoy the promotions and bundles now as we wait for the new sets to launch later on.

LEGO Super Mario Princess Peach’s Castle (71408) Teased Ahead of Mar10 Day Event

By now, we can perhaps safely say that LEGO Super Mario isn’t just a one-off gimmicky product line. It may well be a new long-running LEGO theme all on its own, with regular set launches year after year. Having electronic buildable characters from the Nintendo videogame franchise electronically interacting with the sets is sheer genius. Every new set released can potentially be a new interactive playground for the LEGO Mario Bros. And if you think the sets launched last January were all there is for 2022, think again. In fact, LEGO Super Mario is soon expanding its playable brick-built characters.

As told by Brickset, LEGO has spoiled us with its next big Super Mario tie-in: Princess Peach’s Castle (71408). A now-deleted post on LEGO’s Instagram inadvertently revealed this bombshell. But we’re sure to get the low-down very soon. That’s because Thursday, March 10, is being celebrated as Mar10 Day. (Mar-10, get it?) The event already graces the front page of LEGO Shop online. No word on Peach’s Castle. Still, other LEGO Super Mario promotions are taking center stage. The upcoming set 71408 features a Castle build inspired by “Super Mario 64.” But it features cross-franchise characters like Bowser Koopa, Ludwig Koopa, Toadette and more.

Mar10 Day Details

Meanwhile, Mar10 Day is bringing back some cool stuff according to The Brick Fan. During March 10-24, LEGO Super Mario purchases worth $40 will again get the Fuzzy & Mushroom Platform (30389) polybag. This GWP already ran in August 2021 so apparently LEGO still has stock left. In-store shoppers can bring their LEGO Mario/Luigi figures to the nearest LEGO Store to receive the Super Mario coin. Finally, LEGO is offering three bundles of past Super Mario sets. Buying them will net not just VIP points (if member) but also Nintendo Platinum Points.

These set bundles can only be gotten on LEGO.com, so grab them if you haven’t already.

LEGO Unleashes “Spooky” Trailer for Super Mario “Luigi’s Mansion” Sets Released January 1

Way back in November of last year, we learned of the next step in LEGO Super Mario sets. The red-and-blue plumber’s handed the spotlight over to his green-and-blue brother, with sets based on the GameCube title “Luigi’s Mansion.” These three LEGO sets launched with so many others on the first day of the New Year, 2022. Let’s just say the “Luigi’s Mansion” tie-ins are starkly different from their Mario-centric predecessors. Aside from focusing on Luigi, the sets are also spookily themed. True, the original 2001 game on the Nintendo GameCube went rather gothic. And LEGO has some fun reminding fans.

Brick Fanatics has it that LEGO released a launch video for the recently-launched LEGO Super Mario “Luigi’s Mansion” sets. A lemony voiceover narrator provides the tone as the scene plays out of a family enjoying said play-sets. Like other LEGO Super Mario sets, these new ones can be combined to make an expanded play area. Our brick-built Luigi can be powered up by the Lab and Poltergust Expansion Set (71397), giving him his ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner. From there, he must navigate two key areas of “his” mansion. Those would be the Entryway (71399) and Haunt and Seek (71401) Expansion sets.

Hearing LEGO Luigi’s adorably scared voice lines while interacting with these new sets just never gets old. And it goes double if you’ve played “Luigi’s Mansion” on the GameCube years ago. Of course, Nintendo developed sequels for the game on the 3DS and Switch. LEGO willing, we’ll get more “Mansion” expansion sets covering these games too. In the meantime, collectors can get these three January-1st releases now, and relive their mansion-exploring, ghost-vacuuming days of old.

LEGO.com Now Lists January 2022 Lunar New Year, Super Mario Sets

Earlier this week we had our first peek at some upcoming LEGO sets for the start of 2022. Said items showed up in the 4th China International Import Expo over the previous weekend. The venue was rather appropriate considering that two Chinese New Year sets number among the reveals. A few days later, LEGO.com put their listings up, according to Brickset. Now let’s enjoy closer looks at what collectors can expect this coming New Year.

Traditional Chinese Festival Sets
Lunar New Year Traditions (80108)

1,066 pieces | $79.99

Capture the excitement of Lunar New Year family traditions with this colorful LEGO® toy building set (80108) for ages 8 and up. It features 6 brick-built scenes that are packed with authentic details, and each portrays different festive activities, including food shopping, making good-luck decorations, visiting family and exchanging ‘Hongbao’ red envelopes. There are separate building instructions for each of the detailed scenes so the whole family can build together, and the modules can be arranged in multiple ways to create a unique display.

Role-play fun
The set features 12 LEGO minifigures, including the God of Wealth and a family of 6 people, to bring the scenes to life and let kids role-play their own stories.

Top gifts
Collectible Traditional Festival LEGO construction toys make splendid educational gifts for creative kids and anyone interested in Asian culture. Great for building and playing with solo or with friends and family, they also make eye-catching centerpieces.

  • Modular play-and-display set showcasing Lunar New Year family traditions – Kids learn about Chinese New Year customs as they build and have festive fun with this colorful LEGO® set (80108)
  • 12 LEGO® minifigures bring each scene to life – the God of Wealth, a stallholder, a couple, man, girl, and a family of 6: dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, a girl and boy
  • 6 scenes that connect in multiple ways – Each of the 6 modules portrays a festive activity, including spring-cleaning, food shopping, making good-luck decorations and exchanging gifts with family

Lunar New Year Ice Festival (80109)

1,519 pieces | $119.99

Get in the mood for celebration with this LEGO® Lunar New Year Ice Festival building set (80109) for ages 8 and up. It features a highly detailed winter scene with a brick-built frozen lake, equipment rental shop, sweet potato vendor’s cart, photo booth, chun ice sculpture, vending machine, penguin-shaped sled, ski slope, snow-capped tree and more.

Build, play and display
The joyful scene is brought to life by 13 LEGO minifigures, including a person in a tiger outfit to mark the Year of theTiger, plus a penguin figure and lots of fun accessory elements such as ice skates, a hockey puck, smartphone, translucent-blue penguin ice sculpture and ice-sculpting tools. The set is fun to build solo or as a family activity and makes a wonderfully playful festive centerpiece.

  • Lunar New Year play-and-display set – Kids can recreate the traditional family fun of a Chinese New Year Ice Festival with this LEGO® set (80109), featuring a-detailed, buildable winter scene
  • 13 LEGO® minifigures with lots of accessories – Includes a person in a tiger outfit to mark the Year of the Tiger, sweet-potato vendor, ice sculptor, mom, dad and children, plus a penguin figure
  • Buildable winter wonderland – A frozen lake, penguin-shaped sled, ski slope, chun ice sculpture, equipment rental shop, photo booth, vending machine, sweet potato vendor’s cart and more
  • Role-play Chinese New Year activities – Rent equipment from the shop, skate, play hockey and ride the penguin sled on the lake, carve ice sculptures, go ice fishing and take photos with penguins

LEGO Super Mario
Bowser Jr.’s Clown Car (71396)

84 pieces | $9.99

Lift off for extra LEGO® Super Mario™ action with Bowser Jr.’s Clown Car Expansion Set (71396) for ages 6 and up. It features a brick-built version of the Junior Clown Car, plus a LEGO toy figure of a Bob-omb for children to add to their Starter Course. Place LEGO® Mario™ and/or LEGO® Luigi™ (figures not included) in the Junior Clown Car and fly it around to collect digital coins. (Note: the 71360 or 71387 Starter Course is required for interactive play.)

Digitally enhanced building and play
Find building instructions for this set on the companion LEGO Super Mario app. The app also offers inspiration for different ways to build and play, and it offers a safe forum for children to share their creations.

  • Aerial action with Bowser Jr.’s Clown Car – Kids can add an aerial, coin-collecting challenge to their LEGO® Super Mario™ universe with the 71396 Bowser Jr.’s Clown Car Expansion Set
  • An enemy Bob-omb – The set includes a LEGO® toy figure of a Bob-omb to add to the brick-built levels that kids create
  • Fly to collect digital coins – Place a LEGO® Mario™ or LEGO® Luigi™ (figures not included) in the brick-built Junior Clown Car and fly it around to earn coins

Dorrie’s Beachfront (71398)

229 pieces | $29.99

Add a colorful beach level to the LEGO® Super Mario™ universe with the Dorrie’s Beachfront Expansion Set (71398) for ages 6 and up. It features a Dorrie LEGO figure, which LEGO® Mario™ or LEGO® Luigi™ (figures not included) can ride on. There is a launcher to flick a green shell at the Huckit Crab figure, plus a buildable sandcastle, water fountain and tree, each with cool functions that the player must activate to access the 1, 2, 3 Blocks. (Note: the 71360 or 71387 Starter Course is required for interactive play.)

Companion app
This collectible toy playset makes a super gift for trendsetting kids and is ideal for solo play or social competitions. Check out the LEGO Super Mario app for building instructions, creative inspiration and more fun stuff.

  • Colorful, brick-built beach level – Kids can add beach challenges to their LEGO® Super Mario™ Starter Course with the 71398 Dorrie’s Beachfront Expansion Set
  • 2 iconic Super Mario™ characters – A LEGO® figure of Dorrie for LEGO® Mario™ or LEGO® Luigi™ (figures not included) to ride on and explore the level, plus an enemy Huckit Crab to defeat
  • Shell-launching, 1, 2, 3 Block-hunting fun – A launcher to flick a green shell at the Huckit Crab, plus a buildable sandcastle, water fountain and tree, each with functions to reveal 1, 2, 3 Blocks
  • Solo or social play – Friends and family members can compete to collect the most digital coins, then rebuild the level to set a new challenge

Big Urchin Beach Ride (71400)

536 pieces | $59.99

Create an action-packed level with the LEGO® Super Mario™ Big Urchin Beach Ride Expansion Set (71400) for ages 7 and up. It features a roller coaster with a Dolphin LEGO figure for LEGO® Mario™ or LEGO® Luigi™ (figures not included) to ride on while trying to shake the Super Star Block out of the palm tree and topple a Big Urchin. Make Cheep Cheeps ‘leap’ by jumping on the bridge and collect more digital coins for spectacular dives off the springboard and fun interactions with the Yellow Yoshi toy figure. (Note: the 71360 or 71387 Starter Course is required for interactive play.)

  • Action-packed, buildable beach level – Take the LEGO® Super Mario™ action to the beach with the Big Urchin Beach Ride Expansion Set (71400) for solo or social play
  • 5 LEGO® Super Mario™ toy figures – Yellow Yoshi, a Big Urchin, 2 Cheep Cheeps, and a Dolphin for LEGO® Mario™ or LEGO® Luigi™ (figures not included) to ride on

  • High-diving, dolphin-riding fun – A springboard to perform dives and a roller coaster to shake the Super Star Block out of the palm tree and topple the Big Urchin
  • Bridge with ‘leaping’ Cheep Cheeps – Jump up and down on the bridge to make the Cheep Cheeps ‘leap’ and stomp on them to collect digital coins

LEGO Super Mario Character Packs – Series 4 (71402)

29 pieces | $4.99

Create even more action-packed levels with collectible toy Character Packs – Series 4 (71402) for ages 6 and up. Each pack contains a mystery, buildable character with an Action Tag, plus a small build to use as a display stand or to enhance play. There are 10 LEGO® Super Mario™ characters to collect: a Mechakoopa, Para-Biddybud, Stingby, Bully, Freezie, Ant Trooper, Goombrat, Coin Coffer, Scaredy Rat and a baby penguin. Each is designed to be used with a Starter Course set (71360 or 71387), which is required for interactive play.

  • Collectible LEGO® Super Mario™ toy characters – Give kids extra interactive play options with Character Packs – Series 4 (71402). Each pack contains a mystery buildable character with an Action Tag
  • 10 to collect, build and play with – A Mechakoopa, Para-Biddybud, Stingby, Bully, Freezie, Ant Trooper, Goombrat, Coin Coffer, Scaredy Rat and a baby penguin
  • Starter Course (71360 or 71387) required for interactive play – One of the Starter Course sets, featuring the LEGO® Mario™ (in set 71360) and LEGO® Luigi™ (in set 71387) figures, is needed for play
  • Small build in each pack – Kids can use the build as a display stand or incorporate it into the levels they create. LEGO® Mario™ or LEGO® Luigi™ react to the characters in various ways

Don’t forget. These LEGO sets arrive on January 1 of 2022.

LEGO Lands Multiple Nominations in 2022 Toy of the Year Awards

Every year the Toy Association honors the best products in the industry through its annual Toy of the Year Awards. It doesn’t take a follower of these events to know that LEGO is a regular nominee and awardee here. Being one of the biggest toy brands in modern history is a perk in itself. Furthermore, many of the sets they release year after year deserve nominations and wins. The 2022 Toy of the Year Awards is no exception. Of the 16 possible categories, LEGO has representation in at least eight. Some of these categories even have multiple LEGO nominees.

Here are LEGO’s 2022 nominated products:

Collectible of the Year

LEGO Marvel Series Collectible Minifigures (71031)

2022 Toy of the Year


Construction Toy of the Year

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Grand Hotel (41684)


LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle (76178)

2022 Toy of the Year

Creative Toy of the Year

LEGO Vidiyo The Boombox (43115)

Grown-Up Toy of the Year

LEGO Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet (10280)

2022 Toy of the Year

Playset of the Year

LEGO Star Wars – Boba Fett’s Starship (75312)


LEGO Super Mario – Adventures with Luigi Starter Course (71387)

2022 Toy of the Year
Preschool Toy of the Year

LEGO Disney Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Tiana’s Storybook Adventures (43193)

LEGO Disney Summer 2021

Specialty Toy of the Year

LEGO – Everyone is Awesome (40516)

2022 Toy of the Year

STEAM Toy of the Year

LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Ferris Wheel (31119)

Vehicle of the Year

LEGO Icons Porsche 911 (10295)

2022 Toy of the Year


It’s amazing that one set from LEGO’s misfiring Vidiiyo theme also made it in. Then again, that would be the Toy Association’s call. Maybe the accolade (and a possible award) may reinvigorate interest in the Vidiyo line. Who can tell? Anyway, we wish LEGO’s 2022 Toy of the Year Award nominees the best of luck.

More Upcoming LEGO Super Mario 2022 Sets Revealed

When this month began, LEGO gave their first look at the newest sets for LEGO Super Mario. Said sets, earmarked for 2022 release, tie into the Nintendo GameCube title Luigi’s Mansion. As it turns out, however, the three revealed were just part of a larger batch. What we probably didn’t expect is the venue for LEGO’s reveal of the rest. The grand unveiling took place at China’s 4th International Import Expo, alongside other LEGO set announcements. And this time around, we have some better images of the upcoming LEGO Super Mario 2022 sets expected to be part of LEGO’s wave of January 2022 releases.

Courtesy of The Brick Fan, let’s have a look at these other upcoming LEGO Super Mario 2022 set releases. LEGO put up images on their official page on the Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo, the link for which TBF provided. They’re quite an impressive ensemble, so here they are with set names translated.

The first three are Expansion Sets:

Bowser Jr.’s Clown Car (71396)

LEGO Super Mario 2022

Dorrie’s Beachfront (71398)

Big Urchin Beach Ride (71400)

LEGO Super Mario 2022

The fourth is a character pack introducing more “Super Mario” game franchise characters:

LEGO Super Mario Character Packs – Series 4 (71402)

As we mentioned, they’re probably releasing New Year’s Day 2022 alongside the Luigi’s Mansion sets.

LEGO Announces New Super Mario Sets Based on “Luigi’s Mansion” for 2022

On their first introduction, the LEGO Super Mario sets came across as being niche franchises for some LEGO collectors. Over time however, the surprise interactivity of these sets thanks to the brick-built main characters have won over fans. Hearing Mario and Luigi exclaim in their Italian-accented voices whenever players ran them over the sets was awesome fun. Initially the LEGO Super Mario sets presented generic settings based on the various Nintendo games. Lately, the trend shifted to referencing specific game titles like “Super Mario 64” with the Question-Mark Block (71395). This LEGO reveal follows suit.

The Brick Fan reports that this past weekend LEGO unveiled their new upcoming LEGO Super Mario sets. The focus now goes from “Super Mario 64” to the GameCube-originating “Luigi’s Mansion” (2001). That means it is now Luigi’s turn to shine from his bro Mario, using these three “Luigi’s Mansion” sets. Combine them with the original Mario and Luigi Starter Courses for some hilariously spooky adventure. Now get a load of what to expect down below:

  • Lab and Poltergust Expansion Set (71397)$29.99

  • Entryway Expansion Set (71399)$39.99

  • Haunt and Seek Expansion Set (71401)$79.99

These LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion sets will become available next year, January 1. Look forward to poor Luigi getting his pants scared off in brick form, 2022.

LEGO Super Mario 64 “?” Block (71395) Set Inspires Game Mod for “Super Mario 64” with Microfig Mario

October 1, Friday, marks the next big release blitz of LEGO products. Among them: the LEGO Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block (71395). Most LEGO news sources would have featured this splendid videogame-based set by now. Having five levels of the Nintendo 64 “Super Mario” game replicated would easily grab franchise fans’ attention. The set also features the main game characters as microfigures. The three-piece Mario microfigure even became a breakout favorite feature of the Question Mark Block (71395). If you have doubts about that, then check out this teaser from a tech-savvy LEGO fan. He just put a LEGO-microfig Mario in Super “Mario 64.”

Brick Fanatics just featured a Twitter post advertising another poster’s mod to “Super Mario 64” on the Nintendo 64. It shows a level from the game, but with the 64-bit polygonal Mario avatar replaced by a digital microfigure version. This looks just like the microfig from Mario 64 Question Mark Block (71395).

The tweet by @NathanielBandy1 describes the mod image as the work of a @KazeEmanuar, one that releases around this weekend. It therefore comes out a day or two after LEGO launches the Question Mark Block set.

The thing about modding…

While this is fascinating and an indicator of LEGO Super Mario set 71395’s memorability, we won’t discuss this further. Apparently this “Mario 64” mod was done on emulator, which is in a gray area with developers and publisher/manufacturers. Nintendo making “Mario 64” and several other N64 titles playable via Nintendo Switch Online also does this project little favors. Still the fact that, only weeks after its reveal, the Question Mark Block (71395) already inspired game modders, speaks to LEGO’s success in courting “Super Mario” fans. While we wish @KazeEmanuar luck with his mod, we’ll just return to the actual thing now. LEGO Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block (71395) comes out October 1 at $169.99.