LEGO Rumored to be Making “LEGO Incredibles 2” and “LEGO DC Villains” Videogames

When it comes to the recent state of LEGO videogames, the past few months have been rather give and take. There’s been a lot of noise over the end of LEGO Dimensions, but loyal fans of the brand who’re also gamers were quite pleased with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. read more

Summer 2018 LEGO City Arctic Set Names and Numbers Revealed!

Last month, we reported on how things will look like this summer as far as the LEGO City theme is concerned. With this year’s LEGO City Mining sets just coming in, and the Mountain Police still enjoying some relative degree of following since it was made available last December, it looks like LEGO has already mapped out the LEGO City landscape for 2018. read more

Are LEGO Unikitty Sets Arriving in 2018?

Fans of the LEGO Movie and its corresponding sets may be happy to know that our favorite feline (or unicorn) of positivity may soon have an entire series of LEGO sets under her name. The breakout star of 2014’s The LEGO Movie did gain a good deal of followers and some LEGO sets to her credit. She may not have received the same glamor treatment as that of Batman, with his very own moment on the big screen and a relatively huge number of LEGO sets under his belt, but LEGO did give her some separate screen time when Cartoon Network recently launched an animated series dedicated to Unikitty’s wacky adventures along with the rest of her zany new friends. read more

LEGO Star Wars DJ Minifigure Polybag (40298) Now Available at Toys ‘R’ US, with Possible Promo Coming.

Viewers who saw the Star Wars: The Last Jedi on cinemas last December will likely remember the brief appearance of Benicio Del Toro as a bit character in the narrative. He played the character DJ, a gambler and code-breaker hired by the Resistance to help them evade the evil First Order. read more