Rumor: New LEGO Speed Champions Releasing Q1 2023

Much like clockwork, the LEGO speculation and rumor mill has intensified towards the end of this year. The subject, naturally, is what new sets we might expect to arrive the following year. Social media tends to be a principal source of these tantalizing tidbits of future LEGO info. For instance, here are some new rumors coming from Instagram regarding LEGO Speed Champions. The car-based theme that’s been the “middle ground” between LEGO City and Technic continues churning out new sets. LEGO sources have also commented on a shifting trend for the line. And now we have some 2023 sets rumored to be coming as well.

Thanks to Brick Fanatics, we have this kernel of speculation on some upcoming LEGO Speed Champions launches. Instagram user @awesome_brick2008 gives us five possible sets. Of these, only one is a two-car combo set. Speed Champions was especially fond of twofers in their past product launches. Apparently, they’re toning that down and focusing on single-car sets come 2023. And again, LEGO’s gunning for licensed cars that have been featured in the “Fast & Furious” film franchise. And these five are just for the first quarter launch period. Here’s what to expect from them next year:

  • Ferrari 812 Competizione (76914)
  • Pagani Utopia (76915)
  • Porsche 963 (76916)
  • “Fast & Furious” Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (76917)
  • McLaren F1 LM & McLaren Solus GT (76918)

The “F&F” Nissan will be a New Years 2023 release, with the rest coming later in March. At least that’s how the rumor goes. So until LEGO officially speaks up on this then, it’s best to take the news with a grain of salt.

Two New LEGO Botanical Collection Sets Coming February Next Year

Plenty of praise must go to LEGO for trying to appeal to as many hobby niches as possible. Tie-in sets of major licensed IPs are simple enough in attracting fans of said big-name franchises. But LEGO has also delved into themes and subjects you usually don’t expect to see plastic building bricks involved. Model trains? Check. Pop artworks? Check too. How about botany or floral design, which normally involves plants? Check three. LEGO Botanical Collection covers this particular topic well with some impressive sets released over the years. And we can rest assured there will be more coming next year.

German LEGO news source Promobricks gives us word of at least two new LEGO Botanical Collection sets in 2023. One looks to be a new take on a previously-released item. The other is a nice change from the free-standing plant displays we’ve gotten from this theme line. By February next year we can expect a new Wild Flower Bouquet (10313) contrasting 2021’s (conventional) Flower Bouquet (10280). The second release that month will be the Dried Flower Decoration (10314). As the name implies, this set could depict pressed blooms in a flat display. It’s reminiscent of many sets from LEGO Art.

LEGO’s Botanical Collection currently falls under the wider LEGO Icons umbrella, and as expected they’re mostly rated Age 18+. Wild Flower Bouquet (10313) could have 939 pieces for the price of €59.99. Dried Flower Decoration (10314) meanwhile could be priced at €49.99 for 812 pieces. In possible US$ conversion the possible prices might be roughly the same. Then again, these LEGO Botanical sets are still far off from launch, so we’ll be waiting for details.

LEGO Rumor: Eiffel Tower Getting Icons Set (10307) for Black Friday 2022

Leave it to LEGO to realize one’s monumental building ideas, Builders can create towering edifices of their own design with what LEGO bricks and pieces they have. Or they can buy a LEGO set depicting a wide variety of complete structures both original and IRL. Plenty of famous buildings around the world have already been graced with LEGO-set depictions across the brand’s numerous theme lines. Take for instance one of the iconic symbols of Paris, France: the Eiffel Tower. It already came out as a 1:300 scale set (number 10181) and as a LEGO Architecture entry (21019). And rumors of a new rendition have been around since this past February.

As Brick Fanatics tells us, there’s some new updates on the rumors of a new LEGO take for the Eiffel Tower. The word from earlier this year alleges it was for the LEGO Creator Expert line, numbered 10307 and coming sometime in November. A recent Instagram Stories entry from LEGO news source brick_clicker states new info. Eiffel Tower (10307), now for LEGO Icons, will release this coming Black Friday. Furthermore, the possible set price has jumped from $629.99 to $679.99; given recent across-the-board LEGO price increases, this was a given.

Some LEGO records stand ready to be broken by the rumored Icons Eiffel Tower set. With 10,001 reported pieces, we’re looking at a possible 150-cm tall build. We’re talking new “tallest LEGO set yet”. Further rumors state that some pieces will be of a Technic nature, the better to hold the structure together. Black Friday 2022 is November 25, so we have just around two months to determine if this rumor pans out. We might not need salt for this rumor; but better safe, etc.

UCS Razor Crest (75331) Sticker Sheet Pic Leak

“The Mandalorian” was the first live-action spinoff series for the “Star Wars” mega-franchise, and it didn’t disappoint. Since premiering on Disney+ streaming in 2019, “The Mandalorian” has built up a solid following. One can say it helped revitalize the “Star Wars” fandom beyond the Sequel Trilogy and various animated series. Being ripe material for merchandising couldn’t hurt either, as the LEGO Star Wars tie-ins might attest. Despite being a cool transport spaceship destroyed too soon, Din Djarin’s Razor Crest deserves its set depictions. We’ve had a full set and a Microfighter. Of course, if a LEGO Star Wars vehicle’s popular then it’s getting a UCS.

LEGO Con 2022 teased an Ultimate Collector Series version of Razor Crest from “The Mandalorian”. Said set is given the number 75331 and will launch this coming November. More excitement for this LEGO Star Wars set built up according to Promobricks thanks to a social media least. An Instagram post from lego_fulcrum this past weekend gave a tantalizing peek at the set’s insides.

To be specific, the images show sticker sheets for The Razor Crest (75331). The stickers look to apply color detailing to Din’s ship, they even come with carbonite-frozen bounties too!

Thus far, details known about LEGO Star Wars UCS Razor Crest (75331) include its piece number and European pricing. The build will comprise of 6,187 pieces, fitting for the €549.99 price ($563.33 in direct conversion). LEGO Star Wars fans can look forward to this latest Ultimate Collector Series arriving October 3. Now we’re just waiting on the LEGO product listing.

New LEGO Indiana Jones (Again) Rumored 2023

LEGO themes range from iconic long-runners to short flash-in-the-pan appearances. The “Indiana Jones” tie-ins would be a good example. Sets of that line appeared only from 2008 to 2009, anticipating and following the “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” film. They even got two Traveller’s Tales videogame adaptations. Then the line went silent. True, we perked up at recent rumors of a revival. Turns out the “Coconuts” were just for LEGO Avatar coming this year. But just like Indy, the franchise finds a way to not be ignored. Much like its original iteration, LEGO Indiana Jones is allegedly returning next year because of an upcoming movie.

As told by Promobricks, we have fresh rumors of Indy’s return to LEGO form for 2023. It rather appropriate given that the fifth film in the “Indiana Jones” franchise will release next year. And as if to tease collectors that might catch wind of this info, LEGO’s resuming the fruit codenames. Believe it or not the upcoming LEGO Indy tie-ins are codenamed “Pineapple” this time. We apparently could be getting up to eight sets this wave, three of which are revamps of some 2008-09 releases. It sounds like a good number if you ask us.

We’ll list the possible set reissues first:

  • Fighter Plane Chase (77012) – from 2009’s Fighter Plane Attack (7198); 387 pieces, 3 minifigs, $34.99
  • Escape from the Lost Tomb (77013) – from 2008’s Lost Tomb (7621); 600 pieces, 4 minifigs, $39.99
  • Temple of Doom (77014) – from 2009’s Temple of Doom (7199); 801 pieces, 6 minifigs, $79.99 (box used for banner image)

The remaining five (77015-77019) have no names yet. Set 77015 does have a hefty $149.99 price tag though. You may take these with a grain of salt but that 2023 “Indiana Jones” movie gives them more substance than most. Wait and hope.

New LEGO Creator Expert Item 10497 Rumored as 90th Anniversary Space Set

For your friendly reminder, this year is the 90th anniversary of LEGO. That plucky Danish toy company turned global brand giant’s been a good part in the lives of children and collectors. And in celebration, LEGO’s been hyping up revivals of classic sets given fresh new design revamps. Cases in point: LEGO Classic 90 Years of Play (11021) and the upcoming Lion King’s Castle (10305). Of course, those aforementioned sets are just the beginning. In fact, there’s a rumor out regarding a possible 90th anniversary set in the vein of Castle (10305). That means a classic LEGO theme throwback: Space.

Brick Fanatics has it that a new LEGO set number’s been floating around for the Creator Expert line. According to the rumor, it’ll be a space-themed set that remakes a classic entry of that LEGO theme. Creator Expert set number 10497 will allegedly bring a new version of the Galaxy Explorer (497, US#). Released in 1979, Galaxy Explorer features a space shuttle, planetary outpost and rover, plus astronaut minifigs. You can see from the image how bare-bones the vehicle details were back in the day. It also means that if the rumor is true, a Creator Expert treatment of the set will look extremely fine.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This is a rumor, and until LEGO makes an official reveal we must treat it as such. There is after all the matter of the 90th anniversary LEGO Castle (10305). Both Castle and Space were among the chosen themes voted for an anniversary set in 2022. The Castle (10305) was announced first so one can assume it won. But maybe LEGO decided to give us more. You may be tired of hearing this by now, but it’s a matter of waiting once again.

German Retailer Lists Multiple Upcoming LEGO Sets Including Optimus Prime (10302), More Ninjago

Through thick and thin, LEGO strives to maintain a regular product release schedule year in and out. And while the best source on set launches would be LEGO themselves, sometimes retailers would jump the gun. These early announcements can contain the most exciting LEGO set notices, which we must wait for until confirmed or debunked. Last February we caught wind of a LEGO set for a mega-franchise from fellow toy giant Hasbro. Who could imagine a LEGO-Hasbro collaboration to make LEGO Transformers? That rumor, plus other LEGO items, just got their advance product reveal courtesy of an online German retailer.

The Brick Fan tells us that some upcoming LEGO sets now grace the online listings of Wagner’s in Germany. This listing includes the aforementioned long-rumored LEGO Optimus Prime (10302), from Hasbro’s “Transformers.” Not your thing? How about tie-ins for James Cameron’s “Avatar” particularly the sequel arriving late this year? We also have early mentions of the expected 2022 Advent Calendars, if you collect those. Here’s a rundown of what to expect from several major LEGO themes all through the year.

  • Great Pyramid of Giza (21058) – 1,476 pieces | €139.99
  • Iron Man Hall of Armor (76216) –496 pieces | €89.99
  • Baby Groot (76217) – 476 pieces | €49.99
  • Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum (76218) – 2,708 pieces | €219.99
  • 2022 Advent Calendar (76231) – 268 pieces | €34.99
  • Dragon Temple (71759) – 161 pieces | €39.99
  • Jay’s Golden Dragon Motorbike (71768) – 137 pieces | €19.99
  • Cole’s Dragon Racer (71769) – 384 pieces | €44.99
  • Zane’s Gold Dragon Jet (71770) – 258 pieces | €29.99
  • Temple of the Crystal King (71771) –703 pieces | €79.99
  • The Crystal King (71772) – 722 pieces | €59.99
  • Kai’s Gold Dragon Raider (71773) –624 pieces | €84.99
  • Lloyd’s Ultra Gold Dragon (71774) – 989 pieces | €139.99
  • Nya’s Samurai X-Mech (71775) – 1,003 pieces | €109.99
Speed Champions
  • 007 Aston Martin DB5 (76911) – 298 pieces | €19.99
  • Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger R/T (76912) – 345 pieces | €19.99
Star Wars
  • The Justifier (75323) – 1,022 pieces | €159.99
  • AT-ST (75332) – 87 pieces | €29.99
  • Obi-Wan’s Spaceship (75333) – 282 pieces | €29.99
  • Obi-Wan & Darth Vader (75334) –408 pieces | €49.99
  • BD-1 (75335) – 1,062 pieces | €99.99
  • Kenobi’s Spaceship (75336) – 924 pieces | €99.99
  • AT-TE (75337) – 1,082 pieces | €139.99
  • 2022 Advent Calendar (75340) – 329 pieces | €34.99
Transformers (18+)
  • Optimus Prime (10302) – 1,508 pieces | €169.99

Sets Unnamed Yet

  •  (75571) – 560 pieces | €39.99
  •  (75572) – 572 pieces | €54.99
  •  (75573) – 887 pieces | €89.99
  •  (75574) – 1,212 pieces | €139.99
  •  (71411) – 2,807 pieces | €229.99
Super Mario
  •  (71410) – 1,476 pieces | €5.99

Next LEGO Art Set Rumor: The Rolling Stones (31206)

It’s both awe-inspiring and daunting to consider how many names and brands have been depicted in LEGO. Beyond the established licensed-IP franchises that might make multi-set themes, LEGO’s also courted famous celebrities for representation. We got sweet deals from that like the five-person BrickHeadz Spice Girls Tribute (40548). Sometimes, LEGO makes tribute sets to famous persons long passed away. In that vein we also got a nice LEGO Art set featuring The King, Elvis Presley (31204). What next for LEGO’s musical-artist products? There’s a new rumor out for the next LEGO Art after Elvis and Batman (31205): The Rolling Stones.

We know of this rumor courtesy of The Brick Fan, with the next LEGO Art set sometime in mid-2022. As already stated, we could be getting LEGO Art: The Rolling Stones (31206), along with details hinting at set changes. Where Elvis Presley (31204) and Batman (31205) don’t go below 3,000 pieces, set 31206 only has 1,998 alleged pieces. Not only does that not fill up the standard LEGO Art 48×48-knob frame, it’s also priced higher. Its predecessor sets are both worth $119.99, yet somehow this supposed Rolling Stones LEGO Art has a $149.99 price tag? That’s a curious price hike.

Anyway, that being said this talk of a LEGO Art: The Rolling Stones (31206) must be considered rumor for now. If we’re going to get it by around June, that leaves LEGO over two months to say something. That’s right; it’s set rumor confirmation wait time for Rolling Stones now.

Rumored LEGO Creator Expert DeLorean (10300) from “Back to the Future” Still “On” for April

In terms of licensed IPs within LEGO, time-travel sci-fi franchise “Back to the Future” is quite a minor label. One might describe it as a special one-off. “BTTF” set representation lies only in LEGO Ideas (during its Cuusoo days), the defunct “LEGO Dimensions,” and one BrickHeadz twofer. Still, there are LEGO-collecting fans of “Back to the Future” who would like more tie-ins. It’s no wonder that rumors of a new LEGO set featuring the DeLorean time machine are frequently followed. We covered an iteration of this speculation in November last year. Now, the buzz is back again in full force.

Stone Wars tells us that the long-alleged LEGO DeLorean (10300) from “Back to the Future” is coming closer. Sure, the possible April 1 launch date makes the whole thing “sus,” as “Among Us” players might say. But there is the fact that the set name apparently carries the “DMC-12” designation of the actual car. That is, even if this turns out not to be the “BTTF” DeLorean time machine, it could also be a model of the DMC DeLorean car instead. The other details remain the same: Creator Expert, Age 18+. As for pricing, it’s now €179.99 or $199.99 (estimate).

Being a Creator Expert set, the rumored DeLorean (10300) won’t be of a scale for minifigures. That hasn’t stopped LEGO from adding minifigs to stand on an info plaque display or something. They’ve done so with other pop-culture vehicles before. Remember Batman Batmobile Tumbler (76240)? Anyway, “Back to the Future” time machine or car, this set is supposed to arrive next month. We have the rest of March to wait for details. Until they come up, we’ll continue to chalk this up as a rumor.

Rumors of More New Big (and Pricey) LEGO Marvel Sets for 2022

Even as a new LEGO Marvel set officially launched at the start of March, more products are on the way. The once believed-cancelled latest Mech Armors will debut next month, alongside new Brick Sketches sets.  And those are only for the confirmed upcoming arrivals. On the rumor front, we have some numbers and product details speculated late last February. Their alleged prices range from mid-grade to a 3-digit quotation for a new Sanctum Sanctorum (76218). And if this new LEGO Marvel rumor from social media checks out, we have more arriving, including another epic set.

As told by Brick Fanatics, some additional LEGO Marvel sets are believed coming later this year. Instagram user brick_clicker provides at least three numbers and product descriptions. One of them is actually the (apparently modular) Sanctum Sanctorum (76218) we mentioned earlier, priced $209.99.

The other two additions are more 3-digit price sets. In fact, the values provided makes the new Sanctum Sanctorum look rather affordable. Now, brick_clicker notes that he made a mistake in the LEGO set number-description pairing, as outlined in the caption. We’ll lay out the further details on these Marvel builds here:

  • 76210Unconfirmed; believed to be either Avengers Tower or Helicarrier, $499.99
  • Hulk-Buster (76215)more or less 2,500 pieces, $299.99

Yep, we’re probably getting a new Avengers Tower or Helicarrier sometime in 2022 for around $500. That could put the size of the build anywhere between the Titanic (10294) and UCS AT-AT (75313). Now that’s an acquisition for the Age 18+ LEGO collector. That said, the above info must be considered rumor for now until LEGO officially opens up about them.