Delayed LEGO Technic “Supercar” (42143) Rumored as “Possibly” Tesla Cybertruck

Collectors of LEGO Technic know this best. Since 2016 the line has seen the advent of one pricey, high-spec real-car model released every two years. In order, we got the Porsche 911 GT3 RS (42056), Bugatti Chiron (42083), and Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 (42115). Based on that pattern, we should be getting the next Technic supercar set this 2022. Indeed, some online retailers listed an unspecified Technic set fitting the expectation, supposedly releasing this August. However the launch was quickly delayed for 2023 instead. No reason was given for the sudden change. But what if the reason is that the car the LEGO set’s based on was delayed as well?

Such is the speculation being offered by Brick Fanatics regarding the delay of LEGO Technic set 42143. Going into this past weekend, Tesla announced that their battery-electric pickup truck the Cybertruck would be delayed to 2023. Earlier than that, they scrubbed all mention of a 2022 release for the repeatedly-delayed e-pickup from their website. Is the similarity between this and the delay of the biennial LEGO Technic supercar set coincidental? Or could it be that we’re waiting for a synched release between Tesla’s Cybertruck and its Technic counterpart next year?

Some past-news detective work points at supporting evidence to this rumor. When Tesla revealed the (“blocky”) Cybertruck in 2019, LEGO posted a brick on wheels online as a joke. On LEGO Ideas, a member’s Cybetruck build using LEGO System made the First 2020 Stage, but washed out. One complication that also sheds doubt to the initial rumor is a competing product. LEGO Rival Mega Bloks has a Construx Cybertruck set. So what now? It looks like we’ll have to wait on LEGO for clarification. And with Technic 42143 pushed to 2023, who knows how long?

Possible New LEGO Indiana Jones Sets Rumored for October

LEGO has been making licensed sets based on many different IP franchises for so long now. Their licensed-IP library actually goes far beyond the lines and themes actively getting new sets nowadays. It may be that some licensed LEGO sets may have had a run of several products then stopped. Such would be the case for LEGO Indiana Jones. This particular theme rolled out 19 sets and two videogames from 2008 to just 2009. That’s probably long enough to forget for some LEGO collectors. But LEGO probably hasn’t, if this rumor happens to be true.

German LEGO news source Stone Wars has it that LEGO Indiana Jones may return this year. They note that Spanish online retailer listed LEGO sets numbered 75571 to 75574, under the product description “Coconut.” LEGO rarely uses codenames for unpublicized upcoming sets. However “coconut” can be traced to the 2008-09 “LEGO Indiana Jones” videogames. The second game in particular required Indy to collect some coconuts in a certain level. It may sound like coincidence, but then again an “Indiana Jones 5” film’s been in the works for years. It’ll premiere in 2023 after being delayed multiple times, including from this year, by the pandemic.

Beyond these LEGO sets 75571-75574 being blanket-designated Coconuts, all we know is that they’re releasing in October. But until LEGO gives us official word, we’re better off considering this as rumor until confirmation arrives later.

Rumored Biennial LEGO Technic Supercar Delayed to 2023; Bugatti Chiron (42083) Retirement Postponed

LEGO Technic tends to be the showcase line for mechanically-functional LEGO sets. The theme’s sets can range from simple vehicles with prominent mechanical gimmicks, to big brick-built replicas of famous supercars. You may probably remember a notable example of the latter: the Technic Bugatti Chiron (42083). That set from a few years ago was so topical that LEGO went and built a promotional 1:1 scale Chiron. It even made news for a time because the plastic Bugatti could actually go using Power Function engines. Unfortunately the Technic Chiron set’s due to retire. Fortunately, something happened that delayed that planned retirement.

We have the story from Brick Fanatics.  Apparently LEGO was planning to release a new Technic set this year. Said set (42143) was (momentarily) advance-listed at the Spanish online retailer Its product description goes: “Technic Ultimate Car 2022.” It follows the pattern of LEGO releasing a Technic supercar set every two years. It started in 2016 with the Porsche 911 GT3 RS (42056). It was followed 2018 by the Bugatti Chiron (42083) and 2020 by Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 (42115). Technic 42143’s alleged release date of August 2022 has been scrapped however. Apparently LEGO’s delaying it until 2023. And this development had a seeming effect on the aging 42083.

Nope, the LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron was supposed to have retired when 2021 ended. It was even announced towards the end of last year. But check the listing for 42083. The $349.99 Technic set may be Sold Out there, but it hasn’t been marked as Retired just yet. That’s good, I suppose. As for the Ultimate Car 2022-23 (42143), it looks like we’re waiting until next year. But for now, its existence can be considered rumor for now, to take with grains of salt.

LEGO Ending Store Calendars this 2022

As November of the previous year gave way to December, LEGO put up their December 2021 Store Calendar. To make no bones about it, that LEGO Store Calendar was as bland as can be. The date spaces were bare where exclusives and events used to be marked. The LEGO Creator Skiing Santa Claus (3058) GWP remained the only notable offer listed in that month’s calendar. We know that there would have been more GWPs like Mr. and Mrs. Claus’ Living Room (40489) that were cancelled. It was a lackluster store calendar …and as it turns out, probably the last one too.

The Brick Fan reports that, starting this year 2022, we will be getting no monthly LEGO Store Calendars. This development was gleaned from an update image, ostensibly from LEGO, frequenting LEGO-related social media. The reason the post gives ranged from changes in marketing strategy, operational shifts, and current global events. As a result of these factors, LEGO can’t seem to put in a greater variety of calendar content. After all, would you brave going into a LEGO Store when health alerts are still ongoing. This would explain why we have no January 2022 calendar from LEGO. Of course, this is just what that announcement image tells us for now.

Said post hasn’t exactly been substantiated by LEGO itself. Then again, certain recent developments do give credence to the halt of monthly store calendar updates. We at The Brick Show have enjoyed sharing what we learn from these formerly-regular and fun-filled announcements. But if December 2021 was indeed the end, then know that we’ll miss the LEGO Store calendars already. Hopefully LEGO’s potential replacement for them is just as engaging.

Addendum: LEGO has confirmed it. In the future the Stores page  will update the usual Calendar info such as GWPs and events .

Rumored LEGO Creator Vespa Seen in Creator High-Speed Train (40518) Rare Promo Image?

You’ve got to love sometimes how retailers sometimes reveal LEGO’s hand before any official product announcements. Towards the end of last month, last year, we got European retailers listing possible LEGO sets in advance. They might be “expected” sets like an alleged upcoming LEGO Marvel buildable character model. Or they might be all-new products from a licensed IP that LEGO hasn’t done before, like “Horizon Zero Dawn.” In any case, these super-early “reveals” are great even if we must consider them rumors prior to official LEGO updates. Speaking of which, we have another one, updating from earlier rumors from late 2021.

Brickset reports that a possible image for a long-rumored LEGO Creator Vespa set appeared in promo images of another set. Said images came from the Creator High-Speed Train (40518), seen first in Hungarian online retailer Kocka. Note that a Creator Vespa set rumored to become a GWP was numbered 40517, one digit off. The image showed a red brick-built Vespa alongside the High-Speed Train and past Creator sets. The Creator London Bus (40220) is there alongside Creator Yellow Taxi (40468) and Tuk Tuk (40469). It looks like a LEGO Creator public transport set showcase. Said image also doesn’t appear in 40518’s official listing.

But if Creator High-Speed Train (40518) is already listed, what about this red Vespa, potentially GWP set 40517? Did LEGO postpone or cancel it similar to their latest Marvel Mech Armors? We could certainly use some clarifications, especially considering there’s another rumored Vespa set. Regarding the larger, potentially Creator Expert Vespa (10298), we heard no further speculation. At least for the moment, the January 1 LEGO product launch blitz isn’t making collectors miss much.

Rumored LEGO Marvel Ant-Man Set (76219?) April 2022

The day before we made mention of future LEGO sets being listed first in independent retailers before does. We’re sure you already have a clue on what has been made official now, but we’ll get to it later. Anyway, we already have word on several LEGO Marvel sets due to launch next year. Delays/cancellations met some of them; but there are still more sets coming as early as January 1. How about Marvel sets for a bit later on in 2022? If this online retailer listing speaks true, we have one for an unlikely MCU movie source.

According to Brick Fanatics, the Italian retail platform just listed a LEGO Marvel set for April next year. Quite unusually, the subject is the MCU Ant-Man, alleged set number 76219. For those managing to follow the MCU’s production timetable, “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” isn’t premiering until 2023. Why push a LEGO Ant-Man set in 2022 when the character’s last appearances were in 2018 and 2019? We’ve no idea. What Instagram LEGO blogger brick_clicker believes is that the set is a buildable figure. Recall the January-launching LEGO Marvel (buildable) Iron Man Figure (76206). The “762” number prefix hints that Ant-Man might be a thematically-similar set.

But don’t take our word for it right now. Despite being listed by an actual retailer, we must consider LEGO Marvel Ant-Man (76219) a rumor until LEGO confirms it. We already have enough LEGO Marvel set choices to welcome the New Year with in January.

Tallneck (76989): Rumored LEGO Horizon Zero Dawn Set Partially Listed on German Retailer

Never let it be said that videogames are underrepresented among the myriad of licensed IPs in partnership with LEGO. They’ve scored some hits for all possible age groups too. We’ve gotten LEGO Super Mario for kids/families, Overwatch for older builders/gamers, and Minecraft for everybody. Even a good number of submissions on LEGO Ideas take after videogame IPs. At times it feels like it’s just a matter of time before another game franchise gets the LEGO treatment. Sometimes however, we receive some surprises. There was a rumor of upcoming LEGO sets for a certain game series that has seemingly been substantiated.

We got this information from another German LEGO news source, StoneWars. Apparently the rumored LEGO set for the PlayStation 4 videogame “Horizon Zero Dawn” will be coming out next year. This info came from a product listing on the website of German toy retailer Wagner’s. The set will be the LEGO Horizon Zero Dawn – Tallneck, numbered 76989. As expected from its original material, the set is marked age 18+, with 1,222 pieces and priced at €79.99. Europe at least could see the set by May 2022, though the same probably holds true around the world.

If you’re no gamer (or PS4 gamer at least), we have this handy-dandy recap. “Horizon Zero Dawn” by Guerilla Games is a 2017 action RPG released by Sony on the PlayStation 4. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic 31st Century where mankind has been reduced to a tribal existence. Their world is also home to machines, large robots with animal forms capable of self-replicating by consuming biomass. The Tallneck (76989) is a giraffe-like machine creature, hunted by “HZD” main character Aloy throughout the game’s storyline.

Now remember, this LEGO set retail listing remains rumor until LEGO themselves would confirm it.

LEGO Harry Potter’s Summer 2022 Set Numbers Rumor

It can be really amazing when one looks at the scope of how many new sets LEGO rolls out yearly. Last week we got a peek at some upcoming items for 2022 in a Germany-released product catalog. Among those LEGO sets for next year are new additions to the “Harry Potter” theme line. But those products are only the ones earmarked for an early-2022 launch. Did you think that was all the LHP for the coming year? There are more Wizarding World wonders to come beyond what that German LEGO catalog showed us. A German LEGO news source tells so.

Promobricks would have it that nine new LEGO Harry Potter sets are sure to arrive in summer 2022. No names were given from their source, only the set numbers and possible pricing (US$). From the prices however, Promobricks hypothesizes a potential 2022 Advent Calendar and one direct-to-consumer (D2C) set. That latter possibility draws from the fact that it’s supposed to cost $469.99 like other D2C LEGO products. Further theorizing on their end posits that this 3-digit set might be an addition to last year’s Diagon Alley (75978). In any case, here are the possible LEGO Harry Potter sets next summer:

  • 76400 – $ 19.99
  • 76401 – $ 49.99
  • 76402 – $ 79.99
  • 76403 – $ 99.99
  • 76404 (Advent Calendar 2022?) – $ 44.99
  • 76405 (D2C?) – $ 469.99
  • 76406 – $ 49.99
  • 76407 – $ 89.99
  • 76408 – $ 119.99

Note the set numbers are 764xx, contrasting the earlier set releases numbered 7639x. Then again, without official word from LEGO we must first regard this info as rumor. Let’s wait and hope for their confirmation to follow.

150th BrickHeadz Set (“Star Wars” 40539) Might Be Ahsoka Tano

Back in 2020 LEGO asked fans who they would like depicted on the milestone 150th LEGO BrickHeadz set. They did so by opening a poll on LEGO Ideas. Four franchises were represented: Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch,” “Star Wars,” “Minecraft” and killer shark film “Jaws.” “Star Wars” won out, with LEGO promising to email voters with a tease for which franchise character will be represented. To the BrickHeadz corner of the LEGO collecting community, one character deserves to be BrickHeadz set 40539. Recently, the anticipated LEGO email reached Ideas members who voted “Star Wars.” Its teaser image seemed to be confirmation.

So according to German LEGO news source Promobricks, that BrickHeadz face can only belong to Jedi Padawan/survivor Ahsoka Tano. Further evidence can be dug up at the Building Instructions page. Searching for 40539 brings up a set named for Ahsoka, due next year. No further details are given there, but this set could only be the long-awaited BrickHeadz #150. Promobricks also fills in the blanks with what could be rumored product info for 40539. It would be priced at €9.99 ($11.32 direct conversion) and will launch on January 1.

Bear in mind that the above must remain classified as a rumor until LEGO gives official word. Given the New Year’s release date, confirmation for BrickHeadz Ahsoka Tano(?) (40539) wouldn’t be long coming. Promobricks even wagers the reveal could happen this coming weekend! Let’s wait and see how that goes.

LEGO City Rumor: Rocket Launch Pad Set for 2022

LEGO and space exploration have long been a classic theme combination. From the basic rocket-ship builds with Benny spacemen, space-themed LEGO sets have gone bigger and better. Some of these sets have been seen in LEGO City as late as 2019. LEGO also teamed up with NASA for some awesome joint projects. Toy-wise we got the Space Shuttle Discovery (10283). Elsewhere, LEGO Education created the “Build to Launch” STEM exploration series. In October came rumors that the “Build to Launch” minifigure characters might appear in new space-theme LEGO City sets. New speculation now reinforces the possibility of a LEGO City space set coming next year.

We’ve started keeping an eye out on Instagram’s brick_clicker for possible upcoming LEGO set leaks. This new one doesn’t disappoint. Apparently LEGO City will get a Rocket Launch Pad set, numbered 60351. The only other information regarding this rumored set includes price ($169.99) and possible launch (punny) window (March 2022). Oh yeah, and apparently this will be a retailer exclusive. We have no idea yet if any included minifigs might depict the “Build to Launch” crew. Judging from pricing though, Rocket Launch Pad (60351) is bigger than 2019’s Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control (60228).

LEGO feels overdue in following up from the 2019 LEGO City space sets, but better late than never. We still await the possibility that the “Build to Launch” characters will migrate from their LEGO Education series. But for now, the above news involves a leak/rumor. Best to take it with a grain of salt. LEGO ought to confirm or debunk this speculation sooner or later.