RUMOR MILL: First Order TIE Bomber To Be Included In LEGO Star Wars Episode VIII Sets!

The Force is still strong with the very first Star Wars anthology film Rogue One, and even as the smoke has not cleared yet with the film still raking millions in box office and not to mention the impressive LEGO Star Wars Rogue One sets that come with it, legion of Star Wars faithful have now set their eyes and hopes in this year’s next big, Star Wars film. Though we’re still roughly 11 months away before Episode VIII hits the big screen, several sites have reported that LEGO has in the works a particular Star Wars set that will pay tribute to one of the most iconic Imperial starfighters. read more

Third 2016 LEGO Ideas Review Stage Qualifiers Officially Announced!

The LEGO Ideas blog site has just announced the qualifying projects that made it to the 2016 LEGO Ideas Review Stage, consisting of twelve exciting sets depicting various licenses and MOCs. The clock rang this Monday morning, January 9 at exactly 12:00AM Central European Time or GMT+1 signifying the end of a long leg for most of these projects. These projects represent potential LEGO set concepts that garnered the needed thumbs-up votes from 10,000 supporters between the months of September 2016 until early January of this year. I have many personal favorites from this batch and among these, The Iron Giant by BrettCuv tops my list for this group, and probably the 2nd LEGO Ideas project that I am willing to invest on perchance it becomes an official set, next to Lendy Tayag’s LEGO Ideas Voltron – Defender of the Universe. read more

Official Box Art of 2017 Speed Champions Set Revealed!

We saw the gorgeous sets of the hottest brick built speedsters off the racing tracks with the 2017 LEGO Speed Champions sets, and this time, we now have their official box art images courtesy of The Brick Fan. Since their launch in 2015, we’ve seen seven sets on this theme launched by LEGO each year with each release getting better than ever. We still yet to see official images of the Mercedes Pit Stop (75880) which is expected to be a lot different from the McLaren Mercedes Pit Stop (75911). read more

Let’s Build A LEGO Mini Volkswagen Beetle (40252)!

In case you haven’t seen it already, the LEGO Creator Volkswagen Beetle (10252) just got a smaller cousin. Mostly reported by several European sites, this miniaturized chibi aptly named as the LEGO Creator Mini Volkswagen Beetle (40252) is very much the same as its larger counterpart both in color and design, and comes in at 139 pieces. read more

Here’s An Interesting Find: The LEGO Star Wars R3-M2 Minifigure (40268) Polybag.

Following the sneak peek of the latest buildable droid around with the LEGO Star Wars Mini R2-D2 (30611) polybag, comes another surprise find. Brickset has just posted what seems to be the start of a new line of collectible minifigures with the LEGO Star Wars R3-M2 Minifigure (40268) polybag. read more