LEGO Disney Rumor: Three “Encanto” Tie-In Sets in December

Back in 2017, Disney and Pixar showed their deft hand at handling Latin-American culture in their stories with “Coco.” Now, Disney is flying solo with another Latino-inspired story in “Encanto.” From the Mexican setting of “Coco,” we shift to Colombia. And instead of an afterlife journey themed on Dia de Muertos, here we get the adventures of a super-powered family. Well, super-powered except for one “normal human” member, Mirabel. “Encanto” is set to premiere next month on November 24. Disney of course has plenty of merchandise lined up. And if this new rumor is true, that merch includes LEGO sets.

This just in from Germany’s three LEGO sets based on “Encanto” coming in December. We fully expect them to be grouped under the LEGO Disney line. What we didn’t expect is the sets being with the Disney Princess sub-theme. Of course, that’s just according to the rumor dug up by Promobricks. The sets are:

  • Antonio’s Magic Door (43200) – age 5+ | 99 pieces | 2 figures | €19.99/$23.28
  • Isabela’s Magic Door (43201) – age 5+ | 114 pieces | 3 figures | €19.99/$23.28
  • Madrigal House (43202) – age 6+ | 587 pieces | 3 figures | €49.99/$58.22

Those are direct conversions.

All rumored LEGO Disney “Encanto” sets appear to be early-age level. Making them Disney Princess sets also means larger character figures. We’re supposed to expect these tie-ins to release on December 1. But keep in mind that they remain rumors until LEGO confirms or denies.

LEGO Announces VIP Weekend Ahead of Black Friday

For LEGO VIP members, the most recent event for them – a week of double-points – came and went last weekend. Promo periods like these prove time and time again that joining LEGO’s VIP program is a great idea. Points for additional purchases, early access to hot new products and exclusives never run out when you’re a VIP. Already, LEGO is charting out a new special period next month for VIP members to take advantage of. Black Friday falls on November, remember? Expect those VIP events to come one after the other.

As The Brick Fan tells us, LEGO Shop@Home replaced the already-concluded Double-VIP Points event for a VIP Weekend announcement. The event runs one weekend from November 20 to 21. LEGO made no announcements on what to expect in those two days, leaving that reveal for November 15. Of course, we can probably count on a renewed 2x VIP Points period at minimum. Furthermore, considering LEGO’s Black Friday event scheduled November 26-29, VIP weekend could also surprise with an early set reveal. LEGO loves to spring Black Friday exclusive sets on VIP members. The November 15 reveal date might also confirm/debunk the long-rumored LEGO Star Wars Hoth AT-AT (75313). Many possibilities await LEGO collectors next month, doubly so if they’re VIPs.

Rumor of LEGO Creator Expert Modular 15th Anniversary Set: Hotel & Art Gallery (10297)

In 2007 LEGO released a set, the Café Corner (10182).  This was the beginning of a series of LEGO building sets that were modular in function. Since then some 16 sets have come from the “Modular Buildings Collection.” They could be put together to form a city street’s worth of shops and establishments. We got the latest of these, Police Station (10278), way back in January, too. With its start in 2007, it means the Modular Buildings Collection turns 15 years old in 2022. Surely there’s no better way to celebrate that milestone than by a new modular set release.

That, coincidentally, is the subject of this new rumor from German LEGO news source Said set, numbered 10297, will have a commonality with the originating product, the Café Corner (10182). That set comprised the aforementioned corner café paired with a hotel. 10297 will also feature a hotel building, only this time it’s paired with an art gallery. In addition, the shape of the brick-built structure tapers off instead of having four 90-degree corners like its predecessors. A comparison can be made to New York City’s Flatiron building, which houses a LEGO Store. The Flatiron also had an earlier LEGO Architecture set adaptation, now retired.

Some specs about this set according to Promobricks are the presence of street arches, nougat-colored pieces, and 6 minifigures. This LEGO Hotel and Art Gallery (10297) will release January 1, 2022 alongside a 15th anniversary GWP (number 40532). Or at least the rumor says so; and that’s what we must treat this info for now.

Rumor of Minifigs on LEGO Education’s “Build to Launch” Series Packaged with 2022 Space-Themed Sets

LEGO Education is one of the global toy brand’s branches that rarely, if ever, engage in visible commercial promotion. Their target customers tend to be schools and educational centers, after all. About last month, LEGO Education introduced “Build to Launch,” a STEAM exploration series. Developed with NASA and centered on the Artemis Lunar Return Mission, this series introduces a cast of minifigure characters. Serving as POVs to this series, these characters, members of the “LEGO Space Team,” have distinct backgrounds and personalities. One expects such details to story themes like LEGO Friends, Ninjago or Monkie Kid. Is it possible that these minifigs could appear in sets coming in the future?

This is an interesting point brought up by Brick Fanatics. Sure, the characters of Commander Kate, Flight Director Maria and more serve to demonstrate the lessons on “Build to Launch.” Yet they look so fleshed out that the LEGO Education STEM series they’re attached to seems too small. Add this to the rumors of new space-themed LEGO City sets due for 2022, and it fits. Or at least it feels like they fit. These minifig astronauts and rocket technicians could perhaps populate the following alleged sets according to Brick Fanatics:

  • Moon Rover (60348)
  • Space Station (60349)
  • Research Base (60350)

Okay, the more fantastical space designs of LEGO City might not sync with the real-life Artemis moon mission. But it’s a nice idea. Or maybe it’s just rumors and the “Build to Launch” cast is stuck in the LEGO Education series. All the same, these characters are interesting enough that if LEGO does release themed sets featuring them, someone might buy.

Biggest List of Rumored LEGO Star Wars Sets for 2022 Yet

LEGO Star Wars speculations for 2022: Thus far, these rumors have been coming at us in bits and pieces. We “know” from these rumors that LEGO wants to shine the spotlight on “The Empire Strikes Back.” That would explain at least two Battle of Hoth sets following the similarly-unconfirmed Hoth AT-AT supposedly coming in November. A recent rumor scoop by German LEGO news source looks to tie the disparate speculations together. Aside from Original Trilogy Episode II, we have tie-ins to the Disney+ “Star Wars” series too. Check out this quick list of alleged LEGO Star Wars products due to release sometime next year.

  • Hoth Battle Pack (75320) – 105 pieces, 4 minifigures | €19.99/$23.12
  • Razor Crest Microfighter (75321) – 98 pieces | €9.99/$11.55
  • Hoth AT-ST (75322) – 586 pieces | €49.99/$57.82
  • Luke’s Landspeeder (75341) – 105 pieces | €199.99/231.32
  • Dark Trooper Battle Pack (75324) – 166 pieces, 4 minifigures | €29.99/$34.69
  • Boba Fett’s Palace (75326) – 732 pieces | €99.99/$115.65
  • Luke Skywalker Helmet (75327) – 676 pieces | €59.99/$69.39
  • The Mandalorian Helmet (75328) – 584 pieces | €59.99/$69.39
  • Death Star Garbage Compactor (75329) – 666 pieces | €59.99/$69.39
  • Yoda’s Training (75330) – 1,002 pieces | €79.99/92.52
  • The Book of Boba Fett (75325) – €69.99/$80.95

The US$ prices are direct conversions.

Further speculation pegs the May releases (75329, 75330) as “LEGO for Adults” sets. Much like the Darth Vader Meditation Chamber (75296), these sets will depict key scenes from the “Star Wars” films complete with iconic dialogue on a display tile. Do note that the above set list is an enumeration of rumors. Don’t take them as fact until LEGO confirms their existence; still an impressive collection for LEGO Star Wars.

New LEGO Star Wars Rumor for 2022: “The Mandalorian” Dark Trooper Battle Pack with Luke Skywalker

More LEGO rumors to check out, this time for the Star Wars line: yet another Battle Pack for 2022. That’s the gist of another Instagram post noticed by The Brick Fan this week. Last month we discussed LEGO Star Wars rumors about sets centered on the Battle of Hoth (“Empire Strikes Back”). Aside from new AT-AT (75313?) and AT-ST (75322?) sets, that batch of unconfirmed info included a minifig Battle Pack (75320?). This new rumor from Falcon Fan 1414 (1414falconfan) brings the focus to “The Mandalorian” on Disney+ instead. You probably have an idea what the pack will likely depict.

Stated above by 1414falconfan, the LEGO Star Wars Battle Pack homages “The Mandalorian” season 2. This alleged Dark Trooper Battle Pack will contain three Imperial Remnant Dark Trooper minifigures. And yes, it also includes Luke Skywalker. You may replay that scene from the season 2 finale now. 1414falconfan claims the Battle Pack set number is 75324(?) and will cost $29.99 on retail. Numbering-wise it jives with the numbers from the Hoth sets from September. But you know how it goes: this tidbit is a rumor so keep a salt shaker in arm’s reach. The year 2022 is still fan enough.

Rumor of New Buildable Iron Man Set for LEGO Marvel Infinity Saga Series Coming Next Year

From something already confirmed, let’s return for a bit to the rumors related to LEGO. With 2021 winding down, speculation turns to what’s coming next year. LEGO Marvel apparently has nothing to worry about in terms of set representation. The MCU continuously releasing movies and Disney+ streaming series guarantees LEGO making more tie-ins. One subtheme slowly coming to prominence is the Infinity Saga, spanning from 2008’s “Iron Man” film to 2019’s “Avengers: Engdame.” Our rumor, gleaned from social media by way of Brick Fanatics, speaks of a buildable figure set celebrating the first MCU hero.

According to lego_club_news on Instagram, LEGO might be rolling out a buildable Iron Man figure for 2022. Specifically, the build depicts the Mark 42 armor used by Tony Stark in 2015’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Lego_club_news even posted details such as the set number (76202) and its $39.99 unit price. If true, this Marvel Infinity War Iron Man buildable set will be the second LEGO released. The previous, LEGO Hero Factory Iron Man (4529) turns 10 years old in 2022. One can’t help but feel this is a milestone rollout with a more-developed new product.

With that, we give the usual disclaimer that this social media post is a rumor and remains so until confirmed. To review, here are the current LEGO Marvel Infinity Saga sets:

  1. Black Panther: Dragon Flyer (76186)
  2. Captain America and Hydra Face-Off (76189),
  3. Iron Man: Iron Monger Mayhem (76190)
  4. Infinity Gauntlet (76191)
  5. Avengers: Endgame Final Battle (76192)
  6. The Guardians’ Ship (76193)
  7. Bro Thor’s New Asgard (76200)

Possible Double VIP Points Event for LEGO UK from October 11 to 17

When we in The Brick Show would feature the LEGO VIP program, what sort of news excites you most? The early access for new upcoming sets might be a strong possibility; why wait after all? Or maybe you look forward more to promos on VIP points. That’s good, especially when LEGO decides to double VIP points for a limited period of time. In fact, our announcing double points used to happen more frequently until LEGO stopped advertising them on store calendars. Now we have to catch them on Shop@Home updates, or perhaps the occasional rumor.

The Brick Fan would have it that LEGO UK might be planning double VIP points next week. This month of October tended to be the usual period for 2x VIP promos, so the timing can be considered appropriate. This double-point period apparently runs from Monday the 11th to Sunday the 17th. Only LEGO UK looks to be gearing up for this, understandable perhaps given their cheaper VIP discount vouchers. Furthermore, compared to past 2x VIP events, the duration on this rumored period falls short. There’s a 2x graphic in the VIP page for LEGO Shop@Home US, but that doesn’t seem to be connected at all.

More Rumors About the Still-Unrevealed LEGO Titanic Set (10294)

It’s coming close to a week since details on the huge LEGO Titanic set (10294) got leaked. Said information consisted of a box image photo and build specifications. We got some pertinent details: 9,090 pieces total; the ability to take apart the structure into several sections to show the interior; and finally, not being a licensed set. Incredibly, LEGO still remains silent on their open-secret Titanic (10294), hinting at a possibly distant release date. Perhaps to placate collectors itching to know more, additional rumors surfaced about the LEGO Titanic. Like the original underwater wreckage discovery, new details make themselves known.

We now know these rumors courtesy of German LEGO news source, which also covered last week’s leak. First new info: the model’s size. The LEGO Creator Expert Titanic (10294) spans 135 cm long and stands 44 cm tall. We’re looking at a supposedly exact 1:200 scale size to the actual doomed passenger liner. Next – as can be discerned from the box image – the build uses printed foil pieces for the flags with no stickers. The set apparently also recycles elements from a LEGO Ideas set: Typewriter (21327). The letters for “Titanic” on the model’s nameplate use the same font and size as the Typewriter’s keypads, according to the rumor.

As for the set being capable of separating into segments, the divisions probably number three. You might notice the faint seams running between Titanic’s chimney 1 and 2, and between 3 and 4. Supposedly the interior details copy the layout as closely as possible, with identifiable bathrooms, cabins, salons and pools. In addition, the steam engines have mechanical action; manually turning a gear makes the pistons and propellers move. If that doesn’t blow your minds about the LEGO Titanic (10294), then nothing will. Come on, LEGO. Reveal this already.

Netflix’s LEGO-Form “Seinfeld” Promo: Teaser of Mini-Build, or Just Another Joke?

Iconic NCB sitcom “Seinfeld” (1989-99) started streaming on Netflix this past Friday, October 1. Earlier in August, LEGO released its Ideas Seinfeld set (21328) celebrating the series’ 30th anniversary (2019). This was a perfect storm of promotional potential that Netflix used for their “Seinfeld” ad. Released in October 2, it supposedly plugged a new “Seinfeld” series in a LEGO-fied setting. If seeing Jerry Seinfeld in a life-sized minifigure costume didn’t make you laugh, nothing “Seinfeld” will. Towards the end, the video even shilled the LEGO Ideas set…and something else that has fans and collectors curious.

The Brick Fan gives us the lowdown on that Easter egg in Netflix’s Seinfeld LEGO promo. Long story short, towards the end when the LEGO Ideas Seinfeld (21328) was shown, a mini build slides into view (above). Technical similarities can be found with the detached standup stage for Jerry that’s officially part of the set. The difference: it instead depicts the dental office of Tim Whatley, a guest character played by Bryan Cranston. Cranston actually joins Seinfeld himself in the Netflix promo, playing the hammy voiceover appearing in the insets. But a question arises in everyone’s mind: is the Whatley office build a joke? Or does LEGO have more “Seinfeld” coming?

Other than this video, there are no leaks or rumors of another LEGO “Seinfeld” product. Fans of the sitcom might not mind if this was just a red herring. But with the Ideas Seinfeld (21328) getting 5-star customer reviews on Shop@Home, more would be welcome.